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New Version 3.4 released July 7, 2020

Please don’t ask for support in the comment section, for any support open a ticket in our website: https://ultimatefosters.com/support/

Ultimate POS - Best Advanced Stock Management, Point of Sale & Invoicing application - 1

POS application for every business




POS application for every business





Cashier or salesperson Login:


Important Document links:

Server requirements:

  1. PHP 7.2 or higher
  2. MySQL database

Installation guide here: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/installing-ultimatepos


  • Are future updated FREE?
    Yes, all future LIFETIME updates are FREE
  • Do I have to pay for updating to latest version?
    NO, You get updates for FREE
  • Will it work offline?
    Yes, it works offline
  • What hardware does it support?
    – Barcode Scanner
    – Receipt or Thermal Printer (Printer with ESC/POS commands)
  • Does it support our currency?
    Yes, we support ALL currency. In case you don’t find the currency listed, let us know via comment. We will be adding it in minutes
  • Does it support languages other than English?
    Yes, UltimatePOS is translation ready.
  • Do you support the item?
    Yes, absolutely.
  • Does it supports GST / VAT taxes?
    The tax is completely customizable. You can define GST, VAT and Group taxes like a combination of CGST + SGST. This taxes can be selected while adding purchase & sell. You can view the tax report to view details of input & output tax during a period.

Key Features:

  1. Multiple Business/Shops: 
    • Set up multiple businesses in the application.
    • No restriction on numbers of businesses.
    • Inventory & accounting information is kept separately for each business.
  2. Add Location / Storefronts  / Ware House: 
    • Create multiple locations for your business/shop
    • Manage all of them at the same time.
    • Stocks, Purchases, Sell can be tracked differently for locations.
    • Customize invoice layout, invoice scheme for each location
  3. User & Role Management: 
    • Powerful user and role management system
    • Predefined roles – Admin & Cashier
    • Create different Roles with permission as per your need.
    • Create unlimited users with different roles.
  4. Contacts (Customer & Suppliers):
    • Mark contact as customer or supplier or both(customer & Supplier)
    • View details of transactions with a contact.
    • View total of Credit/Debit balance amount
    • Define pay term and get payment alerts week before the due date.
  5. Products: 
    • Manage Single & Variable products.
    • Classify products according to Brands, Category, Sub-Category.
    • Add products having different units
    • Add SKU number or auto-generate SKU number with prefixes.
    • Get stock alerts on low stock.
    • Save time by auto calculating selling price, the system is smart to auto calculate selling price based on purchase price and profit margin.
    • No need to type variations every time, create variation template and use it everytime you need to create variable products.
  6. Purchases:
    • Easily add purchases.
    • Add purchase for different locations.
    • Manage Paid/Due purchases.
    • Get Notified of Due purchases week before the pay date.
    • Add discounts & Taxes
  7. Sell:
    • Simplified interface for selling products
    • Default Walk-In-Customer automatically added to a business
    • Add new customer from POS screen.
    • Ajax based selling screen – save reloading time
    • Mark an invoice for draft or final
    • Different options for payments
    • Customize invoice layout and invoice scheme.
  8. Manage Expenses:
    • Easily add business expenses
    • Categorise expenses
    • Analyse expenses based on category and business locations with expenses report.
  9. Reports: 
    • Purchase & Sale report
    • Tax Report
    • Contact Reports
    • Stock Reports
    • Expense Report
    • View Trending Products, drill down by Brands, Category, Sub-category, Units and date ranges
    • Expense Reports
    • Cash Register Report
    • Sales Representative report
  10. Other useful feature:
    • Set currency, timezone, financial year, the profit margin for a business.
    • Translation ready.
    • Predefined barcode sticker settings.
    • Create your barcode sticker setting
    • Manage Brands, Tax Rate & Tax groups, Units, Category & Sub-Category
    • Easy 3 steps installation.
    • Detailed documentation
    • Stock Adjustment
    • Express Checkout
    • Works Offline

Demo Login Link: http://pos.ultimatefosters.com/login
Username: admin
Password: 123456

Register new business: http://pos.ultimatefosters.com/business/register

UltimatePOS Application has been thoroughly tested to make sure there are no issues but in case you find any issue feel free to inform us about it: http://ultimatefosters.com/support/

For any Pre-Sales or Support inquiry: Feel free to drop us a comment at codecanyon or write us here: http://ultimatefosters.com/support/

With this application, you are assured to save time-consuming process of bookkeeping accounting and inventory information. Also, you will have all the required information for detailed analysis of your business.

