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RISE – Ultimate Project Manager is a multipurpose project management system. You can use it to manage projects, clients, invoices, support tickets, estimates, team and many other purposes. It is suitable for different types of organizations, freelancers and individual users. RISE is fast and easy to use. It contains all essential tools to manage your business.

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Please send an email to [email protected] for any issues, questions or suggestions. To save time and get quick feedback, please don’t ask for support in comments section.

RISE - Ultimate Project Manager


  • ProjectsRISE makes project management much easier. Monitor the tasks of different team members, track time on each tasks and get timesheet. Send invoices for the projects to your clients and get payment online.
    See auto calculated project progression. Add different milestones and meet the deadline. Discuss on the projects and get client feedback.
  • TasksAdd tasks for your projects, assign to team members and add multiple collaborators. Set deadlines, check status and activity logs. Team members can comment and attach files. Mention users in comments and get instant notifications. Easily create multiple tasks and clone similar tasks. Manage tasks by list and drag & drop in kanban view.
  • Recurring tasksCreate recurring tasks automatically through cron job. If you need to do same kinds of tasks after every certain time, then set the recurring tasks. It allows to set different time duration to create tasks.
  • Estimate requestsCreate estimate request forms according to your services and get estimate requests from leads and your customers. It helps to get more projects and find potential clients.
  • EstimatesSend estimates to your clients based on their estimate request or the service you provide for them. Send estimate email with pdf and get approval from your clients. Create projects from the estimates and convert the estimates into invoices.
  • InvoicesAdd your custom invoices and send email with attached invoice pdf to your clients. It supports different currency for different clients. Get records of your invoices and filter by different statuses.Set multiple taxes in the invoices. Change the invoice color and logo to match with your brand. Set custom footer in the pdf for additional information.
  • Recurring invoicesSet recurring invoices to auto generate monthly, yearly or different time periods invoices. Send the invoices automatically and reduce extra work.
  • PaymentsIt support online payments via Stripe and PayPal. You can enable or disable the partial payments option. It generates payment confirmation notification and mark the invoice paid automatically.
  • ClientsManage your customers and the contacts of the customers. You can allow to register customers or add your customers manually. Get the detail information about contacts, projects, invoices, payments, estimates, estimate requests, support tickets, essential files, events and notes for each clients.
    You can allow your clients to use the client portal. Each clients will get individual dashboard to see their projects, invoices and other information. Let your clients followup the projects and get feedback instantly. Set permissions for the clients to limit their access.
  • Chat with customersYou can communicate with clients via messages and chat. Set the permissions that which team members can communicate with clients. See online status of your clients.
  • Chat with team membersSend direct messages to your team members. Create multiple conversations based on different topics. Reduce waiting time for feedback and make project management more faster.
  • LeadsManage potential customers and followup their status. Auto collect leads form public estimate request. Add notes, files and events, easily convert leads into customer with all existing information.
  • Support ticketsLet your clients to create support tickets and get notifications by web and email. Auto generate tickets from customer emails. Assign tickets to team members, reply comments with attachment. Mange customer support in one place.
  • ExpensesTrack all your expenses and get projects and team members cost overview. Check expenses of different categories and compare income vs expenses. See income expenses chart of different time periods.
  • Knowledge baseCreate knowledge base articles for you clients and mange custom support more efficiently. Create different categories for knowledge base and let the customers solve their problems without asking for support.
  • Help articlesCreate internal knowledge base for your team members. Add different articles for different types of rules and information. Only team members can access the help articles.
  • Team managementAdd your team members and set different roles for different members. Manage their accounts and get overall information at a place. All team members can access their dashboard based on their permissions.
  • Event calendarCreate your personal events list and share events with team members and clients. Integrate google calendar and stay synced. See upcoming events in dashboard.
  • NotesStore your private notes and attach files. Add useful tags with notes and find easily. Create public notes for projects and let access to the project members.
  • AnnouncementsCreate announcements for your team members and clients and publish on their dashboard. It helps to inform about any notice easily with others.
  • TimelineShare ideas and documents with your team members. Add essential links and news to improve your team growth.
  • Time cardsManage attendance of your team members by the time cards. You can set IP restrictions for time cards access so that team member can’t log the time from outside of office.
  • LeavesManage your team members leave applications. Check total numbers of leave taken by each team members. Add different leave categories. Approve or reject leave applications. Set supervisors for different team or team members.
  • Personal todo listCreate your personal todo list and manage your work more efficiently. Don’t forget to do any important task and stay focused on daily work. Each team members and clients can add their personal todo list.
  • NotificationsGet notifications for all important actions including task creation, comments, tickets, messaging etc. There are 2 types of notification. You can get the notification in the application and also in email.You can enable or disable all notifications and set who’ll get which notifications.
  • Push notificationsGet real time notifications in your browser using pusher.
  • reCaptchaAdd extra layer of security by adding google reCaptcha in all login forms.
  • Integrate google driveYou can use google drive as a alternative storage. All files you upload using the application will be stored in google drive.
  • Multiple dashboardAdd multiple dashboard using many predefined widgets. There are different types of useful widgets which you can use for your different types of dashboards. Design your own dashboard layout by drag & drop the widgets. Add your custom widgets. It supports to include third party embedded widgets like as weather widget.
  • Feature customizationEnable/disable the modules according to your needs. There are lots of features and you may will not be interested to use all of them. You can easily disable the unnecessary features.
  • Multi language supportTranslate the application to multiple languages by changing single file. Check the sample files for the translation in GitHub.
  • Activity logsGet the details about team members activities in different projects. Monitor everything what your team members doing and stay up to date.
  • Custom email templatesUpdate all email templates and add your custom design and content. Easily change the text from editor or full source code.
  • Custom fieldsAdd custom fields with clients, Clients, contacts, leads, projects, tasks, team members, tickets, invoices, events, expenses and estimates and save more information according to your need.
  • Custom styleAdd your custom css and change the design. Use different color pattern or copy any color plate to make your own.
  • InstallationInstallation is very simple and you can install the updates with a single click from Settings>Updates page.
  • UsabilityRISE build by Codeigniter 3.1.0. It’s fast and easy to use. All UI designed to give you a quick navigation. We described a few of RISE here. There are many more in the demo…

