Vice: Underground Music Elementor WordPress Theme



The most stunning WordPress theme for underground music websites

Now with a new interactive 3D background and Elementor support, plus 8 new Elementor widgets, glitch effexts, 3d interactions, carousels and sliders.

Vice: Underground Music Elementor WordPress Theme - 1
Vice: Underground Music Elementor WordPress Theme - 2
Vice: Underground Music Elementor WordPress Theme - 3

Introducing a new child theme: DHRK! (included with Vice)

A minimal stunning super fast child theme for Vice, to bring the Vice theme in the new decade. Perfect to build your underground music website.


Now supporting MP4 video background


Vice: The Best Music WordPress Theme is here!

If you need to create a professional WordPress music website, Vice is the theme for you.
Its features and functions are specially crafted to create:

  • Rock / Pop music band websites
  • Dj Producer websites
  • Radio station websites
  • Club websites
  • Musician websites
  • Singer websites
  • And much more!

WordPress 5 compatible!

Core functions

  • Music album
  • Events
  • Event maps
  • Featured music player
  • Artists
  • Gallery and video galleries
  • Video background
  • Podcasts
  • Unlimited radio stations
  • Unlimited modular pages
  • Customizable colors and logos
  • Custom Google fonts
  • Award-winning and solid design
  • Super responsive
  • Premium support via forum and email
  • Frequent updates

vice music theme rating

NEW: Added Radio Station support!

Check the manual for more infos.


Get The Most Professional Look Out There With The Printing Vice Products!

Buy Here The Official VICE Business Card:

Music WordPress Theme

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Music WordPress Theme

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Music WordPress Theme

Video Tutorials

  1. Vice Music WordPress Theme Installation
  2. Customizations menu and widgets
  3. Creating new releases
  4. Importing the content
  5. Modular Pages (One Page layout)

Vice: An Amazing Music WordPress Theme

Main features

  • Create unlimited “Modular One Page”
  • Recycle modules across multiple “One Page”, creating custom landing pages for your website in minutes
  • Unique music player, super integrated, with playlist. Easily add entire album to the player, with autoplay (optional)
  • Create unlimited “Radio Station Channels”
  • Switch on/off the audio of the youtube background. If video has audio, automatically decrease the music player volume
  • Control the music and the video volume from the same control bar
  • Retina ready
  • Music post types: releases, artists, podcasts, events, gallery
  • Create unlimited “Radio Station Channels” (Need MP3 stream url to use in the player)
  • Built-in fullpage slider, super easy to use
  • Create unlimited multimedia galleries, including photos and videos
  • Releases (Music Album) can contain unlimited tracks, each one with unlimited artists, and unlimited “buy” link. Tracks can have mp3, soundcloud or youtube preview
  • Podcast: can create podcast by genre, and include soundcloud, mixcloud or mp3 file. Mp3 is player in the main player, across pages
  • Events: organize events by post type, and link to specific events types. Perfect for djs, booking agencies and clubs
  • Artists: for music bands, music labels, groups or clubs, create amazing artists pages with tabs layout. Artists pages automatically lists the releases of the artist.
  • Social: Every page contain slick sharing function to improve your online success
  • Related posts for: articles, releases, podcasts, artists, all based on taxonomies or date

Fullpage modules:

  • Releases carousel, with ajax playlist, and “Add all tracks to playlist” button
  • Podcast carousel
  • Artists carousel
  • Events map with interactive google map and sliding vertical menu, with flyer preview and link to event page
  • Gallery module, including video gallery
  • Normal contens module (form, bio and so on)
  • Caption: display amazing logos or covers vertically centered
  • Simple Slider: create amazing slideshows in seconds
  • Revolution sliders: to create stunning effects
  • News module

Design Features:

