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SocialProofo is a fully loaded toolkit with marketing tools, plugins and pop-ups to create FOMO, Social Proof, Engage and keep your website visitors.

The cost to run campaigns like these round up to $500/year from other companies.

Why would you want to pay $50+/month for a service like this when you can pay $69 once and have the product for lifetime?

Save more than $500+ a year by choosing SocialProofo

SocialProofo is also SAAS ready, if you want yourself to start a fruitful business and charge your customers with integrated one time and recurring payments via Paypal and Stripe, with included Invoicing system and Discounts/Redeemable codes system as well.

SocialProofo - 14+ Social Proof & FOMO Notifications for Growth (SaaS Ready) - 1
SocialProofo - 14+ Social Proof & FOMO Notifications for Growth (SaaS Ready) - 2
SocialProofo - 14+ Social Proof & FOMO Notifications for Growth (SaaS Ready) - 3
SocialProofo - 14+ Social Proof & FOMO Notifications for Growth (SaaS Ready) - 4
SocialProofo - 14+ Social Proof & FOMO Notifications for Growth (SaaS Ready) - 5
SocialProofo - 14+ Social Proof & FOMO Notifications for Growth (SaaS Ready) - 6
SocialProofo - 14+ Social Proof & FOMO Notifications for Growth (SaaS Ready) - 7
SocialProofo - 14+ Social Proof & FOMO Notifications for Growth (SaaS Ready) - 8
SocialProofo - 14+ Social Proof & FOMO Notifications for Growth (SaaS Ready) - 9
SocialProofo - 14+ Social Proof & FOMO Notifications for Growth (SaaS Ready) - 10
SocialProofo - 14+ Social Proof & FOMO Notifications for Growth (SaaS Ready) - 11


SocialProofo Demo

Username: admin

Password: admin


Stripe Recurring / One Time Payments – Latest Stripe v3 implementation ( SCA Ready )

PayPal Recurring / One Time Payments

Facebook Login – Facebook Login / Registration system configurable via the Admin Panel.

Account Settings – Users can fully manange their account settings and current package.

Account Extra Details – Users can see the extra details available related to their account, such as Payments List History.

Renew / Change Package – Users can any time renew, upgrade or cancel their current package.

14 Included Site Notification Types
Get an extra 10 notifications with the Pro Notifications Pack

Unlimited Campaigns – Users create Campaigns for any of their website domains ( can be limited via the admin panel ).

Unlimited Notifications / Widgets – Users create Notifications / Widgets for their sites ( can be limited via the admin panel ).

Custom Campaign Branding – Users are able to set their own branding of the notifications that they create.

Highly Customizable Notfications – Users can set their own settings of the notifications they create and control everything through the settings.

Notifications Statistics – Users will have a dedicated page for statistics for each of their notifications to see how they are doing.

Notifications Conversions – Users can see and track the conversions generated by specific notifications.

Invoicing System – Users can see all the payments they made and get invoices.

and many many more..

Administrative Features

Fully Translatable via 1 File – Everything that you see on the frontend is translatable via a 1 JSON File.

Custom & Unlimited User Packages – Create / View / Update / Delete custom user packages and their available features.

Custom pages and pages categories system – Easily create and manage your static pages from the admin panel

Dashboard – Check out what is happening on your platform with great statistics at a glance.

Users Management – Create / View / Update / Delete all the users on the website.

Full SMTP Configuration

Statistics – See how your website is growing by checking out the Great looking charts and tables with different types of statistics based on your website.

Payments List – View and check out all the payments that happened on your website.

Set Default Language – Directly from the admin panel.

Payment Settings – For your Paypal and Stripe implementation.

Captcha / Google Recaptcha – Comes with a simple default captcha and has the option to implement Google Recaptcha.

Custom Administrative Emails – Configure emails content for Account Activation / Account Lost Password emails.

Admin Email Notifications – When your platform gets a new user or registers a new payment you will be notified.

Disable Index Landing Page – And replace it with your own.

Disable Registration – To completely lock down the website if needed.