Ultimate POS - Best Advanced Stock Management, Point of Sale & Invoicing application - 2

Version Log:

New Release V3.4 (July 7, 2020):

  1. Version Log: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes-version-log-for-ultimatepos/ultimatepos-3-x-release-notes/#V34-Released-July-7-2020
  2. NEW: Page leave confirmations added to many screens to avoid loss of data
  3. NEW: Invoice scheme dropdown added to pos screen
  4. NEW: Recurring expenses
  5. NEW: Permission to view product stock value-added
  6. IMPROVEMENT: Spaces reduced in invoices
  7. IMPROVEMENT: Contact form improved: Added new field – Title, first name, middle name, last name, address line 1, address line 2, date of birth
  8. IMPROVEMENT: User max discount validation added for fixed type discount
  9. IMPROVEMENT: Recurring invoice issue fixed.
  10. IMPROVEMENT: Tax report improved to give details of input tax, output tax, and expense tax.
  11. IMPROVEMENT: Removed POS screen reset on changing of price group.
  12. FIX: Weighing scale product search issue
  13. FIX: User max discount issue fixed

New Release V3.3 (June 9, 2020):

  1. Release notes
  2. NEW: Get stock value by selling price and purchase price. Get potential profit for stock in stock report.
  3. NEW: Give same price to all variance of variable products at once.
  4. NEW: Date range filter added to cash register report
  5. NEW: Hide price option on slim invoice added for gift receipt.
  6. NEW: Option to select invoice layout in POS screen
  7. NEW: User max sale discount implemented
  8. NEW: Option to select invoice layout in POS screen
  9. Improvement: Fixed height added to sell list
  10. Improvement: Customer info added to slim invoice
  11. Improvement: Show current stock of products on add purchase screen
  12. FIX: Category dropdown issue fixed
  13. FIX: Black theme color issues fixed, bg color from module names removed on side menu
  14. Improvements & stability

New Release V3.2 (May 20, 2020):

  1. [NEW]: Import sales from excel sheet (beta)
  2. [NEW]: Featured products in the POS screen for frequently used products.
  3. [NEW]: Permissions added for Access printers, Access Tables, Acess types of service, Acess Package Subscription,
  4. [IMPROVEMENT]: Due date removed from the invoice when invoice is paid.
  5. [IMPROVEMENT]: Custom field labels can be modified from Settings instead of doing it in the language files.
  6. [IMPROVEMENT]: Customer custom fields displayed separate lines in detailed invoices design
  7. [IMPROVEMENT]: Payment details added in add expense screen.
  8. [IMPROVEMENT]: Filter by business location in the dashboard, if multiple locations are present
  9. [IMPROVEMENT]: Date range picker filter in customer/supplier -> sales/purchases
  10. [IMPROVEMENT]: In Product Sell Report added a detailed report with purchase line details.
  11. [IMPROVEMENT]: Added the SKU column to the Product Purchase Report & Sell report
  12. [IMPROVEMENT]: Added lot number in product sell report if enabled.
  13. [IMPROVEMENT]: User view page design
  14. [IMPROVEMENT]: in dashboard enabled export options for all tables.
  15. [IMPROVEMENT]: Option to enable or disable login for a user
  16. [IMPROVEMENT]: Design changes for View Contact, Supplier and View users to make it look better
  17. [IMPROVEMENT]: Design changes for suspended invoice modal: added delete button.
  18. [IMPROVEMENT]: Show lot number in product sell report if enabled.
  19. [FIX]: Profit & loss report shipping charge for the sales issue.
  20. [FIX]: POS screen payment issue sometimes.
  21. [FIX]: Stock adjustment deducting from sales
  22. [FIX]: Total sold issue in the stock report if multiple locations are enabled.
  23. [FIX]: Credit limit issue in customer.
  24. [FIX]: Credit sales issue fixes

