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With the new free demos, you can create the following directories:
– Lawyers, Attorneys & Law Firms Directory Website
– Weddings Vendors Directory Website
– PetFinder Directory Website
– Black-Owned Businesses Directory Website
– CBDP Businesses Directory Website
– YellowPages Businesses Directory Website
– Automotive Businesses Directory Website

More Premium Add-Ons Available
MedicalProWP – Doctors Marketplace add-on
EventProWP – Events Marketplace add-on

For more information go to ListingProWP store

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What is ListingProWP?

ListingProWP is an end-to-end WordPress directory & listing solution and no extra paid plugins are required. An All-in-One turn-key solution to build and monetize your online directory in all 7 continents.

Top Features Features:

  • Advanced Search
  • Advanced Filter
  • Advanced Custom Form Fields for Listings
  • Front-End Submission (FES)
  • Listing Claim (Free and Paid)
  • Pricing Plan for Memberships
  • Multi-criteria Reviews & Ratings
  • Inbox for Internal Messaging
  • Ad Campaign to Promote Listings
  • Appointment Booking
  • Events Calendar, Cards & Listings
  • Coupons Cards Listings
  • Coupons Listings
  • User Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Built-in checkout with Stripe, PayPal, 2CO, and Bankwire

    Free & paid payment gateway add-ons are available including:
    PayFast, Paystack, Razorpay, PayU India, Mollie, eWAY, Mercadopago.

    Entrepreneurs who need to build an online business directory or listing website fast and within a bootstrap budget without coding knowledge. Also suitable for developers, freelancers, and web agencies.

    Update Logs

    22nd Mar 2023 | Version 2.7.5

    Fixed: Review images are not showing on the pagination
    Fixed: Package is not showing activated with 100% coupon with stripe and PayPal
    Fixed: Invoice is not generating with 100% coupon with PayPal
    Fixed: Pagination is not showing on the first load on the archive page
    Fixed: Pagination number goes to detail page on archive style 2

    7th Mar 2023 | Version 2.7.4

    Fixed: Changes in the Welcome Email Template
    Tweaks: Minor UI/UX improvements
    Tweaks: Minor bug fixes

    22nd Feb 2023 | Version 2.7.3

    Fixed: Search bar not showing on the banner after demo import
    Fixed: Claimed Listing Element showing incorrect Listings
    Fixed: Issue with Business hours
    Fixed: Warning in Theme Options in MAP field
    Fixed: Form fields issue on submit page style 2
    Fixed: Recurring option showing on claim checkout
    Fixed: Typos changes in Theme Options
    Fixed: Demo import issue with Restaurant demo with WPBakery
    Fixed: Map pin not showing on the archive page style 4 while click on the direction button
    Tweaks: Warnings due to PHP latest version

    8th Nov 2022 | Version 2.7.2

    Added: New version of WP Bakery
    Added: New version of Redux Framework
    Fixed: Submit listing issue with FES after WordPress update 6.1

    4th Nov 2022 | Version 2.7.1

    > Fixed: Listing submission page issue after WP Update 6.1
    > Fixed: Default images URL replacement within the Local environment

    7th Oct 2022 | Version 2.7

    > Compatibility with PHP 8.1
    > Compatibility with VerifyPro Add-ons
    > Updated: Redux Framework Plugin
    > Added: Comment section added while reporting ListingReviews.
    > Added: Field Added in the Theme Options to control Detail Page Map Zoom in/out
    > Added: Missing Strings added in the Loco Translate Plugin for Translation.
    > Added: Listings to show Random Option added in the Listing Entries Element
    > Fixed: Update Password Issue in a user profile
    > Fixed: Logo and header Color option for App View.
    > Fixed: Detail page slider moving issue on detail pages 3 and 4.
    > Fixed: Inactive Coupons Listings showing in Listing With Coupons Element.
    > Fixed: Submit listing Error of 100000000MB.
    > Fixed: Ads Campaigns Pay Per Click Price issue on Invoice.
    > Fixed: Recurring Cannot be canceled when you cancel from the theme but not cancel from the PayPal Account.
    > Fixed: Header style 4 top bar color issue (edited) 

    27th May 2022 | Version 2.6.14

    > Fixed: Activating ListingPro Plugin is resulting in a site break after the 2.6.13 update.

