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WooCommerce Print Products - Online Demo WooCommerce Print Products - Online Documentation


Give your customers the opportunity to export your products as PDF or Word. Or just allow them to print out your products – Your Choice!


WooCommerce print products features


  • Export as PDF
  • Export as Word
  • Show Print option
  • Customize the Icons-position, size and layout
  • Add custom header with background, text color
  • Header left and right content possible
  • 2 Layouts possible (Check Screenshots!)
  • Change font size, font family
  • Show the following data if you want
    • Show Product Image
    • Show Product Title
    • Show Product Price
    • Show Short Description
    • Show Product SKU
    • Show Product Categories
    • Show Product Tags
    • Show Product Description
    • Show Product Attributes
    • Show Product Reviews
    • Show Product Upsells
  • Add custom footer with background, text color
  • Footer left and right content possible
  • and more …

WooCommerce Plugin Bundle


  • WooCommerce 2.0+
  • WordPress 3.8.1+
  • PHP 5.6+
  • Multilingual Support (WPML)


- NEW:    Added short description to order blocks
View post on imgur.com
- NEW: Added Variation Stock Status & Quantity options:
View post on imgur.com
- NEW: Optimized shortcode and added show_icon parameter:
View post on imgur.com
- NEW: Added DE, NL, IT, FR Translations - NEW: Added support for ACF repeater fields ====== 1.7.17 ====== - NEW: Option to hide the attribute links - NEW: Upgraded to font awesome 5 included package - NEW: Meta keys take parent product ID not variation ID - FIX: QR code size not working - FIX: Removed woo 2.X support - FIX: Layout 2 showed | seperator even when SKU was hidden - FIX: Updated MPDF library to support PHP 8.0 - FIX: PHP Notices ====== 1.7.16 ====== - NEW: filter for custom header / footer data: woocommerce_print_products_header_footer_data - FIX: filename contained a space before .pdf - FIX: WPML keys missing for buttons ====== 1.7.15 ====== - NEW: Option to set the export button text in backend:
View post on imgur.com
- FIX: Attribute title not showing in data to show options ====== 1.7.14 ====== - NEW: Added support for tierd pricing plugin from WooCommerce
View post on imgur.com
- NEW: Added 4 more hooks ====== 1.7.13 ====== - NEW: Dropped Redux Framework support and added our own framework Read more here: https://www.welaunch.io/en/2021/01/switching-from-redux-to-our-own-framework This ensure auto updates & removes all gutenberg stuff You can delete Redux (if not used somewhere else) afterwards https://www.welaunch.io/updates/welaunch-framework.zip
View post on imgur.com
- NEW: When variation image is empty it fallsback to variable image - NEW: When variation short description is empty it fallsback to variable short description ====== 1.7.12 ====== - FIX: When empty attributes a 1 was returned / displayed in PDF ====== 1.7.11 ====== - FIX: undefined ß contstant php warning ====== 1.7.10 ====== - NEW: Watermark option HAPPY CHRIStMAS
View post on imgur.com
- NEW: Custom post data section and ACF Support
View post on imgur.com
====== 1.7.9 ====== - NEW: Support for our own Gallery Images plugin - NEW: Filter for final HTML contains all data now as 3rd object - NEW: Variation image fallback to main image - FIX: Filter contains 3rd data - FIX: Variations title padding ====== 1.7.8 ====== - FIX: PHP notices - FIX: Updated POT / Language files - FIX: Variation Attributes displayed as numeric values ====== 1.7.7 ====== - FIX: Added roboto font - FIX: Group attributes support not working ====== 1.7.6 ====== - NEW: Big Performance Release !! MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON LATEST VERSION OF REDUX FRAMEWORK !! - FIX: Updated Docs ====== 1.7.5 ====== - NEW: Single Variation PDF Export can be disabled
View post on imgur.com
