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Karenderia Mobile App is a customer ordering version for Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System.

Note: You will need to purchase the Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System in order to use this mobile application, as all the restaurant data relies on KMRS..

Karenderia mobile app connects to KRMS via json api calls
just simply install the modules for the api and settings and your all done.
its comes with very easy steps by steps procedure on how to install the api & settings modules.

Backend Settings
Username: admin
Password : admin

Download android APK File click here

Watch Karenderia mobile app in action click here

Test paypal using below account
User/Email : [email protected]
Password : testtest


User/Email : [email protected]
Password : Buyertestaccount


  • Easy to search for restaurant
  • Filter restaurant by cuisine or by services
  • Auto detects location address
  • Multiple addons for food item
  • Multiple size and price for food item
  • Ingredients selections for food item
  • Cooking reference
  • Real time order status
  • Easy to re-order previous ordered food item

Payment Gateway

  • Cash on delivery
  • Paypal
  • Pay using credit cards on debit cards

Book a table

  • Easy booking table
  • Receive updates on your booking status

Restaurant Review

  • Add your own reviews to a restaurant

Android Push Notification

  • Customer can receive push notification about the status of their order

Important: when there is new update please run the update DB Tables.
simple by going to mobileapp modules backend and click on Update Db Tables


= 3.0 (12 May 19) =

fixed - cannot run in php 7.1 , 7.2
fixed - cannot run in server mysql strict enabled (most of the changes is in table structure of database)
fixed - choose address from book not validating when using search by location
fixed - add table number when dinein
fixed - keep asking to enabled GPS when using get current location
fixed - category description donnot translate
update - stripe payment
new - add mapbox
new - add sms order verification
new - add encryption for offline credit card
new - add search for food category and food item
new - paypal version 2
new - voguepay payment
new - braintree payment
new - mercadopago v2

Notice: to avoid any issue with mobileapp version 3.0 make sure you have updated
Karenderia Multiple Restaurant System version 5.2

Click here

= 2.8 (28 Feb 19) =

fixed - upload profile picture not uploading if there is api hash key
fixed - city list not loading if selected already from list
fixed - earning points
Important notice : in version 2.8 Razorpay is disabled in config.xml by default so if you need Razorpay to work un commented the razor pay in your config.xml and
if you enabled razorpay this will failed building in iOS, you need to use 1.3.5 version of razorpay when compiling to iOS

The following files has been changed in version 2.8

Mobile app files


= 2.7.1 (14 Dec 18) =

fixed - merchant logo not appearing
The following files has been changed in version 2.7.1

Mobile app files

= 2.7 (12 Dec 18) =

fixed - voucher code not showing in receipt
fixed - missing offers in receipt
fixed - use Functionsv3 hasModuleAddon when checking modules
fixed - merchant logo not appearing in review page
fixed - delivery fee not showing in cart when using search by location
update - config.xml due to failing building in build.phonegap
new - added packaging wise
The following files has been changed in version 2.7

Mobile app files

modules/mobileapp/views/index/mobile_theme_error.php new file
modules/mobileapp/views/index/mobile_theme_receipt.php new file
modules/mobileapp/views/layouts/mobile_layout.php new file

= 2.6 (25 Sep 18) =

fixed - order change does not display when transaction is dinein and pickup
fixed - fixed special character in delivery address causing the api to failed
fixed - set timezone when loading cart
fixed - category not appearing when editing the cart
fixed - can re-order item if food is not available
fixed - add rechecking of minimum order table for delivery during check out
fixed - fixed all query to use yii quote functions
fixed - authorize.net payment
fixed - still can receive push even if user is logout
update - google analytics tracking (using new plugin)
update - change receipt format
update - change all maps to use gmaps.js
update - track order map page
update - order list view
update - facebook plugin
new - add request to cancel order
new - add address book when using search by location
new - add food category scheduler to appear in specific day of the week
new - add new computation for 2 flavors
new - new date picker and time list options
new - add reviews per order
new - firebase cloud messaging (FCM)
new - add notifications page
The following files has been changed in version 2.6

Mobile app files
www/lib/gmaps.js - new file

modules/mobileapp/components/AuthorizePay.php - new file
modules/mobileapp/components/MobileFCMPush.php - new file

= 2.5 (31 May 18) =

fixed - checking of holidays and delivery time
fixed - get dish new functions when kmrs is not updated with new functions getDishIcon
fixed - remove search address validation
fixed - add get my current location in advance search
fixed - apply voucher issue if without points addon
fixed - set timezone for merchant in placeorder functions
fixed - add NSLocationAlwaysAndWhenInUseUsageDescription in config.xml for changing location authorization message modal
fixed - compiling the app to android
fixed - advance search turn on/off tab settings
fixed - menu tab on/off tab settings
The following files has been changed in version 2.5