    22nd May 2022 | Version 2.6.13

    > Updated: WPBakery Plugin
    > Updated: Redux Framework Plugin
    > Added: Compatibility with all new plugins incl. DrivePro, CBDPro, YellowPro, QuotePro.
    > Added: Red alert notification in the backend Listing flag section
    > Added: Option added in user dashboard to show the name of the user 
    > Fixed: Author email is removed from the source code
    > Fixed: multi Events display issue on the detail sidebar 
    > Fixed: Header top bar opacity issue
    > Fixed: Add event start and end date issue
    > Fixed: Paid Claim success even no pricing plan for the claim 
    > Fixed: Coupon image broke
    > Fixed: Archive style 3 category text issue during the search
    > Fixed: Image is broken in Grid style 4 and 7
    > Fixed: Archive page coupon display issue
    > Fixed: Pricing plan with category issue 
    > Fixed: Monthly plan not showing without refresh
    > Fixed: Archive style 3 no result found text changed 
    > Fixed: Image issue in user dashboard inbox tab
    > Fixed: On app view 2 the banner taxonomies appear twice
    > Fixed: Double title tag issue on the page source
    > Fixed: Embedded video issue on the Listing detail page
    > Fixed: Author Email removed from source code
    > Fixed: Lead form logo URL issue
    > Fixed: Search Google dropdown, an undefined error

    19th March 2022 | Version 2.6.12

    > Added: Compatibility with new demos including DrivePro, CBDPro, etc)

    11th March 2022 | Version 2.6.11

    > Fixed: gallery image expand issue on mobile
    > Fixed: Hot plan indication on pricing plan
    > Fixed: Location with region issue on submit and search listing
    > Fixed: Nearby widget distance calculation issue
    > Fixed: Category base64 icon issue
    > Fixed: Warning on checkout page issue
    > Fixed: Typo mistakes issue in pricing plan style 3 and lead form

    27th January 2022 | Version 2.6.10

    > Fixed: On blog pages multi-category display issue
    > Fixed: Date format selected in WP display issue
    > Fixed: Claim form issue on mobile view
    > Fixed: Admin dashboard settings "anyone can register" issue
    > Fixed: Theme options listing detail elements issue
    > Fixed: Ad campaign payment issue with direct payment
    > Fixed: Alt images issue
    > Fixed: Multi-rating issue
    > Fixed: App view filters display outside the filter button issue
    > Fixed: Use feature image from gallery issue
    > Fixed: Date time picker issue in coupons and events for 24hrs templates
    > Fixed: Geo IP URL change issue
    > Fixed: Header drop issue on page load

    24th December 2021 | Version 2.6.9

    > Fixed: Direct access to PHP form handler (removed) 
    > Fixed: Direct access to dynamic-css.php (removed)
    Note: These fixes resolve the hosting-related issues with certain hosting providers (ex. Godaddy)

    8th November 2021 | Version 2.6.8

    > Updated: Redux Framework Plugin
    > Updated: moment.js library
    > Fixed: Recurring email issue
    > Fixed: Description editor label issue with submit form builder
    > Fixed: Upcoming events are showing active with next month today's date
    > Fixed: The event logo is not displaying well on the event element and on the listing detail page
    > Fixed: Feature of listing select and deselect issue on backend submit listing
    > Fixed: Plan not to assigned to listing after expiring
    > Fixed: Expired coupons are also shown in this element
    > Fixed: When features are not added then the category is not selected on the backend
    > Fixed: Active tab shows upcoming event
    > Added: <a href="">EventProWP</a> Compatibility (Add-on)

    12th June 2021 | Version 2.6.7

    > Fixed: Listing Features conflict found with latest WordPress
    > Fixed: Google Ads display issue on App View 1 and 2 archive

    10th June 2021 | Version 2.6.6

    > Updated: Redux-framework.
    > Added: Backend - ListingPro CC add-ons tab showcases premium and partner add-ons
    > Added: Backend - Inline detailed video guide in the backend for Listing > Category and Listing > Features.
    > Fixed: When You Click On A Website Link From Detail Page Style 1 Or 2 Then In the User Dashboard Logs Listing Name Is In Correct.
    > Fixed: User Dashboard Lead-form Items Are Not Editable.
    > Fixed: Website Title Issue With Archive And Search Pages.
    > Fixed: Unwanted Space After Header In Archive Style Listing-with-sidebar-filters.
    > Fixed: Form Builder Is Not Working With Special Character In the Section's Title.
    > Fixed: Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page. Issue When We Enable A Service From Visualizer.
    > Fixed: Event Calendar 1 Week Day Is Hidden In All Mobile Views.
    > Fixed: Blank Event Detail Page In-App View.
    > Fixed: Tax Not Work With Decimal Value.

