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Generation Editor – Rapid CSS & JS customization

UPDATE 15/1 – 2021 – Add custom code to your head, body and footer!

Do you think that the custom CSS editor in the WordPress customizer is a hassle? Do you want to just add some CSS or JavaScript to your website without having to use a slow FTP-client? Or do you want to be able to work together with other people when making design changes to a website?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Generation Editor is a fully featured CSS and JavaScript editor built with custom post types and tightly integrated with the WordPress coding framework.

Create minified CSS and JavaScript-files for your website in minutes and don’t worry if you happen to overwrite your own design changes. You can easily go back in time with our built-in support for WordPress revisions.

Save your code using CTRL/CMD + S through ajax without the need to reload between your changes.

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  • Version management system – Easily rollback your changes just like you’re used to with regular posts
  • Multi-user support, work on the website layout simultaneously
  • Optimized and minified code – Don’t worry about slow load times, the plugin automatically compresses the code when added to your site
  • Save without reload – Ajax saving of all CSS/JS-posts
  • Shortcuts – Save your code with CMD/CTRL + S like you’re used to
  • Add custom code to your head, body and footer [NEW]
  • Development mode – Debug your code easily by printing the code uncompressed on your pages

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Last Update: July 13, 2021
Released: July 13, 2021