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Your AI-Powered Content Generation Solution

Aikeedo is a comprehensive AI content generation platform,
designed as a SaaS-ready, self-hosted solution for enterprises and
This all-in-one software seamlessly integrates leading
including OpenAI, Cohere, Anthropic / Claude AI, ElevenLabs, and StabilityAI.
Aikeedo is perfect for businesses seeking robust, scalable AI capabilities.
Crafted in pure PHP, ensuring a versatile and powerful platform for a wide
range of AI-driven services.

Upcoming Features We're working on... RazorPay, Coupon Codes, Affiliate Module, Chat Features, Rest API Documentation, Plugin & Theme Development Documentation, Advanced Admin Reports & Analytics, Workspace Usage Reports, Imagine Upscaler, Imagine Remove Background, Microsoft Azure TTS, Stable Diffusion 3 Integration @heyaikeedo #aikeedo
Aikeedo Version 2.4 - Cohere, Web seqarching in chat, Serper API integration - Google search, Cohere integration @heyaikeedo #aikeedo
All integrated services @heyaikeedo #aikeedo
Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips - Our chat tool now has web browsing capabilities! It intelligently searches for real-time data and determines when browsing is necessary to provide you with accurate and up-to-date answers. @heyaikeedo #aikeedo
Unlock Advanced AI Capabilities with Cohere - Introducing built-in integration with Cohere, the leading enterprise AI platform. New models - Command R+, Command R, Command, and Command Light - enhance the Chat, Writer, and Coder tools, delivering powerful and versatile AI solutions. @heyaikeedo #aikeedo
Enhanced Search with Serper API - Experience seamless Google search integration with our new Serper API feature. Our chat tool now fetches precise search results directly from Google, making your queries more effective and efficient. @heyaikeedo #aikeedo
Connect Microsoft Azure TTS and enjoy the large voice library. 500+ new voices @heyaikeedo #aikeedo
Introducing multicurrency support! Process payments in supported currencies, regardless of displayed prices. @heyaikeedo #aikeedo
Don't want to show all voices? No problem, now you can manage each voice individually. @heyaikeedo #aikeedo
Now you can set default models, enable or disable models globally, and more. @heyaikeedo #aikeedo

Aikeedo - AI Content Generator, AI Writer, AI Image Generator, AI Chatbot, AI Video Generator @heyaikeedo #aikeedo
Why Aikeedo? - High quality code guaranteed, Best UX and UI, 5 star rating, Modern technologies, Free lifetime updates @heyaikeedo #aikeedo
The Next Era of AI aikeedo @heyaikeedo
AI Writer - Text Generator preview aikeedo @heyaikeedo
130+ built in AI writer templates aikeedo @heyaikeedo
AI Coder - Code Generator preview aikeedo @heyaikeedo
AI Image Maker - Image Generator preview aikeedo @heyaikeedo
AI Speech To Text - Transcription, Transcriber preview aikeedo @heyaikeedo
AI VoiceOver - Text to Speech preview aikeedo @heyaikeedo
AI Chat Features, Edit your message, Reply selected texts, Re-generate different model @heyaikeedo #aikeedo
AI Assistants, AI Chtbots, Switch assistant in same conversation, Switch model for same assistant @heyaikeedo #aikeedo
AI Vision, Understand and analyze images @heyaikeedo #aikeedo
Workspace and Teams, share with workspace or keep private aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Billing, Subscriptions, Lifetime Deals aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Onetime offers, Credit Addons aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Unified Credit System aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Access and Review your complete order history aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Payment Gateways stripe paypal others aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Iyzico, Paystack, YooKassa payment plugins added, enterprise-ready billing system aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Iyzico Payment Gateway Plugin aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Paystack Payment Gateway Plugin aikeedo @heyaikeedo

YooKassa Payment Gateway Plugin aikeedo @heyaikeedo

RazorPay Payment Gateway Plugin aikeedo @heyaikeedo

AWS S3, Digital Ocean Spaces, Wasabi and Cloudflare R2 file storage plugin aikeedo @heyaikeedo

