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Elegant Elements is an add-on for WPBakery Page Builder and requires the plugin WPBakery Page Builder plugin to be installed and active in order to use it.

Elegant Elements for WPBakery Page Builder is a complete web design toolkit that helps you design your websites faster and without having any coding knowledge. You can design a complete website from a custom header, mega menu to custom footer using WPBakery Page Builder.

Features Overview

  • 50+ Unique Elements

    Elegant Elements for WPBakery Page Builder - 1

    Elegant Elements for WPBakery Page Builder add-on provides you with 50+ unique and beautifully crafted elements that will help build your websites in no time. All the elements are 100% frontend editor compatible, meaning you can design your site live!

  • Patcher Tool

    We are introducing the patcher tool for Elegant Elements for WPBakery Page Builder. This feature will allow us to provide our users with quick fixes as soon we got them without updating the entire plugin. This will save us more time so we can focus on the new features and elements development.

  • Dynamic Content

    Adding dynamic content to your website using WPBakery Page Builder was never been so easy. With Elegant Elements, you can now add the dynamic content to your website easily. Even more, you can use the dynamic data variables anywhere in your page content or any element option value.

  • Page Title Bar

    Elegant Elements allows you to add different page title bars under the header. You can design the page title bar using WPBakery Page Builder drag’n drop interface.

  • Custom Mobile Headers

    Showing the desktop headers on mobile can be tricky and is really hard to manage the responsiveness, which is why we came with an idea to let you set custom mobile header. Design the header that is suitable for mobile devices only and assign it to the respected header template.

  • Context Menu

    Elegant Elements for WPBakery Page Builder - 2

    Context menu or the right-click menu offers you the flexibility to design your website and help you speed up things like copy element styles, insert elements before or after a certain element, and also let you copy any element’s shortcode to insert anywhere.

  • Powerful Form Builder

    Elegant Elements for WPBakery Page Builder - 3

    Elegant Elements provides you with the most powerful form builder using WPBakery Page Builder. You can design any kind of form including the multi-step forms. You can send your data anywhere using the webhooks or get an email update.

  • Custom Header Builder

    Elegant Elements for WPBakery Page Builder - 4

    WPBakery Page Builder works great on building custom page layouts, so why rely on themes for the site Headers? Elegant Elements provides you the unique way to design your headers with drag and drop functionality. So, you get complete freedom to design the entire website however you like it. It’s perfect for websites that need custom Header layouts which standard WordPress Themes don’t offer.

  • Elegant Elements for WPBakery Page Builder - 5

    Footers are the most important part of every website, why not design it with WPBakery Page Builder and make the most out of it? You can design different footers for different pages as well. Widgets are not enough when you want to add more value to your footers and they won’t give you complete freedom to design your site footer, so we developed the footer builder using WPBakery Page Builder inside Elegant Elements.

  • Favourite Elements

    Elegant Elements for WPBakery Page Builder - 6

    It becomes very hard to find the element that you use frequently when there are a number of elements. With Elegant Elements, you can now set your frequently used elements as favorites and access them in a separate tab and first in the list of elements

  • Mega Menu Builder

    Elegant Elements for WPBakery Page Builder - 7

    Navigation is the most important part of every website and if you have too many menu items that you need to manage using a mega menu feature, you either need to purchase a premium theme or a plugin. Now, with Elegant Elements, you don’t need to!

  • Row & Column Background Slider

    Adding an image or a video to your row background makes it look nice, how about adding the image slider? Yes, you can add an image slider to your row background and the column background as well with many awesome animations as well.

  • Row & Column Background Gradients

    Gradient backgrounds add another layer of awesome styles for your rows and columns. You can control the gradient top and bottom colors and positions. Setting up the gradient over an image with transparent colors will make it look even more beautiful.

Elegant Elements for WPBakery Page Builder - 8

Available Elements –

Elegant Elements for WPBakery Page Builder currently serves 50+ custom and beautifully crafted elements. That’s not it; we have more exciting elements and templates in the pipeline that we will keep releasing with each update :)


    Ever thought of adding image over another image like a stack to add a unique look and feel to your website? You can do it now with the image stack element.


    Highlight any code on your website with fresh looking and beautiful syntax highlighter. You can also set the option to copy code to clipboard so users can easily copy the code


    With video lightbox element, you can easily display any video including YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or even Self Hosted video in lightbox. You can trigger the lightbox on icon, image or custom text.


    Actively show your visitors a countdown to a special event, sale, or anniversary etc. This Element allows you to enter an end date and it automatically calculates the time remaining to the specific date. It comes with several customisation options such as colors, background colors, borders, font-size etc.


    Number counter element allows you to display the numbers with prefix and suffix text. The counter can be up/down as per your requirements.


    Highlight your services, product features, timelines and other awesome things with the help of content boxes unique design styles.


    Lottie interactive animations will instantly transform your website design to a new level. There are thousands of free animations you can use on your website.


    Instagram Profile Card element will help you to showcase your Instagram profile with awesome layout with recent images slider, your profile photo, username, number of followers, and the follow button that will take the users to your Instagram profile.


