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Showcase Your Favorite Links On Your Website!


Quickly and easily add social links to the side of your WordPress site!


Automatic Integration
The link code and stylesheet automatically append to the header and footer of your site’s theme using the wp_head and wp_footer functions.

WordPress Configuration
Set your links and styles through a settings page in the WordPress admin panel, modify as needed.

Works on all the newest browsers, properly tagged and contains transitions.

Over 600 Icons
Uses Font Awesome, the best free to use font icon library available.

4 Sides
Set your bar on the top, left, right, or bottom side of the page.

3 Shapes
Defaults to blocks on the side, but you can also set the style to show rounded corners or circles.

4 Color Themes
Default, light, transparent, and color themes available plus custom options.

4 Label Styles
Square, curved, rounded, and fancy label styles for just the right fit when the icons are moused over.

General Display Options
Choose from general page and post types to display the bar on (or not) as well as a manual mode for more customized integration.

Share Links
Share your site pages out with this link type and choose from a wide array of services powered by AddThis.com. Sharing defaults, overrides, and AddThis Publisher ID options also available. Now with standard share links!

Mobile Display
Choose to hide or turn the sidebar into buttons and at what width to make the sidebar more mobile friendly.

Custom Link Settings
Control settings like never before! Popup windows, custom colors, icons or images, the sky is the limit!

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Plus
Baidu Bit.ly Blogger Box.net
Delicious Digg Email Evernote
Facebook Fark FriendFeed GMail
Google Google +1 Share            Hotmail Instapaper
LinkedIn LiveJournal Live Messenger            Mixi
MySpace NetVibes Newsvine Orkut
Pinterest Reddit Scoop.it Sina Weibo
Tumblr Twitter Typepad Vkontakte
WordPress            Y! Mail


Installable plugin file.

HTML file with instructions on the installation, use, and configuration of the plugin.


Font Awesome – Font icons used in the plugin and demo.

CodeMirror – Custom CSS editor in the settings panel.

Change Log

VERSION 1.0.4 [5/3/2016]
- Updated: Font Awesome to version 4.6.1.
- Bug Fix: Rel field fixed and spacing added.
VERSION 1.0.3 [3/31/2016]
- Bug Fix: Page and post inclusion / exclusion fixed.
VERSION 1.0.2 [3/12/2016]
- New Options: Transparency settings added to custom sidebar colors.
- New Options: Transparency settings added to custom link colors.
- Backend: Filter "flmssr_sidebar_output" added for sidebar display.
- Backend: Filter "flmssr_sidebar_styles" added for sidebar inline CSS.
- Minor Fixes: Modified CSS to handle small layout issues based on support.
VERSION 1.0.1 [2/20/2016]
- New Feature: Rounded link shape added.
- New Feature: Top and bottom positions added.
- New Feature: Standard Share links added.
VERSION 1.0.0 [2/6/2016]
- Initial Release

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