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RISE - Ultimate Project Manager


The demo gets reset every 30 minutes.

Admin Login:
Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Client Login:
Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Change Log

Important: Before upgrade, please follow the instructions on Settings>Updates page.

Version 2.4 – 18 February, 2020

[Added] Left menu customization option for default app, individual users and clients
[Added] Global search from topbar (Keyboard shortcut /)
[Added] New page for task details view
[Added] Task update options in the task details modal
[Added] Option to add sub tasks from task details view
[Added] Option to add task dependency from task detail view
[Added] GDPR Options
[Added] New settings to create pages
[Added] Footer settings for public pages
[Added] New access permission for clients to access files which are added in clients files tab
[Added] A link to view the invoice and estimate pdf preview
[Added] Option to add client contacts in projects and assign tasks to the client contacts
[Added] New client setting to give project edit permission
[Added] New settings to enable invoice payment without client login
[Added] A widget to show the count of draft invoices
[Added] A widget to show the total amount of draft mode invoices
[Added] Shortcut key for different quick add modals
[Added] Protection against CSRF. We recommend to enable it. Please follow instructions here: http://rise.fairsketch.com/documentation/#csrf_protection
[Added] Better password encryption. We recommend to update your password.
[Added] Option to create new client or add ticket to exiting client when any ticket created by unknown client
[Added] Module setting to enable/disable Gantt
[Added] Monthly timesheet statistics chart
[Added] New widget for pending leave approval
[Added] New settings to enable/disable the theme color changer and set default theme color
[Added] Option to attache extra files when sending invoices
[Added] User wise pre-made signature for tickets
[Added] Project wise filter in income vs expenses report
[Added] Sortable estimate items
[Added] Settings to auto close inactive tickets after x days
[Added] All client contacts list view
[Added] Timesheet settings to allow or not multiple timers at a time
[Added] Group by option in the Gantt view by projects
[Added] Estimate footer settings
[Added] Task points range settings up to 20
[Added] New client settings to disable client invitation
[Added] Option to resend the client password from admin panel
[Added] Show year in milestones list
[Added] Config to enable/disable the plus sign in columns for small window
[Added] Settings to define which fields will be visible in public estimate request form
[Added] New imap setting to create tickets only by registered emails
[Added] Add TDS option in invoices
[Added] RTL theme setting
[Added] A new theme color schema
[Added] Project title variable in invoice send email subject
[Added] Permission to edit custom field of client by client
[Added] Text alignment option in rich text editor
[Added] Project members in the task reminder notify to option
[Updated] Task deadline should not be after project deadline
[Updated] Some design and usability options updated
[Updated] Categorized the email templates setting menu
[Updated] When editing invoice item, retrieve the item details from item table
[Fixed] Got error in client's dashboard settings page when there are no clients added
[Fixed] Project note marked as public then it shows on all projects
[Fixed] Timesheets date sorting isn't working
[Fixed] Can't reset any custom field value
[Fixed] Estimate total is missing in pdf when using tax
[Fixed] Excel file doesn't export the total of all pages, only export the first page
[Fixed] Invoice and notification is not working for some server.
[Fixed] Ticket last activity column shows same time for all tickets
[Fixed] Can't change the email of lead contact
[Fixed] In the send invoice template, the due date format is not following according to date format setting