    The element will generate a nice-looking teaser box with 4 latest images on your Instagram account, shows the number of followers and a follow button that will link to your profile.


    Transform the way you add images to your website. Easily create random, unique, and awesome looking blob shapes. You can style the blob shapes with gradient color overlays, add images, and the content over them to make them look more beautiful!


    Add special distortion effect on images being transitioning on hover. The placement image pattern makes it look awesome when while the transition is taking place.


    Add animated section dividers to your site and make each section feel live. Animated Dividers element provides 15+ different dividers with full customization possibilities.


    An awesome Ribbons element that will allow you to add beauty to your website. You can use the ribbons to display headings and offers.


    Add a WhatsApp button on your site to allow your users to contact you on your WhatsApp with a pre-defined custom message. You can control everything including the number, message and the styling.

  15. BIG CAPS

    Big Caps element by Elegant Elements allows you to add content with the first letter being large. This element is different from the Dropcap and provides you options to customize the font-size and colors.


    You can now display PDF, MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Spreadsheet documents on your website instead of just linking them to download the document file. This will help you to keep your visitors on your website for a longer time.


    Create a stylish business hours section that suits your website with the Business Hours module of the Elegant Elements for WPBakery Page Builder. You can control all parts and style everything to fit your site design scheme.

  18. CUBE BOX

    Add a beautiful content boxes to your website that turns like a cube and displays the content on the other side on the mouse hover. Cube box adds great value to your website when you want to display different content on hover.


    Embed a video on your website with an optimized Video module that allows you to customize thumbnail, play button and more without affecting your page load time. Load videos only when user clicks on the play button.


    High-end devices need high definition retina images that are clear and add to the beauty of your website. The Retina Image element lets you add the retina version of an image alongside the default form.


    You can display your videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia, and even your self hosted videos in a list format with unique design style. You can control each and every part of the element including the border and it’s colors as well.


    Now boost your search engine visibility by displaying the FAQ rich snippets in your website’s search results. This element will help you add FAQs to your website and generates the required schema markup using JSON format that Google will use to display in search results for the page you’ve added this element. The element comes with two layouts – descriptive ( boxed ) and the accordion ( toggle ).


    Show different prices or features with the content toggle element. You need to save the content elements in the library in order to use this element. You can display your monthly/annual prices or different between features etc. using the content toggle element.


    With the Image Separator element, you can now turn your simple containers into beautiful and awesome sections with image divider. You can set the dividers for containers and columns separately.


    Highlight your focus words in your heading to draw your user’s attention with the dual style heading element. Unlimited possibilities come with the number of options available to customize each heading part in the element separately. Add different text colors, backgrounds and even typography to make your headings stand out and attractive.


    Showcase your instagram images on your website using Instagram Element. You can show the comments and likes each photo received as well.


    Skew Headings Element will allow you to display your headings in a unique and elegant way with skew backgrounds with gradient colors.


    Highlight essential points on your images using the Image Hotspot element. Freely choose the pointer location and add a tooltip to describe what that part is.


    Ever wanted to display your background textures behind your heading text? Now, you can show your creativity with the Image Mask Heading element.


    Icon Block element will allow you to add a beautiful icon and text block with gradient background colors. The ability to set the icon itself as a background will add another layer of awesomeness to your website design.

  31. LIST BOX

    Show the normal bulleted lists with a unique design with title and icons in a boxed layout.


    Showcase your team or clients with a nice unique way with Profile Panel element.


    The all-new expanding section element allows you to display your content in toggle like element with heading and sub-heading with gradient background colors, which adds the awesome look to your site.


    Display your before and after images on top of each other with a nice drag effect and custom captions.


    Now, you’ll have the ability to add gradient color to your heading text with Gradient Heading Element. Highlight the heading with some awesome gradient color to capture your visitor’s attention.


    Display your gallery images, portfolio images, your product categories, your clients for your services or anything that you want to show with sortable filters. You can add an image, its title and custom colors to the title to show each image title as unique.


    Create beautiful cards with image, title, description and a button to link any url. Describe anything you want, showcase your customers, highlight your services and much more.


    The perfect element to carousel any content you want. Add only images to show a nice image slider, enter your videos and allow them to slide. More content in a small space.


    Add beauty to your site by adding dual buttons. Allow users to choose their action from either This or That. Display two buttons side by side separated with a text or an icon.


    Stuck with the spacing in between two elements? Here’s the solution – Empty Space element to add vertical or horizontal space between them to make them look how you want.


    Wanna display nice banners on your site with background image, title, description and a button to link? Use our Fancy Banner element and show your imaginary in a beautiful way.


    Add buttons with nice hover effects on your site. You can open modal dialogs, custom links, images and videos in a lightbox on the button click. Extends the usability of the buttons.


    Display your information in modal dialogs in a better way. Add triggers from within the modal element to open modal on a button, custom text, image or even on FontAwesome icon.


    Want to display notice or tip or alert on your site? Do it the better way with beautiful styles. Choose from predefined color schemes or use your own custom colors.