Custom Header JS / CSS – To easily implement Header Javascript codes like Google Analytics, Fb pixel..etc and to easily add small CSS styling changes.

Discount & Redeemable codes system – To easily run promotions and give your users discounts or redeemable codes.


Please read the whole documentation along with the readme at Social Proof Docs.

If you plan to use this product to get paid by your users on the platform ( use the payment systems ) then you must purchase the Extended License, enforced by the terms written by Envato.

Installation services

We provide Script Installations and also Full Server Installations from stratch for DigitalOcean. Head over to SocialProof Installation for more details.


Update 1.7.7 – 20 June, 2020

- Fully reworked how the Pixel JS code is generated from a user-unique based pixel to a "per-campaign" generated one in order to properly take advantage of the caching capabilities of the pixel and avoid potential problems that the old system might have caused. Also, the system is more clear to use now and more straight to the point.
- Improved the visual presentation on the Admin Page Create & Update and Admin Page Category Create & Update.
- Improved performance on the Dashboard page.
- Improved the Notification Creation experience.
- Fixed Countdown collector notification not properly showing some custom colors.
- Fixed Engagement Links notification bug.
- Fixed Coupon notification responsiveness in small mobile phones.
- Fixed Admin Page Update problem not deleting the cache after the update.
- Fixed Reset Password function not resetting the 2FA token as well. Now it will completely remove the set 2FA Token when resetting the password.
- Fixed UTF-8 characters issue when sending emails via the default server email
- Fixed cookie warning that would show up in the console of the websites that the pixel code would be added to

Update 1.7.6 – 31 May, 2020

- Fully reworked the Admin Statistics page with a new structure and more statistics.
- Fully redesigned the Admin Panel.
- Fixed Stripe payments not counting the usage of discount codes when a payment happens.
- Fixed Facebook Login not notifying the admin when the user signed up.
- Fixed Paypal Recurring Annual payments bug.
- Fixed Admin User Create function not taking into consideration the default timezone and language when creating the user.
- Fixed Admin Settings page being slow in certain cases when saving data.
- Other various improvements and fixes.

Update 1.7.5 – 8 May, 2020

- Implemented a new option for the Display Frequency option for notifications: Once per browser
- Implemented the ability to hide packages from the frontend while still having them active
- Reworked the installation process and documentation pages design to a much cleaner one and to resemble the new logo of the AltumCode brand
- Fixed bug in the Notifications where the user would not be able to click the Branding URL when the user would have a Notification URL inserted for the whole notification
- Fixed live counter not working
- Fixed the Auto Capture function for the Latest Conversion notification which would not work properly in some cases
- Fixed potential problems with Stripe recurring payments
- Fixed admin statistics page date selector not working
- Renamed the Install script page URL from '/install' to '/install-script' to avoid problems after installation if you would not delete the /install folder (which handles the installation of the product)

Update 1.7.4 – 29 April, 2020

- Now the notifications will not be blocked by any known adblockers anymore. They were previously blocked because of the external API which was used in order to get IP and location data and would break the script.
- Improved the way notification data is retrieved and shown in order to optimize the loading speeds when a lot of conversions are stored in a notification
- Conversions that are tracked from Auto Capturing forms can now (in some situations) track the City and Country code as well. Both variables are usable in the title of the latest conversion notification.
- Added 3 new cards in the notification statistics page which shows you the total amount of Impressions, Hovers and Clicks for the selected timeframe.
- Reworked the look and feel of the documentation
- Reworked the look and feel of the installation process
- Updated FontAwesome library to the latest version 5.13.0
- Updated Bootstrap library to the latest 4.4.1
- Fixed Facebook Login not sending out proper notification emails to admins 
- Other small improvements and fixes

Update 1.7.3 – 23 April, 2020

- Fixed redeemable codes not working
- Fixed footer social icons showing up when they shouldn't