Version 2.3 – 30 August, 2019

[Added] Leads module
[Added] Integrate google calendar.
[Added] Show project deadline in event calendar with a filter.
[Added] Added the estimate sending email template.
[Added] Added activity widget for clients.
[Added] Added recurring tasks.
[Added] Added an "Assign to me" option to auto assign ticket to the current user.
[Added] Task due reminder notification.
[Added] Chart tab in Timesheets.
[Added] Added option to make public notes in projects.
[Added] Client settings for admin to set default dashboard for clients.
[Added] Added option to clone tasks.
[Added] Added option to clone invoices.
[Added] Added option to clone estimates.
[Added] Remember the lastly visited tab and show on next visit automatically.
[Added] Add labels for invoices.
[Added] Added a config to disable google preview. disable_google_preview.
[Added] Added estimate settings.
[Added] Added setting to set initial number of the invoice.
[Added] Import option to import clients from excel file.
[Added] Show tasks in event calendar with filter.
[Added] Added custom fields in tickets email template.
[Added] Added option to auto assign team member in estimate request.
[Added] Added config to disable adding new dashboard. disable_new_dashboard_icon.
[Added] Added notification when events edited.
[Updated] Users should be able to send estimate multiple times.
[Updated] Better responsive design for mobile view.
[Updated] In add new team members modal, show only active users.
[Updated] Some usability improvement on different UI.
[Fixed] Logo is not visible in public estimate form.
[Fixed] Can't add custom fields in tickets.
[Fixed] Invoice total and statistics shows wrong.
[Fixed] Can't get changes on notification list.
[Fixed] Can't remove inactive users from the collaborators list.
[Fixed] Can't download project files when linked with google drive.
[Fixed] Rich text editor is not showing when using tab key.
[Fixed] Top menu dropdown doesn't works in iphone.
[Fixed] Notification count does not work in phone.
[Fixed] Imap ticket creation is not working for some emails.
[Fixed] Scrolling problem in project file comments.
[Fixed] Team members can't attach document with estimate request.

Version 2.2.1 – 08 March, 2019

[Fixed] Wrong date formatting issue in project and todo list. 
[Fixed] Client can't access tickets.
[Fixed] Don't show quick access icon if there is no items.
[Fixed] Invoice design css fixed.

