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Parasponsive is a modern and creative, clean and easy to use, smart and fast, fully responsive multipurpose WordPress theme that allows to create both multi-page and one page websites.

It is perfect for companies, studios, private photographers, designers, blogs, and other web-projects.

Parasponsive comes with included premium builder Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons, so the experience of creating your website will be as simple as dragging and dropping blocks in order to create any layout you want.
Create perfect landing page with anchor menu, parallax effect and impressive animation capabilities without writing any line of code.

Parasponsive packs five different headers with top and left menu layouts, provides a ton of page templates, customizable footers, sidebars and navigation.
Theme is optimized for SEO and good speed loading.

Parasponsive is a WooCommerce ready theme. Start own e-store on a few clicks!

Change log

Version 9.0 (August 15, 2020)
1. Updated all plugins
2. PHP and JS bugs fixed
Version 9.0 (August 15, 2020)
1. Import demo data fixed
2. Headers have been completely redesigned
3. Added own Visual Composer Addon
4. Updated all plugins
5. Added its own powerful gallery
6. Added two demos
7. PHP code is optimized
8. JS code is optimized
9. CSS optimized
10. Kernel fixed
11. Added GGT Sections Addon
12. Added the ability to manually add custom fonts
Version 8.3 (January 13, 2019)
1. Conflict of ACF PRO and Gutenberg fixed.
2. Conflict of Visual Page Builder fixed.
3. Layer Slider 6.7.6 updated. 
4. Advanced Custom Fields PRO 5.8.0
Version 8.2 (December 13, 2018)
1. Gutenberg Ready
2. WordPress 5.0.1 compatibility
3. New demo version
4. Parallax menu for mobile devices fixed
5. Double scrolling in parallax menu fixed
6. Updated: "WPBakery Page Builder" 
7. Updated: "Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder" 
8. Updated: "Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder" 
9. Updated: "Revolution Slider" 
10. Updated: "WooCommerce" templates
11. Updated: Advanced Custom Fields PRO" 
Version 8.1 (October 24, 2018)
1. Fixed demo import
2. Added new demo - Clothing Store
3. Minor fixes
4. Massive Addon updated 
Version 8.0 (October 12, 2018)
1. New Fast Engine
2. +16 Custom Headers
3. Added Mega Menu
4. Added +100 Headers and Page Template Settings
5. Added Header Colors from one place
6. Added New Post Type: Photo Galleries
7. Added 6 Gallery Styles
8. Added the ability to Add WooCommerce Products in Photo Galleries
9. Added Music to the Single Gallery
10. Added 2 Types of Gallery Loop in Page Template Settings
11. Added New Creative Preloader
12. Pizza Demo Added
13. Added New Demo data: Pizza
14. Added 6 Unique Sliders with Creative Effects.
15. Added +7 Awesome Background Effects
16. Added 2 Types of WooCommerce templates
17. Added 2 WooCommerce Template Styles
18. Added WooCommerce Settings
19. Added Preloader Settings
20. Added ability to Switch Types of Footers
21. Added "Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder" plugin
22. "Layer Slider" plugin updated
23. "Revolution Slidxer" plugin updated
24. "Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder" plugin updated
25. "Templatera" plugin updated
26. "Visual Composer Page Builder" plugin updated
Version 7.1 (December 19, 2017)
1.    Layer Slider Plugin added
2.    6,7,8,9,10 header types added
3.    Menu skins added
4.    Form skins added
5.    Button skins added
6.    IT-company demo data added
7.    WooCommerce demo data added
8.    WooCommerce ready is enabled
9.    Redesigned Theme Options
10.    Responsive Fixed
11.    Minor improvements

