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Guru is a Powerful LMS WordPress theme. Ideal for creating and managing online courses, Online teaching, Lesson management, Quiz System, Practice tests, Learning Modules, Tracking course progress, WooCommerce integration, Selling Educational materials, Event Calendar, WPML Support

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The Guru Sensei integrated LMS Education theme comes with a lot of pre-built features like Course assessment, Instructor profiles, Candidate profiles, Course details, Duration, Related Courses, Course news and events, Fee structure

Build an awesome Online training website with Guru Online education WordPress theme easily and start teaching online. Being the best LMS WordPress theme of ThemeForest, this theme comes with the best Online Learning features and addons…

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Sensei – Premium Plugin You have to Purchase

Teaching coursework has never been easier, all within WordPress. With the Sensei plugin you can create courses, write lessons, and add quizzes. Set lesson and course pre-requisites, allow user registration and even charge for your course content using WooCommerce if you want.

Seamless WP integration – Using Sensei is as easy as creating a WordPress page or post, with it being powered by it’s own “Lessons” custom post type. The plugin is designed around the intuitiveness of the WordPress user interface.

Easy content creation – Create courses, write lessons, then add quizzes to test your learners. Setting up pre-requisites for both courses and lessons is a breeze in this hugely flexible plugin.

Quick user registration – Signing up for a course is super easy with Sensei using WordPress’s user registration facilities. Learners then have access to a dashboard and can track their course/lesson progress.

Charge for courses – Sensei seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce allowing you to charge for courses. It’s as simple as setting up a product and linking it to a course.

Course analytics – Sensei provides reporting facilities which provide you with an overview of your content, grades, as well as the students who are registered with the site.

Test Anything – With a variety of question types at your disposal, there’s virtually no limit to the kind of quizzes you can create.

Question Bank – Create a ‘bank’ of questions, and display a random selection of them to your learners when they take a quiz.

Quiz Grading – Have your simple quizzes graded automatically, or choose manual grading for questions that require review by a teacher.

Build courses in minutes – Reuse your presentations and videos or a wide range of online material. Make stunning courses with minimal effort.

Customisable to your needs – Your own logo and color scheme, fonts etc., Make your LMS look the way you dreamt it.

Reports that make sense – Simple and comprehensible analytics about everything that happens inside your learning / Teaching environment.

Mobile friendly – An LMS built from scratch to work with PC, iPad, iPhone, Android (and similar) devices.

Easy to maintain – Built with a preference for conventions over configurations. This means fewer things to configure, more time to deliver great training.

SEO — Fully hand coded, semantic and written to bring good ranking on search engines. The theme has good use of h1,h2,h3 tags. Given priority to Content hierarchy in the markup. Famous Allin one SEO and Yoast plugin Compatible.

WPML Compatible / Localization / Multilingual — Guru loaded with WPML compatibility. You can create your site in multiple languages.

Event Calendar Plugin (Free and Pro) – You can create and manage events. Adding photos, maps, external links, description and event count down, featured and upcoming events list, event calendar based on day, week, month, event short codes are included.

Home page and all other pages can have different layouts and with one click visual short code builder you can bring tons of layout possibilities. Descriptive and design components such as a features lists, carousels, testimonials, pricing table, accordion, tabs, buttons, quote, icons, divides, toggle, progress bars, fancy box and many more are included in the short code builder.

NOTE: Images used in the demo are not included for download, these images are copyrighted, if you are planning to use the photos we can provide the links to buy license.


*Guru WordPress Theme Changelog *

2023.05.03 – version 4.8

* Compatible with WordPress 6.2
* Compatible with latest WooCommerce versions
* Compatible with PHP 8.2 version
* Updated: All premium plugins

2022.12.30 – version 4.7

* Compatible with WordPress 6.1
* Compatible with latest WooCommerce versions
* Compatible with PHP 8.1 version
* Updated: All premium plugins

2022.08.16 – version 4.6

* Compatible with wordpress 6.0.1
* Compatible with the latest woocommerce plugin
* Updated: All premium plugins

2021.08.23 – version 4.5

* Compatible with wordpress 5.8

2021.01.25 – version 4.4

* Compatible with wordpress 5.6
* Some design issues updated
* Updated: All premium plugins

<2020.12.21 – version 4.3

* Latest jQuery fixes updated
 * Updated: All premium plugins

2020.08.13 – version 4.2

* Compatible with wordpress 5.5

2020.07.28 – version 4.1

* Updated: Envato Theme check
* Updated: sanitize_text_field added
* Updated: All wordpress theme standards
* Updated: All premium plugins

2020.06.29 – version 4.0

* Updated : Sensei plugin shortcode issue
* Updated : Events Calendar plugin issue
* Updated: Sub Menu animation issue
* Updated: Demo contents
* Updated: Bpanel color changes not working

2020.02.12 – version 3.9

* Updated : All premium plugins

2020.01.29 – version 3.8

* Compatible with wordpress 5.3.2
 * Updated: All premium plugins
 * Updated: All wordpress theme standards
 * Updated: Privacy and Cookies concept
 * Updated: Gutenberg editor support for custom post types

 * Fixed: Google Analytics issue
 * Fixed: Mailchimp email client issue
 * Fixed: Privacy Button Issue
 * Fixed: Gutenberg check for old wordpress version