  • Totally responsive
  • One Page (Fullpage) layout with modular builder
  • Glass transparent and futuristic design
  • Off-page nav menu with 2 levels of depth
  • Fullscreen YouTube video background
  • Fullscreen image background
  • Vertical and Horizontal slides
  • 120+ Round Vector Icons designed specifically for this theme
  • Unlimited colors
  • Dark and Light palette
  • Google font separated for titles and contents
  • Real time customization preview with the WordPress Customizer
  • Ajax Page Load for cross page music player
  • Slide-Up playlist
  • Glass header
  • Off-canvas modern menu
  • 20 Social Icons
  • Original layout
  • Custom post template for 5 different post types
  • Custom template for every post type archive
  • Taxonomy template
  • Modern search form
  • Hide/Show playlist
  • Accordion Sidebar Widgets
  • Widgetized footer


  • Well documented
  • Video tutorial
  • WPML ready (.mp .po are provided)
  • Email support in 24 hours
  • Excellent customer ratings (check our other products)
  • XML Demo Content provided


Radio streaming in Chrome v. 55+ requires Shoutcast V.2 and valid direct MP3 stream. Contact us if you want us to test your streaming URL before purchasing at info[at]
More info:


For any issue write to info[at] and be sure to specify your transaction code and the product details. Plus, include any info that can help us (eg. Server wp version, theme version, website url, any additional info)

NOTE: No support is given to product comments. Comments on themeforest are not support tickets.

Any support request that doesn’t include the above details won’t be solved.

  • We do not provide installation service, as any other WordPress theme out there, is a separate service if you cannot install your theme following the instructions.
  • We do not provide demo import service
  • Support is given only by email
  • All the support requests regarding informations contained in the manual will not be answered
  • We have a queue of requests, if your request is not answered within few hours (usually between 8-24), do NOT send other emails. We answer to all the requests, just wait.
  • Do NOT post support requests on the Themeforest comments of the theme. will be ignored. Simply, is impossible to offer support there
  • IMPORTANT: If you have an issue, send us an email with your website, wordpress access, purchase code and name of the theme, and describe in detail the issue. If you forget informations, DO NOT SEND INTEGRATION EMAILS with data divided into multiple emails: we receive hundreds of emails every day and we cannot lose hours recreating the history of each customer.
  • The requests needs to be clear, written in English, and contain all the above infos in the same email
  • We don’t provide support for issues of third party plugins
  • We answer everybody, just wait please
  • This product is exactly as you see in the demo, or better. If you expect it to do something that it actually doesn’t, that’s not a bug.
  • Any request not respecting these rules will be ignored



Vice is complying with the recent GDPR rules. Is fully compatible with WordPress 4.9.6 and following, and adds the new cookies checkbox to the comments form. Please remember that you have to add your own privacy info to your website, which is your legal responsability and not a part of this product. The theme only offers the possibility to follow the rules, doesn’t create any privacy content for you.


Vice 2.0 is almost a completely new theme.
We did everything we could to maintain intact the functionality
for every previous theme user, but if you come from Vice 1.0
please check the manual for the correct udpate procedure and 
2.4.0 [2023 02 17]
[x] Activation issue fix
[x] Udpated Vice Elementor Widgets for Elementor 3.10+
[x] Udpated Astroidz for PHP8+ and WordPress 6.1+

2.3.3 [2022 11 19]
[x] Code updates for Elementor and WordPress

2.3.2 [2022 05 10]
[x] Activation system udpate

2.3.2 [2022 05 10]
[x] Activation system udpate

2.3.1 [2022 04 21]
[x] Migrate activation key to new system for already active websites

2.3.0 [2022 04 13]
[x] Updated Vice installation functionalities and plugin updates

2.2.2 [2022 03 23]
[x] Updated plugin Vice Elementor for Elementor v.3.6.0

2.2.1 [2022 03 22]
[x] inc/tgm-plugin-activation/inc/welcome-page.php:116 fix

2.2 [22 02 2022]
[x] Updated customizer controls for new kirki version
[x] Updated DHRK child theme v 1.1 (please make sure to reupload and replace the old one) [2022 JANUARY 03]
[X] WPML compatibiliy update

2.1.9 [2021 OCTOBER 17]