New Release V3.1 (March 26, 2020):


New Release V3.0 (February 27, 2020):

  1. RELEASE NOTES (read release notes before updating)

Patch Release V3.0 (March 6, 2020):

  1. RELEASE NOTES (read release notes before updating)

Patch release for V2.19 (January 13, 2020):


New Release V2.19 (January 8, 2020):

  1. RELEASE NOTES (Read release notes before updating)
  2. NEW: Types of service (like dine-in, 3rd part service, Parcel, Courier, etc) with the option to set different price groups for different services. Also, type of service breakdown in view registers.
  3. NEW: Price group option for locations added
  4. NEW: Location-based default payment account for different payment methods.
  5. NEW: Location based products, choose location where the product will be available. Also, bulk assigning of product locations.
  6. NEW: Enable/Disable payment method from business location
  7. NEW: Credit sale button in the POS screen.
  8. NEW: Add customer directly from the booking form
  9. NEW: Product warranty
  10. NEW: Location added to the cash register, now select the location of cash register before opening the register.
  11. NEW: Profile picture or avatar for users to upload
  12. NEW: New status overdue & Partial overdue for Sales & purchase invoices which extended the pay term date with filter for filtering them
  13. Improvement: Tax in expenses.
  14. Improvement: Made alert quantity field optional in add product screen
  15. Improvement: Displayinf due date in invoices
  16. FIX: Product Image in POS screen sometimes not showing.
  17. FIX: Cashflow balance
  18. Overall Code improvements

New Release V2.18 (November 26, 2019):

  2. [NEW] Redesigning Login & Registration page to make it looks beautiful
  3. [NEW] Test email and sms configurations from the settings
  4. [NEW] Enable selection of datetime in pos screen
  5. [NEW] Activate/Deactivate business location
  6. [IMPROVEMENT] Cash register total sales, cash sales, credit sales
  7. [FIX] Account book same datetime transaction balance
  8. [FIX] Profit & Loss report fixes and improvement
  9. [FIX] Decimal stock sales fix
  10. Miscellaneous fixes & improvements

New Release V2.17 (November 1, 2019):

  2. NEW: Combo product
  3. NEW: Export all products selling price group price
  4. NEW: Import all products selling price group price
  5. NEW: Option to configure the data-table default page entries value (settings added to business settings -> System)
  6. NEW: Account type and subtype for accounts.
  7. IMPROVEMENT: Purchase screen default selling price changed to price including tax instead of excluding tax
  8. IMPROVEMENT: “Current Stock value” displayed in the stock report.
  9. IMPROVEMENT: Opening balance due added to the customer all total due on the invoice
  10. IMPROVEMENT: Account deposit from field changed to optional in the deposit form
  11. FIXES: Stock expiry report fixes
  12. FIXES: Miscellaneous fixes & improvements

New Release V2.16.3 (September 19, 2019):

  2. IMPROVEMENT : Location permission moved from roles to users. Document Link
  3. NEW: More predefined ranges added to date range picker, Javascript language files updated
  4. NEW: Search settings implemented Document Link
  5. NEW: Custom label for payment method added. Document Link
  6. IMPROVEMENT: Show contact details on print ledger
  7. IMPROVEMENT: Converted all csv to xls import for better compatibility
  8. FIX: Transaction payment date issue fixed
  9. FIX: Logo issue in email notification fixed
  10. FIX: Datatable decimal number issue on print fixed, Label print decimal number issue fixed

New Release – V2.16.2, August 30, 2019

  1. Fixes & Improvements

New Release – V2.16.1, August 28, 2019

  1. Hide admin role from non admin users while creating users
  2. Submit alert issue on add/edit sale
  3. “Not for sell” column added to import product
  4. Quick add customer from pos screen displayed custom fields
  5. Modifiers price reset when modifiers are removed
  6. Printing of Barcode sticker improvements
  7. Database decimal columns length changed

New Release – V2.16, August 19, 2019

  1. Release notes: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/#New-Release-V216-August-19-2019
  2. NEW Module: Compatibility with Manufacturing module.
  3. Bulk edit multiple products in one time.
  4. Display customer reward points in the invoice
  5. Mark a product as “Not for selling” in add/edit products
  6. Enable bookings option added to module settings
  7. Added Sub-Units in products, to select only the relevant units for selected units.

