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WP Job Hunter brings you the most simple solution to display jobs on any type of websites. You may already know, some really big Job Portals provides the option to use their database and extend your website with job offers. This plugin can make everything automatically, some job providers also pay commission when any of your visitors click on the job links.

Indeed API recently changed their API and it is doesn’t works at the moment. However, the plugin still contains the API connection which is works with older Publisher IDs. The current Indeed API doesn’t provides job details, therefore I’m waiting with the developing for changes on the Indeed side.

WordPress Plugin made by Envato Elite Author

The plugin has been featured in one of the most popular online magazines in their best lists, proving the plugin do it’s job well.


Monetize your Website with Jobs

You need to register on the service provider’s website, save your affiliate id in the plugin and it will makes the hard work instead of you. Just relax and earn money with Job Affiliates.
These websites will pay you when somebody click on a sponsored job link on your website. (pay per click method)

Supported Affiliates

WP Job Hunter helps you to use Indeed.com, CareerJet, SimplyHired, ZipRecruiter and Authentic Jobs Feed without any programming skills. The easiest way to make money with WordPress Affiliate website!

WP Job Hunter - WordPress Job Board Plugin - 1

Full Responsive Widget – Work with any Professional Themes

Made for any Premium WordPress Theme, it is compatible with the standard programming techniques. Tested with a lot of themes and works well with any professional WordPress Templates. The auto job post feature using the normal post type, you can absolutely separate the job posts into your own created categories.

You can use the Job Board Widget only, it is fully detached.
In this case, your website won’t store any jobs in the database and the Job Roll Widget will displays the jobs directly from the service provider.
Indeed, CareerJet and SimplyHired will pay you after the visitors clicked on the sponsored link of Job Roll widget. It can be an effective way to earn revenues on any website regardless of the category. Extend your income with this smart plugin!

WP Job Hunter - WordPress Job Board Plugin - 2

Easy to install for anyone, just upload it on the admin area of your WordPress website.
Register on https://ads.indeed.com/jobroll/ and you will get an affiliate id.
The WordPress Job Hunter Plugin using this ID for the connection of the Service Provider API.
You can track the amount what you earned daily when you login to your Affiliate Account on Indeed / CareerJet / SimplyHired, that is the same where you register.
The installation steps and the setup are super simple, you will get a brilliant responsive widget and the job auto-post function for your website within 5 minutes.

Turn your WordPress Website to a Real Job Hunter Portal!

The plugin also has an auto post feature, just few clicks and the jobs are coming to you!
You can earn a lot of money with sharing jobs on your website and in the other hand, you can get a nice content to your webpage as well. You can use Cron Job or just call the link in your browser (you’ll get the link in the plugin settings) and the jobs will be automatically posted.
Jobs’ expiry time, the number of jobs to post can be specified in the options.

Included Facebook Share & Like, Google+ and Google Maps

Provides a powerful viral marketing tool in the package with the Facebook Like, Share and the Google Plus Share buttons. The visitors can share the jobs on your website and you will get much more traffic and earnmuch more money. Included Google Maps to help for your visitors to find the place of the jobs.

WP Job Hunter - WordPress Job Board Plugin - 3

Customization – Custom Search Fields, Paginations and Templates

You can fully replace the apply job button and all of the plugin styles fit to the theme you using.
If you using responsive template, the Job Widget will be also responsive.
You can exactly specify the country and the city, you will get jobs only from that area.
Would you like to filter for a profession? No problem, you can also do that with keywords.
The widget and the auto post feature can be set up separately, so it is possible to display jobs from India on the widget and auto-post New York located jobs.

Smart Automatization – Generate Tags from the Content

You have an option to define tags what you don’t want to use. (like: is, that, there, etc.) The plugin able to generate tags from the content exluding the tags you don’t want to use.
Don’t waste you time to make the tags, it will be generated automatically.

Custom Categories with Keywords

Manage more categories and you don’t have to spend time to put jobs to the right category. You can specify a category (for example: Manager Jobs) with keywords (like: Hotel Manager, Financial Manager) and the plugin will detect the keywords in the content and save the jobs to the appropriate category.

Visitor Stats

Making stats always interesting. Which jobs, professions are the most visited? Stats function can be track the posted jobs easily. You can see the most visited and the last visited 50 jobs on the admin area, therefore you can optimize your job posts to the visitors.

