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Belloo is a Complete dating software with incredible out of the box ready-to-use functionality.
Its a fully Ajax script for a fast response of every action on the script, also allowing users to videochat and keep using the site durning a videocall.
I have to emphasize that there is no dating sites with a built in videocall system like ours, that let you videocall without expend crazy amount of money by using external services like Twilio
Belloo have all the features that a powerfull dating software needs to success.
This script is built on simple PHP making it very easy to edit the code.
Customize to fit your needs or contact us to for individual customizations.


Belloo mobile site is powered by Angular you can easly convert it into a mobile app if you wat iOS and Android, the webview of the mobile site is just unreal, works even better than much other apps around there, try it by yourself
The mobile site for iOS and Android have been battle tested and are being used by hundreds of customers around the globe.
With a familiar looking User Interface and a smooth User Experience, dating apps that are created with the Premium Dating Script are the logical choice for anyone serious about building their dating empire!


Belloo plugins ecosystem all working together is thinked and configurated to actually engage visitors.
Which in turn drives the long list of things to purchase with credits including featured ads and the awesome granted with super powers for premium users.
Generating revenue is simple, fast and guaranteed.

Worldwide Smart fake users

Get smart fake users generated on demand (on every search from your real users) with random online system and chat as fake user from the admin panel completely free!

This service is free and optional you can enable or disable it from the admin panel, also you can turn any real user into your own fake users via the admin panel and still get access to the fake users features (online mode and chat as fake user)

Admin user All new accounts has admin access just create a new account and fully test the script (you can find admin link clicking your profile photo at top left of the site)
All functions of admin has been disabled for demo!

Software features

  • Supports UNLIMITED languages, editables from the admin panel
  • Fully Ajax links, making the script fast as a ferrari
  • Unique designs, unique themes
  • Unique mobile site app style
  • Worldwide quality users for free!!
  • Complete fake users system
  • Smart email notifications
  • Smart in-web notifications
  • 100% geolocation based
  • 3 advertise slots
  • SEO ready
  • Credit system
  • Basic & VIP account system
  • Stories and Premium Stories system
  • Multiplatform WEBRTC videocalling
  • Amazon AWS S3 integration
  • PayPal Integration
  • PayGol Integration for accept SMS Payments WORLDWIDE
  • Fortumo Integration for accept SMS Payments WORLDWIDE
  • Spotlight feature
  • Realtime Multiplatform chatting
  • Multiplatform realtime in-app notification for visits,likes,messages
  • No frameworks, basic plain code easy to edit
  • And much more…

Smart Email/Push notifications

  • New message email notification if the user is offline
  • Sends email notification when new user register and some else in that area is looking for someone like him/her , this notification activates after the new user add his profile photo for show it in the email,
  • Sends email notification when you got a match
  • Sends email notification when someone likes you

Users features

  • Activate/desactivate notifications
  • Smart search filter, script remember every change of the search filter
  • Recover password
  • Connect with Facebook directly
  • Connect with Facebook directly
  • Connect with Google directly
  • Connect with Twitter directly
  • Connect with Instagram directly
  • Discover game for like or pass just like badoo
  • Custom multilanguage profile questions
  • Matching system
  • See who visited the profile
  • History of given likes
  • Delete the account
  • Add public or private photos

Accuount Types Managment VIP and Free

  • Limit amount of NEW conversations per day
  • Enable/Disable videocalling
  • Enable/Disable view of private photos
  • Enable/Disable who visited his profile
  • Enable/Disable who likes them

Credits system features

  • Send gift with credits
  • Unblock private photos
  • Buy more daily conversations
  • Add photo to the “spotlight”
  • Boost profile (show at the top positions in the meet section)
  • 100 times in discover (show first for 100 in the discover(game) section)
  • Be first in meet (show first for 100 in the meet section)

Chat features

  • Real time chatting with Pusher
  • Web notifications and if decline access in-site notification
  • Multiplatform “is typing..” feature included (first script with this feature)
  • Has readed the message or not feature
  • If new conversation limited to 2 messages and force to wait for response (like badoo)
  • Support multiplatform Videochat high quality like skype/facebook using peer to peer connection.
  • Support emoji
  • Support private photo in the chat user-to-user
  • Smart chat with bubble heads
  • New messages automatic notification with title change
  • Delete convesation
  • Virtual gifts
  • Notification sound on new message
  • In-chat sound on new message (like whatsapp)
  • Email notification if user is offline

