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URL Shortener Script is a stand alone URL Shortener, which allows the shortening of long URLs, custom aliases and generates QR codes for the URLs. The script is also mobile devices responsive and cross-browser compatible.


  • Short links with option for custom aliases (url.com/custom).
  • Ajaxed results for best user experience.
  • Social sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Mail
  • Stats page for each link.
  • QR Code for each shortened link.
  • 2 Predefined Adspots (Home page, Stats page).
  • Super clean and unique design.
  • Cross Browser compatible, mobile & tablet responsive.

and more…


Update 2.3 (1 June, 2020)

  • Reworked “Latest” section in Admin Panel to “Links”
  • Added search capability in the Admin Panel under “Links” section
  • Moved Logout link the section headers to the primary menu
  • Updated the favicon
  • Improved the Documentation
  • Fixed clicks counter not updating once a user revisits the link

Update 2.2 (31 May, 2020)

  • Added Stats Page (Total clicks, Long & short URL characters count, URL information)
  • Added Latest 100 links in the Admin Panel
  • Fixed ad spaces not being properly aligned horizontally
  • Other minor improvements

Update 2.1 (31 May, 2020)

  • Fixed the Logout admin not working on General / Security / Delete pages

Update 2.0 (27 May, 2020)

  • Fixed not being able to update the General section in Admin Panel

Update 1.9 (23 May, 2020)

  • Added support for PHP 7.2+
  • Improved the .htaccess rules for internal pages
  • Code cleanup.

Update 1.8 (11 May, 2020)

  • Added support for links with special characters
  • Added support for special characters for custom aliases
  • Improved the custom alias validation function
  • Other minor improvements

Update 1.7 (30 April, 2020)

  • Reworked the entire website interface (built on Bootstrap 4)
  • Improved captcha (made it easier to read and shorter to type)
  • Improved the Admin Panel panel
  • Added Social Sharing icons for the shortened URLs (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Mail, QR code)
  • Removed Latest 20 Links page (URLs created are not exposed to the public anymore)
  • Removed the frame (most of the sites were not working anymore due to -x-frame-option being enabled on pretty much all major sites)
  • Other minor improvements

Update 1.6 (2/20/2019)

  • Added stand-alone URL shortening system
  • Removed the now deprecated Goo.gl integration
  • Other minor improvements

Update 1.5 (8/3/2015)

  • Fixed an issue where the https shortened urls wouldn’t return correctly via the API
  • File affected: api.php

Update 1.4 (6/27/2015)

  • Fixed an issue where the https shortened urls wouldn’t return correctly

Update 1.3 (5/11/2015)

  • Added title tags for the Latest, Stats and Redirect pages
  • Other minor changes

Update 1.2 (2/1/2015)

  • Added captcha option
  • Improved the overall design responsivness
  • Updated to latest version of jQuery
  • Migration from MySQL (deprecated in higher PHP versions) to MySQLi
  • Fixed an issue where the API could return “userRateLimitExceededUnreg”
  • Cleaned up some unused strings

Update 1.1 (4/8/2013)

  • Added option to delete a shortened URL by ID, into the Admin Panel.
  • Improved the Admin Panel layout.

Requirements: Rewrite Module for Apache, cURL extension, MySQLi.

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Last Update: November 11, 2020
Released: June 16, 2020