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ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 1
ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 2

User Profile Features

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 3 Unique Username: Each user has unique username

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 4 Unique Profile: link: Unique profile link with there username

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 5 Image Gallery: Gallery of all the images shared by a user

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 6 Favorites: Gallery of all the favorited images

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 7 Most used tags: Profile page display most used tags

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 8 Followers: List of all the followers

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 9 Following: List all the following

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 10 Counter: Counter for number of images shared – number of comments – number of followers

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 11 Social Link: Users can share there fb – tw – blog links

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 12 RSS: Unique rss link for each user

Limits Settings Features

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 13 Limit number of images user can upload per day

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 14 Limit maximum image size a user can upload

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 15 Limit maximum number of tags image can have

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 16 Limit number of image in gallery to control pagination

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 17 Admin can set site as auto approve or approval required

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 18 Allow download original image or not or leave upto to user

Registration Features

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 19 User can register by there email address

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 20 Support for Facebook and Google connect for instant login

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 21 Email confirmation is required to protect from spams

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 22 Support dual facebook && google + username login

Admin Panel Features

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 23 List of all the users at one place

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 24 Track inactive users with no activity over a month

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 25 List of all images

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 26 List of all comments

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 27 Admin can edit any users profile

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 28 Admin can users

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 29 Admin can edit image description and title

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 30 Admin can delete any image

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 31 Admin can make user and images as featured

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 32 List of all featured images at one place

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 33 List of all featured users at one place

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 34 Managing reports

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 35 Edit FAQ – Privacy – About us pages

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 36 Admin can add as many as category he/she wants

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 37 Clear cache at any time to refresh the site

Upload Features

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 38 Multiple – Drag and Drop – Clipboard upload

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 39 Mass upload to populate your website

Security Features

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 40 Email Confirmation to protect from spams

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 41 Unique download link of images each time page refresh

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 42 CSRF Protection: Protection from CSRF

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 43 XSS: Protection from cross site scripting

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 44 SQL Injection: 100 % SQL Injection safe using late binding

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 45 Secure Bcrypt password hashing

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.5.9 or Greater
  • GD or Imagick
  • Curl
  • Fileinfo Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension

Check your server comparability using :- Server test script


Demo ( Visit )

  • Live demo site ArtVenue Demo ( some features are disabled )
  • Demo Login 1 : username = test : password = testuser
  • Demo Login 2 : username = test2 : password = testuser
  • Visit Admin Panel after Login

SMTP Support for

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 46

Some Sites Using ArtVenue

ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 47
ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 48
ArtVenue : Image Sharing Community Script - 49

Post your site URL in comment if you want to get listed ( Make sure you have large number of images on your site )


Version Nov 11, 2017

  • Library updates
  • Minor tweaks
  • Make sure to delete and replace `vendor` folder

Version Jul 11,2017

  • Library updates
  • Minor performance tweak.
  • Few known issues with email token are fixed
  • Make sure to delete and replace `vendor` folder

Version 5.0.9 Oct 17, 2016

  • List of knows issues are fixed.
  • Very Minor admin panel tweaks.

Version 5.0.8 Oct 03, 2016

  • Minor known issues are fixed
  • Some improvements.
  • Google maps are now using API key

Version 5.0.7 July 19, 2016

  • Admin Panel updates
  • Some reported and know issues are fixed
  • Code optimizations
  • Library updates
  • Better delete functions

Version 5.0.6 April 18, 2016

  • SQL query are optimized
  • Admin panel improvements
  • Minor template improvements
  • Library updates
  • Know and reported issues are fixed

Version 5.0.5 April 07, 2016

  • Minor database update
  • Minor known issues are fixed
  • Added NSFW option in admin panel
  • Library updates

Version 5.0.4 March 18, 2016

  • Library update
  • Image Lens exif correction
  • Minor know issues are fixed

Version 5.0.2 Nov 02,2015

  • All minor known issues are fixed.
  • CSS library update

Version 5.0.1 Sep 17,2015

  • All minor reported issues are fixed.
  • Just replace app, resources and public/static folder.

Version 5.0 Sep 14,2015

This is really really big update. Tons and tons of services added.

CDN Support For

  • Amazon S3 and cloudfront
  • Copy.com
  • Dropbox Pro


  • Facebook ( Improved )
  • Google ( Improved )
  • Twitter ( Added New )


  • Watermarking
  • Prograssive and faster image loading.
  • Better and faster image resizing
  • Improved support for GD and Imagick
  • Standard image site throughout the site.