According to our Clients

WP Job Hunter - WordPress Job Board Plugin - 4

Supported Countries by Indeed

This is the list of the supported countries by Indeed, please check it on the following link, because it can be different (usually Indeed extend the list with new countries):

Click here to check the list of currently supported countries for Indeed

Awards and Press Releases

Main Features:

  • super simple setup
  • ability to set up keywords and locations for the widget
  • ability to set up separately keywords and locations for posts
  • ability to set up the number of the listed jobs for the widget between 1-10
  • instant refresh the widget job list on every page load by random
  • very fast and well-designed
  • contained the indeed logo, it is required by the indeed.com policies
  • more informative jobroll widget than the usual with a short jobs’ description
  • one-click facebook share button
  • one-click facebook like button
  • one-click google plus share button
  • show job’s location with Google Maps on post’s page by one-click
  • generate tags by automatically from the content with an intelligent method, ability to excluding tags
  • fully customizable external indeed link with four inbuilt views or with your own html elements
  • feed jobs by cron with customizable limits, used by the inbuilt adjustable keywords and location parameters
  • set up email address to get cron responses
  • no coding or any technical skills necessary
  • auto-post feature after page load
  • choosable author for the posts
  • create custom categories with keywords
  • ability to feed jobs only when the job fit to any exist category
  • enable or disable comments on jobs’ posts
  • works with any professional WordPress templates, fully adapts for the style of the templates
  • fancy, arranged tabs on admin page with a lot of help
  • quick access to the widget options
  • responsive job board widget
  • links nofollow feature
  • enable or disable stats
  • stats contain the number of total jobs, the top 50 viewed jobs and the last 50 viewed jobs
  • list of supported countries for the Location and Location Shortcode settings on admin page
  • detailed documentation and help section
  • customize jobs on the widget by enable or disable description-, location- and company informations

How to get Updates?

After you purchased go to the Downloads and set the checkbox to on. You can also rate the plugin there.

WP Job Hunter - WordPress Job Board Plugin - 5


If you have any question or feedback, please feel free to email me via my user page contact form.
The plugin’s FAQ also contains some useful informations.

WP Job Hunter - WordPress Job Board Plugin - 6WP Job Hunter - WordPress Job Board Plugin - 7WP Job Hunter - WordPress Job Board Plugin - 8WP Job Hunter - WordPress Job Board Plugin - 9

WP Job Hunter - WordPress Job Board Plugin - 10

ThemeForest Theme Developers

Would you like to include this plugin into your theme?
Purchase one extended license for each theme you want to sell on any Envato Marketplaces. Drop me a line via my profile page mail sender and I will add your theme link to this page.


WordPress Job Hunter 1.8.1

  • added option to specify the country in the search fields
  • improved search and APIs
  • fixed minor bugs

WordPress Job Hunter 1.8

  • optional setting in widget to use first tag of the post as keyword
  • restructured the entire admin area
  • added plugin updater
  • added ZipRecruiter API to widget and shortcodes
  • added geolocation support to widgets and shortcodes, geolocation cache
  • added Authentic Jobs API
  • added job search fields to direct linked shortcodes
  • added pagination to direct linked shortcodes
  • added new template files
  • added shortcode manager
  • updated documentation
  • added optional cache for job APIs

WordPress Job Hunter 1.7

  • added optional custom post type selector
  • updated widget functions to support multiple instances
  • fixed minor bugs on admin

WordPress Job Hunter 1.6

  • added SimpleHired service provider
  • separated templates for direct linked jobs

WordPress Job Hunter 1.5

  • fixed minor compatibility issue with JobRoller Theme during auto-update
  • some compatibility changes for the latest WordPress version
  • minor CSS issue fixed on job search template
  • minor bugfix and improvements for WordPress 3.8
  • fixed minor bug with JobRoller Theme

WordPress Job Hunter 1.4

  • added CareerJet service provider
  • added 3 different shortcode to get jobs directly from Indeed/CareerJet, include Indeed Search Page, include posts (from all or specified categories)
  • fixed minor bugs
  • added integrate with Jobroller Theme option
  • you can now specify parameters for cron with url (eg.: number of jobs to feed, location, keyword, etc.)
  • added ability to save all jobs to one specified category (use alljobs in category tags)
  • updated documentation

WordPress Job Hunter 1.3

  • minor improvements on the job page
  • added auto-delete option (older jobs than 1-365 days)

WordPress Job Hunter 1.2

  • hotfix for supporting some special characters when creating categories and tags on admin (including non-english languages)
  • this version now ready to supports older PHP versions (below 5.3)

WordPress Job Hunter 1.1

  • fixed minor admin javascript conflict bug
  • fixed author’s page bug

Refund Policy

Full refund can be given, if the plugin doesn’t work on your website as it described, the issue caused by the product and can’t be fixed in 48 hours. In most cases, if the plugin doesn’t work on your website, that caused by any of the following reasons:

  • outdated WordPress Theme, that has an error in the background
  • outdated other plugin(s), that has an error in the background
  • other plugin or theme, that includes invalid jQuery version instead of using the WordPress built-in jQuery
  • hosting limitations on configuration issues
  • incorrect plugin configuration

Before you send a refund request, please make sure you already contacted with the support here and provided your website’s URL. If the plugin doesn’t work as it described and the problem is with the plugin, that can’t be fixed in 48 hours, then you can get a full refund.

If you refusing the free support and the issue can’t be investigated, then you can’t get a refund.


I owe a big thank you for the following websites for their API:



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