Mega Update Version 7.0 (November 21, 2017 )
1.    Absolutely new engine and a new theme with great features
Version 6.1 (April 14, 2016)
1.    repaired size of images in Recent posts carousel with option square images.
2.    fixed icon size in services
3.    fixed wrong direction without rtl for carousels Services, Recent posts, Team members.
4.    added plugins SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle & Ultimate Widgets Light to theme as required
5.    carousels are reworked for small count of items.
6.    fixed conflict of new version bootstrap and shortcode of progress bar 
7.    "section except" changed to avoid duplication 
8.    added check of raw html code for tags h1 and h4 in titles of sections
9.    added missed translate for recent posts section
10.    fixed image type of services
11.    other minor fixes
Version 6.0 (Mega Update – March 20, 2016)
1.    migration from Slightly Modded Options Framework to Redux Framework;
2.    conflict of framework and WPML plugin removed. WPML doesn't cause faults of theme options work;
3.    updated Bootstrap to v.3.3.6, usage of min files by default;
4.    updated Owl Carousel to v.2.0.0, full support of rtl for service & team members & recent posts carousels;
5.    updated Magnific Popup to v.1.1.0;
6.    updated Font Awesome to v4.5.0;
7.    updated templates of Woocommerce to v2.5.5;
8.    Revolution Slider added;
9.    installing the last version of WP-Paginate from online repository;
10.    possibility to turning favicons off via Theme Options added. Strongly recommended only for WordPress 4.3+. Option is saved for older versions of WordPress. Disabled by default.;
11.    blog widgets fixed;
12.    translation for section "Recent posts" added;
13.    animation for team members on hover updated;
14.    link to team member's name added;
15.    responsibility of team members improved;
16.    centered team members in an amount of less than 4;
17.    social icons of team members fixed (visible and centered);
18.    service post settings restructured (posibility of choosing icon type or image added);
19.    centered service items in an amount of less than 4;
20.    borders of service posts icons removed;
21.    centered recent posts in an amount of less than 4;
22.    translation for menu item "Home" added;
23.    footer widget fixed;
24.    parallax effect in intro sections for mobile devices added, is disabled by default under menu Theme Options -> Page;
25.    displaying full height intro image on mobile devices, is disabled by default under menu Theme Options -> Page;
26.    possibility of editing an anchor for sections Blank1, Blank2, Blank3;
27.    custom link to parallax menu in sections Services, Blank1, Blank2, Blank3 added;
28.    RTL function removed from Theme options. Now it is defined by means of WordPress;
29.    RTL + portfolio fixed;
30.    RTL + portfolio popup fixed;
31.    logic for portfolio section settings improved;
32.    mobile category selector added to portfolio page;
33.    outdated wp_title & wp_widget functions replaced;
34.    notification about Google Map sensor removed;
35.    header shadow fixed;
36.    logo size fixed;
37.    possibility of adding custom logo size added;
38.    quote in section "Testimonials" fixed;
39.    mobile menu fixed;
40.    possibility to hide menu items added;
41.    code optimization;
42.    other minor fixes.
1.    WPML support fixed
2.    Added security checks
3.    Updated LayerSlider to latest version
4.    Updated Advanced Custom Fields extension to latest version
5.    Removed notices and warnings in admin screen
6.    Replaced BX Slider carousels with OwlCarousel (better responsive/swipe support)
7.    Replaced Cycle carousels with OwlCarousel
8.    Fixed About Us section responsive
9.    Fixed iOS devices navigation issues
10.    Fixed carousels paddings on responsive
11.    Removed notice on single portfolio
12.    Changed single portfolio carousel to OwlCarousel
13.    Added option to turn off all angles
14.    Added option to make first section after home slider angled
15.    Logo settings fixed
16.    Added portfolio preloader
17.    Prettyphoto lightbox fixed after load more
18.    Dropdown menu fixed
19.    Fixed portfolio page popup
20.    Custom icons for services added
21.    Lazyload option added (speeds up page load)
22.    Recent Posts section added
23.    Woocommerce pages completely redesigned
24.    NiceScroll script removed on mac
25.    Added option to add Shop page to parallax menu
26.    Now it's possible to add up to 3 portfolio sections on home pages
27.    Footer widgets fixed
28.    Added possibility to customize footers for each page 
29.    Added RTL support
30.    Fixed portfolio categories filter/load more logic
31.    Single pages restyled, borders added
32.    Woocommerce template files updated to latest version
33.    Added options to customize Portfolio popup width
34.    Added possibility to select different footer widgets for each page
35.    New Woocommerce product touch slider
36.    Woocommerce output without sidebar fixed
37.    Added check to prevent errors if Advanced Custom Fields plugin is not installed
38.    Hashtag removed from address bar on one page navigation
39.    Popup colors added
40.    TGM plugin activator updated
41.    Instagram widget fixed
42.    Widgets updated to latest versions
43.    Added mobile filter for portfolio sections
44.    Skills appear fixed
45.    Added option to display all portfolio square
46.    Added option to sort portfolio items
47.    Added option to display recent posts square
48.    Added option to sort recent posts
49.    Fixed work of Footer Powered info
50.    Small fixed for section pricing table
51.    Size of popup for portfolio now will auto resize to size of image (if image smaller than max-width value).
Version 4.4
1.    Portfolio Permalink fixed
2.    Fixed Loading portfolio items after selecting a category
Version 4.3
1.    Fixed logo max-height and margins on mobile/tablet Updated BxSlider to V4.1.2, carousels fixed
2.    Portfolio now loads selected number of items. 
Corrected long titles display on mobile/tablets
3.    Added Youtube/Vimeo support to PrettyPhoto popups 
Woocommerce images quality fixed
4.    Woocommerce buttons colors fixed 
5.    Section subtitles lines colors fixed 
6.    SmoothScroll is now optional
7.    Added single portfolio page and possibility to link single pages to Isotope (instead of popup). Portfolio header color is customizable in Theme Options.
8.    Lots of jQuery optimizations
9.    Sections intro height calculation fixed
10.    Layer Slider updated to 5.1.1
11.    Section after slider now does not overlap the slider
12.    Responsive menu display edited (width, position fixed on desktop/tablet, absolute on mobile)
13.    Carousels responsive (Services,  Woo, Team) totally rewritten. Should fit perfectly on 480px/768px/1024px and more
14.    Isotope responsive redone, works better on all sizes (480px/768px/1024px and more)
15.    Pricing tables responsive fixed
16.    Contact form now looks better on mobile
17.    First section without slider now works correctly
18.    Back to top colors fixed for blank sections
19.    All JavaScript files combined into one for maximum performance
Version 4.2
1.    Maximum loading optimized site
2.    Optimized code JS
3.    Fixed hover on the portfolio a little reworked JS
4.    Added Dynamic sidebar for WooCommerce 'shop'
5.    Added AJAX loadmore button for blog page
6.    Added slider for post galleries in archive
7.    Added slider for galleries on single pages 
8.    Added responsiveness for blog videos
9.    Changed content to excerpt for blog page
10.    Fixed theme options initial theme setup bugs
11.    Added back to top button for blog archive
12.    Added ajax WooCommerce cart on top menu
13.    Completely redone Google map. now it's not slowing
14.    Google map async load
15.    Google map controls fixed
16.    Multiple cycle plugins fixed
17.    Style generation on page load fixed
18.    Save options on page load fixed
Version 4.1
1.    Fixed Google Analytics
2.    Fixed Portfolio (Permalink)
3.    Fixed shadows in Header
4.    Fixed Uppercase
5.    Wooslider now do not used
Version 4.0
1.    Removed WooSlider
2.    Fixed a bug with updating themes (ACF)
Version 3.9
1.    Added generator that compiles css files.
2.    Reworked all JS scripts
3.    Changed the method of connecting Google Fonts
4.    Added a view of the map (static or dynamic) Dynamic creates an additional burden
5.    The size of the template is reduced almost in half
6.    Fixed Portfolio, is now working with permalink
7.    Fixed font size, and alignment with reviews on the mobile version
8.    Fixed menu on the second page and blog
9.    Fixed centering portfolio categories
Version 3.8
1.    Optimized ess
2.    The ability to display the speed of rotation of reviews
3.    Fixed Autoplay video in the slider
4.    Removed the script gmap.js
5.    The ability to display the logo size
6.    Fixed functions.php, you can now disable any plugin
Version 3.7
2.    Added ability to add a photo to the Customers
3.    Fixed Nice scroll, now it can be turned off
4.    Fixed .po files (Multilingual)
Version 3.6
1.    WooCommerce section fixed
Version 3.5
1.    Added default settings for a custom lightbox
2.    Aligned text and heading in the lightbox
3.    Fixed Google fonts
Version 3.4
1.    Optimized speed template
2.    All the css is now displayed in individual file (changes to the framework)
3.    Added animation pictures in the 'Services'
4.    Added the color settings for the contact form
5.    Added color settings 'Skills'
6.    Fixed tabs in the portfolio and on the website
7.    Fixed arrows in the lightbox
8.    Fixed Google Analytics
Version 3.3
1.    Fix categories builder
2.    Added the text color contact form
3.    Added color headers of widgets
4.    Added color categories in portfolio
5.    Added the color of text and links in the footer
6.    Added color social icons in the footer
7.    Added color to the table (controlled transparency) and color of table contents.
8.    Updated plugin slider Layer Slider version 4.6.1
9.    Fixed centering in the portfolio.
Version 3.2
1.    Categories corrected
2.    Added color of links in the section 'About us' and 'Services'
3.    Icon animation fixed
Version 3.1
1.    Portfolio lightbox fixed
Version 3.0
1.    Fixed responsive slider and content
2.    Added Portfolio categories builder (In Theme options)
3.    Added color of the button 'Home'
4.    Old Lightbox is now the default
5.    New lightbox now responsive
6.    Added widget Instagram
7.    Fixed minor issues
8.    Updated documentation in the archive

