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Multi-store eCommerce shopping cart software is the complete solution for eCommerce business management.It is all in one package for website management with backend admin panel to manage inventory, order, product, invoicing & so on. No need regular monthly subscription fee, get it through one-time payment now.

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5 Main Modules :

Having the “ Isshue”, Multi-store eCommerce shopping cart software would bring the supersonic power to you to run your business properly & smoothly.
Super Admin Panel: You Can manage the whole eCommerce with supersonic power by this admin panel. Admin can create user & store account & easily control the total business and multiple stores as well.

Multiple Store Management: Store Account Is to manage multiple branch & Store of a Big eCommerce enterprise. There is the system to product transactions among the branch or store

Website Integration: Fully responsive, SEO friendly website ensure you front-store management facility online. It will ensure a strong online presence.

Online Order Management: Online orders systematically add to your order management function. You need no more work to do, just click, create an invoice & ship product.

Unlimited User Account: Admin can create an unlimited user account and specify the role of his employee. Besides, he can create a store account as your desire.

Change Log: Date - 28/08/2022--- Version 5.0
Isshue ecommerse updated bugs:
 =>colour was not showing on customer dashboard invoice
 =>discount amount was not deducted from customer invoice
Change Log: Date - 11/08/2022--- Version 5.0
=> Frontend customer note was not showing at order page inside the admin panel, its is solved now.
=> Some voucher had issue was ..its solved.
=> Product quantity input field issue solved.

Change Log: Date - 21/06/2022--- Version 5.0

 =>version update problem solved
 =>chart of account unused head solved
 =>undefined variable on login solved
 =>product mismatch problem solved
 =>assembly product updated to main module solved
 =>accounting updated on main module solved
 =>stripe payment gateway token mismatch problem solved
 =>paypal payment gateway order problem solved
 =>bank list showed on sale order solved
 =>customer mismatch problem solved
 =>sales update error solved
 =>supplier mismatch problem solved

Change Log: Date - 01/10/2021--- Version 3.5
1. Fixing a few minor errors
2. Default Country change option from admin panel
3. Updated  the script for Woocommerce store addons 
4. Fixing the  image issue on zamia theme's details page

Change Log: Date - 01/10/202021--- Version 3.4

1.  Fixing  order invoice for  product multi-variant
2. Fixing some language phrase
3. Adding product search brand filtering 
4. Fixing order cancel inventory item return
5. Fixing frontend logo upload errors

Change Log: Date - 04/11/2020 --- Version 3.2
1. Admin payment gateway settings page modification
2. Category block product search for the new theme
3. Product details route change
4. Config file modification for dynamic module config file loading
5. Remove add-on modules unnecessary note
6. Download auto-update mentioning version no.

Change Log: Date - 12/10/2020 --- Version 3.11
1.  Contact us page error fix for shatu and isshue classic theme
2. Language change error fix for frontend and backend
3. Online payment Gateway  module added (Addons)
4. Fixing software addons installation option
5. Isshue classic home page error fix

Change Log: Date - 14/09/2020 --- Version 3.0
# Completely changed the isshue software and website from MVC pattern to HMVC pattern.
# New Themes added
# Admin UI Changed

Change Log: Date - 18/08/2019 --- Version1.9.7
# New Theme added.
# after fixing now product order details show from the dashboard 
# fixed invoice details view problem when invoice created from the storekeeper. 
# after adding admin password reset option
# after fixing mobile search, now it works fine

Change Log: Date - 09/04/2019 --- Version1.7

# Complete UI Changed.
# 2 New Themes now.
# Store issues fixed and now you can transfer the product from one store to another store.
#License file updated
# Code Optimized with latest code standard.

Change Log: Date - 05/04/2018 --- Version1.3

* Mobile version cart system added
* SQL fixing
* Default store, currency added

First Release: Date - 20/03/2018 
Change Log: Date - 26/03/2018 
* Payment gateway SQL file added
* JS Updated
* Customer Name Updated at invoice
* User login changed in the main file

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