New Release – V2.15, August 7, 2019

  1. BIG FEATURE: Customer Reward Point, increase customer loyalty by offering them reward point
  2. Customer/Suplier ledger
  3. Miscellaneous improvemenst
  4. Important Note: If you’re using Essentials module then update it to latest version V1.0 after updating UltimatePOS to 2.15
  5. Release Notes: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/#New-Release-V215-August-7-2019

New Release: V2.14.3: June 18, 2019

  1. Support for HRM feature in Essentials module.
  2. Improved user profile.
  3. New report: Item Report: item purchase-sales-opening stock-stock adjustment mapping report
  4. Closing stock in Profit & Loss report will deduct stock adjustment
  5. Product duplicate fix when stock management is disabled.

New Release: V2.14: May 29, 2019

  1. https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/#New-Release-V214-May-29-2019
  2. Discounts by category, brands, start-end day
  3. Profit & Loss report lots of improvements: Gross Profit, Profit By Category, Profit by Brands, Profit by date, Profit by Invoice, Profit by Day
  4. Gross Profit in Profit & Loss report
  5. Stock report added to product list
  6. Product list: Show price of product, and price range it variable product
  7. Product list: Show price available stocks sum in all locations
  8. Quick add product from direct sale
  9. Add purchase return from all purchases of a supplier (no need to select any particular purchase invoice)
  10. Print packing slip
  11. Product image display in invoice by enabling it in invoice layout
  12. Performance improvements in reports and many different sections
  13. Show custom fields on contact details page
  14. Miscellaneous Fixes & Improvements

New Release: V2.13: 9th April

  1. Release notes: https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-notes/#New-Release-V213-9th-March-2019
  2. NEW: Activate/Deactivate products in the product list
  3. NEW: Decimal Precision for currency (number of digits to show after the decimal for currencies)
  4. NEW: Decimal precision for Quantity (number of digits to show after the decimal for currencies)
  5. NEW: PHP-CS-Fixer & Prettier (Improved coding standard)
  6. NEW: Service Staff can be selected for each line in sales, Related changes in the service staff report & added on orders screen
  7. NEW: Print invoice button in recent transactions in the pos screen.
  8. NEW: Currencies added.
  9. IMPROVEMENT: Query optimization & indexing for faster loading & searching.
  10. IMPROVEMENT: Mobile number added to customer dropdown on POS screen
  11. IMPROVEMENT: Mass delete products message improved
  12. IMPROVEMENT: Auto refresh orders on Kitchen and Orders page implemented with configurable refresh time.
  13. IMPROVEMENT: Stock report improvement
  14. IMPROVEMENT: Disabling category or brands also disable from POS screen products filter.
  15. FIXES: Sale return deducted from Sales representative report, Customer due in the Balance sheet & tax report.
  16. FIXES: Drafts and quotations in lines removed from product sell report.
  17. Other fixes & improvement

New updates: V2.12.4: Released 18th March, 2019

New updates: V2.12.3: Released 8th March, 2019

  • Filters in List Purchases, Sales, Products
  • Show available stock on product search dropdown in pos screen
  • Display opening balance on reports and contact details page
  • Fixes & improvements in the dashboard.
  • Other minor improvements
  • Contact opening balance bug fixed
  • Dashboard multiple ajax call reduced
  • Invoice due display issue on dashboard fixed
  • HTML code improvements