Version 2.9
1.    Added ability to add comments to pages.
2.    Added empty 'Price per' in the table.
Version 2.8
1.    Fixed active menu item Home, now it is normally displayed.
2.    Parallax menu returned to all pages and blog.
3.    Added the old lightbox. Now you can choose from two favorite lightbox.
4.    Fixed a bug with the centering of the headlines in the shortcode.
5.    Now the logo is reduced by tablets and mobile.
Version 2.7
1.    Back the old menu (without 'More").
2.    Added a second version of the header with mega cool parallax menu.
3.    Fixed a bug in the table now button leads to the correct url.
4.    Icons are aligned in the middle, in the section Services.
5.    Small changes in optimizing the speed of the template.
6.    Fixed minor bugs.
Version 2.6
1.    Solutions to the lightbox, you can now specify the size of the lightbox percentage
2.    Block "Connect us" now you can turn off
3.    Fixed the "Notice" 
4.    Updated Font Awesome
5.    Added the social icons in the section about us
6.    WPML Ready (Multilingual)
7.    Added 3 empty sections (Blank1. Blank 2. Blank3)
8.    Fixed Google analyst
9.    Fixed meta tags
10.    Updated to the latest version of the plugin "WP paginate" - Google MAP is now the full width, added the On / Off button for a nice zoom scrolling
11.    Added color hover effect for parallax menu. Now a section with a white background can be seen at Hover
12.    Improved parallax menu if it does not fit the extra menu items are hidden in the "More" 