2.1.8 [2021 July 20]
[x] CSS Improved for WooCommerce pages

2.1.7 [2021 June 15]
[x] Added template post-radiochannel.php
[x] Title.php added Radio Channel support for archives
[x] Title.php added Radio Channel genre support for Genres archives

2.1.6 [2021 May 27] - No theme changes, only child theme update
[x] Updated VICE DHRK [CHILD THEME] prevnext.php > fixed excerpt extraction [trac 75489]

2.1.6 [2021 April 12]
[x] UPGRADED PHP 8 test - ?qw_get_json_data=1 - http://vice.local/release/senses/?qw_get_json_data=1 

2.1.5 [2021 April 02]
[x] scripts.php changed $deps with $dependency line 13
[x] Updated to avoid PHP notifications in inc/tgm-plugin-activation/inc/list.php

2.1.4 [2021 February 08]
[x] FIX gallery module for wp 5.6.1

2.1.3 [2021 February 06]
[x] FIX for wp 5.6.1 repeateble fields fixed collapsing section
[x] FIX for wp 5.6.1 collapsible admin blocks for repeatable fields
[x] FIX for wp 5.6.1 moving sections of gallery works correctly

2.1.2 [2020 December 16]
[x] Metaboxes component update
[x] Chosen update
[x] main.js added l918 if($(this.hash).lenght > 0 ){      

2.1.1 [2020 December 09]
[x] Removed force disable swipebox. Upgraded to Qt Swipebox 5.6
[x] Updated swipebox plugin to 5.6
[x] Updated js/qt-main.js to reinitialize new swipebox after ajax

2.0.9 [2020 December 03]
[x] Child theme Vice Dhrk updated to 1.0.4

2.0.8 [2020 October 24]
[x] Vice DHRK child theme update / no changes to parent theme

2.0.7 [2020 October 18]
[x] Missing plugin fix

2.0.6 [2020 October 03]
[x] removed line 36 fix issue mentioned in
[x] Updated plugin qt-widgets queries breaking archive results pages
[x] Mobile touch scroll improve on sliders [thanks @ecovalence]

2.0.5 [2020 October 01]
[x] Fixed customizer social link labels (youtube confused with Soundcloud)

2.0.3 [2020 August 12]
[x] WordPress 5.5 update

2.0.2 [2020 July 02]
[x] form_saving.php added "function_exists" check

2.0.1 [2020 June 05]
[x] 2020 06 05 Updated child theme DHRK vice-dhrk/template-parts/content/parts/podcast-media.php