Update 1.7.2 – 22 April, 2020

- Implemented Two-factor authentication option for users to use with their authenticator app
- Implemented Dark mode
- Improved the Pixel, Pixel Tracking and Pixel Webhook controllers performance by avoiding unnecessary calls to the database
- Other various improvements throughout the product
- Fixed Pixel not waiting for the CSS to load before displaying the notifications
- Fixed variables in the usage for the Latest Conversion notification
- Fixed invoice zip code not being able to have letters as in some countries it is required
- Fixed the system not sending out emails of "payment received" confirmation to the users after they purchase a package
- Fixed paypal payment potential problem when using coupon code for non-decimal currencies
- Fixed pages cache not being cleared when deleting a page from the admin panel

Update 1.7.1 – 19 March, 2020

- Fixed cache not being changed after saving the Free/Trial package settings
- Fixed Conversions counter and Live Counter notification settings
- Improved the look on the register page to look similar with the login

Update 1.7.0 – 18 March, 2020

- Implemented the ability to cache the Pixel code generated for each user for X seconds (set from the admin panel) to highly improve loading speeds and have fewer calls to the database
- Implemented caching system to cache some database queries and speed up the whole website
- Implemented country detection on user login, which the admin can see in the admin panel
- Implemented the ability to choose a background pattern for all the notifications
- Implemented the ability to either show the notification on desktop size screens or not
- Implemented the ability to remove the button on the Video notification if no text is entered for the button
- Implemented the ability to disable notifications tracking completely from the admin panel in case that statistics are not needed.
- Redesigned the landing page hero section to a more modern one
- Redesigned the login page to a more modern looking one

- Improved Paypal recurring payments to instantly accept the first payment
- Improved visuals on many other parts of the product
- Improved the way the notification settings inputs are placed and shown in the page
- Improved the way the logged in users are verified to improve performance
- Improved performance on the Account Payments page
- Upgrade pickr library to the latest 1.5.1 version
- Removed filter on what characters can be used in the name field for the Account Name in order to accept special characters
- Enabled the use of Dynamic variables for the Image and URL field on the Latest conversion notification
- Now all the notifications will take into consideration the language of the user that created them and display the language accordingly

- Fixed being able to create 100% discount codes, use the redeemable code creation instead for "100%" discount codes.
- Fixed datepicker translations when using utf8 characters
- Fixed pages system bug where the external links would not link properly
- Fixed admin notification emails for new payments
- Fixed various timezone inconsistencies
- Fix description colors not saving for 3 notification types
- Fixed other small things throughout the product
- Fixed bug on stripe payments higher than 999

Update 1.6.0 – 23 January, 2020

- Added support for Punncycode campaign domains (domains which contain UTF-8 characters)
- Remade the dates translation mechanism to not be based on the server settings anymore but to be fully translatable from the language file.
- Added the ability for the user to change his timezone according to his needs.
- Added the ability to the admin to login as any user on the system directly via the admin panel.
- Added the ability to enable only the One time payment or Recurring or Both from the admin panel.
- Implemented the "Codes" system to create Redeemable and Discount codes from the admin panel.
- Replaced Account Details page with 2 new separate pages: Account Payments and Account Logs.
- Added Account Package page where the user gets more details about his current package his upgrading possibilities.
- Reworked almost the entire Admin panel look making it more user friendly, visually pleasing and fixing other visual bugs.
- Added the list of Campaigns a user has in the Admin User View page.
- Implemented payment notifications for the user when a payment has been processed.
- Implemented the ability to turn off the Notification shadow.
- Implemented the ability to set the Border width and Border color for each notification.
- Implemented the ability to change the animation of the notifications when entering and exiting the screen.
- Implemented pages categories.
- Reworked and improved the pages system.
- Implemented "Resources center" where you can see the most popular pages and categories for all the pages

