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Powerful WordPress Form Builder

You can create your dream form now!
Take a check it out to make your visitors and yourself happy with Magic Form.

Drag & Drop Builder

The mythical drag and drop multi column form builder. Magic Form is the easiest WordPress plugin that allows building basic & complex forms with draggable layouts from elements spanning multiple columns.

Collect Payments

You can get payment easily with PayPal or Stripe from your customers. Integrate payment with your form and start to get payment today.

Multi Step Form

You can add multiple steps to your forms and create as many pages as you wish. It’s very easy to create forms on WordPress that your visitors will fill up with pleasure.

Conditional Logic

It is possible to create Smart Form with just a few clicks. Suprise your visitor with dynamic elements.
You can show new questions based on responses or you can reduce options.

PDF Generation

You can generate pdf files from submission data now. And you can send this file with “Send Email” or “Auto Responder” action.

What Makes Magic Form Different?

With the 15-year experience of software and marketing, we know the significance of forms which strenghten your communication with your visitors, which is why we are working for you to design measurable, wieldy and stylish forms.

  • Easy to Use
    Now it’s possible to create user-friendly smart forms with the view of your choice.
  • Performance Optimized
    We wipe your performance concerns out with fast management panel and user interface.
  • Powerful Settings
    We know our customers’ requirements. We are developing the features that will make them happy and we never stop!
  • Dynamic Form Elements
    Wouldn’t you like to see new questions based on responses or to make them hide? Our forms are now very smart.
  • You’re Free in Design
    The only limitation to designing your forms with Grid and Group structure is the limitation of your imagination.
  • Multi-language Support
    You change titles, errors and warnings of forms as you wish. It’s foreign language adaptation is ready.

Friendly User Interface

Filling up the stylish forms compatible with every device will save your visitors bother. Both admin dashboard and our user designs will please everyone.

Pre-Built Theme

You are free in design. You can create themes with the colors and lines you like. Or, you can pick a theme you like out of many which are ready for you, as well.

Column Layout

Rule your form! You can add columns up to 4. And what’s more, you can make the addition on any page or section you want.

Form Builder Elements

  • Single Line Text
  • Paragraph Text
  • Email
  • Select List
  • Radio
  • Checkboxes
  • Phone
  • Date Picker
  • Time Picker
  • File Upload
  • Name
  • Number Input
  • Address
  • Password
  • Country List
  • Range Slider
  • Custom HTML
  • Terms of Use
  • Button
  • Submit Button
  • Group
  • Grid
  • reCaptcha
  • Google Maps
  • Star Rating
  • Scale Rating
  • Hidden Input
  • Signature
  • Calculate Field
  • Product List
  • Thumbnail Selector

Form Builder Features

  • Create a form without any Coding
  • Preview while building
  • Duplicate element
  • Add icon elements label
  • Labeling system for form entries
  • Archived-Inactive forms
  • Elements that can be moved
  • Confirmation system logic
  • Column Layout for complex forms
  • Conditional logic to show/hide fields
  • Group elements
  • Dynamically set form values
  • Add Attachment
  • Trash forms and entries
  • Side-by-side elements
  • Export entries directly to a .xls file
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • CSRF protection
  • XSS Protect
  • Responsive forms
  • Fully translatable
  • Send submitted form data via email
  • File uploads
  • sent as attachments
  • Import/export forms
  • Stripe Payment
  • PayPal Payment


Your visitors can put e-signature to your forms. It is compatible with tablet and mobile, as well.

Multiple Step Form

You can add multiple step to your forms on your WordPress website. You can designate header types and create pages as many as you wish.

Customize Style

You can customize your form style. You can designate input, label, color, border and whatever you would like.

Pre-Built Theme

We simplify your job. You can pick one of our forms which is the best for you, then you can specialize and use it.

Progress Bar

On multiple page forms, you can add progress bar on every page transition. If you wish, you can show it on forms, as well.

File Upload

Files can be uploaded to your forms. You can also use your files in your integrations.

Conditional Logic

It takes only a few clicks to create a smart WordPress form. Make you visitors surprised with dynamic elements.

Unlimited Form & Submission

You can create countless forms and receive applications. You can add the forms that you don’t use into archive or passivate them.

Spam Protection

Add Google reCaptcha to protect your website from spam.

Easy to Embed

You can easily add your form wherever you would like on your website with WordPress shortcode and it doesn’t matter wheter it is interface editor or php code.

Forms Analytics

You can see submission and viewing numbers on your forms as well as conversion ratio.

Export & Import

You can export elements and pages on your forms and you can import them to another form anytime you wish with MagicForm WordPress form builder.


All the email integrations are ready. You can subscribe to Newsletter and get the substructure ready for autoresponder.

Auto Responder

You can send automated messages of dynamic contents that you can prepare with the data from forms to your visitors.

Change Log

* Changelog – MagicForm3 *

v1.6.1 – 03 July 2021


  • Paypal and Stripe api keys save fixed.

v1.6.0- 26 May 2021


  • Multi file upload.


  • Settings password view problem fixed.
  • Select option values view problem fixed.
  • Email edit problem fixed.
  • Form dublication calculated field problem fixed.

v1.5.6 – 14 March 2021


  • HoneyPot captcha.


  • File upload types problem fixed.
  • Mailchimp confirm email fixed.
  • Options sort problem fixed.

v1.5.4 – 25 January 2021


  • Select list and country element Please select.
  • Password and key input view star.


