HIGH – Project Management System


HIGH - Project Management System

Best CRM, Project Management, and Team Collaboration System on CodeCanyon

HIGH is a perfect, robust, lightweight, superfast web application to fulfill all your CRM, Project Management, and Team Collaboration needs. Save hours every day by Managing Projects, Tasks, Leads, Clients, and Teams at One Place using HIGH.

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Demo: https://high.waptechy.com/auth
Admin: [email protected] / 12345678
Client: [email protected] / 12345678
Team Member: [email protected] / 12345678

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

HIGH - Project Management System

Features of HIGH – Project Management Tool

Project Management

Create unlimited amounts of Projects with start and end date of project, each with their own unique teams. You can easily assign teams and client to each project. After the creation of a project, you can create tasks of that project and assign those tasks to the project team members in order to get tasks done. You can see all the details about projects like graphical overview, projest tasks, project statistics, project files, project users, and many more.

Tasks Management

Add a new task and prioritize them according to the need of urgency. Assign the task to one or multiple team members and set a due date for task completion. You can add comments and attach necessary files in a required task. Using a Kanban board and clear statistics helps you understand the status of tasks and you can drag and drop the task to change the status of tasks. Detail model of the task will show you all the necessary details of those tasks.

Client and Team Management

You can add a new user and remove an unnecessary user when required. Also, admin can make any team member as admin and also from admin to a team member. You can easily add this member to any project and assign tasks to those members. You can easily collaborate with your team and work together on any project or task.


Keep track of your opportunities. Manage potential customers and followup their status and convert your leads into paying customers.

Video Meetings

Unlimited free video conference. Do video meetings/conference with your clients and team members for unlimited time.

Time Tracking

Keep track of the amount of time that you spend on your project tasks which can be billed to your client.

Invoices and Payments

You don’t need to send an invoice to your client separately. Easily send an invoice to your client and get paid from Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, and Bank Transfer in the application.

Custom Currency and Taxes

You can set your custom currency according to your need. This feature will allow you to set Project Budget and send an invoice in your native currency. Also, you can create unlimited taxes and apply them to your work through invoice.

Gantt Chart / Calendar

The due dates of the projects and tasks will appear in the Gantt Chart and Calendar.


Estimates help you to convert your leads into orders. Clients are more willing to commit to a project when they have an idea of the total cost.

User Permissions

Admin always has all the permission, and no one can change that. Admin has the power to give any permission to the user. Permissions like view projects and tasks, update, delete, and many more.


Manage your team members leave rquests. Approve or reject leave applications


Chat allows you to communicate with all team members. You don’t have to leave the application for any discussion.


You can create your own daily ToDo list. That will help you to complete your tasks on time.


Make personalized notes for your self because of these busy days. We can not remember all the things. Just add those things here as a reminder.

One Click Future Update

We have added the best feature in the application for your future convenience. Whenever we release a new update for HIGH you can easily update your application on one click. No need of coding knowledge.


You can easily customize HIGH according to your need. From the setting section, you can change the name of the application, footer, logos, timezone, date format, and many more options for your convenience.

Silent Features

  • HIGH The Fully Secure Application
  • Dashboard with a Graphical Representation of Tasks and Projects
  • Secure Database no SQL Injection
  • Kanban Task Board to see the progress of various Tasks
  • Protected against CSRF and XSS attacks
  • Feature to Attach Important Files to Tasks and Projects
  • Bcrypt Password Encryption
  • Totally Ajax
  • Built-in using Most Trusted CodeIgniter Framework

The Guarantee

  • Our excellent support.
  • Feature updates.
  • Answer to all your questions.
  • Bugs fixes if any have.
  • Help to set up and install.

Frequently asked questions.

Question 1: How to install HIGH?
Ans: You can easily install HIGH just by following the step in the installation wizard.

Question 2: HIGH have documentation?
Ans: Yes, Full documentation included. Just follow the documentation.

Question 3: HIGH is multilingual? Can I translate it into my language?
Ans: Yes, HIGH is multilingual. Also, you can add or edit languages from the admin panel.