Quickly switch between dark and light modes aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Intercom, Custom script tags aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Modular Architecture Add new features and install landing page themes that behave just like plugins aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Localize dates, currencies, numbers, and text strings aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Documents, images, transcriptions, and speeches automatically saved to library aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Manage orders, subscriptions, workspaces, linked data aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Export user, workspace, order subscription datas aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Introducing the new Auto Update feature Currently Beta feature aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Manage your tools directly. Enable or disable tools globally or configure access on a per-plan basis aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Enhance your insights and control with our cutting-edge Admin Dashboard aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Custom Templates aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Search Or Create aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Social Logins Google Facebook LinkedIn Github aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Easy Export Word Doc, TXT, HTML, Markdown aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Mobile First Design - Responsive Design aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Multilingual-Translation aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Email Verification (None, Relax, Strict) aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Google reCAPTCHA aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Social Profiles aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Add new users - Manage sign up form - Manage Landing page aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Dark Mode - Turn off the lights aikeedo @heyaikeedo
High Code Quality, Guaranteed aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Built with modern technology aikeedo @heyaikeedo
aikeedo helps everyone aikeedo @heyaikeedo
How it works? aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Keep it simple aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Need help? aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Happy customers, Cool reviews, Rate us, Give feedback aikeedo @heyaikeedo
Choose a license - Join us - Enjoy lifetime updates aikeedo @heyaikeedo

Integrated AI Technologies

Aikeedo incorporates a robust array of AI services to
enhance your content creation capabilities. Our platform seamlessly
integrates with some of the most advanced AI technologies in the industry,

  • OpenAI:
    Advanced natural language processing and machine learning models.
  • Cohere:
    The Leading Enterprise AI Platform.
  • Anthropic/ClaudeAI:
    Cutting-edge AI designed for safety and scalability.
  • ElevenLabs:
    Pioneering voice synthesis for lifelike audio content.
  • StabilityAI:
    Innovative solutions for visual and creative AI applications.
  • Clipdrop:
    Revolutionary tools for image editing and visual content creation.
  • Google TTS

    High-quality voice synthesis from Google.

These integrations provide Aikeedo users with a robust toolkit for creating
diverse and dynamic content across mediums.

Available AI Models

Explore a wide array of AI models from leading technology providers, each
offering unique capabilities for advanced content creation:

  • OpenAI:

    • GPT-4o, GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4, GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-3.5 Turbo Instruct
    • Dall-E 2, Dall-E 3
    • TTS, TTS HD
    • Whisper
  • Cohere
    Commanr R+, Command R, Command, Command Light
  • StabilityAI
    Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL), Stable Diffusion 1.6 (SD 1.6)
  • ElevenLabs
    Multilingual v2, Multilingual v1, Monolingual v1
  • Anthropic/ClaudeAI
    Claude 3: Opus, Sonnet, Haiku
  • Google TTS
    Standard, Premium, Studio
  • ClipDrop
    Text to image model

These models enable the creation of diverse digital content, from text and
voice to images and video, equipping users with a comprehensive toolkit.

AI Features

Explore Aikeedo’s diverse AI tools, designed for efficient content creation.
From advanced text and code generation to innovative visual and voice
solutions, our platform integrates leading AI technologies like OpenAI and
ClaudeAI to enhance your content seamlessly.

AI Chat

Interact with AI through a chat interface designed for dynamic
conversations. Whether you need quick answers, creative brainstorming, or
detailed discussions, our AI chat feature is equipped to handle a wide range
of queries and topics. Unique features include the ability to edit messages,
regenerate AI responses with different models, and utilize AI image vision to
analyze images. Additionally, you can create and engage with AI chatbots
(assistants) tailored to specific tasks or queries, and seamlessly switch
between different assistants within the same conversation for a truly
versatile and efficient communication experience.

GPT-4o, GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4, GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-3.5 Turbo Instruct, Claude 3 Opus,
Claude 3 Sonnet, Claude 3 Haiku, Command R+, Command R, Command, Command Light

AI Writer

Engage with AI to receive instant text responses. Admins can design custom
templates that transform into user-friendly forms. The application includes
over 130 pre-built templates for various content topics. Documents can be
copied to the clipboard or downloaded as Word Docs, HTML files, Text, or
Markdown files.

GPT-4o, GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4, GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-3.5 Turbo Instruct, Claude 3 Opus,
Claude 3 Sonnet, Claude 3 Haiku, Command R+, Command R, Command, Command Light

Coder: AI Coding Assistant

Operates similarly to the Writer tool but specializes in code generation for
various programming languages. Documents and individual code blocks can be
copied or downloaded in multiple formats.

