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Alia is a premium WordPress theme for personal or company blog with minimal & clean design, super easy settings, light and ultra fast page speed and perfect typography and spacing made for readability to offer bloggers and readers the best writing & reading experience ever without distractions.

We made it even more simple for you as blog owner to build your blog and start blogging in less than 4 minutes. See how simple and easy to create and customize your personal blog with Alia Personal Blog theme.

Alia Video Guide:

1- Install Alia Theme in 48 Seconds
2- Customize Your Blog in 98 Seconds
3- Add Content to Your Blog
4- Build Your Blog Menu in 58 Seconds

And it’s done, Happy blogging  :)

Wait…We still have one more thing! If you have any troubles, questions or feedback just talk to us anytime. we reply to our customers in minutes and very responsive to their feedback, You can read customers reviews to see how much do they love us. Finally, if Alia is not working for you as described ask us for money back  :)

We perfectly crafted every element of the theme to work perfect for you out-of-the-box. you just install the theme and start blogging in minutes without any effort.

While keeping Alia minimal, we also made Alia easy to customize to match your needs. with minimum experience you can customize your personal or company blog blog from the live customizer.

Why to buy Alia theme?

You can simply ask for refund if Alia theme didn’t make your blog look amazing and clean as you expect. We only care about making your blog awesome.

Theme designed by typography experts to make your visitors read more content and spend more time in your blog.

Perfect and simple design that works for everyone without tons of settings.

Design that get reviewed and tested by SEO experts to bring more visitors to your site from search engines.

You can talk to developers anytime, we reply in minutes and very responsive to your feedback.

We can help you install the theme on your website and customize it for free so you don’t waste anytime, you just focus on writing awesome content.

Our team can review your website for free and give you technical advices to make your blog looks awesome as you dream, Just PM us with your site url and we will review it in the same day.

Get free lifetime updates, we have tons of awesome features coming in the next weeks, and we release frequent updates to keep the theme fresh and perfect.

Top sales new blog theme and high rated by customers who used it.

We take performance seriously and built one of the lightest and fastest themes on the market. We carefully wrote every line of code to make the theme performance unbelievable, and we still working on improving performance.

7 Post formats perfectly crafted for everyone

With Alia theme you can add your content in 7 different formats, no matter who you are and what you user your blog for, Alia is well crafted to meet the needs of all kinds of content creators. we built each element of the theme in high quality code and design, so your blog will look awesome if you are using it to show galleries, videos or just writing plain texts.

– Standard text Post Format
If you are that kind of bloggers who write amazing content but don’t care about images in the post. Alia design will make your awesome content looks even better.
We litterly spent days working on Standard post format, and testing every part of text-only post to make it’s design quality matche the quality of your content.

– Image Post Format
Images are the dress of Alia, they will make your blog look colorful and smart. We designed Image post format with focusing on both images and texts. So images will look right as you want, while texts still clean and minimal so readers will never be distracted.

– Video Post Format
With Alia design you can show your video content in minimal design with Video Post format, you can add posts with video banner from Youtube, Vimeo, your local server or any other video provider.

– Gallery Post Format
If you create creative works and want to show you fans your galleries, you can easily add gallery posts in Alia.

– Audio Post Format
You can add audio content from Soundcloud or your local server as a banner for your posts.

– Status Post Format
With status posts you use posts from your social media profiles as a post banner to your blog posts.

– Aside Post Format
Aside post format lets you add pure short text without title or more details. something like a tweet on twitter or Facebook status. you need this to write down great ideas that not long enough to be written in an article.

“Stories” is another story.

“Stories” feature takes your personal or company blog to whole new level, if you don’t want to write a new article on your blog but just want to share a quick moment with your followers, this is a powerful feature to share moments and tell stories with just a picture and few lines.
With stories you easily build good relation with your readers and fans even if you don’t have new ideas to write.

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Other Features

  • Clean, Light & Fast
  • Works out-of-the-box
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Translation Ready
  • Works perfect with RTL languages
  • Serif & Sans-Serif Typography Options
  • Easy WordPress Customizer
  • Widgets Ready
  • Minimal Design
  • Retina Ready
  • Perfect Typography
  • Author Stories
  • Different Blog Layouts
  • Editor Style Matches Posts Style
  • Responsive Design
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • AMP Support
  • GDPR Ready
  • Well Documented

Frequently Asked Quesionts

Can I upload a logo instead of rounded profile picture in the demo?
– Of course you can, you can upload any image logo in the header.

Can I remove Site title from the header and use logo only?
– Yes, you have options to disable any part of the header.

Can I change fonts?
– Yes, we included Serif & Sans-Serif fonts to choose from, and we only included fonts that match our minimal design philosophy, so every included font will work perfect.

Can I use system fonts?
– Yes, if you don’t want to use Google Fonts you can simply switch to System fonts.