====== 1.7.4 ====== - NEW: Layout 6 & layout 7 - NEW: Added support for Additional Variation Images Gallery for WooCommerce Plugin - NEW: Notes content item - NEW: use {{product_name}} variable in header / footer - NEW: Better custom header / footer styling - FIX: PHP issue with table mode Access level to WooCommerce_Print_Products_Public::get_option() must be protected ====== 1.7.3 ====== - NEW: Variations are now supported to be exported as PDF directly (not just the variable) - FIX: QRCode Class missing ====== 1.7.2 ====== - NEW: Added PHP 7.4 support - NEW: Updated the MPDF Rendering Engine from Version 7 to 8 ====== 1.7.1 ====== - NEW: Performance boost through making exlusions optional. get_posts for exlusions was a performance killer. Demo: https://imgur.com/a/8uswUtq ====== 1.7.0 ====== - NEW: Print Product Templates Read more here: https://demos.welaunch.io/woocommerce-print-products/faq/create-use-print-pdf-templates/ ====== 1.6.4 ====== - FIX: Group attributes integration not working ====== 1.6.3 ====== - NEW: Created a new template (vesion 5) Example: https://imgur.com/a/wAVQlG4 (from on HazTec) - NEW: Show / Hide Description or Attribute title - NEW: Set max gallery images: https://imgur.com/a/gOpkYYT ====== 1.6.2 ====== - NEW: Added an option to set custom gallery image size types - NEW: Added an option to get images locally in advanced settings You can see images protected by htpasswd then - FIX: PHP Notice fix ====== 1.6.1 ====== - FIX: Upgraded to Font Awesome 5.12.1 - FIX: Icons not visible in backend ====== 1.6.0 ====== - NEW: Generate PDF, Word or Print directly from the backend When you edit a product or in product overview: https://imgur.com/a/XUukg2N - NEW: Readded the exclusion functionality - NEW: Added transient caching - NEW: Enable backend or fronted exporting separately - NEW: Enable backend product list / single product page export separately - FIX: Code improvements ====== 1.5.8 ====== - NEW: Added visual composer support ====== 1.5.7 ====== - NEW: Added transient caching for meta keys in admin panel - FIX: Removed exclusions for products for performance ====== 1.5.6 ====== - NEW: Added "the_content" and more default Woo Hooks to the icon position - NEW: Added priority option for the icons - NEW: Support for Yoast Primary Category for Header > Category Description ====== 1.5.5 ====== - NEW: Created a new template (4) ====== 1.5.4 ====== - NEW: Option to move SKU under the product title - FIX: Readded support for format (A4, landscape etc) ====== 1.5.3 ====== - FIX: Get attributes function updated to latest Woo Standard (inches issue) - FIX: Custom meta keys stored as array will be output as string delimited by comma ====== 1.5.2 ====== - NEW: Option to hide the Gallery Images Intro Title - FIX: Switched table header to DIV - FIX: Header & Footer widht / height can be set to 0 ====== 1.5.1 ====== - NEW: Option to set a custom Meta Key Separator in Data to Show - NEW: Check for empty meta values ====== 1.5.0 ====== - NEW: Added multiple new filters: // Data Filters apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_title', $this->post->post_title); apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_short_description', do_shortcode($this->post->post_excerpt)); apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_price', $price); apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_description', $this->post->post_content); apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_meta_keys', $temp); // Modify the whole layout apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_product_html', $this->get_first_layout(), $this->data->ID); // Custom HTML apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_before_product_info_html', '', $this->data->ID); apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_after_product_info_html', '', $this->data->ID); // HTML Strings apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_product_description_html', ob_get_clean(), $this->data->ID); apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_product_attributes_html', ob_get_clean(), $this->data->ID); apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_product_attributes_html', ob_end_clean(), $this->data->ID); apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_product_reviews_html', ob_get_clean(), $this->data->ID); apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_product_upsells_html', ob_get_clean(), $this->data->ID); apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_product_gallery_images_html', ob_get_clean(), $this->data->ID); apply_filters('woocommerce_print_products_product_variations_html', ob_get_clean(), $this->data->ID); - FIX: Dimensions displayed - FIX: Performance Increase - FIX: Updated Documentation ====== 1.4.11 ====== - FIX: hr was replaced with a div and class hr with makes it easier to hide it via background-color: #fff for example ====== 1.4.10 ====== - FIX: Google Fonts missing ====== 1.4.9 ====== - FIX: Performance (admin panel only loads for admins now) - FIX: Removed TGM ====== 1.4.8 ====== - NEW: Added support for our Custom Product Tabs plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-ultimate-tabs/14667506 ====== 1.4.7 ====== - NEW: Moved all 3 Layouts from "Table" to "DIV" This gives you more styling possibilites using custom CSS If you want to revert back read next line: - NEW: Added option to go back to Table View (see advanced Settings) - FIX: Added compatibility to ATUM plugin - FIX: Cannot find TTF TrueType font file DejaVuSans-Bold.ttf ====== 1.4.6 ====== - NEW: Filter for Meta Keys, so you can reorder / change value / add own to them woocommerce_print_products_meta_keys - NEW: Show Stock Status ====== 1.4.5 ====== - NEW: Option to show the export icons as buttons See Settings > General > Icon Type ====== 1.4.4 ====== - NEW: Option to Show first product category description in Header or Footer ====== 1.4.3 ====== - NEW: Show product categories in Header or Footer ====== 1.4.2 ====== - NEW: Variation Attributes will now be better displayed - FIX: Variation Description not found ====== 1.4.1 ====== - NEW: Added an option to not convert description to table See Data to Show > Do not convert Description to Table - FIX: Strip images not working ====== 1.4.0 ====== - NEW: Added Support for your Group Attributes Plugin https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-group-attributes/15467980 ====== 1.3.9 ====== - FIX: Removed WooCommerce translations and changed to plugin ones Make sure you go to Loco Translate and translate the woocommerce-print-products plugin there ====== 1.3.8 ====== - NEW: Layout 4 ====== 1.3.7 ====== - NEW: PHP 7.2. Support - NEW: Moved MPDF to vendor folder for composer support - NEW: Option to enable MPDF Debugging (images, fonts) - FIX: Upgraded MPDF Rendering Engine to Version 7.0.3 ====== 1.3.6 ====== - FIX: Issue with strange meta keys ====== 1.3.5 ====== - NEW: 4 x new Filters: woocommerce_print_products_title woocommerce_print_products_short_description woocommerce_print_products_price woocommerce_print_products_description - FIX: Added BR tag after custom meta key - FIX: Added CSS classes to custom meta keys ====== 1.3.4 ====== - NEW: Get paramter product_id will override the shortcodes id attribute ===== 1.3.3 ====== - NEW: WPML Support - NEW: New option "Data to show" > "Try executing shortcodes in description" Disable this if you have issues with shortcodes in your post_content ===== 1.3.2 ====== - NEW: Shortcode support – Example: [print_product id="76" mode="pdf" text="Print Product (ID 76)"] - NEW: Shortcode rendering in header / footer ===== 1.3.1 ====== - FIX: Plugin initial code updated in order to use hooks ===== 1.3.0 ====== - NEW: Support for Custom Post Fields (see data to show) All custom meta keys for products will be shown there - NEW: Added New Font Families: Droid Sans, Droid Serif, Lato, Lora, Merriweather, Montserrat, Open sans, Open Sans Condensed, Oswald, PT Sans, Source Sans Pro, Slabo, Raleway - NEW: Limit access to specific user roles - FIX: Small Tweaks ===== 1.2.6 ====== - FIX: Print functionality ===== 1.2.5 ====== - FIX: WooCommerce 3.0 variable products compatibility ===== 1.2.4 ====== - FIX: Plugin activation check - FIX: WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility - FIX: Gallery Images overwritten by custom filter ===== 1.2.3 ====== - NEW: Shortcode support in short description ===== 1.2.2 ====== - FIX: Removed comments from PDF file when viewed in Chrome ===== 1.2.1 ====== - FIX: For old PHP Version ===== 1.2.0 ====== - NEW: You can now add a custom Text after the Header - NEW: You can now add a custom Text before the Footer - NEW: Template Nr. 3 has arrived -> see Layouts - NEW: You can now include / exclude products - NEW: You can now include / exclude product categories - NEW: Custom Meta Free Text can be added. This will be placed after the short description - NEW: Debug Mode (this will prevent PDF from render and display the plain HTML) - NEW: Set a custom Feature Image size - NEW: Added many CSS classes to better use the Custom CSS - FIX: Font-size and Line Height issue (switched to PX) ===== 1.1.8 ====== - NEW: Updated MPDF Library to Version 6.1 (this also removes PHP 7 errors) - NEW: decreased plugin size by 10MB (removed 2 fonts) ===== 1.1.7 ====== - NEW: Better plugin activation - FIX: Better advanced settings page (ACE Editor for CSS and JS ) - FIX: array key exists ===== 1.1.6 ====== - FIX: Redux Error ===== 1.1.5 ====== - NEW: Removed the embedded Redux Framework for update consistency //* PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU INSTALL THE REDUX FRAMEWORK PLUGIN *// ====== 1.1.4 ====== - FIX: Remove shortcodes from description - FIX: Print Function fixes for certain browsers ====== 1.1.3 ====== - FIX: Print Function fixes ====== 1.1.2 ====== - NEW: Do not display the next pagebreak if an element is empty (e.g. there are no gallery images) - NEW: Show Title, Caption, Alt Text or Decsription of your Product gallery images - FIX: Print Function fixes for Safari and Firefox - FIX: Updated translation files ====== 1.1.1 ====== - NEW: removed unnecessary files to reduce plugin file size ====== 1.1.0 ====== - NEW: show product variations - NEW: show / hide variation image - NEW: show / hide variation sku - NEW: show / hide variation description - NEW: show / hide variation attributes - NEW: extra class in each title element (e.g. description-title) - NEW: pagebreak now also in print ====== ====== - FIX: product upsells title - FIX: gallery images quality - FIX: reviews heading text - FIX: Russian ruble symbol - NEW: display a QR-Code blow product short description to your product page - NEW: display a QR-Code in header / footer to your product page ====== 1.0.9 ====== - FIX: print windows now closes after print / abort - FIX: Word document special characters - FIX: Paragraph tags are now splitted in table rows - NEW: set header height - NEW: set header top margin - NEW: set header vertical alignment - NEW: set foooter height - NEW: set foooter top margin - NEW: set foooter vertical alignment ====== 1.0.8 ====== - FIX: reviews will now always be displayed text aligned left - FIX: reviews in print have now valign top - FIX: image in layout 2 will always be centered - FIX: text not aligned in layout 1 - NEW: print windows now closes after print / abort ====== 1.0.7 ====== - FIX: removed unused admin CSS / JS ====== 1.0.6 ====== - NEW: product gallery images now possible to add - NEW: custom CSS now will be executed in PDF / Word / Print exports instead of the website - NEW: product title will now be used for PDF / Word filename ====== 1.0.5 ====== - FIX: font fix for arabic, chineses and any other special languages ====== 1.0.4 ====== - NEW: now you have the ability to add pagebreaks yourself ====== 1.0.3 ====== - FIX: header and footer text alignment ====== 1.0.2 ====== - FIX: layout images will now be shown in admin UI - FIX: SKU will now be shown - NEW: translation of tag / page / categories (please use Loco Translate - Translation comes from WooCommerce itself) - NEW: line height option for text and heading - NEW: 3 different header types: 1/1 OR 1/2 + 1/2 OR 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 - NEW: 3 different footer types: 1/1 OR 1/2 + 1/2 OR 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3 - NEW: reorder the product information like you want - NEW: ability to choose the text alignment (left, center, right) ====== 1.0.1 ====== - fixed end of file bug ====== 1.0 ====== - Inital release ====== Future Improvements ====== - Custom tab support - Group attributes support


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