  • Login throttle.
  • Cookies encryption ( Improved )
  • Better xss protection
  • Better validation checking at every step


  • Easy and single file configuration


  • Better caching support.
  • Redis support
  • Memcached support


  • Improved design
  • New pop-up gallery loader with zoom
  • Image pop-up load on main image
  • Updated 3rd party dependency.
  • Merged all CSS-JS to single file
  • Better responsive support.
  • Bower and gulp support

Coding Improvement

  • Optimized old algos.
  • Minor Bug fixes.
  • Minor translation update
  • Change file structure.
  • Dropped support of dead PHP 5.4

Admin Panel

  • All new admin panel.
  • Faster and easy to sort
  • Quick search feature
  • Clear individual image cache feature

Error pages

  • Added all new 404, 400, 500 error pages.


  • All new docs, with videos

Version 4.4 March 30, 2015

  • [ New ] Voting on comments and Replies
  • Coding Improvement
  • Minor translation fixes
  • Added some missing icon files
  • Reported Issues are fixed
  • Minor security update

Version 4.3 Dec 06, 2014

  • [ New ] Using latest Google’s “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” ( read the docs for api key )
  • [ New ] Featured images now have banner
  • Minor reported issues are fixed.

Version 4.2 Nov 18, 2014

  • [ NEW] Time based filters [ Week – Month – Year ].
  • [ Added ] Left and right keybaord <- -> navgiation support to switch between images.
  • [ Improved ] Users list is now arranged by poular ( based on algo ).
  • [ Improved ] Minor theme updates.
  • [ Improved ] JavaScript – CSS libaray updates.
  • [ Improved ] Known issues are fixed.

Version 4.1 Sept 22, 2014

  • [ Improvement ] Minor reported issues with version 4 are fixed
  • [ Improvement ] SEO improvement

Version 4.0 Sept 2, 2014

  • [ Added ] Geo-tagging on photos.
  • [ Added ] New full page uploader
  • [ Added ] Custom exif addition
  • [ Added ] Category filters
  • [ Added ] Adult ( NSFW ) protection
  • [ Added ] Dual support for avatar’s ( Gravatar + Image upload )
  • [ Added ] Fancy alerts ( display on top bar, for few seconds. )
  • [ Improvement ] Coding structure
  • [ Improvement ] Code Re-factoring
  • [ Improvement ] Coding structure
  • [ Improvement ] Tags and category become optional
  • [ Improvement ] Minor issues with template are fixed
  • [ Improvement ] Improved Facebook-Google login
  • [ Improvement ] Database structure
  • [ Improvement ] Default theme update

Version 3.4.5 July 21, 2014

  • [ Added ] Queues are encrypted
  • [ Added ] New super fast mandrill API mail driver
  • [ Improvement ] Facebook – Google login improvement
  • [ Improvement ] Minor admin panel update
  • [ Improvement ] Few reported issues resolved

Version 3.4.4 Jun 3, 2014

  • [ Added ] RSS feeds now shows images
  • [ Improvement ] Framework update ( Twitter Boostrap )
  • [ Improvement ] Framework update ( Laravel 4.2 )
  • [ Improvement ] Improvement in search result
  • [ Improvement ] Fixed next/prev quick navigation button
  • [ Improvement ] Minor admin panel issues fixed
  • [ Improvement ] Admin panel graph improvement
  • [ Improvement ] Minor theme fixes
  • [ Improvement ] Reported issues fixed

Version 3.4.2 May 5, 2014

  • [Added] Comments section in admin panel
  • [Added] Deleted Category feature
  • [Added] Drag and drop category re-order in admin panel
  • [Bug Fix] Some minor reported issues are fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] User delete bug fix
  • [Framework] Framework updates
  • [Improvement] Category improvement
  • [Improvement] Performance Improvement
  • [Improvement] Translation update
  • [Optimization] Reduced number of SQL executed
  • [Security] Minor security update

Version 3.4.1 April 16, 2014

  • [ Added ] Intelligent view counter
  • [ Added ] Popular section ( auto select popular images based on algo )
  • [ Added ] Most viewed section
  • [ Added ] Total number of views in users profile page

Version 3.4 April 9, 2014

  • [ Added ] Google Login
  • [ Added ] Blogs for site
  • [ Added ] New admin panel
  • [ Improved ] Facebook login
  • [ Fixed ] Minor issues

Version 3.3 February 10, 2014

  • Framework update
  • Speed Improvement
  • Facebook SDK update
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1

  • Initial Release


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