New updates: V2.12: Released 11th February



New updates: V2.12: Released 11th February

New updates: V2.11.4: Released 9th January

        • Update Instruction
        • NEW: Minimum Sale price on pos/sale screen added (enable it from Business Settings -> Sales -> Sales price is minimum selling price)
        • NEW: Added Document Upload & download feature in Payments
        • NEW: filters on expense list added
        • NEW: Turkish translations added
        • Improvements: Improved Uploads. Uploads directory changed from storage to public
        • Improvements: Purchase/Sell algorithm
        • Improvements: Stock Report improved to display all variations
        • Fix: Product purchase, Product sell, Purchase payment, Sell payment report for location filtering
        • Fix: Expense in profit loss report
        • Fix: Delete purchase
        • Fix: Register details issue fixed

New version 2.11.3, December 26th

  1. Maintainance release

New version 2.11.2, Released December 5th

  1. NEW: Quick add product from pos screen implemented
  2. NEW: Suspend sale added on POS screen
  3. IMPROVEMENTS: Product description field added in Add/Edit Product. Quick add products & Product import using csv.
  4. IMPROVEMENTS: Disable submit button after form submit implemented
  5. IMPROVEMENTS: Mail driver option added to business email settings
  6. IMPROVEMENTS: Expense payment modal missing added
  7. IMPROVEMENTS: Footer total improved in Sell list and purchase list
  8. IMPROVEMENTS: Pos screen design improved
  9. IMPROVEMENTS: Phone, alternate mobile, Website fields added to register forms
  10. IMPROVEMENTS: Images fixed /install/fix-image (after login with administrat_username, deleting app/storage/)
  11. IMPROVEMENTS: Debug true by default
  12. FIX: Sales list footer total issue fixed
  13. FIX: Customer group report and purchase payment report location issue fixed
  14. FIX: Tax report tax details issue fixed
  15. FIX: Sale total and Sale due issue on multiple places fixed
  16. FIX: Other fixes

New version 2.11 Released November 12th

  1. NEW: New invoice design which shows all taxes in column form
  2. NEW: New permissions for payments, POS screen edit of price, POS screen edit of discount
  3. IMPROVEMENTS: Payment Report Improvements
  4. IMPROVEMENTS: Purchase & Sell Return Payment improvements
  5. IMPROVEMENTS: Detailed invoice design improvements
  6. IMPROVEMENTS: View/print individual payments
  7. IMPROVEMENTS: Sales agent name in invoice
  8. IMPROVEMENTS: Sub-Category UI improvements
  9. IMPROVEMENTS: Shipping details field improvements in sell screen
  10. IMPROVEMENTS: Barcode label printing
  11. IMPROVEMENTS: Variable Product improvements
  12. IMPROVEMENTS: Compatibility release for WooCommerce addon
  13. miscellaneous improvements & fixes

V2.10 (Release: 5th October 2018)

  1. NEW: Sending Email & SMS notifications for purchases / sales
  2. NEW: SMS notifications support for ALL countries SMS providers with RESTFul API Support.
  3. NEW: Purchase Return
  4. IMPROVEMENTS: Sell Return improvement
  5. IMPROVEMENTS: Stock Transfer Improvements to select Lot number & expiry
  6. IMPROVEMENTS: Stock Adjustment Improvements to select Lot number & expiry
  7. IMPROVEMENTS: POS screen improvements
  8. IMPROVEMENTS: Enable subtotal editing in POS screen
  9. Many other Fixes & improvements

V2.9 (Release: 11th September 2018)

  1. NEW: Import customer using csv file.
  2. NEW: Price Groups. Document(add multiple prices for a product, for example retail / wholesale price and also different business locations prices)
  3. NEW: Lanuage change option in Login/Register page
  4. NEW: Copy/Duplicate products (Time Saver for adding similar products)
  5. NEW: Copy/Duplicate Sell invoices.(Time Saver for adding similar sell invoices)
  6. NEW: Save & Add another button in Add/Edit product screen.(Time Saver)
  7. IMPROVEMENTS: Setting screen redesigned to easily manage settings.
  8. IMPROVEMENTS: Merge pos setting into system setting to easily manage settings from one place
  9. FIX: Adding opening stock issue from product list.
  10. FIX: Product list showing same product multiple times.
  11. Other Fixes & improvements

