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Asana is a clean, flat and modern WordPress theme suitable for any type of sport and dance studios, gyms, health clubs, event agencies and a lot more. Asana is designed according to the latest trends, fresh colors are used. The theme is designed for full size screen.

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Asana WordPress Theme Presentation Image

Asana WordPress Theme Presentation Image

Asana WordPress Theme Presentation ImageAsana WordPress Theme Presentation Image

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Asana WordPress Theme Presentation Image

Asana WordPress Theme Presentation Image

Asana WordPress Theme Presentation Image

Asana WordPress Theme Presentation Image

Asana WordPress Theme Presentation Image

Asana WordPress Theme Presentation Image

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Asana WordPress Theme Presentation Image

We work on improving this theme. Please, leave your suggestions and most wanted features in comments to the item. All ideas will be taken into consideration. Thanks!

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Plugins are used and bundled with the theme!

Graphics Used

Note: All images are just used for preview purpose only and NOT included in the final purchase files. All images used in template you can purchase here

Changelog & Update History

Version 1.7.9
- Fixed: a bug with logo; some minor bugs

Version 1.7.8
- Improved: added compatibility with WordPress 5+ 
- Updated: WC templates 
- Fixed: a bug with Calendarius plugin; some minor bugs

Version 1.7.7
- Updated: WC templates
- Updated: Revolution Slider plugin included in the theme archive

Version 1.7.6
- Fixed: a bug related to displaying products on the homepage
- Updated: WC templates

Version 1.7.5
- Updated: WC templates

Version 1.7.4
- Updated: RevolutionSlider and Calendarius plugins
- Improved: added support of WC 3.0+
- Fixed: some minor bugs

Version 1.7.3
- Fixed: a bug that was preventing translation of theme to other languages by using Polylang

Version 1.7.2
- Fixed: a bug in the theme that caused breaking the theme if Calendarius plugin is not active
- Added: Profilini plugin (pls, use it instead of deprecated Uni User Avatar Manager)
- Added: some small improvements

Version 1.7.1
- Updated: Calendarius plugin bundled with the theme (1.2.2)

Version 1.7.0
- Updated: RevolutionSlider plugin bundled with the theme
- Updated: Calendarius plugin bundled with the theme
- Added: support of WordPress 4.7; the theme requires WP 4.6+ now!
- Added: icon "business hours" 
- Fixed: a bug related to product image on single product page
- Fixed: a bug with sorting events on events category page
- Fixed: a bug with adding SVG code for logo

Version 1.6.15
- Improved: the theme code has been improved in some aspects
- Fixed: a bug on Tickera Events Page template
- Updated: bundled plugins

Version 1.6.14
- Changed: the way of how to add logo from admin menu; pls, read the documentation before update!!
- Added: a possibility to disable preloader (as a setting on the theme options page)
Now you have to use WP 4.5+ in order to use the theme!

Version 1.6.13
- Added: Calendarius WP plugin (pls use instead of 'Uni Events Calendars Manager'). Pls, read the documentation before update.
- Improved: css styles
- Updated: some plugins bundled with the theme
- Fixed: some minor bugs

Version 1.6.12
- Hotfix: a bug caused during using the theme without WC activated

Version 1.6.11
- Fixed: some minor bugfixes

Version 1.6.10
- Updated: RevolutionSlider
- Updated: Uni Calendars Manager (added a possibility to connect Google Calendar)
- Fixed: some minor bugfixes
- Added: support of WC 2.6
- Added: support of Polylang plugin
- Updated: the documentation

Version 1.6.9
- Improved: add some minor enhancements
- Added: a possibility to add custom text at the bottom of the all built-in forms

Version 1.6.8
- Fixed: some minor bugs, incl. the one related to displaying multi dates for events

Version 1.6.7
- Fixed: small issues in css
- Added: a possibility to add multi-date events (don't forget to re-add start dates for events!)
- Added: several styles for the map (can be chosen on per page basis)
- Added: support of Tickera plugin
- Changed: sizes for some thumbnails were changed (they are bigger now; pls, regenerate thumbnails as well as consider to use larger images)

Version 1.6.6
- Fixed: a bug in shop section

Version 1.6.5
- Updated: theme translation
- Hotfix: an issue in js script
- Updated: theme's translation file; all form validation msgs are added to the theme translation file and are ready for translation!

Version 1.6.4
- Updated: several bundled plugins
- Improved: code optimization
- Added: support of site icon (site icon can be added via Customizer)
- Added: support of WP 4.5
Attention: pls, review and update you child theme if you are using one! The names of some functions were changed and it may cause the problem.
You can just overwrite your child theme with the new one if you haven't done any customisation in it. Otherwise, pls, test it first!

Version 1.6.3
- Improved: product thumbs are now in slider on single product page; scroll on click (there is no arrows or smth similar)
- Fixed:several small fixes and improvements in css
- Added: support of WC 2.5.2

Version 1.6.2
- Fixed: broken share buttons
- Fixed: small fixes in css

Version 1.6.1
- Added: support of WC 2.5
- Fixed: small fixes in css

Version 1.6.0
- Updated: Added support of WC 2.4.12
- Updated: tested and ready for WP 4.4!
- Updated: RevolutionSlider plugin to 5.1.6
- Added: support for Ecwid store!
- Added: YouTube social icon
- Added: a possibility to change the order of appearance of instructors
- Added: a list of categories on a blog page temlate
- Changed: switched from 'date' to 'date_i18n' on single event and events templates
- Changed: a lot of changes (optimization) in the template files; please read the documentation and update carefully
- Fixed: small fixes in email templates
- Fixed: fb share button stopped working; the mechanism of sharing was changed and you have to create FB app and add its ID on theme options page in order to use fb share button
It is a huge update and Asana child theme is also needs to be updated. Luckely, it is very easy to do this. All you need is just to replace the code from functions.php introduced in previous child theme with the new one from the child theme of this version.

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