Version 2.5
1.    LayerSlider plugin update to version 4.6
2.    Ready for WordPress 3.6
3.    Fixed an error in the Pricing table
Version 2.4

(How to upgrade?)

1.    WooCommerce included (plug-in you need to install by yourself)
2.    Setting the background, text, links, for each section, (now you can make a white background) 
3.    On/off  "More" button
4.    Google Map fixed
5.    Sidebar fixed
6.    Possibility to change color of scroll 
7.    Logo scroll fixed 
8.    Small errors corrected.
Version 2.3
1.    Social links added: Dribble, Email, Blogger, Flattr, Github, Instagram. MySpace, Pinterest, Reddit, SoundCloud, Stumbleupon, VK, Yahoo.
2.    Ability to turn off team hover effect.(Team Section)
3.    Ability to turn off portfolio hover effect(Portfolio Section)
4.    Google Map fixed.
5.    Contact Form 7 Integrated.
6.    Ability to turn off header BG and set solidcolor BG (Home Section) 
7.    Minimize logo on scroll down (optional) (General section) 
8.    Ability to turn off black transparent Intro BG.(Home Section) 
9.    Option Framework Updated. FontAwesome Icons Updated.
10.    Logo Margins added in Option framework (General section)
Version 2.2
1.    Fixed some minor bugs.
2.    Added file import slider
Version 2.1
1.    IE portfolio fix 
2.    Twitter widget fixed 
3.    Contact form fixed
Version 2.0
1.    Left/Right Sidebar
2.    Custom Sidebars(as many as you wish)!
3.    Pricing Table Fixed, no more Notice and Warning even on php5.2. Empty per time available
4.    Shortcode Updates more icons for person shortcode. Theme options update:
?    Add any page content to home page sections as excerpt
?    Home menu item is now editable
?    Option framework updated 
5.    Portfolio as separate page available Update the documentation Added video documentation

Parasponsive is perfect for companies, studios, private photographers, designers, blogs, and other web-projects. Adaptive theme for all mobile and tablet devices. A huge number of effects, including parallax are already inside.

Images used in preview are NOT included in theme files.

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