GPT-4o, GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4, GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-3.5 Turbo Instruct, Claude 3 Opus,
Claude 3 Sonnet, Claude 3 Haiku, Command R+, Command R, Command, Command Light

Imagine: AI Image Generator

Use leading AI image generators to create stunning visuals based on your

Dall-E 2, Dall-E 3, Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL), Stable Diffusion 1.6 (SD

Transcriber: Speech to Text (STT)

Generate accurate transcriptions for audio and video files, available in
segments synced with the audio or as plain text. Transcriptions can be
downloaded as WebVTT, SRT, or text files, and segments can be individually

Models: Whisper

VoiceOver: Text to Speech (TTS)

Transform text into lifelike speech using advanced text-to-speech models.
500+ voices available in multiple languages and accents.

OpenAI (TTS, TTS HD), ElevenLabs (Multilingual v2, Multilingual v1,
Monolingual v1), Google TTS (Standard, Premium, Studio)

All generated content is automatically saved to the user’s library.
about library

SaaS Ready*

Aikeedo is a SaaS-ready application, designed for quick and
easy deployment on your own server. This standalone solution enables you to
launch a SaaS business almost instantly, with all necessary tools and
features integrated right out of the box. The app includes advanced billing
capabilities, allowing you to efficiently manage and charge end users based
on their usage. Native integrations with Stripe and PayPal facilitate smooth
payment processes, while additional local payment gateways can be added
through plugins.

* To use Aikeedo commercially or as a SaaS provider, purchasing an
Extended License is mandatory, which secures your rights to full
operational capabilities and ensures adherence to compliance standards.

Integrated Payment Gateways:

Tech Stack

Built with modern technologies such as PHP 8.2+, MySQL 8.0+, Alpine.js, and
Tailwind CSS.It is designed following Domain-Driven Design (DDD) principles
in an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) environment The architecture is
layered and framework-free, which guarantees high code quality. This
meticulous construction makes Aikeedo one of the highest quality apps
available on the market today.

See all requirements

Modular Architecture

Aikeedo is designed with extensibility and scalability at
its core. The app features a modular architecture, enabling the addition of
new capabilities through plugins. This flexibility allows for tailored
enhancements that can evolve with your business needs. Additionally, Aikeedo
supports custom themes, making it simple to personalize the appearance of
the landing (front) page. These themes are a special kind of plugin,
offering an easy way to refresh and customize the user interface.

Key Features

Aikeedo is packed with powerful features designed to enhance productivity
and collaboration while providing flexible management options for SaaS
business owners. From seamless team collaboration to sophisticated billing
systems and comprehensive data management, Aikeedo delivers a suite of tools
that are essential for modern digital enterprises.

Workspace & Teams

  • Organize and Collaborate: Create workspaces to manage AI
    creations and teams efficiently.
  • Team Invitations: Invite members to collaborate in
    specific workspaces.
  • Plan Subscriptions: Subscribe to different plans within
    each workspace for tailored access.
  • Content Sharing Share AI creations easily among team

Flexible Billing Module

  • Diverse Payment Plans:
    Set up various payment plans including monthly, yearly, and lifetime
  • Unified Credit System:
    Charge users based on a simple credit unit, eliminating complex
    conversions from different AI service usage metrics. This system is
    exclusive to Aikeedo and simplifies billing significantly.

* For commercial or SaaS use, an Extended License is mandatory, ensuring
full operational capabilities and compliance.

*Free Calculator: Available exclusively to Extended License holders,
facilitating easy calculation of unit costs with desired profit margins.

Data Management & Export

Aikeedo’s built-in admin panel simplifies the management of website data,
allowing you to oversee orders, subscriptions, users, pricing plans, etc.
effortlessly. It features advanced search and filter options to help you
locate information quickly. For added convenience, you can export Users,
Workspaces, Orders, and Subscriptions data in CSV format.


The library module in the platform securely stores all AI-generated content,
ensuring privacy for user creations. It allows for easy sharing within the
same workspace, enabling effective collaboration among team members. Users
can access their library at any time, offering flexibility to manage and
utilize their content as needed.