Gender niches features

  • Add new gender/niche
  • Remove exisiting gender/niche
  • Multiplatform support (web,mobile and apps)

Custom profile questions

  • Add custom profile questions
  • Custom text or select
  • Remove/edit profile questions
  • Multilanguage support
  • Multiplatform support (web,mobile and apps)

Withdrwal + trade system UNIQUE

  • Allow users to exchange credits for real money
  • Allow users to send/receive credits
  • Payout to PayPal
  • Add payout package from admin panel
  • Set payout days from admin panel
  • Manually approve payouts
  • Enable/Disable from the admin panel this feature

Fake users features

  • OPTIONAL you can enable/disable this service
  • Worldwide users from 80 countries
  • Pre-select country from where you want the users to be generated
  • Random online system
  • Random visit to real users this features also send email/push notification (like normal behaivor)
  • Random likes to real users this features also send email/push notification (like normal behaivor)
  • Artificial Inteligence for automatic responses (only if fake user shows as online) this features also send email/push notification (like normal behaivor)
  • Manual reply for answer as fake user from the admin panel (only if fake user shows as online) this features also send email/push notification (like normal behaivor)
  • Ability to transform any real user into fake users with all the features of the fake users

Fake users Engage system

We already have a complete solution with the fake users for the ONLINE users, with this new feature we also have them connected even if they are offline!

  • Send like or match email/push notification to offline users (for make them return the site)
  • The system get the info of what the real users is searching for select the fake user
  • Limit after how much time activate this feature
  • Disable this feature if not needed

Admin Features

    • Add free credits to new users

Add premium account bonus in days to new userse

  • Advanced user and site statistics (User Registered, Active Users,Users online, Total photos, Total videocalls).
  • Change logo, site title, site name, description , keywords and default site lang.
  • Edit the gifts prices, the credits packges, and the premium accounts plans.
  • Allows you to manage registered users, edit information and delete users.
  • Allows you to edit/review the 48 languages of the script.
  • Edit the top ad spot and the right ad spot, If you dont want to show any ad just leave it blank.
  • Allows you to manage photos of users.
  • Edit terms and privacy online
  • Add custom CSS/JS (google analytics,etc) from the admin panel
  • Site map and robots.txt auto-generator


  • PHP 7.1 or higher
  • IonCube Module
  • MySQLi.
  • GD Library.
  • cURL.
  • Zip Module
  • mbstring.
  • allow_url_fopen.
  • SSL certificate (just require for video chat).

Videocall browsers support

Works properly in Chrome and Firefox, also allow cross browsers videocall. but if you will test it with the same computer do it with same browser and one window must be incognit.
Please read this article about our videocall deviece connectivity Read Article

2016 note: Chrome updated his security to only allow getUserMedia(); access to SSL domains, so you must have HTTPS domain for use the videochat in chrome, on mozilla is working fine.

Change Log:

## Belloo [4.2.5] - May, 12 2020
-Fixed mobile site bugs

## Belloo [4.2.4] - May, 9 2020
-Fixed issue in presets for new installations

## Belloo [4.2.3] - May, 5 2020

### Fixed
-Fixed SSL load image issue, now if you have enabled force SSL the site always load secure url even if it was uploaded from old non secure url
-Fixed undefined from pay page when using currency different to EUR or USD
-Fixed pay page payment logos
-Fixed issue that sometimes the software showed invalid license by mistake
-Fixed dont allow to send GIF in mobile site if charge credits per message is enabled and the user dont have credits
-Fixed last access time of the fake users
-Fixed html tags that sometimes appear in chat messages
-Fixed premium users view who liked his profile in desktop
-Fixed send message from story
-Fixed send message from admin panel as fake user
-Fixed theme editor that some clients was having problems to use it
-Fixed logout in mobile site

## Belloo [4.2.2] - April, 3 2020

- Improved software security to XSS
- Fixed chat as fake user from admin panel

## Belloo [4.2.1] - Mach, 5 2020

### Fixed
- Fixed bug in sending credits that was allowing users to transfer negative amounts
- Fixed if reward to new accounts credits enabled, auto show the credits amount in the menu, before user had to reload to see the credits
- Fixed when user gives like in discover or profile, if activate the credits per like it was showing double decreasment in credits
- Fixed issue when creating new account from admin panel
- Fixed issue in chat that sometimes shows up <br /> tag in the messages
- Fixed payments page brand icons
- Fixed design issue in chat input that showed scrollbar on firefox browsers when the message was too large