Version 2.2 – 28 February, 2019

[Added] Added a new dropdown menu in top bar for quick insert.
[Added] Integrate google drive as an alternative storage.
[Added] Option to print invoices from the invoice details view.
[Added] Option to hide top bar menus from the My preferences settings.
[Added] Option to create new estimates from the estimates request dropdown.
[Added] Option to cancel any unpaid invoice.
[Added] Option to add payments from the invoice list view.
[Added] Option to add to add multiple tasks without leaving the task modal.
[Added] Option to see all of his personal timesheets logs in a page for team members.
[Added] Option to create new estimate requests by team members.
[Added] Show total days count in leave apply modal.
[Added] Added new permission to show only the assigned tasks for team members.
[Added] Show file preview in all contexts of the app.
[Added] Filter option to see different statistics for invoices/payments for different currencies.
[Added] Option to add new tasks from tickets.
[Added] Enable the color changing option for default task statuses.
[Added] New client settings to enable chat between client contacts.
[Added] Batch update of the tasks.
[Added] Admin should be able to clock in/out for team members.
[Added] New settings to upload the favicon.
[Added] Rich text editor in comments/descriptions.
[Added] Integrated pusher for push notifications.
[Added] New notification when projects gets completed.
[Added] Monthly timesheets statistics widget for admin.
[Added] Invoice settings to auto fill the due date based on bill date.
[Added] Add global gantt view.
[Added] Add email pipeline via imap for tickets.
[Added] Discount in estimates.
[Added] Date range filter in tickets list.
[Added] A new type in custom fields for external links.
[Added] 'Mark all as read' button on notifications dropdown.
[Updated] Upgrade codeigniter to 3.1.10.
[Updated] Responsive design for mobile devices.
[Updated] Make the company name field optional in the signup page and use the user's name instead.
[Updated] Updated old jquery scrollbar and added new one for better usability.
[Fixed] Custom field changes log/notifications visibility issue.
[Fixed] Updates page loading issue for some servers.
[Fixed] Can't pay via online when the partially paid is disabled.
[Fixed] Can't add link in tasks checklist.
[Fixed] Announcement saving date format is not working.
[Fixed] Some other minor bug fixes.

Version 2.1.1 – 21 September, 2018

[Fixed] Tasks list duplicate row issue fixed.

Version 2.1 – 19 September, 2018

[Added] Dashboard customization option for all users.
[Added] Widget - Open projects list.
[Added] Widget - Starred projects list.
[Added] Widget - Users open tasks.
[Added] Widget - Users open tasks list.
[Added] Widget - Tasks kanban view.
[Added] Widget - All team members.
[Added] Widget - Clocked in team members list.
[Added] Widget - Clocked out team members list.
[Added] Widget - Latest online team members list.
[Added] Widget - Latest online client contacts list.
[Added] Widget - Total invoices.
[Added] Widget - Total payments.
[Added] Widget - Total due.
[Added] Widget - Todo list.
[Added] Widget - New/Open/Closed tickets count.
[Added] Upcoming events widget for clients.
[Added] Sticky note widget for clients.
[Added] Discount option on invoices. 
[Added] Client wise timesheet filter option.
[Added] Added taxes in expense.
[Added] Added a config to prevent duplicate company name. 
[Added] Added custom date range filter option for invoices, payments and expenses.
[Added] Language changing option on user level. 
[Added] Re-ordering option on invoice items.
[Added] Re-ordering option on task checklist.
[Added] Added option to create/link projects from accepted estimates. 
[Added] Added file uploading option when creating tasks. 
[Added] Added option to change estimate requests from the list view.
[Added] Show a border/icon with the tasks where there is any unread comments.
[Updated] Design updated on settings section. 
[Updated] Show the input date fields according to the date format setting.
[Updated] Show error message if client pays extra amount on invoice. 
[Updated] Disabled comment buttons after submitting comments.
[Fixed] Invoice payments table subtotal bug fixed. 
[Fixed] Leave application on event calender timezone issue
[Fixed] Tasks custom fields change log and notification.
[Fixed] Copy custom fields on cloning project.
[Fixed] Gantt timezone issue and UI bug fixed.
[Fixed] Leave application on event calender timezone issue.

Version 2.0.3 – 18 July, 2018

[Added] Added option to mention project members in project/task comments.
[Updated] Added new options in notification settings for mentions.
[Added] Events calender in client portal.
[Added] Allowed team members should be able to share events with client contacts.
[Added] In shared events, added confirm/reject option.
[Added] Added "All" option in datatable menu.
[Added] Allowed members should be able to add time logs for other users.
[Added] Added monthly and yearly tabs for estimates.
[Added] Added custom fields in estimates.
[Added] Shown leave list in events calender to allowed members. 
[Added] Added option to attach files with notes.
[Updated] Added option to add multiple project members at a time.
[Updated] Added option to invite multiple team members at a time.
[Updated] Remember lastly selected tab in Tasks page and show that in next visit.
[Updated] Don't show completed and canceled projects tasks in Tasks page. 
[Updated] Updated codeigniter to 3.1.9
[Fixed] Kanban view tasks sorting bug fixed.
[Fixed] Timesheets list sorting bug fixed.
[Fixed] Notifications list scrollbar bug fixed.