    20th April 2021 | Version 2.6.5

    > Improved: App View 2 Design Optimized
    > Fixed: Menus in dashboard translations
    > Fixed: Campaigns tab in dashboard translations
    > Fixed: Remaining days display in minus
    > Fixed: Required Submission in listings
    > Fixed: Claimer emails on instant signup
    > Fixed: Quick tips on submission
    > Fixed: Reviews reply date translations
    > Fixed: Search results
    > Fixed: Reviews Ratings
    > Fixed: Near-me Filter
    > Fixed: Lead form by Lead form plugin
    > Fixed: Features on App View 1 and desktop view according to plans

    23rd March 2021 | Version 2.6.4

    > Updated: WPBakery Plugin
    > Updated: Redux Framework Plugin
    > Improved:  While creating an event there is a time picker added with the date picker.
    > Fixed: After the demo import Blog and the page layout not set.
    > Fixed: Pay per Click (PPC) Ads not showing correct data.
    > Fixed: Fixed Header Optimized
    > Fixed: Submit listing with Fill-o-Bot while category not selected still submits.
    > Fixed: If phone# not added while adding listing WhatsApp# also didn't display.
    > Fixed: Banner style Banner with side search have no option to change banner taxonomy.
    > Fixed: Ad Campaign created with only Sidebar Ads, showing in other spots.
    > Fixed: Event start date and end date issue fixed.
    > Fixed: Google address not added and there are two lines appear in detail style 4.
    > Fixed: Add menu not working with multiple group.
    > Fixed: Grid/List switcher is not working with listing with sidebar filter.
    > Fixed: Ads display multiple time on archive with listing compact view.
    > Fixed: During listing submission Same Day can be added multiple times.
    > Fixed: Currency is changes from the Ads Campaign while changing from theme options.
    > Fixed: Listing is not selected on payment checkout page.
    > Fixed: Detail page coupon count-down design issue.
    > Fixed: FireFox - Geo location not working.
    > Fixed: FireFox - Map for contact us page doesn't work.
    > Fixed: FireFox - Map is not working.
    > Fixed: FireFox - Sidebar menu is not working.

    10th February 2021 | Version 2.6.3

    > Fixed: Latest WordPress Compatibility
    > Fixed: Nextend Social Login Compatibility issue
    > Fixed: Listing is not selected on payment checkout page.
    > Fixed: Listing not showing on checkout, another listing is selected, session is not creating.
    > Fixed: On listing submit page, empty additional field showing on Detail page.
    > Fixed: RestaurantPro: Archive page design issue on scrolling.
    > Fixed: Detail page coupon time design issue.
    > Fixed: Map is not showing on Firefox.
    > Fixed: Archive search without header form does not give proper results.
    > Fixed: Archive search filters on app view.
    > Fixed: Currency is changing from the Ads Camping while changing the Currency from theme options.
    > Fixed: Ads created by payment through stripe don't save the checked ad type check boxes on backend.
    > Fixed: on edit listing some times it show two block of features it should show only one.
    > Fixed: By checking Full address field as required, manual Address also becomes required.

    20th December 2020 | Version 2.6.2

    > Fixed: On load archive page in-app view form fields display
    > Fixed: On edit listing preselected features are not checked
    > Fixed: On submit & edit listing location with map pin doesn't work
    > Fixed: Issue submitting listing when using fill-o-bot
    > Fixed: HTML Entities code is showing on the frontend
    > Fixed: Claimed listing doesn't show lead-form if admin select the option to show it
    > Fixed: On Edit Listing Page if media is mandatory form is unable to successfully submit

    10th December 2020 | Version 2.6.1

    > Updated: Minor security update.
    > Fixed: nearby listings do not show the nearest lists
    > Fixed: PayPal amount with the fixed coupon was not correct
    > Fixed: In user dashboard inbox date translation
    > Fixed: Tagline on LP posts element must be of 100 character
    > Fixed: Count of listings on location elements.
    > Fixed: Near me filters units
    > Fixed: Permalinks not updating.

    7th December 2020 | Version 2.6

    > Updated: Days on event app view detail page are now translated
    > Fixed: Pages Footer Menu issue in App View.
    > Fixed: On mobile archive on App View 1 open now filter
    > Fixed: On App view open now filter doesn't work
    > Fixed: Weekdays Adding Multiple Time.
    > Fixed: Listing Open now and Close Now Issue.
    > Fixed:  Coupons time according to timezones in the world
    > Fixed:  Plan Price with decimals throws an error while changing the plan.
    > Fixed: During claim plans name were not coming right
    > Fixed: Change plan from backend does not change the days of the plan
    > Fixed: If Hide google ads in the pricing plan is on, it doesn't show on the front-end.
    > Fixed: With Unlimited Duration Plan, on payment checkout Page show Duration: Days.
    > Fixed: Booking start and end slot are not working according to the time of listing.
    > Fixed: Archive page layout destroys on the list view.
    > Fixed: Ads Campaign Days was not Translatable.
    > Fixed: On the event User dashboard there is Facebook and Twitter is not translatable.
    > Fixed: On the checkout page, unlimited days were not shown
    > Fixed:  Banner side search without main text heading not showing
    > Fixed: On Archive Page List view address showing just location
    > Fixed: FES builder did not allow to update the custom fields
    > Fixed: Side search banner does not show the placeholders
    > Fixed: Listing categories element Abstract View 2, only 7 categories display.

    To view all the previous update logs, go to


    Icons used in the theme are from Icon8. More info on licensing.

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