    Showcase your partners or clients or even your work by displaying their logos in a grid. You can link each logo to the respective url or even display their information within the modal popup.


    Promote anything on your site with beautiful promo boxes. Add image, title, description and a button with a link. Make it even more beautiful with background image and color.


    Display your highlighted words in a paragraph or a line and let them rotate one after another with a nice rotating effect. Beautify them with nice Google Fonts and colors.


    Add fully customizable search forms to your website, anywhere you need them. You can set the search form to search for specific post type as well.


    Add unique shape dividers to your site with fully customizable settings. You can choose from a variety of shape dividers for top and bottom positions and control the height and the colors as per your requirements.


    Give your normal section heading or the titles an amazing look and feel they deserve and make the words speak when you look at them with a Special Heading element.


    Social icons element was specifically designed to be used in the header and footer, however, you can use it anywhere you need. You can control everything from the size to colors.


    Got some testimonials for your product or services? Display them in the most unique way around. Add any number of testimonials with their title, sub-title, image, and testimony.


    Display your highlighted words in a paragraph or a line with a nice typewriting effect. Make it look more beautiful with nice Google Fonts and colors and also the font-size etc.


    Text block element inside the Elegant Elements provides advanved options, such as the typography controls that you don’t get with the core text block element.


    Header menu element can be used in the header builder to add the menu to your site header. You can customize the menu with the number of design styles available and make it stand out from the crowd.


    Easily add custom menu type links in footer with horizontal and vertical layouts. You can also use the footer links element in the header builder.


    Form Builder element allows you to design custom forms right inside your page while editing the content. You can design multi-step forms and can connect it to Zapier, Pabbly etc. automation platforms using their webhooks.


    Contact Form 7 element provides options to extend the look and feel of the contact form 7 form on your site. Add form heading and caption with nice background and borders.

* C H A N G E L O G *

Version 1.4.1 – May 3, 2021

- New: Option to connect to Instagram to use official API
- New: Option to set custom image for Instagram profile picture
- Fix: Instagram Image Gallery element not displaying images
- Fix: Instagram Teaser Box element not displaying images
- Fix: Instagram Profile Card element not displaying images
- Fix: Admin page tab links for Header and Footer builder
- Fix: Menu edit screen not working for Gewinner theme
- Fix: Combined CSS causing conflict with Image Filters element

Version 1.4.0 – April 12, 2021

- New: Image Stack element to display multiple images stacked in unique way
- New: Syntax Highlighter element - display code in your site with beautiful highlighter
- New: Video Lightbox element to allow you to display any video in lightbox
- New: Countdown Timer element to show countdown on your website
- New: Introducing Patcher Tool - you'll get instant fixes delivered for small issues
- New: Implemented one click product registration for auto-updates and premium features
- Fix: JS errors causing after disabling jQuery Migrate
- Fix: PHP warnings on WPBakery Grid Builder admin pages
- Fix: Salient theme compatibility with Elegant Modal element

Version 1.3.0 – March 27, 2021

- New: Text Block element with typography options
- New: Self hosted video backgrounds for Rows
- Improved: Woodmart theme mobile menu compatibility
- Improved: Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
- Fix: Instagram images not displaying on some websites

Version 1.2.0 – February 15, 2021

- New: Dynamic Content feature to allow you pull content from dynamic fields
- New: Feature to allow you add custom page title bars under each custom header
- New: Number Counter element to add animated numbers with count up/down possibility
- New: Option to set different header for mobile devices
- Fix: WPBakery being disabled on other post type than page and post
- Fix: Editor not working due to Elegant Templates compatibility with older versions of PHP
- Fix: Hide Header, Footer, and Page Title Bar posts from non-logged-in users

Version 1.1.1 – February 1, 2021

- Improved: Updated ACF framework to latest version
- Improved: FAQ element compatibility with themes that disable core accordion element
- Improved: Compatibility with WordPress 5.6
- Improved: Compatibility with PHP 8
- Fix: WPBakery being disabled for posts in role manager

Version 1.1.0 – November 29, 2020

- New: Footer Links element to easily add vertical and horizontal menu links
- New: Social Icons element to add your social media links easily
- New: Fully customizable Search Form element
- New: Pre-built template library for Header, Footers, and pages
- New: 5 Custom pre-built footer templates to get you started
- New: 6 pre-built header templates from popular websites
- New: 15+ pre-designed template blocks to get you started. More coming soon.
- New: Self Hosted video option in Advanced Video element
- New: Option to customize the video placeholder background color in Advanced Video element
- New: Option to control space between menu items in Elegant Menu element
- New: Option in Form element to set the submit button inline with the form field
- New: Width and Height options added to content-box element to control image icon size
- New: Template library feature to provide you with pre-built templates
- Improved: Compatibility with Loco Translate plugin for better translations
- Improved: Form submit button radius now inherits the form field border-radius
- Improved: Compatibility with Flatsome theme
- Fix: WPBakery not enabled by default on Header/Footer builder editors
- Fix: Icon was missing for dimension param in settings

Version 1.0 – September 24, 2020

- Initial Release


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