Does theme comes with demo content?
– Yes, the demo content import file is included in the package.

Does this theme support the new Gutenberg Editor?
– Yes, we just updated the theme to become fully compatible with Gutenberg.

Can I change theme main color?
– Yes, you have unlimited colors options, you can choose any color using colorpicker.


Version 2.01 – 27 April. 2023

– Fix bug where fonts break after installing WooCommerce.
– Other bug fixes and improvements.

Version 2.00 – 1 April. 2023

– Big Release! Added WooCommerce support to the theme.
– Improved RTL.
– Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 1.47 – 14 Jan. 2022

– Add option to change site width.
– Add option to show caption for featured images.
– Add option to show blog posts instead of stories in static footer.
– Add option to set category of footer blog posts circles.
– Add new social networks (Twitch).
– Fix embeds in (Show full content in blog) layout.
– Fix text posts border when blog full content is on.
– Fix standard post text padding at mobile.- Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 1.46 – 9 Apr. 2021

– Compatibility with WP 5.6.
– Compatibility with php8.
– Fix Blog Category issue.
– Fix Stories Title Link.
– Improve Image Sizes.
– Add Option to show Updated Date.
– Add Reddit and TikTok to Social Links.

Version 1.45 – 4 Jul 2020

– Fix alia_option issue.
-Fix Whatsapp icon issue.

Version 1.44 – 4 Jul 2020

– Fix grid & related post images quality in tablet & mobile views.
– Fix grid layout without masonry effect issue in Safari.
– Fix Gutenberg gallery issues.
– Improve Google fonts load.
– Add option to disable Alia style in admin side.
– Add option to hide changelog notice in admin bar.
– Add option to show views number.
– Add option to use image instead of text in menu bar.
– Add option to show top header area in home page only.
– Add option to lazyload images.
– Add option to lazyload iframes.
– Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 1.43 – 28 Oct. 2019

– Fix Whatsapp blog share issue.
– Improve related posts.
– Add option to set related posts relation.
– Add header code option to add Google Analytics script and similarities.
– Minor fixes.

Version 1.42 – 3 Aug 2019

– Fix Stories at footer issue.
– Grid CSS improvment.
– Minor Improvements.

Version 1.41 – 10 June 2019

– Add option to set custom footer content instead of stories.
– Add About Me widget.
– Improve Gutenberg editor style.
– Fix Gallery issue.
– Minor Improvements.

Version 1.40 – 14 March 2019

– Add option to load fonts locally.
– Add option to show featured post only on first page.

Version 1.39 – 13 March 2019

– Fix wide image mobile issue.
– Fix Instagram embed mobile issue.

Version 1.38 – 4 March 2019

– Fix Sticky header search issue.
– Fix Categories dropdown widget.
– fix amp issue.
– Add wide image option to Gutenberg Image block.

Version 1.36 – 18 January 2019

– Fix Opening/Closing sliding sidebar action.
– Add option to show different images sizes for different devices (Recommended for performance).
– Add option to improve featured image quality to 100% (instead of WordPress original compressing 80%).
– Add option to set categories for blog pages.
– Minor fixes.

Version 1.35 – 30 December 2018

– Compatibility with WP 5.x.
– add support for embed Flickr and gettyimages.
– improve show full content at homepage feature.
– improve widgets load at customizer.
– Fix uncrop banner at masonry layout.

Version 1.34 – 18 November 2018

– Fix excerpt issue for Chinese characters.
– Add single stories pages.
– Add option to change slug for stories.
– Add Whatsapp to share networks.
– Minor fixes and improvements.

Version 1.33 – 14 September 2018

– Fix: iFrame scale size issue.

Version 1.32 – 14 September 2018

– New: Option to disable masonry effect in grid layouts.
– New: Option to hide current menu circle indicator.
– Fix: Full size images not responsive in small screens.
– Fix: iFrames scale issue for some media embeds.
– Fix: WordPress video player overlap the sidebar in layouts with sidebar.
– Fix: Low image quality issue if crop disabled.
– Fix: Duplicated hentry in single post.
– Fix: Missing fn error appears in Google Search Console.
– Improvement: SEO optimization.
– Improvement: Remove hentry from pages and apply it in posts only.
– Improvements: Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 1.31 – 08 September 2018

– New: AMP Support.

Version 1.30 – 04 September 2018

– New: New blog layouts with sidebar.
– New: Scroll To Top Button.
– Improvement: Limit the number of visible social share icons if blog layout is narrow.
– Fix: Gallery overlapping the sidebar on posts with sidebar.
– Fix: Tweets visible gray background issue on posts with sidebar.
– Fix: Wrong width for posts without featured image in Posts list widget .
– Fix: Conflict with other plugins causing logo float to left.