File Storage

The platform includes a built-in local file storage option, providing a
foundational system for managing digital files. For expanded storage needs,
various CDN options can be integrated through plugins. An official Cloud
Storage plugin supports services such as AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces,
Wasabi, and Cloudflare R2, enhancing content delivery and storage

Accounts & Identity Providers (Social Logins)

Administrators have full control over the account creation process, allowing
them to enable or disable user accounts completely or temporarily restrict
new signups. The platform features built-in integrations for social logins,
including Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and GitHub, enhancing user
accessibility and convenience. It also includes integration with Google
reCAPTCHA to ensure better security and protection against spam and abuse.
Additionally, email verification policies can be customized to be relaxed,
strict, or optionally disabled, depending on security needs.

Other Features

The platform offers a host of additional features to enhance user experience
and operational efficiency. These include admin-controllable dark/light
mode, and the ability to inject custom JavaScript scripts into different
sections of the app (head, body, footer). There’s built-in integration with
Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Intercom for robust analytics and
communication capabilities. SMTP support ensures reliable email delivery,
optimizing outreach efforts. Experience all features firsthand by checking
out our demo.

Pre-built Writer Templates:

Equipped with an extensive array of pre-built templates, Aikeedo streamlines
content creation across various formats and channels. From advertising and
writing tools to business strategy and social media engagement, these
templates facilitate quick, effective content generation. Whether crafting
detailed business strategies, engaging blog posts, dynamic social media
content, or compelling email campaigns, the platform’s templates make it
easy to produce professional-quality content tailored to your needs.


Facebook Ad, Facebook Headlines, Facebook Video Script, Google Ads,
LinkedIn Text Ads, LinkedIn Single Image Ads, LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Ad
Description, LinkedIn Ad Headlines, App and SMS Notifications

Writing Tools

Article Generator, Article Ideas, Article Outlines, Article Intros, Blog
Outline, Blog Titles, Blog Post, Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph, One-Shot
Blog Post, Paragraph Generator, Conclusion Writer, Content Improver, Text
Extender, Content Shorter, Text Summarizer, Stories, Personal Bios,
Translate, Bullet Point Answers, Passive to Active Voice, Definition,
Answers, Pros and Consm, Questions, Rewrite With Keywords, Explain it to
Child, Listicle, Tone Changer, Song Lyrics, Review Responder, Product
Names, Analogy Maker, Keyword Extractor, Product Brochure, Product
Descriptions, Rewrite Content, SEO Content Brief, SEO Keyword Ideas, Short
Summary, Step-by-Step Guide

Business and Strategy

Reframing Business Perspectives, Behavioral Economics Principles, Blue
Ocean Strategy, Brand Ecosystem Development, Consumer Behavior Analysis,
Cost-Benefit Analysis, Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Persona Building,
Disruptive Innovation, Double Loop Learning, Eisenhower Matrix, Emotional
Intelligence, Freemium Business Model, Heuristics and Decision Trees,
Hyper-Personalization Strategy, Innovation Ambition Matrix, Jobs to Be
Done Framework, Kano Model Analysis, Lean Startup Principles, Long Tail
Strategy, Network Effects, Pre-Mortem Analysis, Prospect Theory, Pygmalion
Effect, Resource-Based View, Risk-Reward Analysis, Scenario Planning, Six
Thinking Hats, Temporal Discounting, The Five Whys Technique, OODA Loop
Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, Viral Loop Strategy, Customer Case Study,
Event Invite, Internal Memos, Pitch a Journalist, Press Release, Product
Brochure, Linkedin Connection Invite Message, Company Bios, Company
Mission, Company Vision, Job Description Generator


3 Step Outreach Sequence, Analyze Industry Trends, Brainstorm Pain Points,
Competitive Analysis, Linkedin Boolean Search, Personalized Cold Email
From LinkedIn Profile, Research Prospect From Linkedin, Amazon Product
Features, Amazon Product Titles


Attention-Interest-Desire-Action, Email Subject Generator,
Features-Advantages-Benefits, Newsletter From Recent News, Newsletter
Inspiration, Pain-Agitate-Solution, Backlink Outreach Email, Emails, Cold

Social Media

Caption Generator, Generate Content Calendar, Headlines, Instagram
Captions, LinkedIn Post, TikTok Script, Give a Controversial Opinion on
Then Turn It into a Twitter, Thread, YouTube Video Description,
Google My Business – Event Post, Google My Business – Offer Post, Google
My Business – Product Description, Tweet Machine, Pinterest Pin Title and