- Improved the way the Notification Create page looks.
- Improved the way the Notification settings, statistics & data page looks.
- Improved the way the Dashboard campaigns look.
- Improved the way the Campaign page looks.
- Now the track_logs table will automatically clean itself via Cronjob by removing non-used records older than 30 days to improve performance and save database size.
- Restructured the Account settings page.
- Now the datepicker is fully translatable as well.
- Highly improved the processing speed to any actions related to Campaigns, Notifications & Notification statistics.
- Refactored the way campaign domains are parsed when people add campaigns. Now it will accept any type of URL with any types of characters included in the URL.
- Invoice header buttons now remove when printing.
- Improve the email sending feature by adding the "Alternative body" to improve the email receiving rates (Thank you Kevin for the suggestion).
- Improved the way notifications display on Login, Lost password, Reset password, Register, Resend activation pages.
- Improved the Registration workflow so that if the Free package is deactivated but the Trial is enabled, the user will automatically get the trial package.
- Remade the datepicker field and improved the design of the datepicker to feel more integrated.
- Translated other small not yet translatable strings on the site.
- Improved the look of the homepage.
- Reworked all notifications to fit the Close button properly.
- Notifications now will not show up if you are on "Print" mode to avoid sticking up when shouldn't.

- Fixed last activity field of the user not being updated properly.
- Fixed the way tooltips show on Switch controls (on/off).
- Fixed some inputs not able to be copied (webhook urls and admin settings cronjob url)
- Stripe payments formatting for currencies which are considered "zero-decimal currencies" (ex: JPY)

Update 1.5.4 – 21 December, 2019

- Refactored the look and function of the Admin Page Create / Update pages and included the ability to have hidden pages (not be shown in the footer or top menu)
- Implemented 2 extra custom fields for the invoice system. Helpful when the provider must include extra details in the Invoice.
- Latest Conversion notification now accepts variables for the description too, instead of only the Title.
- Latest Conversion notification now accepts Webhook Requests with JSON payload, instead of only Form Posts.
- Fixed emails not being sent properly when sending with the default Webhost mail function
- Fixed Admin Panel visual bugs on all the data listings (more responsive now)
- Improved Paypal & Stripe payment handling - Now the system can receive payments from a subscriber even if the original pricing of the chosen package has changed, this is done so that the user can still pay the original amount that he subscribed for.
- When a user changes a Package, the previous subscription will automatically cancel to stop further payments from the old package
- Deleting a Package from the Admin Panel will not automatically cancel everyone's subscription which have that package. (they will still have the package for the period they paid for)
- Improved the registration flow for users which chose a different language than the default to automatically assign the chosen language for the new registered account
- Reworked the Email Activation system to accept any type of email (previous: emails with "+" signs would not work)
- Improved Pixel CSS width of notifications on mobile screens
- Improved many other parts of the system in the backend

Update 1.5.3 – 21 October, 2019

- Implemented the Admin User Create functionality
- Implemented Admin Users List button to Export to CSV
- Implemented the ability to fully disable/enable the payments system
- Added Trigger & Duration of the Notification detail in the Campaign Notifications List page
- Improved Pixel code behaviour to detect Ajaxed page changes as well ( helpful for sites that have dynamic content loading and page changing without actually triggering a traditional page change ).
- Implemented Randon Review Count Field to be able to specify how many reviews to show ( instead of only 1 )
- Random Review Notification - Inserting new review: stars are no longer mandatory to be specified
- Live Counter, Random Review Notifications visual improvements on smaller screens
- Fixed Bug where the Full Name of the user would be stripped of spaces after registration
- Other changes..

Update 1.5.2 – 2 October, 2019

- Invoicing System Implemented
- Replaced Email Templating of Activation and Reset Password Email and made them editable from the language file to make them multilangual ready.
- Implemented user based language change ( good for deciding what language to use when sending mails to the user )
- LostPassword now sends user language based mails
- ResendActivation now sends user language based mails
- Notification New Data Email now sends user language based mails
- Login, Register, Lost Password, Resend Activation, Reset Password pages now are detached from the header and footer for a better UI and UX.
- Register page completely redone and improved
- Login page completely redone and improved
- Lost Password page completely redone and improved
- Resend Activation page completely redone and improved
- Reset Password page completely redone and improved

- Added Dsiplay CSS Rule to the footer of the notifications to avoid it getting removed by custom css on the site
- Trigger Type on change, change placeholder as well
- Improved pixel css resetting to not collide with styles on people's pages
- Notification Settings border radius will now show a preview of how it would look like before saving