2.0.0 [2020 May 22]
[x] 2020 05 20 Performance: scripts.php load minified version of qt-main-min.js
[x] 2020 05 19 Added events map widget to display the classic Vice interactive map
[x] 2020 05 18 CSS FIX safari mobile prevent horizontal scrol
[x] 2020 05 18 CSS fixed menu bar mobile and tablet
[x] 2020 05 18 Customizer - added site title font size parameter
[x] 2020 05 18 Customizer fix wrong logo in header
[x] 2020 05 17 TGM Plugins installer
[x] 2020 05 17 Force uninstall "demo installer plugin" 
[x] 2020 05 17 Customizer Foote Widgets background color
[x] 2020 05 17 DHRK Added footer sidebar and off canvas sidebar
[x] 2020 05 16 Player bar redesign
[x] 2020 05 16 Events blur improvement
[x] 2020 05 16 Fix 3D activation and deactivation
[x] 2020 05 16 Fix glitch on carousel
[x] 2020 05 15 Astroidz customizer
[x] 2020 05 15 DHRK add blur background
[x] 2020 05 15 DHRK add overlay dark color
[x] 2020 05 15 New demo 
[x] 2020 05 15 qw_post_custom_bg background
[x] 2020 05 14 DHRK Languages .pot file
[x] 2020 05 14 Reordered functions.php
[x] 2020 05 14 DHRK Modular page test under Dhrk child theme
[x] 2020 05 14 Removed old activation panel
[x] 2020 05 14 DHRK WooCommerce templates
[x] 2020 05 14 DHRK Customizer: glitch probability factor settings
[x] 2020 05 14 DHRK Customizer: footer background
[x] 2020 05 14 DHRK Footer text
[x] 2020 05 14 DHRK Customizer: featured image as bg
[x] 2020 05 14 DHRK Customizer: glitch option in menu
[x] 2020 05 13 Header fixed z-index to 400
[x] 2020 05 13 DHRK Related posts
[x] 2020 05 13 Child theme with new archive and single design
[x] 2020 05 12 Customizer: added burgr menu responsivity options
[x] 2020 05 12 Horizontal menu new style
[x] 2020 05 11 Added color pickers for horizontal menu 
[x] 2020 05 11 Added Horizontal Menu
[x] 2020 05 11 Added alternative header style
[x] 2020 05 11 Redesign CSS header
[x] 2020 05 11 Modern slider: 3d animation picture on active slide
[x] 2020 05 11 Customizer: added switch for vertical social icons
[x] 2020 05 11 Social links verticals in circles
[x] 2020 05 11 New admin icons for custom post types
[x] 2020 05 11 SoundCloud auto embed update
[x] 2020 05 11 Ajax page load update
[[] 2020 05 10 modernslider glitch: only on center slide
[x] 2020 05 10 replaced H1 with H2 in section titles for better SEO
[x] 2020 05 10 Massive performance improvement for visual effects  
[x] 2020 05 07 Put custom body classes in proper file and function from header.php
[x] 2020 05 07 ModernSlider custom post types
[x] 2020 05 07 Google Maps improved integration for events
[x] 2020 05 06 Slider: animations
[x] 2020 05 06 Glitch text
[x] 2020 05 06 Glitch foto
[x] 2020 05 05 JS: improved $.fn.autoembed
[x] 2020 05 04 CSS: WooCommerce cart design improved
[x] 2020 05 04 CSS added "scrolled" menu background color
[x] 2020 05 04 CSS: improvedz-index menu bar and off canvas
[x] 2020 05 04 CSS: improved side menu animation, added clising layer
[x] 2020 05 04 CSS: fixed Social sharing: easing animation
[x] 2020 05 04 CSS: fixed social icons cutted at the top
[x] 2020 05 04 CSS: improved form styling
[x] 2020 05 04 Customizer: added "cross site" video background
[x] 2020 05 04 Customizer: added player colors
[x] 2020 05 04 Customizer: added color picker for content backgrounds on light and dark
[x] 2020 05 03 Customizer: google maps api not loaded if no key is provided
[x] 2020 05 03 Customizations: removed inline styles
[x] 2020 05 03 Customizer: added external css
[x] 2020 05 03 Customizer: added advanced background controls
[x] 2020 05 03 Customizer: added advanced font picker
[x] 2020 05 03 Customizer: removed old framework
[x] 2020 05 03 Customizer: added Kirki configuration
[x] 2020 05 03 Customizer: Removed old favicon, used default WordPress favicon function
[x] 2020 05 03 main.js/player: fixed image not found when no thumbnail was added
[x] 2020 05 02 ajax reinit : call $.viceElementor.__init();
[x] 2020 05 01 Tracklists are now appended before the other tracks (first priority)
[x] 2020 05 01 Added autoplay to first track added to playlist
[x] 2020 05 01 Added "imagesloaded" library
[x] 2020 05 01 Adde Elementor support
[x] 2020 05 01 Added Glitch effect (elementor)
[x] 2020 05 01 Added Astroidz 3D background plugin
[x] 2020 05 01 New shortcodes plugin
[x] 2020 05 01 add to playlist + play
[x] 2020 05 01 Elementor widget  - carousel post
[x] 2020 05 01 Elementor widget  - carousel release
[x] 2020 05 01 Elementor widget  - carousel podcast
[x] 2020 05 01 Elementor widget  - events list

1.9.5  [2019 June 14]
* Map events added closing button
* Artist profile: added YouTube icon

1.9.4  [2019 June 11]
* Single podcast MP3 track fix

1.9.3  [2019 April 19]
* UPDATED Metaboxes js to avoid conflict in modular pages when adding modules

