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Smart SMS & Email Manager (SSEM) - 6
You can manage your contacts, create SMS/Email template, send SMS/Email, schedule SMS/Email, wish your contacts’ birthday etc using Smart SMS & Email Manager (SSEM) in a smarter way.

SSEM has built-in support for world’s most popular SMS & Email gateways like Plivo, Twilio, Clickatell, Nexmo, Mandrill, Sendgrid, Mailgun etc.

It’s a multi-user SaaS application and designed in a way so that each user can have independent environment. Users will have their own SMS/Email gateways and will manage their own SMS/Email as well as bills .

Use awesome services in your own language. SSEM now has built-in support for 11 languages and you can add new language easily.

Smart SMS & Email Manager (SSEM) - 7

Key Features :

  1.    Dashboard (graphical report of recent activities)

  2.    Settings (system customization & configuration)

  3.    User management (User Types : admin, user)

  4.    SaaS (Software as a Service) pack : PayPal payment and auto reminder system

  5.    Contact management (multi-grouped)

  6.    Most popular SMS/Email gateway support
       (Plivo, Twilio, Clickatell, Nexmo, Mandrill, Sendgrid, Mailgun and so on)

  7.    SMS/Email template management

  8.    Bulk SMS/Email sending

  9.    Scheduled SMS/Email sending (read me)

  10.    Birthday wish SMS/Email (read me)

  11.    Report

  12.    SSEM native APIs: a)Contact Sync b)Send SMS c)Send Email

  13.    Multilingual Support (built-in support for 11 languages)

Smart SMS & Email Manager (SSEM) - 8

Supported SMS Gateways :

  1. Planet IT
  2. Plivo
  3. Twilio
  4. Clickatell
  5. Nexmo
  16. smsgatewayme

Supported Email Gateways :

  1. SMTP
  2. Mandrill
  3. Sendgrid
  4. Mailgun

Smart SMS & Email Manager (SSEM) - 9
Smart SMS & Email Manager (SSEM) - 10

Demo URL:

Back-end : Visit Awesome Back-end
Front-end: Visit Responsive Front-end

Login as Admin
Username: admin &
Password: 123456

Login as Member:
Username: member &
Password: 123456


Our team is ready to solve your problem as soon as possible. Please feel free to open tickets to our support desk.


Want to know more about SSEM? Please read our Documentation

Update Log:

27th March 2020 – v4.1

- Fix : Link in email plain text issue
- Fix : Sidebar for user fix
- Fix : User & contact unicode support

20th May 2019 – v4.0

- New : Auto update system (future versions can be updated automatically)
- New : New multi-theme landing page
- New : 12 color theme
- New : Login & signup page
- New : Force  HTTPS support & phpmail
- New : Redesigned SMS system and implemented multi-thread queue system
- New : Added clickatell-platform SMS gateway support (clickatell-archive also works)
- New : Redesigned Email system and implemented multi-thread queue system
- New : Add/remove country code while sending SMS
- New : Admin can give his SMS/Email API access to members
- Fix : Paypal transaction duplicate entry issue & error log
- Improve: UI & UX modification throughout the project
- Improve: Borrowed styling from bootstrap 4
- Improve: Beautiful javaScript alert and confirmation

11th October 2018 – v3.4

Upgrade : Upgraded to Codeigniter v3.0 from Codeigniter v2.0
Upgrade : Upgraded to PHP 7 
Improve: Dashboard design 
Fix : Stay open left sidebar menu
Fix: Plivio sms gateway encoding issue fix
Fix : smsgatewayme api fix

11th September 2017 – v3.3

Fixed: api fix
Fixed: Undefined variable 'group_name' error
Improve : Expiry date edit in user management

10th February 2017 – v3.2

New : 4 new SMS gateway ! (,, smsgatewayme,
Fixed : Template cut-off 
Fixed : Contact upload in send sms and email 
Fixed : Send sms/email interface take long time to load big list [contact details removed]
Fixed : Bulk sms/email sending : one error halt whole process 
Fixed : MySQL database strict mode 
Fixed : MySQL gone away
Fixed : Cron job overlap issue for big list send (sms & email)

20th June 2016 – v3.1

Fixed: Twilio warning in some servers
Improved: English language (spelling, case etc)

13th June 2016 – v3.0

Added: Multilingual support
Extended: Front-end design
Fixed : Schedules/Birthday wish SMS/Email cron job issue
Fixed: Contact filtering by group issue
Fixed : Tenlor API issue
Fixed: Error when send email/SMS to only non-contacts issue
Fixed:bulk email CC/ BCC issue 

10th April 2016 – v2.1

Added: Front end added (product description,registration etc)
Added:, & SMS API integration
Added: Remaining SMS credits are now displayed for Plivo, Clickatell and Nexmo (other APIs do not support credit check feature)
Fixed: Password was updating during user info update
Fixed : Payment was mandatory, now optional

4th March 2016 – v2.0

Added: new dashboad interface
Added: 5 new SMS API :,,, telnor, (India,Pakistan)
Added: Saas Pack : PayPal paymant
Added : Multi grouped contact 
Fixed: urlencode problem in sms sending
Fixed: Scheduler cron job
Fixed: Dashboard donut bar was not showing if no email send
Fixed: SMS and Email sending speed (queueing & backend processing)
Fixed: sms was not working without leading + sometimes
Fixed: Chrome view was broken and cancel button was not working
Fixed: Contact import was not working
Fixed: Gmail SMTP was not working properly
Fixed: Forget password email sending
Fixed: Birthday wish email view was broken

19th February 2016 – v1.1.5

Fixed: SSEM Native API security issue

16th February 2016 – v1.1 (revised)

Fixed: "Forget Password" - php error
Fixed: "User Management" menu was showing for general users also

14th February 2016 – v1.1

-Fixed: Subject was not showing in email history
-Fixed: Display of email template and sent email were broken 
-Fixed: Email history was taking long time to display
-Fixed: Twilio sms was not working
-New :  SSEM native API key generation
-New :  SSEM native APIs a)Contact Sync b)Send SMS c)Send Email

9th February 2016 – v1.0

-Initial release

Smart SMS & Email Manager (SSEM) - 11

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