### Improvements
- Now the profile questions and answers shows up as based on the current user language, before it was showing based on profile user language
### Belloo [4.2] - March 3, 2020

### Added
- Added NEW PAGE: Pay page for proccess all the payments with great UI/UX
- Added NEW PLUGIN: Mercado pago - Accept payments via Mercado pago for credits purchase and premium suscriptions
- Added NEW PLUGIN: Bitpay - Accept payments via Bitpay for credits purchase and premium suscriptions
- Added NEW PLUGIN: Authorize.net - Accept payments via Authorize.net for credits purchase and premium suscriptions
- Added NEW PLUGIN: Iyzico - Accept payments via Iyzico for credits purchase and premium suscriptions
- Added NEW PLUGIN: Razorpay - Accept payments via Razorpay for credits purchase and premium suscriptions
- Added NEW PLUGIN: Paystack - Accept payments via Paystack for credits purchase and premium suscriptions
- Added NEW PLUGIN: Instamojo - Accept payments via Instamojo for credits purchase and premium suscriptions
- Added NEW PLUGIN: Mollie - Accept payments via Mollie for credits purchase and premium suscriptions
- Added NEW PLUGIN: PayU money - Accept payments via PayU money for credits purchase and premium suscriptions
- Added NEW PLUGIN: Paytm - Accept payments via Paytm for credits purchase and premium suscriptions
- Added NEW PLUGIN: QuickDate users data importer, transfer your user profile information and photos from quickdate script to belloo from the admin panel, they can login to belloo with the same email and password that they use for quickdate
- Added checkbox for the registration form it can be enabled or disabled from the plugin "General Settings" 
- Added delete profile option, for website and mobile site, all the data will be deleted from the database
- Added ability to select manually language in mobile site before register/login, if there is only one langauge available it will not show the button
- Added automatic software updates to first time installation
- Added support for live stream plugin [REQUIRES EXTRA PLUGIN]
- Added extra security to the upload backend 
- Added allow to disable the feature to send direct credit to other users - This setting can be found in Plugis / Pages / Profile page
- Added profile verification based gesture to mobile site
- Added NEW PLUGIN: Auto Register - allow visitors to auto-register account (just like the demo), this plugin works in mobile site and website you can configurate it from Plugin list / Software category
- Added facebook login button to login page of mobile site
- Added show or dont show overlay for upload profile photo after register is complete, this was added to plugin: General Settings
- Added set min register age to join the site, working on desktop and mobile registration form, this feature was added to plugin: General Settings
- Added some missed text to the language editor
- Added ability to transfer the cost per message in the chat to the message reciever you can enable it from plugin "Chat" in Category Pages / Plugin Chat
- Added ability to transfer the cost of the gift to the reciever you can enable it from plugin "Chat" in Category Pages / Plugin Chat
- Added ability live view the credits of the person you are currently chatting "Chat" in Category Pages / Plugin Chat

### Improvement
- Improved landing page if there is only 1 visible language dont show to select languages
- Improved back button of browser in website, now if the user click the back button after ajax load it goes to the prev page
- If the software get updated and there is new language lines and you have more than 1 language installed, it will recognize your languages and add the values in english so you can edit it from the languages panel
- If "Enable language auto-detection" of General Settings is disabled the system will use the default language setted by the admin
- Improved SMTP settings allowing self hosted SMTP services and select custom encryption TLS or SSL
- Improved mobile registration if user dont allow access to geolocation or browser cant access to geolocation auto-trigger location via IP from ipstack plugin
- Admin can upload SVG for gifts and interests from the admin panel
- If user click in profile photo area when editing profile information open manage media modal
- Improved website profile questions select options, added text "Please select an answer" 
- Improved auto detect user language ability to disable this feature or enable 
- Improved fast chat message in profile of website, if user already sent a message before dont show again
- Improved update click function that sometimes it was not working
- Improved credits and premium page if some features are not enabled i will not show the feature in those pages
- Hidded non working plugins twitter and instagram connect till they get fixed

