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Customers can now pay directly using their Bank account using Stripe ACH Gateway!

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Why use Stripe ACH vs Stripe?

ACH payments on Stripe cost 0.80%, capped at $5, with no monthly fees or verification fees.

Important Note

Your Stripe account should have the latest API Version.

Video Overview

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Features Overview

  • Allows payment with bank account number and routing number. (No credit card required!)
  • Verifies account with micro-deposits
  • Works along with official stripe woocommerce integration
  • Easy installation
  • The plugin now supports native html5 dialog with simple customization via CSS. You can easily adapt the look of modal windows with your wordpress theme.
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Friendly Support
  • Plaid integration. Plaid will allow users to pay by logging using their bank username and password
  • Auto refunds via ACH Stripe and Plaid
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions support!

ACH WooCommerce plugin

Processing orders and the money transfer

ACH has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main minus is that money will be transferred to your account not immediately. Shortly, a few days should pass to change the payment status from ‘Pending’ to ‘Succeeded’. Read more here.

So, the most part of popular payment gateways has no such a problem. Hence, we’ve got a dilemma: change an order status to “Processing” in advance considering that the money will be transferred in a few days or wait until the money will be received and then change an order status.

To solve this we have an option in Admin panel.


Woocommerce Stripe ACH Gateway - 3

Woocommerce Stripe ACH Gateway - 4

Woocommerce Stripe ACH Gateway - 5

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Change Log
== 1.6.0 ==
    New feature for mandatory user registration
    Changed the logic of adding and searching customers to Stripe

== 1.5.3 ==
    Added compatibility with plugins of additional (meta) fields in the checkout

== 1.5.2 ==
    Change settings secret key field to password type

== 1.5.1 ==
    Remove legacy jQuery dialog

== 1.5.0 ==
    Check bank account with last4 and routing
    Unverified users verification

== 1.4.9 ==
    New option - Redirection to Order Received after checkout
    Plaid integration
    Jquery migrate
    Emailing fix

== 1.4.8 ==
    get_plugin_data fix

== 1.4.7 ==
    Show Stripe fees
    Stripe Partner ID

== 1.4.6 ==
    HTTPS Checking
    Additional info on Stipe init
    Powered by Stripe
    Additional logging
    Plaid checkout image width

== 1.4.5 ==
    Create customer in Plaid
    Tested with WordPress 5.0

== 1.4.4 ==
    Adding new source on empty client
    Empty default email template

== 1.4.3 ==
    `Place order` button is changing its text on Pay Now page
    Fixed `deleted` field call of Stripe/Customer
    Fxied call to protected WC function

== 1.4.2 ==
    Images not being attached to emails - fixed
    New account creation on checkout
    Mail function will not echo log info because of SMTP plugins

== 1.4.1 ==
    Plaid company name.
    docs.md instead of docx and pdf

== 1.4.0 ==
    Not showing the input to confirm account number on other gateways.
    Filtering the payment gateways on Pay for Order page.

== 1.3.9 ==
    Extra check of is order already paid and is the info email sent

== 1.3.8 ==
    Prevent blocking other gateways from saving payment methods
    Always add microdeps mark to an address (for Booking)

== 1.3.7 ==
    Save bank account via the My Account Payment Methods

== 1.3.6 ==
    Pay without any account and charge - new option
    Filter gateways or not - new option
    Better visual style in admin
    Getting the bank data by Plaid

== 1.3.5 ==
    Passing the ach_stripe_token and removed extra creation of customer

== 1.3.4 ==
    Get email headers from WooCommerce instead of WordPress

== 1.3.3 ==
    Handle micro deposits only when they are set

== 1.3.2 ==
    Handle new customer on checkout

== 1.3.1 ==
    Checking of the subscription module

    Saving payment method

== 1.3.0 ==
    Subscriptions renewal processing
    Remove the ACH and Plaid from other gateways' order-pay pages    

== 1.2.9 ==
    Popup text options

== 1.2.8 ==
    Custom redirection after the verification request was made
    Avoid the inclusion of Stripe.js twice
    Not emailing with invoice when the verification is required

== 1.2.7 ==
    Reduce stock on completing the charge
    Succeed a payment for not trustworthy customers

== 1.2.6 ==
    Plaid link script for Pay Now page

== 1.2.5 ==
    Pay now page payment gateways filtering

== 1.2.4 ==
    Update session

    Customizable email template

== 1.2.3 ==
    Plaid saved sources fix
    Emailing sureness
    Shipping to different address

== 1.2.2 ==
    Pay now page instructions only for ACH
    Better payment process workflow
    WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers compatibility
    WooCommerce Wholesale Suite compatibility

== 1.2.1 ==
    Emailing on new order
    Working with Stripe Checkout

== 1.2.0 ==
    Surrounding with try/catch

== 1.1.9 ==
    Filtering 'Pay for order' link for ACH midcrodeps.
    Note in admin.
    jQuery post request fix.
    Emailing fix.

== 1.1.8 ==
    Stripe compatibility.

== 1.1.7 ==
    Handling empty orders via REST.
    Delayed payment for subscription.
    Pay now page - removed redirect for subscription.
    Plaid 3 payment modes.
== 1.1.6 ==
    'Empty source' error on Plaid
    The same bank account from Plaid and Stripe

== 1.1.5 ==
    Better refunding
    Multiple customer's bank accounts handling
    Pay for order page instructions

== 1.1.4 ==
    WooCommerce Subscriptions compatibility
    Automatically changing order statuses via REST API
    Only one gateway on the invoice page
    Handling when to change the order status 
    Deeper Stripe API integration
== 1.1.3 ==
    WooCommerce Subscriptions support.

== 1.1.2 ==
    Set API ver by default.

== 1.1.1 ==
    New email template.
    WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility.

== 1.1.0 ==
    Direct payments for invoices.

== 1.0.9 ==
    WooCommerce 3 compatibility.

== 1.0.8 ==
    Admin notice.

== 1.0.7 ==
    Get all customers, no limit.

== 1.0.6 ==
    Verification via microdeposits.

== 1.0.5 ==
    Different customers for one WP account in test and live modes

== 1.0.4 ==
    Empty currency parameter while creating a customer

== 1.0.3 ==
    WooCommerce Subscriptions
    WooCommerce Deposits

== 1.0.2 ==
    Auto Refund integration

== 1.0.1 ==
    Removed Stripe Custromer check
    Plaid integration

== 1.0.0 ==
    Initial Release

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