Question 4: We have to pay extra for video meetings? What we need for video meetings?
Ans: No, you don’t need to pay anything for video meetings. You need an SSL certificate for the work camera and mic in the video meeting. Video meeting is a free third-party service. We have used Jitsi meet for video meetings. Remember it’s free third party service and can be changed by third party any time they want. You can check their documentation and limitation here

Question 5: What is the server requirements?

Ans: PHP 7.x+ under PHP 8, MySQL 5.7+, mod_rewrite enabled, unlimited space and bandwidth.

Change Log

Version 5.5 – (08-Jun-2022)

[Added] Convert lead to client
[Added] Add products with projects in invoices
[Added] Covert invoices to estimate
[Added] Covert estimate to invoices 
[Added] Auto timesheet timer start, stop on task status change
[Added] Deactivate languages
[Added] Manually add payment / income
[Added] Project progress bar
[Added] Notification auto-update
[Added] Project and task list view
[Added] Added more reports, projects, tasks, clients, team, meetings, leads, timesheets, leaves, attendance, estimates
[Added] Added more filters, tasks, calendar, Gantt, leads
[Other] Bug fixed, UI and System Improvement

Version 5.4 – (22-Nov-2021)

[Added] Attendance system
[Added] Custom 404 page
[Added] Custom payments options with upload receipt
[Added] Admin can change clients company
[Added] Admin can log in into others account
[Added] Notification for chat
[Added] From email added
[Added] Text area expandable
[Other] Bug fixed, UI and System Improvement

Version 5 – (27-Aug-2021)

[Added] Leads 
[Added] RTL
[Added] Invoices/Estimate resend email notification
[Added] PHPMailer email library
[Added] Leave notification
[Added] Language short code and rtl 
[Other] Bug fixed, UI and System improvement

Version 4.9 – (28-Jun-2021)

[Added] Paystack payment gateway integration
[Added] Change theme color from admin panel
[Added] Custom Header and Footer code from admin panel
[Added] Chat inside a project
[Added] Starting date and keyword search in task
[Added] File upload size unlimited
[Added] Video meetings hash integration
[Added] Email notification
[Added] Email template customization from admin panel
[Other] Bug fixed and feature improvement

Version 4.4 – (29-Apr-2021)

[Added] Estimates
[Added] Video Meetings
[Added] Products
[Added] Email Activation
[Added] Income Report
[Added] Expenses Report
[Added] Income VS Expenses Report
[Added] Permissions
[Added] UI improvement
[Other] Bug fixed and feature improvement

Version 4.1 – (25-Feb-2021)

[Added] Invoice
[Added] Timesheet 
[Added] Calendar 
[Added] Leaves 
[Added] Gantt Chart
[Added] Expenses
[Added] Payment
[Added] Time Tracker 
[Added] Payment Gateways for Invoice and Payment: Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay
[Added] Offline / Bank Transfer Payment for  Invoice and Payment
[Added] Custom Currency
[Added] Budget Option in Project
[Added] Dynamic Taxes
[Added] UI improvement
[Other] Bug fixed and feature improvement

Version 4 – (30-Jan-2021)

[Added] Auto System Update
[Added] Multilingual with 6 Pre included languages
[Added] Control from admin panel for creating, edit, and delete unlimited languages
[Added] Company and Billing details
[Added] Extra permissions
[Added] Delete comment feature in the task
[Added] Search option and Filler in Projects
[Other] Bug fixed and feature improvement

Version 3 – (31-Dec-2020)

[Added] Todo List
[Added] Auto Notification with delete option
[Added] Client and User can Chat Permission
[Added] Delete Chat with Permission
[Added] Chat improved with new messages arrive notification
[Added] Removed user settings permission
[Added] Delete Project or Task and all related data will be deleted.
[Other] Bug fixed and feature improvement

Version 2 – (12-Oct-2020)

[Added] Client Panel Added
[Added] Client User Permission
[Added] Task Filler
[Added] Search option and Filler in Projects
[Added] Settings Date and Time Format
[Other] Bug fixed and feature improvement

Version 1 – (27-Aug-2020)


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