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woocommerce filtering
woocommerce filtering
woocommerce filtering
woocommerce filtering
woocommerce filtering
woocommerce filtering
woocommerce filtering
woocommerce filtering

Note: Refund will be given when something is not working properly or performance is not good enough.

woocommerce product filter

WooCommerce Filter Plus is a WordPress plugin which give WooCommerce users tools and options to filter products as they need. It is easy to install and works with minimal settings.

Change log

- Pagination issue solved for woocommerce 3.3

Version 2.4
- A small css function fixed
- An unwanted empty array error got fixed

Version 2.3
- Ajax function type two added
- A bug regarding multiple widgets fixed
- A bug was appearing when "show child only" was active in category widget and parent has no category which is now solved
- A bug regarding hide empty option got solved

Version 2.0
- Now user can use multiple sidebar in the same page
- No option will hide title of the widget
- Archive pages filter is now more compatible

Version 1.9.2
- Admin page permission settings changed

Version 1.9.1
- A minor ajax problem regarding queried category fixed

Version 1.9
- A minor widget problem fixed
- Category dependency widget issue fixed

Version 1.8
- wpml widget translations support added. Now user can translate widget values easily by wpml string translation plugin
- An ajax error fixed
- An error regarding available options based on current category got fixed 

Version 1.7
- WPML and translation related bug fixed
- A new param added to product shortcode to select category
- An error regarding orderby is now sorted

Version 1.6
- Ajax bug fixed
- A bug regarding discount filter is sorted

Version 1.5
- A new settings added to identify the right products class for ajax purpose
- A new setup added for products discount filter
- now the plugin is compatible with https://wordpress.org/plugins/variation-swatches-for-woocommerce/ for color or image filter. User can use WooCommerce provided woocommerce color and image swatches too  

Version 1.4
- Backend product search error fixed
- Search option added 

Version 1.3
- Categories selection option added to widget
- Hide empty options on widget now actually works properly
- Show more widget option updated

Version 1.2
- Option to display stockout products both for simple and variable products
- Fixed few minor php errors

Version 1.1
- Visual composer modules added

Version 1.0
- Initial release

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Last Update: July 11, 2021
Released: July 11, 2021