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Student/Website: https://faculty.spagreen.net/demo/

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Admin Panel: https://faculty.spagreen.net/demo/login

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Organization Panel: https://faculty.spagreen.net/demo/login

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Instaructor Panel: https://faculty.spagreen.net/demo/login

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456




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Faculty eLearning Management System

Faculty eLearning Management System – your all-in-one solution for simplifying online teaching & course selling. Designed with educators in mind, this user-friendly platform empowers you to effortlessly create, manage, and deliver engaging eLearning experiences.

With our interactive interface, you can organize course materials, upload multimedia resources, and interact with students in a snap. Say goodbye to tedious grading – our automated system handles that for you, giving you more time to focus on what truly matters: teaching.

Stay in the loop with real-time student progress tracking and gain valuable insights into your teaching methods through customizable analytics. Whether you’re a tech-savvy instructor or just starting out, the Faculty eLearning Management System adapts to your needs, supporting various learning styles and formats.

Instuctor: https://faculty.spagreen.net/demo/

Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Core Features

  • Unlimited Theme color for Storefront
  • 2 Header version available and upcoming more
  • Digital/Downloadable Product
  • Flash Sales
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Product brands
  • Product tags
  • SCA and 3D secure integration
  • Instant search suggestions
  • Rich Snippets
  • Beautiful & Powerful Admin Panel
  • Multiple Locales
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multiple Countries, State & Cities
  • Advanced Home Page Builder
  • Advanced Search
  • Product Options
  • Product Attributes
  • Advanced Product Filtering
  • Customer Panel
  • Sales Analytics Chart
  • Search Log
  • Advanced System Report
  • Custom Static Page
  • Scheduled Special Product Price
  • Minimum Amount for Free Shipping
  • Media Gallery
  • Drag & Drop File Uploader
  • Custom CSS/JS
  • SEO Optimized
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Google Scheme Ready
  • And More…

Technology Used


BackEnd: Laravel


Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Prevention
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention
Password Hashing
Avoiding SQL Injection

System Requirement

Requires PHP Version: 8.0.2 or Later

Database Support MySQL, Mysqli.

BCMath PHP Extension
Ctype PHP Extension
Fileinfo PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension

More Features

1. Diverse Content Support: Faculty LMS accommodates various content types, including video courses, live classes (Webinars), text-based courses (Plugin), SCORM courses (Plugin), and articles.

2. Flexible Instructor Options: Whether you’re creating a marketplace or offering individual instruction, Faculty LMS can seamlessly support your requirements.

3. Organizational Education: For institutes and organizations, Faculty LMS enables you to define and manage entities with their own students and instructors, allowing for customized pricing.

4. Online Meeting Capabilities: Instructors and organizations can offer online meetings, while students can book online, in-person, or group sessions.

5. Extensive Payment Gateway Support: Faculty LMS offers a wide range of payment gateways (including PayPal, Stripe, and more) to cater to various countries and preferences. Offline payment options are also available via a paid plugin.

6. YouTube & Vimeo Integration: Seamlessly incorporate video links from Vimeo and YouTube into your courses for safe and accessible video storage.

7. S3 Storage Compatibility: Utilize S3 storage services like Amazon S3 and Wasabi to reduce hosting costs effectively.

8. Convenient User Authentication: Users can log in using social accounts (Google & Facebook) or through SMS, with SMS authentication powered by Twilio.

9. Full Customization: Tailor your platform’s content, texts, images, CSS, and JavaScript codes to align with your brand.

10. Admin Panel Control: Easily change platform colors and fonts through the admin panel, aligning your branding effortlessly.

11. Built-in Accounting System(Upcoming Addon): Faculty LMS features an integrated accounting system for tracking transactions, sales analysis, advanced reports, refunds, and more.

12. Shared Hosting Support: Install Faculty LMS even on shared hosting plans, eliminating the need for expensive VPS or dedicated servers.

13. Localization: The platform supports multiple languages and is translatable, offering compatibility with all official currencies and RTL modes.

14. Staff & Permissions: Create distinct staff roles with specific access levels for different departments.

15. Responsive Design: The platform boasts a high-quality responsive design, ensuring content accessibility across various devices.

16. Quiz and Certification: Generate unlimited quizzes and certificates, assigning them to courses, including video and image quizzes.

17. Marketing Options: Execute marketing campaigns effectively with features like advanced discount codes, content promotions, and email newsletters.

18. Notifications: Automated notifications keep users informed, while customized promotional messages can be sent to users as needed.

19. Support System: Students can easily reach instructors through a functional course support system, and users can create support tickets for administrative assistance.

20. Separate Panels: Faculty LMS provides separate panels for instructors, users, and organizations, each tailored to their specific data needs.