Version 2.0.2 – 08 June, 2018

[Added] Add tasks from the tasks view.
[Added] Download multiple files from the projects files list.
[Updated] Improve usability in mobile devices.
[Fixed] Client can't download files from comments.
[Fixed] Empty chatbox in client portal.
[Fixed] Fixed security bug in client messages.
[Fixed] Can't update client's currency.
[Fixed] Can't export list with custom fields.
[Fixed] Due date format is wrong in email.
[Fixed] Invoice due amount bug fixed.
[Fixed] PHP 7.2 and MySQL 5.7 compatibility issue solved.
[Fixed] Tickets list view loading bug fixed.
[Fixed] Tasks kanban view filter doesn't works.

Version 2.0.1 – 07 April, 2018

[Added] Added VAT number settings in company info and shown in invoice.
[Added] Export and print option in items list.
[Fixed] Added missing checklist cloning with project clone.     
[Fixed] Notification problem for some servers. 
[Fixed] Tickets custom field in ticket list view.
[Fixed] Selected ticket type dropdown in ticket edit modal.

Version 2.0 – 25 March, 2018

[Added] Income vs expense report
[Added] Invoice settings for different types of reminders    
[Added] Email templates for invoice due pre reminder, overdue reminder & recurring invoice creation reminder
[Added] Check list in task
[Added] Chat module
[Added] Notification for announcement
[Added] Remove option in leave applications and permission in roles
[Added] Send pdf attachment with estimate    
[Added] Team member wise yearly leave summary    
[Added] Client settings to hide the client portal menus    
[Added] Timecard summary details view    
[Added] Load more button in message details view        
[Added] custom fields with expense    
[Added] Filter in expenses list view by team members and projects    
[Added] Easy accessible option buttons in ticket list view    
[Added] Ticket setting for link tickets with projects    
[Added] Setting for decimal place    
[Added] My preferences settings for notification sound and notifications    
[Updated] Upgraded Codeigniter to 3.1.8    
[Updated] Ability to apply leave for different year
[Updated] Removed dependency of Flash from datatable export button and used html5
[Updated] Sort the tasks assignee and other dropdowns alphabetize
[Updated] Don't show invoice/due info in client view when the invoices module is disabled    
[Updated] Updated some code to fit with php 7
[Updated] Merged all js files into one to reduce http requests    
[Fixed] Added some missing translations    
[Fixed] Invoice list view sorting issue    
[Fixed] Fixed security issue.
[Fixed] Don't show the due column in clients if the invoice module is disabled    
[Fixed] Solved auto complete related browser issue in new user creation form
[Fixed] Added missing cron job invoice creation notification setting

Version 1.9.1 – 05 October, 2017

[Fixed] Project status bar and activity log language issue fixed.

Version 1.9 – 30 September, 2017

[Added] Client groups.
[Added] Filter by client group in clients list view.    
[Added] Custom task status settings.
[Added] Kanban view for tasks.
[Added] Recurring events.
[Added] Theme color changing option.
[Added] 'Hold' status in project.
[Added] Site logo tag in email template.
[Added] Ticket prefix settings
[Added] Scroll the gantt to current month automatically
[Added] New option in estimate form to mark as public.
[Added] Submit estimate request by non-logged-in user.
[Added] Estimate request list for clients.
[Added] Show due amount and contact avatar in client list.
[Added] New option (None) in smtp security type settings.
[Added] Show a list of logged in team members in timecard list.
[Updated] Upgrade codeigniter to 3.1.5
[Updated] Improved XSS security.
[Updated] Tasks list and Projects list filter options.
[Fixed] Scrollbar in signup page.
[Fixed] Date wise sort is not working in task.
[Fixed] Timecard access permission.
[Fixed] Timesheet total is wrong in in excel export.
[Fixed] iPhone scrolling issue fixed.

