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PixieHuge is a theme meant for eSports organizations / teams / gaming clans. The theme is built by the latest design
standards in this industry, which brings the elite/premium feeling for the end user. This theme is based for a
darker color scheme, which is genuinely more attractive for gamers, eSports fans. Same quality is guaranteed on all
devices, doesn’t matter if it’s a tablet or a phone. PixieHuge offers the ultimate solution for
everything one involved in eSports teams/organizations needs. It offers you to add unlimited teams, unlimited
players, unlimited teams, to add sponsors, watch live streams, to keep track of matches. With this theme you can
keep your users updated with the latest news articles, display multiple teams for multiple games. If your fans have
a thing for your most popular players, they can keep track of them on their profiles.

The theme can be customized with just a few clicks away. To use the theme you require zero code knowledge. Behind it
is a state of the art admin panel, which allows you to manipulate the functions we have in stored for you.

To learn how to use the theme is quite easy, just by reading our documentation and watch the awesome video
tutorials. If that’s not good enough, make sure you ping us on our support system!

Main Features

  • Fully color customizable
  • Easy to manage sections/content
  • Unlimited teams for various games
  • List of players with their profiles
  • Upcoming matches and results
  • Watch live streams
  • Sponsor promotion
  • News Posts/ Blog, Categories, post archive
  • About us
  • Fully responsive
  • Twitter Feed
  • No code knowledge required

Theme Features

  • Custom logo
  • Custom header CTA & slogan
  • Custom menu
  • Search
  • Header background changer
  • Sponsors in header
  • List of news & categories (index page)
  • Sticky post
  • Multiple team options (index page)
  • Custom CTA
  • Twitter feed
  • Streams ( twitch, mixer, youtube )
  • Stream category
  • Stream CTA
  • Upcoming matches
  • Results
  • Match cards with all information
  • Team banners
  • Useful links in footer
  • Contact information in footer
  • About us text in footer + CTA
  • Single post page
  • Sharing options such as Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest
  • Comments
  • Latest posts
  • Custom ad space
  • Most popular articles
  • News articles
  • News archives
  • Team description
  • List of achievements
  • Custom CTA
  • Sponsors title, social media options & CTA
  • Head sponsors, sponsors & partners
  • Sponsor logo
  • Sponsor description
  • Become a sponsor form
  • Ad space
  • About organization
  • Staff list with social media options
  • Contact department
  • Player information
  • Player gear
  • Player description
  • Player statistics
  • Team information
  • Team achievements
  • Team statistics
  • Team game logo
  • Team logo
  • Team rooster

Update ChangeLog

You can see the details changelog : changelog.txt

Support: help.pxsquad.com

Documentation: help.pxsquad.com

Please note: the images that can be seen in the preview images will not be included in the download. These
are for preview purposes only.

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