Customer Case Study, FAQ Generator, Headline Generator, Landing Page Copy,
Unique Value Propositions, Blog Posts – Title and Meta Descriptions,
Homepage – Title And Meta Descriptions, Product Page – Title and Meta
Descriptions, Service Pages – Title and Meta Descriptions, Website
Sub-Headline, Landing Page Headlines, Call To Action


Version 2.4.2 / 21 June, 2024

  - Enhancement: Language detection in Google Search capability in chat

Version 2.4.1 / 19 June, 2024

  - Minor bug fix

Version 2.4.0 / 19 June, 2024

  - NEW: Web search (real time web browsing) in chat
  - NEW: Integration with Serper API
  - NEW: Integration with Cohere AI
    - NEW: New model: Command R+ (chat, writer, coder and title generator)
    - NEW: New model: Command R (chat, writer, coder and title generator)
    - NEW: New model: Command (chat, writer, coder and title generator)
    - NEW: New model: Command Light (chat, writer, coder and title generator)
  - ENHANCEMENT: Chat tool refactored to improve performance
  - ENHANCEMENT: Added several missing translation strings
  - FIX: Various bug fixes

Version 2.3.0 / 12 June, 2024

  - NEW: Azure TSS integration
  - NEW: Voice management module
  - NEW: Multi currency support
  - NEW: Voiceover language filter
  - NEW: New admin controls for features
    - Set default language for Writer
    - Set default model for Imagine
    - Control imagine models globally
    - Control voice over models globally
    - Control chat models globally
    - Set default model for Chat
  - FIX: Various minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.2.2 / 29 May, 2024

  - FIX: Various minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.2.1 / 21 May, 2024

  - FIX: Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.2.0 / 17 May, 2024

  - NEW: AI Chat
  - NEW: AI Chat Assistants
  - NEW: AI Vision
  - NEW: GPT-4o 
  - NEW: Option to re-sync plan snapshot configuration to the latest version
  - FIX: Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.4 / 10 May, 2024

  - FIX: Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.3 / 4 May, 2024

  - FIX: Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.2 / 3 May, 2024

  - FIX: Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.1 / 27 Apr, 2024

  - FIX: Various minor bug fixes

Version 2.1 / 26 Apr, 2024

  - NEW: Google TTS integration
  - NEW: Anthropic / Claude AI 3 integration
  - NEW: Admin analytics dashboard overview (Detailed analytics page coming soon)
  - NEW: YooKassa Integration (Available as plugin)
  - NEW: Cloudflare R2 Integration (Available as plugin)
  - FIX: Various bug fixes

  Take a backup and use in-app update feature to update the app.

Version 2.0.1 / 12 Apr, 2024

  - BUGFIX: Minor bug fixes

  Update following files:

  - /src/Billing/Infrastructure/Payments/Gateways/Stripe/Client.php

Version 2.0.0 / 10 Apr, 2024

Release notes available at following link:

Version 1.4.3 / 19 Jan, 2024

  - BUGFIX: Unable to download generated voices

  Update following files and clear the cache:

  - /public/assets/app.js
  - /public/assets/
  - /resources/views/templates/app/voiceover.twig

  - /resources/assets/js/app/voiceover.js

Version 1.4.2 / 15 Jan, 2024

  - Enhancement: Minor improvements

  Following files should be updated:

  - /public/assets
  - /src/Billing/Domain/Entities/SubscriptionEntity.php

  - /resources/assets/js/base/translate.js

Version 1.4.1 / 10 Jan, 2024

  - BUGFIX: Unable to open generated doc files
  - BUGFIX: Unable to create images with Stable Diffusion
  - BUGFIX: Unable to play voice over samples and generate audios in mobile
  - BUGFIX: Constant NumberFormatter::TYPE_CURRENCY is deprecated in...