### Fixed
- Fixed instagram media importer from admin panel
- Fixed action sheet issue that shows and dissapears the stories settings in mobile site (for set credits price and delete story)
- Fixed in mobile site when user upload a photo and the admin manually approves the photos, it shows and notifies to the user that the uploaded photos is pending for review
- Fixed when editing profile questions from the admin panel always shows answers in english now it shows based on the current editing user language.
- Fixed SEO issue in the profile landing page when a visitor visit a profile page
- Fixed issue when you just upload a image in the website and want to make it private, it was deleting the image
- Fixed pulsate animation icon in the get premium page avatar
- Fixed HTML tags on videochat ended chat message
- Fixed issue with Videocall Server
- FIxed issue of selection default language always shows in english, for make it work as expected you have to disable the get automatic langauge from user browser
- Fixed issue that shows empty profiles in the people that likes me section of the website
- Fixed XSS vulnerability in biography of the profile user
- Fixed issue in mobile site that dont allow user to edit profile when was using a different language than english
- Fixed SEO title error in chat section if page is refreshed in the chat section
- Fixed if there is new update in the software and the back end user is not the administrator (because its a moderator) dont show the update banner to them
- Fixed issue in mail title of foreign languages that required UTF-8 support
- Fixed now update in real time the user credits when send gift in website
- Fixed issue that was happening after media upload of the website the user wanted to turn it private and the media was getting deleted
- Fixed dont show videocall banner in premium pages of website and mobile site if videocall is not enabled
- Fixed user creation from admin panel, issue with the username
- Fixed photo gesture verification system, now the upload is visible from the admin panel
- Fixed design issue of the footer in website profile page
- Fixed to only show to site administator, not to moderators the message "Get Help" in the admin header 
- Fixed mobile design issue that the action sheet was not aligned to center with big screens
- Fixed issue that after upload profile photo keep asking for upload profile photo in website, this was caused when the site has enabled the force review photos
- Fixed logout button in mobile site

Belloo [4.1.1] – Nov 4, 2019

### Added
-Added plugin Custom Code CSS & Javascript for Header and Footer

### Fixed
-Fixed SMTP emails notifications
-Fixed profile page height design bug while showing ads
-Fixed issue on facebook login
-Fixed language editor issues for support utf8
-Fixed when start videocall if it need credits the number of credits at the top right / top left wasnt updating in real time correctly
-Fixed instagram importer
-Fixed import json file from language section

### Improvements
-Improved the updater system
-Updated instagram media importer plugin
-Updated PHPMailer sdk
-Plugin "Meet" new feature to enable/enable "show me everybody" option
-Improved Export/Import Language Json File

Belloo [4.1] – Oct 29, 2019

### Added
- Google analytics plugin

### Fixed
- Google ads website
- Fixed admin view users password from admin control panel
- Fixed bug on SSL redirect
- Facebook login on website
- Google+ login on website

### Improvements
- If users with same ip send credits eachother, it decrease the credits sent by the sender but dont send the message and dont add credits to the reciever

Belloo 4.0 – Oct 26, 2019

### Added
- Added theme editor
- Theme editor: 

- Added Stories system
- Stories: allow to upload photos and videos
- Stories: allow to charge credits for private stories
- Stories: private stories auto play for 1 second blurred
- Stories: Show if user has story in discover,spotlight and profile pages
- Stories Admin: allow admin to enable or disable stories
- Stories Admin: Set default stories prices
- Stories Admin: Set how much days the story will be desplayed
- Stories Admin: Allow/Disallow to charge story for credits

- Added new chat features
- Chat: added send gif
- Chat: added send message from story
- Chat: added charge credits per message
- Chat: added charge credits for videocalling
- Chat: added charge credits each min in videocall
- Chat: added record videocall plugin

- Enchanced discover game
- Added thumb generator for photo optimization
- Added charge credits per message in the chat (optional)
- Added charge credits per min in videochat (optional)
- Added licensing system to the software.
- Added users activity log for the admin panel (optional)
- Added ban users via IP from admin panel
- Added save current IP of users 
- Added ability to charge credits for like people
- Added ability to charge credits for visit profiles
- Added if the video is private, the video runs but blurry and after close the video the payment popup shows up
- Added upload videos to profiles also users and admin put them as private content and if someone want to see it has to be premium or pay credits.
- Added bio message on the profile page. Useful for promotions or give some more use to the credit transfer between users.
- Added distance meter by KM or Miles and also limit of radius for the search pages editable from the admin panel.
- Added verification account system via uploading photo copying gesture
- Added update title on profile page by Name,Age,City | Site Name | Site Title
- Added nothing found to discover game if no user closer
- Disable/Enable gender selection on registration section, usefull for generate diferents landing pages with auto target. Ex: landing page for lgbt or gays
- Configure site and apps timezone from the admin panel