1.9.1  [2019 March 20]
* Added new metaboxes uploaded
* Fixed PHP warning in playlist while thumbnail is not available

1.9.0  [2018 December 10]
* modified custom taxonomies for rest compatibility
* added classic editor among plugins
* wp5 tested

1.8.4  [2018 October 24]
* Updated qt-main.js to force looping

1.8.3  [2018 July 20]
* page-modular.php classes are now separated by space

1.8.2  [2018 May 29]
* UPGRADE: how vide background accepts multiple video URL formats

1.8.1  [2018 May 21]
* FIX: qt-main.js fixed first load background image
* FIX: iPhone + iPhas safari background image fix
* UPGRADE: added GDPS compliant field in comments.php

1.8.0 [2018 May 17]
* part-custombackground.php changed HTML structure to fix z-index issue with videos and ajax loading compatibility
* header.php + footer.php the template part part-custombackground.php is now loaded in footer
* part-custombackground.php now contains also the video background
* main.css:1140 .qt-custombackground__content added
* qt-main.js added ajax loading with replace of $.customBackground
* Disabled autoplay in customizer
* Disabled audio of video backgrounds

1.7.9 [2018 May 04]
* UPGRADE: functions.php replaced versioning number with vice_theme_version() for caching optimization
* UPGRADE: enabled ajax load for mobile qt-main.js:124 commented  $("body").hasClass("qw-is_mobile") [restore if problems]
* UPGRADE: better artist recognition in artist's releases (avoid pulling releases with artist name in record title)
* FIX: main.css line 1535 changed a.qw-itemscarousel-control.left {bottom :0}
* FIX: ajax loading with "product" in domain name, qt-main.js:148 changed "product" with "/product" 
* FIX: repeated image in custom background part-custombackground.php ad main.css
* FIX: separator in release buy links if only 1 
* FIX: RELEASE When there is just 1 buy link, it shows the "|" 
* FIX: Added ellipsis to email in booking tab artist page
* UPDATED revo slider plugin
* UPDATED plugins installation path and moved to our online repo

1.7.1 [2017 July 25]
* revslider version fix

1.7.0 [2017 July 25]
* Progress bar fix

1.6.9 [2017 July 09]
* updated js issue for radios without subtitle
* updated revolution slider
* removed radio stations limit in player (functions.php)
+ ADDED Google Play icon

v 1.6.8 [2017 02 14]
* page-podcast.php and page-artists.php fixed order (sort_order was changed with order)
* qt-main.js:908 fixed map events creation order (reverse)
* qt-main.js:2123 protocol match for soundcloud
* visual composer updated

v 1.6.7 [2016 12 15]
* fixed issue with icons of photo carousel
* upgraded player for radios for bug of bar going long all bar (qt-main.js)
* updated revolution slider plugin

v 1.6.6
* woocommerce select fix main.css:1582

v 1.6.5
* qt-jquerylibraries: replaced collageCaption with custom version to avoid duplicated captions when multiple galleries are in the page

v 1.6.4
* added events carousel module
* cart in header (check option in Appearance->Customize)

v 1.6.3 [2016 11 16]
* fixed dates error in archives

v. 1.6.2 [2016 11 02]
* ipad image background fix
* Added module: Scrolling News Carousel

v. 1.6.1
* updated single-event.php fixed date translation
* updated loop-archiveevent.php fixed date translation

v. 1.6.0 [closed 2016 08 30]
* fixed google maps bug wordpress adding #038 to api key
* added js debug option in Appearance->Customize->General (default: disabled)
* updated QT Wigets plugin, Facebook Widget (missing labels)
* single-artist.php:170:200 added check to not include album where artist name is a track title
* added Instagram artist icon
* added HearThis artist icon
* fix for wordpress 4.6 bug when doing page preview that blocks images

v. 1.5.8 [closed 2016 07 20]
* updated Slider Revolution to 5.2.6 StarPath (27/28th June 2016)
* updated events widget plugin for undefined hidepastevents variable
* added 500px logo to socials
* added Snapchat logo to socials
* added Google Maps Api Key support (Appearance->Customize->General)