  Following files should be updated:
  - /locale
  - /vendor
  - /public/assets
  - /resources/views/templates/app/account/verification.twig
  - /src/Ai/Infrastruture/Services/StabilityAi/ImageGeneratorService.php

  - /composer.lock
  - /package-lock.json
  - /package.json
  - /resources/assets/js/app/ai.js
  - /resources/assets/js/app/document.js
  - /resources/assets/js/app/voiceover.js

Version 1.4.0 / 25 Dec, 2023

  - NEW: StabilityAI integration (text to image feature only)
  - NEW: Clipdrop integration (text to image feature only)
  - NEW: Clear cache directly from admin UI
  - NEW: Enable/Disable caching directly from admin UI
  - NEW: Enable/Disable debug mode directly from admin UI
  - NEW: Email verification system with 3 different policy: None, Relaxed, Strict
  - NEW: Google reCAPTCHA
  - NEW: Show Social Media Accounts, Business name and address on the footer
  - NEW: Api reference (Postman Collection)
  - ENHANCEMENT: Enhancements to the localization. 
  - ENHANCEMENT: General enhancements to the imagine tool. 
  - ENHANCEMENT: Landing page speed optimizations
  - BUGFIX: Payment gateways' status are now properly applied to the checkout UI
  - BUGFIX: Ai Writer responds in English only.
  - BUGFIX: Several other minor bugs fixed.

  - Update all files
  - Import following SQL:

  ALTER TABLE user ADD is_email_verified TINYINT(1) DEFAULT NULL, ADD email_verification_token VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL

Version 1.3.5 / 01 Dec, 2023

  - FIX: Fatal error: Uncaught UnhandledMatchError: ...

  Following files should be updated:
  - /src/Ai/Infrastruture/Services/ElevenLabs/TextToSpeechService.php

Version 1.3.4 / 29 Nov, 2023

  - FIX: When usage credits reaches to the zero it's being rendered as "Unlimited" in the dashboard 
  - FIX: Payments with invalid card number creates incomplete subscription in Stripe and activates the plan in app 
  - FIX: Theme translation not loading

  Following files should be updated and cache must be cleared:
  - /resources/views/sections/dashboard/billing.twig
  - /resources/views/snippets/checkout/stripe.twig
  - /src/Presentation/Middlewares/LocaleMiddleware.php

Version 1.3.3 / 29 Nov, 2023

  - BUGFIX: ElevenLabs voice list not showing

  Following files should be updated:
  - /src/Ai/Infrastruture/Services/ElevenLabs/TextToSpeechService.php

Version 1.3.2 / 25 Nov, 2023

  - ENHANCEMENT: Made necessary changes to make easier to rename the default public web root directory to the public_html

Version 1.3.1 / 24 Nov, 2023

  - FIX: "Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function p__()" error in installation page

Version 1.3.0 / 24 Nov, 2023

  - NEW: Implementation of a mobile-first design
  - NEW: Full translation functionality integrated into the app
  - ENHANCEMENT: Revamped admin settings view for consistency with the app's design
  - ENHANCEMENT: Various design enhancements for improved user experience

Version 1.2.2 / 13 Nov, 2023

  - FIX: Account menu is not fully rendering in sidebar
  - FIX: SSO icons are not visible in mobile
  - FIX: SSO login shows data from  previously authenticated account
  - FIX: Incorrect button outlines in Safari
  - ENHANCEMENT: Added php-intl module to the required extensions list

Version 1.2.1 / 9 Nov, 2023

    - FIX:  There is a deprecated notice on billing overview section in dashboard when any of the remaining usage credits is null.

Version 1.2.0 / 8 Nov, 2023

    - NEW: Voiceover feature 
    - NEW: User Dashboard 
    - NEW: Upgraded sidebar (enabled for user dashboard as well) 
    - NEW: Settings to enable/disable landing page 
    - NEW: Settings to enable/disable signup form and user accounts at all 
    - NEW: Add new users from admin 
    - ENHANCEMENT: General UI/UX improvements 
    - FIX: Fixed missed Authorization header in some Apache servers 

Version 1.1.0 / 27 Oct, 2023

    - NEW: Login with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Github
    - FIX: Few minor bugs are fixed

Version 1.0.0 / 22 Oct, 2023

    - Initial release

Who Are We?

Aikeedo was founded by two brothers, Vusal and Mahammad,
who each bring nearly 15 years of experience in their respective fields.
Vusal, the tech architect behind Aikeedo, and Mahammad, who spearheads
research and design, have both contributed to successful startups in the
past. The team currently consists of five dedicated members.

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M: @morujov
V: @vusalorujov

Made by humans on Planet Earth

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Support: [email protected]
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