- Fixed language switcher redirection issues when product is installed on a subfolder
- Fixed Pixel Tracking in some particular campaign settings and domains

Update 1.5.1 – 24 September, 2019

- Campaigns creation & update bugfixes
- User deletion bugfix
- Fixed Notification Page Contains Trigger not being able to be chosen
- Multiple other visual improvements in the Index, Admin Pages, Menu..etc

Update 1.5.0 – 21 September, 2019

- Implemented "Page Contains" Display Trigger for Notification
- Implemented Conversions Count for Latest Conversion and the ability to auto rotate
- Implemented the ability to use variables in the title of the notification for Latest Conversion.
- Implemented new input to Collectors where users can enter their email and get the new conversions data directly to their email
- Campaigns domains now will automatically work on the "www." subdomain as many people were confused about this. ( introducing the domain in the campaign and notifications would not show up because the website is actually accessed on the www. subdomain and not the root domain ).
- Campaigns now have an option to trigger notifications and to work on all the subdomains of the specified domain instead of being only locked to a particular domain or subdomain.
- Campaigns can now be edited
- Notifications Data can now be exported to JSON
- Many overall UI and UX improvements
- Many overall code cleanup and performance improvements
- Implemented Notification Settings Border Radius
- Added Gravatar of the User to display in his account settings page and in the menu 
- Added the total amount of users assigned to a package in the Package list admin page
- Social Share Notification will now automatically default to the page where the notification is shown for sharing url if no specific url is present.
- Display Triggers for Notifications now have a limit of 10 to avoid spam
- Fixed Last Conversion Notification not showing the proper conversion date
- Fix problem that can appear on users which have Packages that do not exist / get deleted

Update 1.4.4 – 25 August, 2019

- Added TOS and Privacy Policy checkbox requirement when purchasing a package
- Added option to disable the registration of the site
- Fix ads not showing when they should
- Added Custom CSS field in the Admin Panel 
- Bugfix when changing the Users Package from the admin panel to Free or Trial ( causing some unexpected errors after )

Update 1.4.3 – 18 August, 2019

- Now the Pixel will not work for Accounts that are not active (disabled).
- Improved the IP logging of the user in some cases where it would not be detected properly.
- Now Admin Pages ( Create and Update ) Description field will accept any type of HTML / Javascript provided by the admin.
- Added back the Header & Footer Ads to be displayed in the front end.
- Other behind the scenes changes.

Update 1.4.2 – 9 August, 2019

- Fixed bug where the Pixel Webhook was not there anymore
- Pixel Webhook now parses the conversion data if location is sent as 'city', 'country' and 'country_code' with the proper values of the conversion ( optional ).
- Updated animate.css libary to its latest version
- Cleaned up some other small files

Update 1.4.1 – 7 August, 2019

- Fixed bug where the Recaptcha would not show up on the Register page
- Fixed bug where Paypal One Time payments would not be fully registered by the system
- Fixed bug where the Trial Package would not properly start when activated
- Fixed bug where the activation email would be a 404 link
- Cleaned up more parts of the new system

Update 1.4.0 – 4 August, 2019

+ Framework fully reworked from scratch ( To a better structure that allows more expandability, cleaner code and better maintenance for the future ).
+ Added the "custom" package type which can be editable from the admin panel user edit and be custom to each user, opening up possibilities for diversity on packages.
+ New: Request Collector Notification.
+ New: Countdown Collector Notification.
+ Added a required checkbox on the Register page linking the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
+ Added the ability to add the URL's to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions from the admin panel.
+ All the "Collector" Notifications now have the option to enable and show an agreement Checkbox for GDPR purposes.
+ All the "Collector" Notifications Data ( Conversions ) are trying to get the Location of the user that converted and show it in the "Data" tab of the Notification page.
+ All the Packages now can be configured to allow users to use only specific notification types per package or all of them.

