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CloudArcade is a lightweight CMS designed specifically for HTML5 game portal. It is a standalone platform, not an add-on or extension, and is built to run on PHP 7+ or PHP 8+. With CloudArcade, you can quickly build your own gaming site without the need for complex coding or development skills, equipped with a robust set of features for a complete HTML5 game portal experience.

“CloudArcade WP” Plugin
CloudArcade WP is a bonus item (WordPress plugin), designed to integrate the CloudArcade CMS with your WordPress site. Whether you’re running an online store, a digital marketplace, blogging space, or a current events portal, “CloudArcade WP” seamlessly synchronizes with your CloudArcade platform to bring interactive gaming content to your audience. More info about “CloudArcade WP”

Whether you aim to launch a full-fledged web gaming platform or simply wish to enhance your existing WordPress site with interactive games, CloudArcade provides the solution. With CloudArcade, you have the flexibility to do either or even both for a dynamic and engaging user experience.

Experience the simplicity of game addition with CloudArcade’s versatile game integration options:

  • Upload Game: Directly upload your own HTML5 game files.
  • Fetch Games: Quickly populate your portal by importing free games from game distributors.
  • Remote Add: Add games to your library via URLs from external sources.
  • JSON Importer: Perform bulk imports for a substantial collection in mere moments.

Intuitive Administration and Management

CloudArcade’s admin dashboard offers a sleek, intuitive interface for site management. Visualize your site’s statistics, manage your game library, and update site themes and configurations with ease.

cloudarcade dashboard stats

cloudarcade dashboard gamelist

Our CMS comes with two elegant, pre-built themes for a quick start, as well as the option to purchase premium themes for a customized gaming experience.

cloudarcade default theme

cloudarcade dark theme

Premium Themes (Sold separately):

cloudarcade arcade one

cloudarcade arcade two


Key Features

Easy Updates: Update your CMS directly from the Admin dashboard. It updates only what’s needed, keeping your site smooth and efficient.

Site Backup: CloudArcade CMS includes a backup feature. You can back up your entire site anytime with just one click.

Plugins: Add new features to your CloudArcade site with plugins. This lets you customize and extend your site the way you want.

Speed and SEO: Enjoy fast loading times even for game pages loaded with HTML5 games, helping your site to score well in search engine rankings.

SEO score

Player Community: Players can join your CloudArcade site, earn points, level up, and more.

CloudArcade player profile

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  • Banner ads (site ads)
  • Easy setup/installation
  • Lightweight
  • Admin dashboard
  • 5 HTML5 game bonus
  • Pages
  • Blog post
  • Category management
  • Game management
  • Theme system
  • Plugin system
  • Leaderboard
  • Game API
  • Password hash
  • Themes using Bootstrap 4 & jQuery
  • Clean and Responsive Design
  • Pretty URL
  • Upload game, fetch games, remote add
  • Game search
  • Comments
  • Player Rank
  • Player base
  • Thumbnails compressor
  • Game rating
  • Login attempts limiter


  • PHP 7+ or 8+
  • Apache (optional, for pretty URL since it’s use .htaccess), Nginx guide
  • Web Server
  • Mysql
  • Codecanyon Item Purchase code for verification


  • Fetched games from game distributor always have ads.


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