v. 1.5.5 (2016 05 10 - 2016 06 02)
* UPDATED Slider Revolution Version StarPath (24th May 2016)
* qt-main.js:2011 - 2016 Fixed https soundcloud support
* Links within a content-module at a modular-page have now Accent color and underline text decoration
* artists order fixed in functions.php and module-artist_carousel.php
* modal window scroll fixed in main.js
* fixed site scrolling stuck on first loading
* ADDED custom link option to archive in news module
* single release
* fixed icon type for download and buy when plying tracks within the single release page

v. 1.5.4 (2016 05 02)
* added twitter code to sharepage.php (Thanks to athanlive for the hint
* Fixed "undefined" error when no radio channels are specified
* solved Soundmanager alert while changing track from the playlist

v. 1.5.2 (started 2016 04 23 closed 2016 04 30)
* qt-main.js fixed active link highligted in modular page
* qt-main.js updated the function $.fn.playlistManager to fix an issue where if there was only a radio channel it was not loaded in the player first
* iphone release module: icon fixed in main.css:1435
* Fixed Firefox issue of scrolling body while playlist is open

v. 1.5.1 (started 2016 04 04 closed 2016 04 22)
* single-event.php updated date formatting
* qt-jquerylibraries.js:347 updated adding protocol to fix Safari issue with background youtube video
* loop-archivepodcast.php displaying 3 items per row
* page-events.php added past hide events fiter if(get_theme_mod( 'hide_past_events', '0') == '1') {
* datepicker function updated for WP 4.5
* Added support plugin with useful reference to icons and manual link
* Revolution Slider update
* Added support for icons in off-canvas menu

v. 1.5.0 (started 2016 01 23 - closed 2016 04 01)
* Fixed missing labels in podcast widget settings
* Updated gallery shortcode
* added option to show past events in customizer (appearance-customize-general settings)
* Radio station now loaded via javascript in the player
* fixed bug with radio stations if there are no releases created
* updated artist image size in artist carousel module to 744,414
* fixed artist separator issue in artist-widget.php (qt-widgets plugin)
* added resizing function when Disable Fullpage.js is checked in qt-main.js (function $.fn.qwNormalPageSectionsResize triggered by FUllpage funciton after render)
* woocommerce pages added to ajax exclusion list in qt-main.js:166
* several CSS fixes for Modular Page for iPad and iPhone

* Release tracks: added possibility to set download or cart icon for each track
* Playlist: now tracks are linked to the release page
* Artists: added Myspace and Instagram icons
* Radio channels: you can choose with a checkbox which channels to put in the playlist
* Social icons: added Spotify, iTunesPodcast and HearThis
* Slider Revolution 5.2

v. 1.4.0 (started 2016 01 03 - closed 2016 01 09) 

* widgets-posts.php added url control
* added RELEASES ARCHIVE page template
* added PODCAST ARCHIVE page template
* added ARTIST ARCHIVE page template
* added EVENTS ARCHIVE page template
* added auto slideshow to blog page template
* updated Woocommerce support, now working with ajax page load
* added Dropbox repository to access video manual files
* Added Automatic slideshow to archives

* fixed file css/qticons.css and added instagram icon
* qt-main.js:971 changed is_desktop in qw-is_desktop to fix recent bug in map list scrolling
* qt-main.js:883->896 added inactive state to map marker + lines 904-905 added inactive class switch
* main.css 745 to 748 added more precise map helper classes for icon/text toggles ( // .qw-marker.inactive)
* functions.php:282 wrapped function in !function_exists statement to allow child theme rewriting
* mobile vertical events module date size fix
* fixed Modular Pafe height after ajax page reload
* updated manual