- Admin panel features
- Added bulk actions on every section
- Added view chat log of users
- Added create user / edit user / upload media
- Added importa media from instgram to users
- Added Users activity log
- Added admin panel moderators

- Theme editor features
- More than 200 changes for desktop site
- At the moment already 8 design preset made by us we will be adding almost everyday , of course you can create your own
- Create custom presets for the desgin
- Export/ Import presets
- Support multiple landing page presets
- Each landing page preset has unique language text 

- List of new plugins

- Withdrawal cashout
- Record videocall
- Rewards by actions 
- Stories system
- Theme editor
- Instagram media importer
- Watermark

### Improvement
- New powerfull admin panel
- Swipe left/rigth mobile site
- Improved videocall technology
- Improved security in the admin request php file blocking any possible external request
- Updated premium suscription to recurring payment via Paypal
- Improved overall software speed x3.
- Improved insite realtime notifications alert
- Improved sound in the alerts
- Sorted the software features by plugins
- Improved the discover game in the desktop version preloading the images increasing speed.
- Improved software strucutre all the features are now plugins with tons of new customization.
- Now the year selection descend from highest to lowest on the register form and update section
- Changed geolocation dependency of Google to Teleport API for include china in the worldwide support
- Now you can work on localhost, tested and running using WampServer 3.1.4 - PHP: 7.2.10 - MySql: 5.7.23 (only chrome)

### Fixed
- Lots of known bugs commented before
Belloo 2.2 09th mar 2018
-Added new function withdrwal system (convert credits into real money)
-Added new function trade credits (allow users to send/receive credits)
-Added Private photo function and disable for credits or for premium users
-Added Guest navigation of the site for non-registered users
-Added Pusher disconnect feature if not activity registered
-Added meta information for SEO in profile pages
-Added new language SQL with info for the 48 languages
-Fixed mobile lang issue in settings page
-Fixed Language issue
-Fixed auto-approve photo if non acitvated
-Fixed sitemap urls
-Fixed "Fast message" in profile css issue for large screen
-Fixed logo position for smaller screen of new theme
-Fixed bug of profile edit settings in the website
-Fixed bug of profile edit seetings in the mobile
-Fixed bug of open profile in chat
-Fixed bug of multiple in-app notification for mobile site
Belloo 2.1 - 20th feb 2018
-Bug fix in the container.phtml of the new theme with the right ad slot
-Change php function for api call to generate fake user
-Added ionic source files to the main file
-Tutorial for work with the ionic source code in the help center
Belloo 2.0 - 14th feb 2018
-Added new landing theme
-Added new front end theme 
-Added new mobile site
-Added edit front-end theme from the admin panel (change colors)
-Added Multilanguage support for custom profile questions setted in the admin 
-Added Multilanguage support for gender niches
-Added more fake users features
-Added engage system for fake users
-Fixed problem in laguages
-Fixed gift issue
-Fixed Major issue in mobile site
-Fixed search bug in mobile site
-Fixed bugs in the message section of the mobile site
-Fixed image size in the discover game of the mobile site
-Fixed discover game function
-Fixed instagram issue in website
-Fixed Facebook connect in the mobile site
-Fixed add credits modal in mobile site
-More custom website and mobile site function added
-Fixed gender/niche language in the admin panel
-Added theme controller from the admin panel
-Added new advertise slot in the new theme
Belloo 1.0 - 30th October 2017
-Fixed button videocall problem
-Added niche/gender feature
-Added bubble notification in menu for visits and likes
-Fixed profile link problem if name contains special characters
-Added chat feature to wait for response if new conversation and already send more than 2 messages
-Added chat feature to send gifts in chat
-Added chat feature if the other user has read your last message
-Added HTML5 WEB notifications for new messages
-Added in-site notification if decline access to html5 notification
-Fixed css bug in chat with the avatars at the right in differents viewports
27th October 2017
-Initial release of Belloo


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