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SalesPower is the ultimate plugin you need to power up your WooCommerce store with many cool features. It comes with lots of useful features to help you grow sales on your store.

SalesPower Features

Live Sales Feed / Notifications

A Live sale notification with a very nice design appears on corner of the site tempting customers to make a purchase.

Discount Progress Bar

A Discount Progress bar that says at the bottom applies a coupon based on users cart subtotal

CrossSell Bundles

You can Create Cross Sales bundles for each and every products on your store

Upsell Bundles

You can create Upsell Bundles for each and every products on your store

And More…

  • Very Easy to use
  • Lots of settings options
  • Well Documented
  • Great Customer Support

SalesPower WooCommerce Addon

SalesPower Documentation


2.0.0 ( April 26 2020 )

* Fixed Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0.x
* Fixed Compatibility with WordPress 5.4.x
* Fixed issue on Progress bar 
* Implemented Ajax on Progress Bar, So it will now auto refresh when a product is added to cart using ajax as well.
* Fixed an issue with coupon integration
* Updated Exit intent to automatically include the discount coupon while adding the item to cart
* Fixed Exit Intent not appearing issue on Firefox and Safari browsers.
* Misc. improvements.


* Misc improvements


* Misc improvements


* Misc improvements


* Misc improvements


* Initial Release

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