v. 1.3.3 (started-closed 2015 12 21)
* customizations.php edited qt_showlogo and qt_showlogo_big for wpml compatibility in home link
* small fixes on qt-main.js in the interface functions
* added alert when adding new modules
* added missing space in single.php:18 esc_attr__("On:","_s").' '
* updated plugin QT Widgets/widget-posts.php: now links to categories if category is specified, and the See All text and links are now customizable 
* commented $.fn.fullpage.destroy('all'); as seems breaking artists thumbnails when changing language
* functions.php:298 added events ordering function
* loop-archiveevent.php changed loop with default one to solve pagination issue

v. 1.3.2 (2015 12 10)
* main.css:170 .qw-widg-tags {width:75%; /// was 70%
* meta_box.php:527 loaded datepicker in footer 
* functions.php:281 added && !is_admin() to solve list issue in admin screen limiting n. of releases

v. 1.3.1 (started 2015 10 14 - closed 2015 12 09)
* table rows in mobile for events
* fixed mailto exclusion in qt-mail.js:166
* qt-main.js:166 added ajax exclusion rule for menu: && !that.parent().hasClass("qwNoAjaxChild")
* qt-main.js added fix for videos when switching tab     $( 'a[data-toggle="tab"]' ).on( '', function( evt ) { jQuery.fn.NewYoutubeResize();});
* added options to display language switcher or social links in the top right corner within theme customizer
* qt-main.js:1615 added video resize on tab click for modal contents
* loop-archiverelease.php:7 added class qw-ellipsis to release title 
* loop-archiverelease.php changed loop to fix missing release date
* CSS added .qw-is_desktop #canvas {overflow: visible;height: 0 !important;} to solve safari bug
* qt-main.js:974 we put safari mobile as a normal mobile and not desktop as is buggy
* functions.php:429 commented line: we want iPad iOS to be threated as mobile ( // return false;)
* fixed map scrolling in safari mobile
* fixed background size in safari mobile for modules custom background
* main.css line 101 qticons-space changed in qticons-myspace
* added check to avoid performing resizing actions on page opening
* fixed gallery delay
* fixed vertical nav by adding scrollspy, commented in jquery.fullPage.js:403 the function nav.find('li')..... and added $.fn.qwAddScrollspyFunctions in qt-main.js
* added media gallery shortcode
* main.css:1144     .container {max-width: 80vw;} (was 70vw) Increased iPad container width
* Fixed month translation in events and posts



- FIXED: Background resize only on slider not on other modules.
- FIXED: Shade on first module isn’t place correctly.
- FIXED: Albums and artists are too small in screen
- FIXED: Events are broken


- FIXED: Slow and buggy scrolling (only horizontal)
- FIXED: Every background doesn’t work
- FIXED: When you scroll the home page on the events map your stuck because it moves the map instead of scrolling in the page.


- FIXED: Releases arrows aren’t place correctly
- FIXED: Events date isn’t place correctly
- FIXED: Event module title is written on the events

v. 1.3.0 [2015 10 14]

* addedd possibility to hide modules on specific devices (mobile/desktop) 
* added radio station support
* added custom tab in Artist page
* added choise for first tab in Artist pages
* added custom background image for every post, page or custom types
* added possibility to hide modules in editor for multiple fields
* added a new check for playlist in qt-main.js:1119 if mp3 is not added track is skipped in playlist // && value.releasetrack_mp3_demo !== ''
* added mute possibility on video. If muted, when pressing unmute with music playing, video stays muted.
* added "chapter" type in meta_box.php (info useful only for develpers)
* translatable "See all" in qt-widgets plugin
* fixed "type and press enter" translatable field in search form
* loop-archive.php made translatable "posted by" 
* qt-main.js:85,118 added     $("#content").on("click","a",function(){jQuery.fn.NewYoutubeResize(); console.log("ok"); });
* sharepage-top.php:2 added wp_reset_postdata(); to prevent issues with some plugins on sharing
* qt-main.js:541 added .join("v/").split("com/?v=").join("com/v/"); to accept any youtube URL
* sharepage-top.php added twitter @via parameter
* main.css:845 added #qwPlaylistTable a {max-width:50px;display:block;margin:0 auto;}
* qt-main.js:1119 changed text-center instead of text-right
* artists-widget.php made strings translatable esc_attr__('See all','_s')
* gallery zoom fix disappear reappear: edited qt-swipebox plugin and qt-main.js
* added language switcher in sidebar off canvas menu if you have WPML
* disabled category custom fields (wan not used in this theme) index-pages.php:24
* fixed player bug when pressing play on a track without mp3 file