V2.8.1 – 23 August 2018

  1. Quick Fixes

V2.8 – 21 August 2018

  1. NEW: Opening balance added for Customer & Suppliers
  2. IMPROVEMENT: Add/Edit contact form design improved
  3. IMPROVEMENT: Added Total in sale, purchase, expense tables for better overview
  4. IMPROVEMENT: Shipping hidden from invoice if 0
  5. IMPROVEMENT: Zeros after decimal point with product stock
  6. IMPROVEMENT: Search contact by contact ID on Purchase and Sell
  7. IMPROVEMENT: Reports improvements: product purchase and sell report, Stock Report
  8. ISSUE: Dropbox backup (requires PHP 7.2)

V2.7 – 10th August 2018

  1. NEW: Compatibility for SaaS & Superadmin optional Premium Module
  2. NEW: 3 New Custom payment methods added – so you can add new payment methods as per your requirenments
  3. NEW: Store backup file in cloud – Local, DropBox, AWS S3 Document. Never loose your data anymore
  4. IMPROVEMENTS: Major improvements in Backup: Complete log with Download/Delete option
  5. IMPROVEMENTS: Add Payment received details from Add purchase screen
  6. IMPROVEMENTS: Add Payment received details from Add Sell screen
  7. IMPROVEMENTS: Customer screen Action: Pay Due amount for multiple invoice at once.
  8. IMPROVEMENTS: Sale Payment Report & Purchase Payment Report with Date Range Filter & display Total in table
  9. FIX: Lot number issue in POS screen

V2.6 – 30th July 2018

  1. NEW: Added Shipping Charge option in Sales and option to print in invoices
  2. NEW: Lot number & expiry option added to Sales and option to print in invoices
  3. NEW: Credit Limit amount added for customers (with 0 = no credit, blank values = infinite credit).
  4. NEW: Inline/each product discount Fixed/Percentage in sell screens.
  5. NEW: Calculator added.
  6. NEW: Theme color options added.
  7. IMPROVEMENT: Unit price and tax moved to modal in sell screen.
  8. IMPROVEMENT: Option to display salesperson in invoices.
  9. IMPROVEMENT: Ajax Base path improvements.
  10. IMPROVEMENT: Quick add customer from pos screen permission check
  11. IMPROVEMENT: Sell return layout changes
  12. FIX: Quantity decimal issue
  13. FIX: P&L calculation

V2.5 (MAJOR Release: 16 July 2018) 

  1. Advance Support for Restaurants, Salons, & related business
  2. Appointment & Bookings
  3. Table Allocation (For restaurants, Salons and related business)
  4. Service Man assignment to orders (like waiter, Barber, technician etc)
  5. Service Man Order Screen
  6. Modifiers (for restaurants, like extra cheese)
  7. Beep Notifications on success, error
  8. Custom SKU for product variations
  9. 2 New reports: Table report, Service Staff report
  10. 4 Custom fields added in Add/Edit Product & import CSV

V2.4.2 (Release: 4 July 2018) 

  1. Allowed printing of labels for items with 0 Stock or even if “Stock Management” is disabled
  2. POS screen barcode scanner issue fixed
  3. Fixed XSS security issue
  4. Minor fixes & improvements for V2.4

V2.4.1 (Release: 22 June 2018) 

  1. Fix release for V2.4 .

V2.4 (Release: 12 June 2018) \

  1. Product Image upload implemented
  2. Application Backup (Guide to enable backup)
  3. POS screen Category Filter – added “All Category” Option
  4. Added filter by Brand in POS product
  5. New Lot Report added
  6. Cash Return issue Fixed, Purchase Delete issue fixed
  7. Minor usability improvements

V2.3 (Release: 31 May 2018) 