  • Datepicker z-index fixed.

v1.5.3 – 19 January 2021


  • Submission date format fixed.

v1.5.2 – 13 January 2021


  • Address element country problem fixed.
  • Stripe problem fixed.

v1.5.1 – 16 December 2020


  • Email setting fixed.
  • Calculated field fixed.
  • Checkbox etc .other value view problem fixed.
  • Mail form data view problem fixed.
  • Export print page error fixed.

v1.5.0 – 02 December 2020


  • Grid, group scroll view deactivate.
  • Generate pdf empty field remove selection added.
  • Country list default value added.
  • Removed from recaptcha data export files.
  • Name title changable.

v1.4.8 – 23 November 2020


  • Grid element add conditional logic.
  • SelectList default value added.
  • Dashboard added plugin version.


  • Calculated fields conditional logic error fixed.
  • Côte d’Ivoire phone code fixed.
  • Mail list entegrations errors fixed.
  • Pdf generation errors fixed.
  • Submission detail page warning and php notice errors fixed.

v1.4.7 – 19 November 2020


  • Submissions errors fixed.
  • Product list php error fixed.
  • Paypal settings problem fixed.

v1.4.6 – 01 November 2020


  • Submissions print error fixed.
  • Address element attribute error fixed.
  • Calculated field error fixed.
  • Paypal actions error message fixed.
  • Extended license function fixed.

v1.4.5 – 25 October 2020


  • Mail text parser error fixed.

v1.4.4 – 09 October 2020


  • Submissions export bug fixed.
  • Submission print bug fixed.
  • Submission pdf bug fixed.
  • Checkbox submission problem fixed.

v1.4.3 – 04 October 2020


  • AutoResponder variable problem fixed.
  • Sprite payment page direction problem fixed.

v1.4.2 – 03 October 2020


  • Db problem fixed.

v1.4.1 – 02 October 2020


  • Product List problem fixed.
  • Print and Pdf page problem fixed.

v1.4.0 – 01 October 2020


  • Payment integrations (Paypal and Stripe).
  • Product list.
  • Extended License.


  • Page order problem fixed.
  • Image position and heading color fixed.
  • Term of use label problem fixed.
  • Paragraph input submission problem fixed.
  • Phone element mobile view fixed.
  • Number element input icon problem fixed.

v1.3.3 – 17 August 2020


  • “Set field value” property for “hidden input”


  • Bootstrap problem fixed.
  • Multi-page tab design problem fixed.

v1.3.2 – 30 July 2020


  • Plugin install.

v1.3.1 – 30 July 2020


  • Pdf export.

v1.3.0 – 29 July 2020


  • Calculation Field.
  • Conditional logic duplicate rule.
  • Group and Grid changeable label.
  • Drag Drop page sorting.
  • Saving name and surname for Mailchimp.


  • Submission id variable fixed.
  • ThumbnailSelector validation fixed.
  • File upload validation fixed.

v1.2.2 – 18 July 2020


  • Term of use fixed.
  • File upload type problem fixed.

v1.2.2 – 18 July 2020


  • Term of use fixed.
  • File upload type problem fixed.

v1.2.1 – 16 July 2020


  • Form scripts fixed.
  • Conditional logic js order fixed.
  • Thankyou page variable problem fixed.
  • Fixed conflict with datepicker’s other plugins.

v1.2.0 – 13 July 2020


  • Next button problem fixed.

v1.0.9 – 10 July 2020


  • Label is added to hidden fields.
  • Multi-select and thumbnail selector implemented for conditional logic.
  • Use variables in terms of use and redirect urls.


  • Pdf page padding problem fixed.
  • Db changes for long forms.

v1.0.8 – 27 June 2020


  • Material theme apperance bugfix
  • Multi-select, terms of use apperance bugfix

v1.0.7 – 24 June 2020


  • Thumbnail selector element added
  • Delete form feature for archived forms added
  • Default time for timepicker
  • MM/DD/YYYY date format added


  • Integrations screen form to post links fixed.
  • Conflicts with some themes fixed.
  • Font-awesome 4 and 5 conflict resolved.

v1.0.6 – 17 June 2020


  • Mailgun API integrated to send email.
  • Multi-Select element added
  • Heading element added


  • Removed signature from excel files
  • WPBakery Page Builder bugfix
  • Bootstrap conflict other plugins or theme fixed.

2020.06.11 – version 1.0.5


  • Form to Post Integration
  • Single Submission PDF Export
  • Add custom files to Send Email and Auto Responder
  • Test Email Integration
  • PDF Customization
  • Submissions CSV Export
  • Image component placement
  • Form Date format selection added


  • WPBakery Page Builder bug fix
  • Unicode Character encoding problem fixed.

2020.06.03 – version 1.0.4

  • License problem when change theme fixed.
  • Recaptcha v3 bugfix

2020.06.03 – version 1.0.3


  • Google Analytics Integration.
  • Custom event trigger when submit.
  • Add using variables at reply-to, cc and bcc fields when sending email.
  • Signature Image placed into generetad PDF.
  • Image component alignment.
  • Tls option added at smtp settings.


  • Use AutoResponder with sendgrid smtp bug fixed.
  • Email validation added when sending emails.

2020.05.30 – version 1.0.2


  • Image Element Added
  • Pdf Generation Action Added.
  • Attach generated pdf to email and autoresponder feature added.
  • License deactivation added.
  • Limit selected item validation for checkbox added.


  • Reply-To autoresponder fixed.
  • Font problem multiple forms on same page fixed.
  • Multi-step nav styles fixed.

2020.05.27 – version 1.0.1

  • Conditional Logic hidden inputs bugfix
  • Name input bugfix

2020.05.21 – version 1.0

    First release!


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