Version 1.24 – 30 August 2018

– New: 3 Footer sidebars.
– New: Options to select info to show in meta area.
– New: Option to show wide text content for pages.
– New: Option to hide or change cookies notice icon.
– New: New Google Font added.
– Fix: Menu indicator dot back enabled in centered menu.

Version 1.23 – 28 August 2018

– New: Cookies notice floating box.
– New: Option to disable featured image cropping.
– Improvement: Post date is linkable to the post.
– Fix: Minor bug fixes and design improvements.

Version 1.22 – 26 August 2018

– Added: Noto Serif font.
– Improvement: Settings better organized in customizer.
– Fix: Logo width & height input overlap in customizer in RTL sites.
– Fix: Minor bug fixes and design improvements.

Version 1.21 – 26 August 2018

– Added: Medium icon added to social profiles.
– Improvement: Hide author avatar area if no avatar found.
– Improvement: Select box appearance in iOS devices.
– Improvement: Calendar Widget design improvements.
– Improvement: Making the theme ready for Gutenberg editor.
– Improvement: Small iFrame resizes to match content width.
– Fix: Gutenberg editor gallery and images design issues.
– Fix: Sticky posts icon position issue in text only posts.
– Fix: Sticky post Bookmark icon color doesn’t change with main color.
– Fix: Image align issues.
– Fix: Minor bug fixes and design improvements.
– Core Plugin updated to version 1.11.

Version 1.20 – 25 August 2018

– New: 3 columns grid layout.
– New: Option to show or hide borders around text only posts.
– New: Option to show full content/excerpt in homepage.
– New: Option to hide site title from header.
– Added: Compatibility with Yoast Breadcrumbs.
– Fix: Gallery banner design in list blog layout.
– Fix: Grid layout articles sort on small screens.
– Fix: Compatibility with older WordPress versions.
– Fix: Minor bug fixes and design improvements.

Version 1.15 – 23 August 2018

– Added: Telegram social icon.
– Fixed: Minor bug fix.

Version 1.14 – 22 August 2018

– Added: Option to hide logo only from site header.
– Fixed: Italian translation 2 missing phrases in admin panel.

Version 1.13 – 21 August 2018

– Added: Full Italian language translation – Thanks to Giangiacomo Fanizzi (UomoMacchina).
– Added: Full Arabic language translation.
– Fixed: Few phrases missed in translation file.
– Fixed: Minor bug fixes and design improvements.
– Improvement: Get first image in the post if post format is image and no featured images.
– Alia Core plugin updated.

Version 1.12 – 19 August 2018

– Fix: Alia Core plugin translation issue.
– Fix: Translation issue with few strings.
– Added: Comments cookies checkbox, for GDPR.
– Added: More Google Fonts tested and added to theme fonts.
– Added: System UI Fonts added to font library.
– Alia Core plugin updated.

Version 1.11 – 17 August 2018

– Fix: Youtube height issue in mobile screen.
– New: Option to remove Facebook SDK from header.
– Improvements: Stories performance improvements.
– Improvements: Added animated loader to stories.
– Improvements: Typography and spacing improvements.
– Alia Core plugin updated.

Version 1.10 – 16 August 2018

– Fix: Design spacing issue in lists.
– Fix: Scrollbar jumping issue for windows users.
– Improvements: Design tweaks.

Version 1.09 – 14 August 2018

– New: Navigate stories by keyboard arrows.
– Fix: Remove empty gray box appearing in the footer for some users.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.
– Alia-Core plugin updated for performance improvement.

Version 1.08 – 14 August 2018

– Fix: Stories hot fix.

Version 1.07 – 14 August 2018

– Improvements: Mobile menu open by touching the link istead of arrow.
– Improvements: Overall typography improvement.
– Improvements: Story performance in Android devices.
– Improvements: Rotate story slide by touch or click.
– Fix: Issue with loading the last story in the slide.

Version 1.06 – 11 August 2018

– New: Option to load story image from CDN URL.
– Improvements: Sticky header flicker issues.
– Fix: Fix sticky header default value.

Version 1.05 – 10 August 2018

– New: Add blur effect to stories when loading.
– Improvements: Design Improvements.
– Updated: Alia-Core plugin updated.

Version 1.04 – 10 August 2018

– New: Featured Image support for pages.
– Fix: Sticky footer disabled by default.
– Fix: Style conflict with Organize Series plugin.

Version 1.03 – 9 August 2018

– New: Option to make header photo rounded.
– Improvements: Make top header enabled by default.

Version 1.02 – 9 August 2018

– Improvements: Story modal close when click on empty area of the page.
– Updated: Alia-Core plugin updated.

Version 1.01 – 9 August 2018

– New: Option to create page with sidebar.
– New: Option to disable rounded borders from images.
– Minor bug fixes and improvements.

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