V. 1.2.2
* changed loop in module-releases_carousel.php now with WP_Query
* added ,'suppress_filters' => false in modules queries

V. 1.2.1
* removed unused artist header image field in artist post type editor
* added artist social in single-artist.php
* meta_box.php:728 added  "&& is_array($new)" to fix issue in certain servers

V. 1.2 [25/08/2015]
* meta_box.php:734: added if($field['type'] == 'repeatable') $new = array_values($new);
* fixed bug in long content section module by adding line 1219 to main.css
* added "hide past events" option in event widget
* better event query in module-events_carousel.php line 41
* removed wp_htmledit_pre from adminindex.php (is deprecated but was useless anyway here)
* Fixed widget classes for WP 4.3
* Updated bundled plugins

V. 1.1.3 [02/08/2015] Minor Update
* corrected php error in page-fullwidth.php (esc_attr__ instead of esc_url line 34)

V. 1.1.2 [28/07/2015] Minor Update
* Single release shopping cart fix for tracks with no buy link (edited part-tracklist.php)
* fix in url of video when going to another page with video in qt-main.js, function $.fn.bgVideo

V. 1.1.1 [27/07/2015] Minor Update
* Updated qt-main.js, video functions: edited the function $.fn.bgVideo to prevent errors when changing page.
* Updated qt-jquerylibraries.js: now including custom version of OKvideo to prevent bux executing twice
* Updated qt-main.js, added unbind fuinctions to ajax links and other functions
* Updated custom-types/qt-pages/index-pages.php updated youtube video structure suggestion

V. 1.1 [23/07/2015] Major Update
* Added one click install plugin
* Added Mixcloud importer
* Added theme activation function
* Added possibility to hide past events in the map
* Added new One Page layout (function to disable the FullPage.js with checkbox in single page)
* Improved mobile experience
* Updated slider revolution V. 4.6.93 SkyWood
* Fixed mute button small devices
* Fixed preloader in mobile
* Fixed slider Revolution reload after ajax page load
* Fixed date displayed in posts widget
* Added in module-releases-carousel.php    if($qw_elements_quantity > count($events)){$qw_elements_quantity = count($events); }
* Added option to hide past events from the map module (edited module-events_carousel.php, index-modularpages.php, meta_box.php)
* Fixed issue on related artist, release and podcast: moved "wp_list_pluck" after "if ($terms) {" 
* Added control on the src attrib of iframes in qt-main.js:1571
* Qt-main.js added controls for tracks without buy link
* Added function $.fn.qtmenuToggle in qt-main.js to close side menu when linked to modules
* Loop-archiveartist.php now artists are in correct order of page attribute
* Artists archive is now 3 cols like releases
* Added parallax backgrounds (only when not active fullPage.js in the modular page option)

V. 1.0.2 [17/03/2015]
* loop-archiverelease.php all 3 columns and 2 for mobiles, added canc block for fixing uneven releases

V. 1.0.1 [17/03/2015]
* edited customizer-boilerplate/options.php, to fix server compatibility in qt_GoogleFontOptions(), added qwGetFileData()
* Fixed booking details in artist page
* module-events_carousel.php:35 fixed query, added 'posts_per_page'   => 32,
* changed order type in artists archives. functions.php:281 -> 284
* custom-types/release/vars.php:5 added date format
* functions.php:107 unused, embedded all in release-type.php
* release-type.php switched all fields to metaboxes
* qt-main.js various lines, modified $("#qwAjaxPreloader") behaveior, moved to -1000 top when disappear
* qt-main.js + part-playlist.php added volume mute button (desktop only)
* google font list is now embedded in the framework to solve https servers issue loading the list from external files

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