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Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 1

Ultimate Client Manager – CRM – Pro Edition

The most complete and easy to use PHP Invoice, Customer and Project management system available for companies and freelancers. Features rival some of the other biggest software providers on the market. Host the application on your own website or in house server.

More information is available on our dedicated website: ultimateclientmanager.com

Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 2

Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 3

Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 4Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 5Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 6

Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 7

UCM Product Comparison:

Open Source CRM Feature List. Customers, Invoices, Quotes and More

Feature List

CRM Customer Management: Manage your customer database in this easy to use CRM. Store, search and group customers. Import from CSV. Keep private notes. Multiple contacts per customer.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 8
CRM Website Management: Record customer website details. Keep FTP passwords, notes and website history all in one place. Link Jobs and Invoices to websites.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 9
CRM Jobs: Link Jobs to Customers and Websites. Send Job Quote to customer for pre-approval. Customer can track Job progress. Add Tasks to Jobs.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 10
CRM Invoices: Generate PDF invoices, email invoice to customer straight from system. Mark when invoice is paid. Overdue notices. Part payments & invoice merging.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 11
CRM Income & Expense: Track your income and expenses. Estimate your monthly income. View historic financial data. Schedule recurring bills. Reminders and budgeting.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 12
CRM File Uploads: Customers and staff can upload files. Tag image files with comments. Email alerts on file uploads. Assign files to customers/jobs.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 13
CRM Online Payments: Receive payments on invoices via secure PayPal, Google Checkout or Stripe. Invoices marked as paid upon successful payment. Part payment on invoices. Payment history. Payment receipt.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 14
CRM Membership Subscriptions: Manage members from your group or club. Get alerted when members subscription is due for renewal. Generate invoice and receipt for membership subscription.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 15
CRM To Do List: Dashboard overview showing your TODO items (such as upcoming jobs, invoices that haven?t been sent, tasks requiring admin approval, new file uploads).
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 16
CRM Mobile Device View: Want access to the UCM on the road? This system comes with a cut down mobile friendly view. Try it from your phone to see! You can also disable the ?mobile view? and use the standard responsive layout if you wish.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 17
CRM Easy Installer: Step by step product installer. Very easy to install and very easy to receive automatic product updates.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 18
CRM Self Hosted: Host this system on your own internal server or public website hosting account.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 19
CRM Customer Signup: Customers can sign up using a form on your website. Default jobs are created against the new customer ready for quoting.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 20
CRM Job Task Discussions: You can email a Job to a Customer from within UCM. The email contains a special link the Customer can click, and then add comments to any Task in the Job. Great if you need feedback on quoted items or half completed Job Tasks.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 21
CRM Open Source PHP Code: Fully open source PHP code. No encrypted obfuscated tricky stuff here. Change the code to suit your needs or create your own in house UCM plugins.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 22
CRM Internationalization: Support for multiples currencies & tax rates. Full language translation file available. Different staff/customers can have different UI languages.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 23
CRM Custom Fields: Create your very own custom fields through out the system. eg: Store the customers favorite color or birthday, record an invoice purchase order # or external job ID. Custom fields are also made available within templates and emails.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 24
CRM Import & Export: Import and Export information from the system in CSV format. Preview import before it occurs. Import data into specified groups for easier sorting.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 25
CRM Fine Grain Permissions: Security and permission options to control which users/customers have access to which features. Create, edit, delete and view. Limit staff to assigned jobs and more.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 26
CRM Renewable Jobs & Invoices: Track Jobs and Invoices that repeat (eg: website hosting). Ability to modify a Job/Invoice after it renews. Dashboard reminders when ready for renewal. Specify renewal period (eg: 7 days, 1 year).
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 27
CRM Staff/Customer Login: Customers can login to view their information and perform restricted actions. Multiple staff accounts. Control permissions & view login history.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 28
CRM Quick Pin/Bookmark: Have lots of customers? Working on a particular Job all the time? Bookmark it to the main menu for quick access anywhere in the system.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 29
CRM Theme Editor: Comes with a basic theme editor. Control the system colors and layout without editing the CSS file. Advanced changes via CSS files welcome too!
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 30
CRM Template Editor: WYSIWYG editor to control many templates through out the system. Email templates, invoice templates, thank you messages and more!
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 31
CRM Knowledge Base / FAQ: Have a list of Frequently Asked Questions display before a customer submits a support ticket. Group questions by product. Embed the FAQ listing in your own website.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 32
CRM Credit Notes: Raise a Credit Note against an existing invoice. Send the Credit Note as a PDF to the Customer.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 33
CRM Job Tasks: Add new Tasks to Jobs. Assign individual Tasks to staff members. Track how many hours are spent on each task. See if staff spend more than quoted time on a Job Task.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 34
CRM Job Deposits: Collect deposits before commencing work on a Job. Deposit is subtracted from final invoice amount.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 35
CRM Free Updates: Pay once (helps the developers!) and receive ongoing updates. Please go to Settings > Upgrade to see a list of available updates, a list of changed files and version numbers will appear.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 36
CRM Session Management: The UCM system will show a list of active user sessions and allow the administrator to terminate any active user sessions. This is a great security feature incase you forget to log out on another computer.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 37
CRM Change Request: Customers can “click & point” on any part of their website and request a change (eg: make the logo bigger). Change Requests appear within UCM for tracking and billing. Restrict number of changes.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 38
CRM Email Newsletters: Send bulk email newsletters to groups within your system (eg: Customers, Members, Recently Completed Jobs). Template editor. Bounce, unsubscribe and link click tracking.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 39
CRM Email & Web Support Tickets: Fully functional email support tickets. Import mail via POP3/IMAP. Create ticket numbers. Autoreplies. Assign tickets to support staff members. Reply via email or web.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 40
CRM Encrypted Fields: Using industry standard RSA/AES technology you can encrypt and decrypt sensitive data (eg: website FTP details or control panel login information). With client side cryptography the sensitive data never even leaves your computer.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 41
CRM PDF Invoicing: Convert invoices into PDF documents. Email PDF Invoice to your customer straight from the system. Full control over invoice template layout. Send PDF invoices marked as ?overdue? or ?paid? as well.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 42
CRM Task Timer: Create a Customer Job, add some Tasks to the Job, click the ?start timer? icon and away you go. Option to run multiple task timers at once. See active timers from any page within the system.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 43
CRM Automatic Invoice Renewal: Choose an Invoice Renewal Date and UCM will email automatic PDF invoice renewals and overdue invoice reminders. Cool!
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 44
CRM Automatic Subscriptions: Create Subscriptions (eg: 6 Months Website Hosting) and assign them to Customers. UCM will automatically generate an email a PDF invoice to the Customer, and follup up with overdue notices when needed.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 45
CRM Calendar: A great easy to use Calendar for organising your business. Similar to Google Calendar. Create events, assign Customers and Staff members.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 46
CRM Custom Data Forms: Build your own database forms with no programming knowledge. Create encrypted fields, file uploads, text areas, nested lists, radio buttons and more!
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 47
CRM Automatic Overdue Emails: Choose an Invoice Due Date and UCM will email automatic PDF overdue notices if the invoice hasn’t been paid.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 48

