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The Curator is a premier timeline theme for WordPress. This theme was built for artists and/or museums that want to display their work with a chronological focus. Even if you’re not an artist and just want to show historical content in a timeline, this theme is for you.

What buyers are saying:

[five stars]
“This is an awesome theme.”
– hankisaac (purchased 100-500 items)

[five stars]
“A well-deserved five stars. This template is amazing easy to customize, very sleek, every little thing about it is awesome and works as it is supposed to. Very clear instructions as well as video walkthroughs. Very well done!”
– zhanover (purchased 100-500 items)

[five stars]
“Customer service and flexibility has been awesome.”
– tatiana

[five stars]
“Brilliant theme. Very simple and clean. “
– Doomedlover

[five stars]
“Really nice.”
– toasterbec

[five stars]
“An A+, five stars, and hip, hip, hooray from this very satisfied customer.”
– mpsCurator

[five stars]
“Dude, just like all of theMOLITOR themes, this theme is dope!!”
– kaledonder

[five stars]
“This may literally be one of the coolest things that I’ve seen on ThemeForest.”

[five stars]
“Perfect theme for artists! The tutorials are very practical and the hotline is very responsive and really helps to use the theme.”
– emgerard

[five stars]
”…This is a great theme. Highly recommended. The timeline is one of the best implementations of a timeline I have seen and so easy to manage.”
– robinlayfield (purchased 10-49 items)

[five stars]
“This theme is profoundly solid.”
– Nooriji


  • NEW! Touch gesture support (left/right swipe)
  • NEW! Theme options via WP Theme Customizer
  • NEW! Overflow text scroll effect for long timeline titles
  • Translation ready
  • .POT file included
  • Full color control of text, background and accent colors
  • Semi-responsive layout
  • WordPress custom background support
  • Control how the timeline is broken up (i.e. by year, decade, century or millennium)
  • Parallax background effect
  • Display as many widgets as you want in the “info panel”
  • Super easy post slider
  • Easy logo customization
  • WordPress menu support
  • Super easy admin panel
  • Easy thumbnail images with built-in WordPress system (no TimThumb)
  • Advanced jQuery animations and effects
  • Looks pretty on an iPad )” title=” :)” />
  • FREE updates


v1.4.9.3 - Jan 2017
* Improved: Compatibility with ZoomBox plugin by theMOLITOR.
* Improved: General style edits for better legibility of posts/pages.

v1.4.9.2 - Oct 2016
* Fixed: JavaScript error with loading animation.

v1.4.9.1 - Apr 2016
* Fixed: WordPress debug errors.

v1.4.9.0 - Sept 2015
* Improved: ZoomBox Timeline image gallery pop-up support.

v1.4.8 - Jun 2015
* Added: ZoomBox lightbox plugin zip file to files folder (optional).
* Removed: prettyPhoto lightbox plugin due to vulnerability.

v1.4.7 - Apr 2015
* Added support for WordPress 4.2 sidebar requirements.
* Improved theme Customizer markup.

v1.4.6 - Apr 2015
* Code improvements and minor bug fixes.

v1.4.5 - Mar 2015
* Fixes script conflict.

v1.4.4 - Mar 2015
* Optimized code.
* Added support for WP 4.1 features/requirements.

v1.4.3 - Feb 2014
* Code improvements and optimizations.

v1.4.2 - Dec 2013
* Fixed minor issue with lightbox script.

v1.4.1 - Nov 2013
* Fixed loading issue in Chrome.

v1.4.0 - Sep 2013:
* UPDATED: customizer panel sections layout
* ADDED: email input field CSS styling
* ADDED: option to turn post title year on/off
* ADDED: option to link to post page instead of image
* ADDED: timeline order option
* ADDED: touch gesture support (left/right swipe)
* ADDED: additional category timeline options
* ADDED: overflow text scroll effect for timeline titles

v1.3.0 - Sep 2013
* Added WP Theme Customizer support (replaces OptionTree theme options panel).

v1.2.4 - Feb 2012
* Added localization support.

v1.2.3 - Feb 2012
* Updated theme options panel.

v1.2.2 - Dec 2012
* Updated jQuery UI and fixed WP 3.5 issue with home page category control.

v1.2.1 - Nov 2012
* Updated theme options panel appearance and updated/added support tab.

v1.2.0 - Aug 2012
* Added built-in OptionTree. Plugin no longer required.

* Fixes issue with left/right arrows not showing when divider is set to "none".

Resources Used

Latest Release… VYSUAL


[five stars]
Words can’t express how satisfied I am not just with this theme, but the support… Looks exactly like a professional movie site should. My production has a very high standard and it was crucial the website reflected that standard. Thank you Chris!!!
– samgosper

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