Version 1.8 – 10 June, 2017

[Added] Todo module.
[Added] Google reCAPTCHA.
[Added] Filter by label everywhere (Click on label to filter).
[Added] Option to show/hide columns in all tables.
[Added] Ability to delete tickets.
[Added] Settings to sort the ticket comments.
[Added] Files tab in clients.
[Added] Files tab in team members.
[Added] Milestone wise filter in tasks view.
[Added] New role to manage all projects.
[Added] Notifications for events.
[Added] Custom fields for events.
[Added] Status wise filter in gantt.
[Added] Ticket type wise permission in roles.
[Added] Ability to initialize customer feedback from admin side.
[Added] Project custom fields visibility to clients in project view.
[Added] Attach file with help and knowledge-base.
[Added] Attach files with announcement.
[Updated] Show comment box when closing time card clock.
[Updated] Codeigniter to 3.1.4.
[Updated] Notify to only ticket assignee after assigning a ticket.
[Fixed] Refresh tab height on page resize.
[Fixed] Timesheet permission bug for team member. 
[Fixed] Wrong link on comment notification.

Version – 11 March, 2017

[Fixed] Special character bug fixed in items table view.

Version 1.7 – 10 March, 2017

[Added] Help module for team members.
[Added] Knowledge base module for public/clients.
[Added] Recurring invoice (Please check the Settings > Cron Job for instructions).
[Added] Custom field option to show/hide fields in table/lists view.
[Added] Custom field options to show/hide custom fields from team members and clients.
[Added] Custom field option to show/hide fields in invoice.
[Added] Custom fields for tasks and invoices.
[Added] Items module for invoice and estimate items.
[Added] Remember last state (Sort, Pagination, Page length) of all tables/lists.
[Added] Summary report for time cards
[Added] Team member delete option.
[Added] Video and image reference option in announcement.
[Added] Description field for milestones.
[Added] Email template for messages.
[Added] Client reference in events and Events tab in client details view.
[Added] Project creation permission for clients.
[Added] Added project wise timesheet settings to sharing timesheet with clients.
[Added] Project timesheet module enable/disable option.
[Added] Project timesheet summary report with group by options.
[Added] New permission settings to disable event sharing with others.
[Added] Permission to show project gantt to clients.
[Added] Permission to show project overview to clients.
[Added] Option to access task by url
[Added] New permission to update team member's general info and social links.
[Added] New permission to manage project timesheet.
[Added] Project filter option by deadline.
[Updated] Upgrade codeigniter to 3.1.3
[Updated] Improve responsive design.
[Updated] Added ability to apply single day leave for other years.
[Updated] Added estimate attachment download option.
[Fixed] Sticky note does not save on refresh.
[Fixed] Line missing in invoice graph chart.

Version 1.6.1 – 10 March, 2017

[Updated] Update the upgrade script to release 1.7

Version 1.6 – 12 December, 2016

[Added] Custom fields for clients, contacts, projects, team members and tickets
[Added] Note and task reference with project timesheet
[Added] Email notification for messages
[Added] Quick access option for favorite projects and clients
[Added] Currency symbol position (left/right) settings
[Added] Invoice payment confirmation email notification and template
[Added] Note in time cards
[Added] Filter option to view the tasks by deadline
[Added] Invoice settings for styles and prefix
[Added] File uploading option in project comment reply
[Added] Custom date range filter for time cards in team members view
[Added] Enable file uploading option for estimate forms
[Updated] Upgraded codeigniter to 3.1.2
[Updated] Added some link reference in different views
[Fixed] Some payments are not visible in monthly payments list
[Fixed] Estimate valid until date shows wrong value
[Fixed] Sub items are not deleted when deleting the projects
[Fixed] Invoice dates are wrong in some timezones
[Fixed] Download zip contains full path for some server