PHP Client Manager & CRM Demo:

Accessing the online demo is easy, simply click the button below and login. The demo resets every now and then so feel free to add your own data and test out the features.

Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 49

Included CRM Themes:

These 5 themes are included in UCM Pro Edition:

New Metis Theme with better responsive layout: (view demo)

Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 50

Original 4 Themes:

Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 51Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 52
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 53Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 54

Additional Themes:

These additional themes can be purchased to make your UCM installation look and function differently:

White Label CRM Theme:
A nice fresh look for UCM.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 55
AdminLTE CRM Theme:
Responsive and mobile friendly.
Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 56

UCM Installation Instructions:

  1. Check the requirements below
  2. Download the Ultimate Client Manager Installer by clicking here (install.zip). Unzip this file to your desktop. Upload the install.php file to an EMPTY directory on your website. Visit install.php in a web browser. Follow the prompts. (if this doesn’t work, try the old slow installer)
  3. Create a MySQL database (your hosting provider can assist)
  4. Visit your website where you uploaded the files (eg: yourwebsite.com/clients/) and follow the installation instructions (you will need your licence purchase code, available after buying the item from CodeCanyon)
  5. If you have any problems installing the UCM please send a support question our way and we can help. Include your licence purchase code, a link to your website and your FTP details so we can set the system up for you if needed.

Customer Reviews

Good CRM product reviews and testimonials


This system runs on your own hosting server, this can be an in-house server or just on your own website (like I have it).

  • PHP 5.3 and above only
  • MySQL database
  • Lots of client information that you would love to keep in one place
  • A web server (preferably Linux Apache, it will probably NOT work on a Windows hosting account – although people report it does)
  • PHP with cURL enabled (so that automated updates and installation works) ask your hosting provider
  • This script will most likely not work on hosting accounts that have PHP “safe_mode” enabled. safe_mode is an old feature and it causes lots of problems with this script.
  • PHP with IMAP functions enabled (for newsletter system and ticketing system) ask your hosting provider – godaddy shared hosting does not work, and they have many email problems anyway, I suggest using a different provider.
  • A public facing website (eg: yourwebsite.com/admin_system/) if you want to use payment processing (eg: paypal)
  • .htaccess mod_rewrite is nice to have, if you get 404 errors then ask your hosting provider to enable ”.htaccess mod_rewrite” or go into config.php and change _REWRITE_LINKS from true to false


If you require assistance please feel free to use our support system by clicking here. Please do not post support requests on the item discussion board – these are not checked regularly and your question may go unanswered for weeks.

Ultimate Client Manager - Pro - 57


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