- Improved look and feel on the admin panel on small details.
- Facebook Register will now check for Facebook Accounts that do not have emails attached to their account and handle it properly.
- Resend Activation Page Bugfix where it would not work to send activation emails.
- Fixed bug where the Recurring Payment option for paypal would not show up on certain conditions.
- Fixed bug where on certain conditions the pixel code would not properly recognize a domain / campaign.
- Fixed bug where the branding of the Pixel would not come to default if a user comes from a package that enables custom branding to a package that does not.
- Coupon Code Notification is now overall smaller as it was too big previously.
- Fixed visual problem with Random Review Notification after saving new settings where it would not show the Preview properly after.
- Fixed very rare problem on certain servers where the Pixel code would not want to execute.
- Added and fully translated the Admin Statistics page as well.
- Improved the fonts priority of the notifications.
- Updated Bootstrap library files to the latest 4.3.1
- Updated FontAwesome library files to the latest 5.10.0
- Many other things improved, fixed and cleaned up in the code.

Update 1.3.0 – 18 July, 2019

+ New Notification: "Conversions Counter" 
+ New Notification: "Random Review" 
+ New Notification: "Emoji Feedback" 
+ New Notification: "Score Feedback" 
+ New Notification: "Cookie Notification" 
+ New: "Display Mobile" option for all notifications. If unchecked, the notifications will not be displayed on smaller screens.
+ New: Implemented Paypal Recurring Payments ( check documentation on how to set it up )

* Index image refactoring to make it not collide with the actual header text
* Added Button Highlights on the Dashboard where the Install Script would blink if the pixel code is not installed and the Add Campaign button would blink if there are no Campaigns created yet.
* Improved and fixed certain bugs on Stripe Webhook processing
* Improved the styling of the pixel css for cases where the website css would interfere with the Pixel Css, making notifications look different on other websites ( in some cases ).
* Rearranging the Triggers and Display tabs content of the Notification Settings page to make more sense and be more intuitive.
* Admin Pages Management now shows and has the link to the created pages for better accessibility.

- Fixed Admin User Edit problem where it would not save the proper package settings on the Trial / Free packages.
- Fixed Admin User Edit problem where the package expiration date would not change on submission in certain cases.
- Fixed potential problem with routes being handled on a windows environment.
- Other several code cleanups and improvements.

Update 1.2.0 – 3 July, 2019

- Latest Conversion Notification - Added the ability to try and automatically parse converted data name to use in the Notification instead of the default text.
- Added the ability to import / create your own conversions right from the Conversions Tab
- Added the ability to delete conversions
- Facebook Login will now try to match the email address with an existing account and log him in
- Improved the pixel code for slow websites
- Improved and cleaned up different parts of the system on the backend
- Bugfix on Facebook Login / Registration where it would not properly create / login the account after the 2nd try
- Bugfix on Pixel where the notifications would not show up if the Trigger All Pages option was disabled.

Update 1.1.2 – 2 July, 2019

- Added a form input validator for the Add Campaign Modal to help people enter the correct value
- Now the login page will automatically redirect to the dashboard if the user is already logged in
- Bugfix on the Admin Website Statistics Page where the date selector would not work properly
- Admin Dashboard will not show latest payments widget if there are no payments

Update 1.1.1 – 30 June, 2019

- Fixed User Edit Bug where the package won't change properly when editing a user through the admin panel
- Now Admins will not get locked out of the admin panel if their package is expired.
- Fixed Packages Management Bug where the Packages would not be deleted from the admin panel when trying to delete them.

Update 1.1.0 – 29 June, 2019

- Implemented Custom Index URL ( to replace the index landing page with a custom one ).
- Big Database Improvement for notifications tracking tables to reduce the size of the database on long term.
- Added Last Activity Records in the Admin View User page.
- Added Last Activity Records in the Account Details page.
- Improved Responsiveness on the Index, Dashboard and Campaigns page.
- Notification Widgets Fixed Positioning for Top Center, Middle Center and Bottom Center.
- Live Counter Notification Bugfix where it would show the notification even though the "minimum visitors" setting is not reached.
- Other behind the scenes improvements.
- Improved the numbers formatting to use the decimal and thousands separator configured from the language file.
- Fixed Admin Website Settings where the Test Email Settings button would not work.
- Fixed Admin User Edit Bug where the settings would not save.


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