21. Offline Payments: Users can add funds to their accounts via an offline payment system, with admin approval required.

22. Course Sections: Organize course materials into sections and chapters for streamlined learning.

23. Noticeboard: Send personalized notices to students and display announcements on the noticeboard.

24. Multi-language Content: Offer website content in multiple languages, dynamically loading content based on user preferences.

25. In-App Live Class System: Conduct live classes directly on your platform with features like live chat and screen sharing, providing a seamless user experience.

With Faculty LMS, you have a comprehensive educational platform equipped with a wide array of features to meet your specific needs. Discover the power of adaptable and advanced e-learning today!

Change Log

17 May 2024 V1.5.0

- Added Staff button in demo login buttons
- Added delete options for course/category and so on 
- Google Login bugs Fixed 
- Call to Action bugs fixed
- Private course issue Fixed
- .env issue fixed 
- Add to cart bugs fixed
- Add Resource bugs fixed in edit course
- Offline Payment related issue fixed 
- Language Translating issue fixed 
- Progressbar for mp4 video fixed 
- HTTPS and Maintanance mode
- Default lang delete issue fixed
- Roles fields are not selected during creating staff is fixed
- Support Ticket status issue fixed
- Support Ticket Show issue 
- Organization Staff Action option issue fixed 

13 February 2024 V1.4.0


- Enrollment history where admin can manage purchased courses


- Fixed courses don't appear on top course section on home page
- Fixed wallet recharge issue 
- Bkash issue fixed
- Instructor registration fixed
- Course adding problem fixed in instructor panel
- Datatable search issue fixed
- Google login fixed
- HTTPS and maintenance mode fixed
- Student profile language reset to English fixed
- S3 bucket issue fixed
- Permission for website setting fixed
- ticket image issue fixed
- Media Gallery issue fixed for showing duplicate images when uploading multiple files at once
- Offline method purchased courses now need to be approved by the admin
- Wallet Recharge fixed for offline method
- Mobile login issue fixed
- Blog image delete issue fixed


- Update paytm and added sandbox mode 
- Cookie in GDPR updated

24 December 2023 V1.3.0

- Offline Method Added
- Recharge with Offline method
- Purchase course with offline Method
- Now user can switch language/currency from the home page
- Now free videos for lessons can be visible in the course detail


- Payment gateway security updated
- Fix the role permission system and add missing keys
= Course completion percentage issue fixed
- Blog not linkable from the homepage
- Audio progress issue solved on my course
- During creation of course I fli
- Load more button fixed on my course
- Call to Action button fixed
- Payment calculation fixed on some payment gateway while having a discount on course
- After canceling a payment on SSL Commerce getting error fixed
- Image missing on uddokta pay fixed
- Cart image fixed on app
- Slider image issue fixed
- Image missing on student panel after purchasing course


- Subcategory now can be selected in a course
- Course with live class can now can bee created
- Privacy link updated on sign-up page
- Reve system api updated
- Language Translation module update

14 November 2023 V1.2.0

Fixes API Issue for Upcoming App.
Fixes a few minor bugs

08 November 2023 V1.1.0

- Country, State, and City modules added 
- API added for an upcoming student app.


- Student Login to dashboard after registration without the approval of admin
- System preference enable/disable issue
- Top instructor image not viewing issue fixed
- Popular instructor section name showing twice
- Staff create issue
- Home page builder issue fixed for some sections (lesson with a mentor, video slider, counter section, fun fact etc)
- Footer payment menu banner issue for turning off/on 
- Mega menu for the course in header fix. Enable/disable not working from admin panel
- Bkash logo missing issue fixed
- Blog details fixed for showing the HTML on description section
- Default language is not changed from header
- Cart calculation issue fixed when price has discount
- One signal issue fixed. Not fetching the user who subscribed to onesignal
- Fixed issue when going to payment
- Fixed language flag in Language dropdown
- Footer links adding issue.
- In Mobile screen, instructor dropdown not working.


- User now can update to the latest version by clicking just one click (No need to maintain hierarchy)

22 October 2023 V1.0.2

- Open graph image issue solved
- Instructor feature and panel updated
- Home page updated
- Blog feature updated for different browser
- Course category updated
- Student panel updated
- Login history updated 
- From admin staff feature updated
- Course edit feature updated
- Currency feature updated
- Assignment  and resource-related issues solved
- Wallet issue solved.
- City issue solved.
- Email issue solved
- Currency issue solved
- Discount-related issues solved
- All footer-related issues solved
- Performance updated 

02 October 2023 V1.0.1

Added join meeting option for students.
Student authentication issue fixes.
GDPR issue fixes for deleted students.
Admin staff permission issue fixes.
Assignment submission date and time added.
Private course implemented.
Banner issue fixes.
Language issue fixes.
Added student list update from admin panel.
Add course list updated option from admin panel
Course edit issue fixes.
Settings-related issue fixes.
Add lesson section issue fixes.
Solved live meeting issue in frontend

14 September 2023 V1.0.0

Initial released

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