  1. Quick Add Suppliers & customers from Purchase or Sell screen.
  2. Auto Generation of reference number with prefixes on Purchase, Stock Adjustment, Stock Transfer , Expenses, Contacts, Purchase Payment, Sell Payments, Business Location, Product SKU
  3. View Purchase, Sell in the same page (click on the rows in Purchase list or sell list) without going to a different page.
  4. Display sub-taxes for Group taxes in Invoice & Tax report
  5. Added field for website & 4 custom fields in business locations. Fields also displays in invoice.
  6. Stock expiry report improvements
  7. Add/Edit Opening Stock via ajax in product list
  8. Increase or Decrease font size in any screen (Useful if you think font size is small)
  9. Auto Start application tour in first login
  10. Sticky Sidebar
  11. Cashier Location Issue fixes (after updating go to edit cashier & add assign location to cashier)
  12. New seperate screen for Sales Return (beta)

V2.2.1 (Intermediate Release: 18th May 2018)

  1. Bug fixes with Opening stock.
  2. New beautiful invoice design, with options to choose invoice design
  3. Elegant & Classic Invoice design (choose from Invoice layout)
  4. More fields in Add/Edit Product (Rows, Positions, Product Weight)
  5. Improvements in POS screen, Quick checkout using Credit/Debit Card
  6. Import Opening Stock from CSV

V2.2 (Release: 04th May 2018)

  1. Show barcode in sales receipt
  2. Giving quotation(Estimates) & printing of quotations
  3. Convert quote to final invoice.
  4. Printing of purchase
  5. Added barcode in purchase print
  6. Arabic language, Support for RTL
  7. Delete of Sales

V2.1 (Release: 19th April 2018)

  1. Improvement to import Products. (Adding Opening Stock, Expiry for opening stock, Enable IMEI or Serial Number for a product)
  2. Delete of Purchase.
  3. Adding of “Lot number” of items while purchasing.
  4. Adding Rack Details of a product.
  5. POS Sales improvement – Not allowing sales when paid amount is higer than invoice amount

MAJOR RELEASE – V2.0 (Release: 7th April 2018)

  1. POS screen complete redesigned
    • New layout – works super excellent in full-screen mode.
    • More Shortcuts added.
    • Configurable buttons
    • Configurable layout
    • Product Suggestion based on category and sub-category.
  2. IMEI or Serial number for Mobile & Electronics stores .
  3. Classify Customer into Groups and sell at different prices ( Retail customer, Wholesale customers ). Customer Group Reports.
  4. New Reports added: Product Purchase report, Product Sell report.
  5. Contact ID added for contacts.
  6. HSN code support for GST countries like India.
  7. Delete of Products
  8. Sales commision percentage to automatically calculate commissions based on the sales.
  9. Thermal printer invoice layout improved.
  10. Inline Discount for each product in add/edit/view purchase screen
  11. Remove expired product from expiry report.
  12. Much more improved french translations (Thanks to Riad Baziz for helping us a lot here)
  13. Remove compulsory from Tax field.
  14. Modification in the business registration page

V1.3 (Release: 18th March 2018)

  • Products with Expiry (Need to enable from settings)
  • Product expiry report.
  • Commission Agents (Needs to Enable and set as per requirement in settings)
  • Currency Placement (Before or After Amount)
  • Add item to a new row or increase the quantity if exist in POS screen. (In Settings)
  • Stock Transfer between different business locations.
  • Adding/Editing of Opening Stock in Add/Edit Products.

V1.2 (Release: 24th February 2018)

  • Adding, Editing, Downloading documents for Purchases and Expenses.
  • New reports: Profit & Loss Report
  • View “Today’s Profit” directly from the Top navigation bar.
  • Import products via CSV.
  • Improvements in sell receipt
  • Keyboard shortcuts for POS screen with options to configure your own shortcuts.
  • Huge improvements in POS screen in terms of usability and reducing billing time.
  • New Sell feature – Now sell quickly with POS screen or create invoice via “Add Sell” screen.
  • Stock accounting method added: LIFO / FIFO.
  • Increased money value support.
  • https://ultimatefosters.com/docs/ultimatepos/release-note-v1-2-whats-new-in-version-1-2/

V1.1 (Release: 7th February, 2018)

  • Assign One or Multiple locations to a user role.
  • Stock Adjustment added
  • POS screen improvements
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