Mobile app files


= 2.4 (03 May 18) =

fixed - checkout when using search by location
fixed - order change is required when transaction type is pickup and dinein
fixed - checkout invalid token during first time checkout
fixed - first time checkout using dinein its showin shipping address instead of payment options
fixed - facebook signup and google earn points
fixed - food category not showing in receipt
fixed - checking of hash key
fixed - reviews not showing reply from merchant
fixed - reviews customer avatar
new - add cancel order confirmation when going back to previous page
new - offers add applicable to transaction type
new - add sponsored tag in search results and browse resto
new - add new code for points addon version 2.0
new - add purifier for customer registration to prevent xss injection
new - add option to edit and delete reviews
new - add menu tabs
new - add photo gallery
new - add checking of delivery time if pre-order
new - add photos and description in food category
new - add dish icon in food category
new - include advanced search
The following files has been changed in version 2.4

Mobile app files


Language file
Add new fields applicable_to in table _offers

= 2.3.1 (30 March 18) =

Update config.xml cordova-plugin-googleplus

= 2.3 (06 Dec 17) =

fixed - lazy load hangs when loading more than 300 records
fixed - lazy load for food item
new - add app version parameter on every request to determine the version of the app
new - add back compatibility with old version 2.0
new - add test api to check if the api is working
The following files has been changed in version 2.3<br />

Mobile app files<br />
www/js/app.js<br />

Modules<br />
modules/mobileapp/controllers/ApiController.php<br />

Language file<br />
added 1 new translation $lang['Click here to test your api']='';<br />

= 2.2 (21 Nov 17) =

fixed - creating table mobile_pages not creating auto increment
fixed - getting of location accuracy
fixed - get pages content not showing
fixed - update pages with language fields in update db
fixed - delivery address not saving properly when using search by location
fixed - save only card type if payment type is pay on delivery
fixed - clear cart
fixed - lazy load increase limit of records
fixed - voucher not showing on receipt
fixed - combined cart not showing properly in receipt
update - plugin cordova-plugin-camera to 2.4.1
update - plugn cordova.plugins.diagnostic to 3.7.1
update - config.xml

= 2.1 (06 Nov 17) =

fixed - saving of commision_type in order table
fixed - not saving order_id_token fields
fixed - final amount when applying voucher
fixed - getting of delivery fee
fixed - payment methods in merchant information
fixed - remove delivery asap if merchant is close
fixed - add facebook profile photo
fixed - ios ringtone
fixed - ios push icon
fixed - android 7 push icon
fixed - push notification hangs when viewing map page
new - add lazy load for search restaurant and browse restaurant
new - add lazy load for food category and food item
new - add settings in backend for location accuracy
new - search by location city / area
new - search by state/city
new - search by postal code/zipcode
new - add facebook app id in settings
new - add clear cart
new - combined cart food item
new - add minimum order tables
new - add google login
new - add options to add pages to the app with multi language
new - track order map include merchant address
new - add request location authorization when using get current location fixed for android 6,7
new - add merchant menu background header
new - add push icon needed for android 7
new - add push picture for android 5,6 and 7
new - add upload profile picture
update - push plugin to use version 1.10.5
update - google map plugin
update - update config.xml with new icons and splash screen
update - use new phonegap version cli-7.0.1
update - general settings layout
changes - remove pop over food category
changes - change ringtone file
changes - remove plugin cordova-plugin-fastrde-checkgps
changes - remove plugin cordova-dialog-gps.git
Db tables - add new table _mobile_pages

= 2.0 (28 June 17) =

fixed - search to wildcard conditions
fixed - category name stripslashes
fixed - distance unit not clearing old distance unin in search results
fixed - re-order not working if save cart to database is on
fixed - can re-order if the merchant close store is enabled
fixed - cannot re-order if merchant disabled ordering
fixed - re-order should not work if merchant status is not active
fixed - cannot re-order if order is place in web show error message
fixed - customer can re-order even if merchant disabled ordering
fixed - remove changes address if transaction type is pickup/dinein in cart page
fixed - browse restaurant search by restaurant name use wildcard query
fixed - browse and search page to display service type and payment options
fixed - filter by services
fixed - transaction type not null when first load of cart
fixed - remove change address here if transaction is pickup/dinein
fixed - tips
fixed - 2 flavor not adding addon items
fixed - increase +and- button icon
fixed - offline bank deposit instructions
fixed - fax not sending
fixed - can re-order if merchant is not published
fixed - booking table not saving client_id
new - use new templating functions
new - add loading page before the app goes to main menu
new - add force Default Language in mobileapp backend settings
new - use new translation method in mobileapp and backend
new - add new options for Get Current location results
new - add software version in page settings