Version 1.5 – 05 October, 2016

[Fixed] Fixed the My Tasks link reference in dashboard

Version 1.5 – 03 October, 2016

[Added] Show projects tab in team members profile page
[Added] Add GANTT chart in project
[Added] Expenses graphical chart
[Added] Yearly payments report and graphical chart
[Added] Income vs expense graphical chart
[Added] Show tasks history in task view
[Added] Create invoice from estimate
[Added] Show collaborators in task view
[Added] Make the project start and end date optional
[Added] Download single file with without archiving
[Added] Projects filter options for clients
[Added] Show all tasks in tasks view
[Added] Yearly invoices report
[Added] Quick access (+Add) buttons in client details page
[Added] Settings for login page design
[Added] File uploading option in expenses
[Updated] Split signup and login permission settings for client
[Fixed] Invoice shows as overdue even after full payment
[Fixed] Image uploading issue with apostrophe
[Fixed] MySql error message for some servers

Version 1.4.1 – 18 August, 2016

[Updated] Upgrade Codeigniter to 3.1.0
[Fixed] Fixed the private notes visibility security issue

Version 1.4 – 17 August, 2016

[Added] Estimate request from client portal
[Added] Estimate management
[Added] Clone project
[Added] Enable/Disable modules
[Added] Filter tasks by assignee
[Added] Auto fill selected item's information in invoice item form
[Added] Delete messages and comments
[Added] Assign tickets to team members
[Added] Filter tickets by assignee and label
[Added] Notes tab in clients profile page
[Added] PDF invoice download option for clients
[Added] Improved responsive design for mobile devices
[Added] Enable/Disable jQuery scrollbar from Settings
[Fixed] Scrollbar bug fixed
[Fixed] Fixed notification email sending bug
[Fixed] PDF layout overlying bug fixed.
[Fixed] Added language support for jQuery plugins
[Fixed] Fixed special character problem in taxes
[Fixed] Fixed null value issue in project filter list of my tasks page
[Fixed] Don't show draft invoices to clients
[Fixed] Fixed deleted clients login issue

Version 1.3 – 25 June, 2016

[Added] Email notifications
[Added] Web notifications
[Fixed] Admin account creation is not working
[Added] Change invoice status manually from Draft to Not paid
[Added] Disable online payment for specific clients
[Added] Add permission to show/hide team members contact info
[Added] Add option to show change logs in updates page.
[Fixed] Special characters issue in invoice pdf
[Added] Add project file access permission for clients
[Added] Add start date and collaborators with task
[Added] Redirect to requested page after login
[Added] Add event calendar language
[Added] Add project file preview for "pdf", "doc", "docx", "ppt", "pptx", "txt"    

Version 1.2.2 – 06 June, 2016

[added] Added expenses in projects and team members.
[added] Added BCC option in invoice settings and invoice sending modal.
[added] Added 24 hours time format.
[added] Added option to change project status from project view.
[fixed] Special characters are not showing properly in activity log.
[fixed] Multi-line client name is not showing properly in invoice.
[fixed] Project list filter is not working by multi-word.
[fixed] Deleted invoices are showing in clients section.
[updated] Improved some usability in user interface.

Version 1.2.1 – 28 May, 2016

[fixed] Scrolling is very slow in mobile device 
[fixed] Show project price to them who has access to create new projects 
[fixed] Don't show duplicate labels in project filter list 
[fixed] Task status color not visible in task list 
[fixed] Show first day of week in datepicker according to settings
[updated] Updated some jQuery plugins

Version 1.2 – 25 May, 2016

[added] Integrate stripe payment method
[added] Integrate PayPal payment method
[fixed] Date wise sorting does not works for tasks and milestone
[added] Send attachments with message
[added] Set permissions settings for clients 
[added] Add utf8 support
[added] Add project permissions for team members
[fixed] Can't create events in PM
[added] Share events with team members
[added] Add invoice settings 
[added] Add project price field in project 
[fixed] Fix smtp email sending bug 
[added] Add a default rows per page settings 
[added] Find easily any project by label 
[updated] Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch language translation
[updated] Some minor bug fixing and usability improvement

Version 1.1 – 05 Apr, 2016

[Fixed] First name shows twice in message 
[Fixed] Deleted roles are showing in users role list
[Fixed] Can't signup for client account 
[Fixed] Fixed Custom language loading bug 
[Added] Added ability to upload files with all comments and tickets 

Version 1.0 – 28 Mar, 2016

Initial release


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