 * Improved: Tags taxonomy added for portfolio
 * Improved: Single product breadcrumb section
 * Improved: Revisions options added for all custom posts

2019.06.17 – version 3.7

* Gutenberg Latest update compatible
* Fixed - Mailchimp Issue
* Fixed - GDPR Product single page comment box issue
* Updated wpml xml file
* Updated latest version of all third party plugins
* Updated - language pot files
* Some design tweaks

2018.12.26 – version 3.6

 * Latest wordpress version 5.0.2 compatible
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * Updated documentation

2018.02.27 – version 3.5

* Bulk Install TGM plugin issue fixed
 * All theme function updated for child theme support
 * Option to change site title color
 * BuddyPress pages compatible issue fixed
 * Mail function replaced with wp_mail core function
 * Unyson pagebuilder disabled with conflict of VC
 * Social shortcode target attribute added
 * Few page builder issues fixed
 * Nav menu plugin support added
 * Updated all third parthy plugins
 * Menu disable link option issue fixed
 * WordPress 4.9.4 compatible
 * Some design tweaks updated

2017.04.26 – version 3.4

 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * Unyson importer content updated
 * Woocommerce 3.0 compatible
 * Sensei course plugin v1.9.14 compatible
 * Few php warnings fixed
 * Few latest scripts updated
 * Some design issues fixed

2016.11.09 – version 3.3

* Page builder fix

2016.10.15 – version 3.2

 * BPanel UI design fixes for Events Calendar update

2016.10.05 – version 3.1

 * WPML page builder issue fixed
 * Dummy data content optimized
 * Global page layout option updated
 * Mailchimp updated to latest api 3.0
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * Social share links alignment issue fixed
 * Page Builder UI enhancements
 * Dummy content importer updated
 * Font awesome css updated
 * Unyson importer plugin included
 * SSL compatible updated

2016.08.20 – version 3.0

 * WordPress 4.6 Compatible
 * Visual Composer 4.12 Compatible
 * Some translation text missing updated
 * Some design issues updated

2016.08.11 – version 2.9

 * BuddyPress cover image css enqueue issue fixed
 * Tribe events plugin deprecated class replaced
 * Some design changes updated

2016.07.22 – version 2.8

 * Sensei course plugin v1.9.6 compatible updated
 * Some shortcodes fixes updated
 * Blog post image size optimization updated
 * Compatibility checks, latest version of all third party plugins
 * Some design changes updated

2016.07.01 – version 2.7

 * Latest TGM plugin updated
 * Latest Responsive Styled Google Maps plugin updated for Google Maps API key request.
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * Little design tweaks fixed

2016.05.27 – version 2.6

 * BPanel media upload script updated
 * BPanel logo images added

2016.04.26 – version 2.5

 * WordPress 4.5 Compatible
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * Site width extended
 * 14 new skins added
 * Pagebuilder small issue fixed
 * Some design issues fixed

2016.03.28 – version 2.4

 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * WordPress 4.4.2 Compatible
 * WPML compatible issue updated
 * Pagebuilder small issues fixed
 * Titled Box,  Featured course shortcodes updated
 * Font awesome stylesheet updated
 * Some translation texts updated
 * Some design issues fixed

2015.07.23 – version 2.3

 * Captcha for contact form added
 * Some design issues fixed

2015.06.24 – version 2.2

 * Fixed XSS vulnerability in prettyPhoto jQuery library

2015.04.28 – version 2.1

 * Fixed XSS vulnerability
 * Updated to TGM Plugin 2.4.1
 * WordPress 4.2 Compatible
 * Updated latest version of all third party plugins
 * BPanel options issues fixed

2015.03.31 – version 2.0

 * All plugins compatibility updated
 * Mailchimp 'First Name' argument issue fixed
 * Some responsive issues fixed
 * Language files are updated
 * Woocommerce category listing issue fixed
 * Added isotope masonry for blog posts
 * Apple favicon image save issue fixed

2014.12.27 – version 1.9

* WordPress 4.1 Compatible
* Theme Performance Improved

2014.12.11 – version 1.8

 * Overviewed the compatiblity of all supported plugins
 * Some styles are updated

2014.12.27 – version 1.9

  * WordPress 4.1 Compatible
 * Theme Performance Improved

2014.12.05 – version 1.7

 * Now Retina ready
 * Documentaion updated
 * Added placeholder image disable option
 * Theme & Plugin language files updated
 * Added demo slider zip file
 * rtl.css updated
 * Dummy content file updated
 * Some responsive issues fixed

2014.10.25 – version 1.6

 * Shortcodes strip_tags issue fixed
 * Page Builder layout issue fixed

2014.10.20 – version 1.5

 * Added New Page Builder to create pages
 * All plugins Compatible checked
 * Social widget class name updated

2014.09.13 – version 1.4

 * WordPress 4.0 Compatible
 * WooCommerce 2.2.2 Compatible

2014.09.09 – version 1.3

 * Revolution Slider 4.6.0 updated
 * WPML Config file updated

2014.08.30 – version 1.2

 * French & Russian language files updated

2014.07.26 – version 1.1

 * Shortcodes Builder changes updated
 * Teacher's details page updated
 * rtl.css updated

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