= 1.3.6 (1 Nov 16) =

fixed math functions for 2 flavors
fixed plugin outdated in config.xml
fixed edit cart not working
fixed error message no connection to toast instead of alert
fixed - address fields not translating
fixed - slashes in merchant name
fixed - disabled ordering from admin settings
fixed - choosing address from map which firing api calls twice
fixed - default delivery address
fixed - distance unit when address is very close
fixed - get location in android 6.0
new - add new plugin diagnostic
new - add tips
new - add offline bank deposit payment
new - add offline credit card
new - add event listener for connection lost

= 1.3.5 (10 October 16) =

new - add new menu which display only food name and price
new - add options to choose between saving the cart on db or in device
new - add auto refresh on track order page and map
change - change the 3 dots to new icon for category
fixed - delivery address street number is missing
fixed - map marker to use the lat and long when choosing address from map
fixed - backslashes in category name and restaurant name
fixed - open, close and pre order tag on search results and browse resto
fixed - 2 flavor
fixed - delivery fee showing as false

= 1.3.4 (27 september 16) =

fixed - table mobile_registered not updating correctly
fixed - search sorting
fixed - open and pre order tag
fixed - decimal place if set to zero format is not working
fixed - default address not saving
fixed - menu
fixed - category name does not translate
fixed - remove cash on delivery available if turn off by admin
fixed - paypal payment not processable error
fixed - pay delivery merchant membership payment list
fixed - delivery fee on search results
fixed - earn points not adding when creating account
fixed - earn points by review
fixed - earn points on first order
fixed - IOS badge not being clear
fixed - change rating text field to stars
fixed - book a table mobile phone to have country code prefix
new - change plugin for enabling gps
new - update font awesome to 4.6.3
new - add distance,delivery distance and delivery estimation in search results
new - add razorpay payment provider
new - saved the cart on database instead on device
new - change loader
new - add easy access for category
new - add filter by restaurant name in search result page
new - add pop over menu on restaurant page
new - add new page for map with map directions
new - add custom fields customer signup
new - add terms & condition on customer signup
new - add mobile auto country code prefix
new - driver app auto insert task
new - add customer verification page
new - allow the customer to see the menu even if merchant is closed
new - voucher can not be applied if the merchant has an offer to avoid double discount
new - add deliver asap checkbox button
new - add track your order
new - add enter contact number if customer contact number is empty during checkout pickup transaction
new - add push sound to notification

= 1.3.3 (25 April 16) =

fixed - description of food item removing html tags
fixed - geocoding address
fixed - pre order condition
fixed - push notification not saving correct sender id if merchant change the order status
fixed - if merchant has only pickup services
fixed - default order status
fixed - paypal not showing on payment list
fixed - voucher
fixed - fb login with admin settings on/off
fixed - cuisine translation
fixed - minimum and maximum order delivery/pickup
fixed - back button that exit the app
fixed - voucher expiration on same day
fixed - missing sender id when compiling the app
change - saving of translation functions
change - getting of distance to new functions
change - getting of delivery fee to new functions
new - added stripe payment gateway
new - added authorize.net payment gateway
new - add save address to address book during checkout
new - auto add to cart if the food item has no addon
new - add click functions on ratings stars
new - add sms and email verification during signup
new - add loyalty points
new - add device id on settings
new - add api hash key to secure the mobile app api
new - check if gps is enabled
new - add device id on settings
new - add image loaded
new - add profile picture

= 1.3.2 (24 Feb 16) =

fixed order addon item and notes not inserting correctly on database
fixed search results layout and browse restaurant
fixed food item layout
fixed pre-order status tag, it shows open even if the merchant has pre order
fixed tax if food item is non taxable
fixed food item non taxable not saving on database
fixed notes not adding on merchant receipt panel as well as receipt
fixed formating of total price

= 1.3.1 (18 Feb 16) =

add offers on search results and browse restaurant
remove checking of net connection always set to true
remove default set address "970 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA, United States"

= 1.3 (16 Feb 16) =

fixed open,close and pre-order tag on search result and browse restaurant during translation
fixed scroll issue on browse restaurant and search results page on lower android version
fixed cannot back to previous page on receipt page
fixed NaN value on cart when selecting item with no price
fixed cannot select on sub item on different sub item category
add contact number on profile
auto fill contact number during checkout when selecting from address book

= 1.2 (10 Dec 15) =

add translation features
add push notification broadcast
add IOS push notification
add apply voucher
fixed re-order item if the order was done on website

= 1.1 (03 Dec 15) =

fixed price error if food item has no price
fixed asking too much permission when installing on mobile device
fixed creating view table
fixed payment type not saving
add sending of email to customer and merchant when there is new order
add sending of sms notification to customer and merchant
add options compile the app to ios and windows mobile
fixed facebook login to work on facebook api v2.5
add options if food item is not available
add paypal card fee
add new database table _mobile_temp_email

= 1.0 (28 Nov 15) =

Initial release version

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