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WorkDo Dash SaaS presents an efficient solution, encompassing a range of key features. It offers a unique
multi-workspace function for tailored company-specific management, all within a flexible cloud-based SaaS model,
eliminating the need for local installations and facilitating easy scalability. This platform also supports
multi-addons, allowing users to personalize the system with extra modules, enhancing adaptability to diverse
business needs. This comprehensive approach fosters seamless collaboration, streamlined data management, and
optimized processes, all contributing to heightened productivity and improved operational efficiency for

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URL : Demo Link
Login as Super Admin : [email protected] / 1234
Login as Company : [email protected] / 1234

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What can you expect from WorkDo Dash SaaS – Open Source ERP with Multi-Workspace?

  • Multi-Workspace Functionality: Efficiently manage multiple workspaces tailored to distinct
    companies for enhanced organizational control and flexibility.
  • Premium Add-ons Customization: Design your SaaS platform by seamlessly integrating
    Premium Add-ons that cater to your specific business requirements.
  • Full White Label Customization: Tailor the platform to your brand with a comprehensive white
    label setting for a seamless user experience.
  • Multi-Theme Interface: Choose from a range of visually appealing themes with various color
    options to personalize the user interface.
  • Flexible Add-on Pricing: Super Admin can establish custom monthly and yearly pricing for
    add-ons, providing pricing flexibility to suit diverse user needs.
  • Add-on Configuration: Configure specific setups within add-ons to precisely align the platform
    with your business processes.
  • Add-on Selection and Subscription: Empower users to select and subscribe to desired add-ons,
    enhancing adaptability to their unique needs.
  • Unified User Registration: Register a single user with multiple companies and roles using the
    same email, streamlining user management.
  • Visually Engaging Dashboards:
  • Present data effectively with visually attractive dashboards, facilitating insights and decision-making
  • Granular Roles and Permissions: Manage user access with roles and permissions, ensuring data
    security and controlled usage.
  • Comprehensive Business Modules: Seamlessly handle various business aspects, including products, services, proposals, invoices, projects, and project reports.
  • Robust Accounting Management: Effortlessly manage customers, vendors, banking, income, and
    expenses, and generate insightful reports.
  • Holistic HR Management: Streamline HR tasks with employee management, payroll, leave tracking, event management, document handling, and company policy administration.
  • Efficient CRM Tools: Manage leads, and deals, and generate reports to enhance customer
    relationship management.
  • Integrated POS System: Seamlessly controls warehouses, purchases, POS orders, Barcodes, and point-of-sale transactions. transactions.
  • Messenger Module: Facilitate communication within the platform through an integrated messenger module.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Provide image upload previews, password reset pages, and security via email verification.
  • Cloud Data Storage Integration: Seamlessly integrate with local, AWS, and Wasabi cloud data
    storage solutions for flexible data management.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Add and manage currencies as required for global accessibility.
  • Multi-Language Availability: Ensure global accessibility with support for multiple languages.
  • Customizable Layout Settings: Customize settings for RTL support, primary colors, sidebar
    preferences, and layout themes.
  • Print Customization: Personalize printed materials with attractive PDF templates and a
    customizable color palette.
  • Enhanced RTL Experience: Ensure a user-friendly experience for RTL languages like Arabic,
    Hebrew, and Urdu.
  • Flexible Payment Methods: Any of the plans’ payments can be done using 20+ diverse payment
    gateways namely Stripe, Paypal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Paytm, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate,
    Paymentwall, SSPay, toyyibPay, PayTabs, Iyzipay, Payfast, Benefit, Cashfree, aamarPay, PayTR
  • Built on Laravel 9: Built on the reliable Laravel 10 framework for robust performance.

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Salient Features of WorkDo Dash SaaS – Open Source ERP with Multi-Workspace


This feature Multi-Workspace of WorkDo Dash SaaS allows users to create and manage multiple workspaces within the ERP system. Each workspace functions as a separate environment where specific teams or departments can collaborate and work on their respective tasks. For example, you might have a workspace for accounting, another for human resources, and so on. Multi-workspace functionality helps keep data and processes organized and enables efficient communication and coordination across different parts of the organization.


The multi-addon feature of WorkDo Dash SaaS has the ability of your ERP product to support multiple add-ons or
extensions. Add-ons are additional modules or features that can be integrated with the core ERP system to enhance
its functionality and cater to specific business requirements. By supporting multiple add-ons, your ERP product
offers flexibility and scalability, allowing customers to customize their system and add features as needed.

Core SaaS Product

The WorkDo Dash SaaS supports you with the core functionality of your SaaS product. This includes your product’s
primary features and services, such as project management, accounting, HRM, CRM, or any other area in which you

Add-on Selection and Subscription

The company as a user of WorkDo Dash SaaS can browse and select the add-ons it wants to include in its subscriptions.
Each add-on has a clear description and pricing information by the Super Admin. The company can choose the specific
add-on it needs, based on its business requirements, and subscribe to them along with the core product.

Subscription Tiers

The WorkDo Dash SaaS offers multiple subscription tiers with pricing options for its basic package. It also offers
pricing plans for add-ons, available regularly such as monthly or yearly basis. The Super Admin has the flexibility
to adjust the pricing as needed, ensuring customization and cost management to meet the business requirements.

Subscription Plan

The subscription plan feature of WorkDo Dash SaaS helps you manage the subscription details and add or remove the
add-ons. While purchasing the add-ons, the company has to choose the number of users for that particular add-on.
According to that, the company can create users regardless of the client, staff, or vendor.


WordDo Dash SaaS simplifies the management of dashboards based on subscribed add-ons within the company. This means
that specific add-ons such as “Project”, ”Accounting”, ”HRM”, ”CRM”, ”POS”, ”Support Tickets”, ”Sales”, and ”Rotas”
will have dedicated dashboards showcasing all relevant details. The active add-on determines which dashboard is
visible, allowing businesses to focus on the specific information and functionalities they require.

Specific Setups in the Add-ons

Upon purchasing add-ons like “Project”, “HRM”, ”CRM”, ”Support Ticket”, and ”Sales” in WorkDo Dash SaaS, the users
can access the system setup within each add-on. This allows for quick configuration of essential elements such as
branches, departments, leads, account types, and more, aligning with the specific features and functionalities
offered by each module. These setup options streamline the initial configuration process, enabling users to swiftly
customize the system according to their organizational requirements within the respective add-on modules.

Assign Roles to Each Staff

With the multi-user feature of WorkDo Dash SaaS, you can assign roles to clients, staff, and vendors. This enables
you to manage their permissions and control their access to specific parameters, ensuring streamlined and secure
collaboration within the system.

Product and Service Add-on

The WorkDo Dash SaaS product and service module offers a comprehensive insight into procured products and services,
encompassing warehouse particulars. A standout attribute enables effortless import of product and service data
through a .csv file. These details are readily accessible and intelligible, presented in user-friendly lists and
grid views that deliver a clear snapshot of available offerings.

The Setup option empowers users to craft, update, and remove categories while selecting distinctive colors for
“Product & Services Category,” “Invoice/Proposal/Revenue Category,” “Tax,” and “Unit.” Specific categories are
automatically incorporated upon add-on acquisition and feature inclusion.

Within this segment, the product stock function facilitates inputting product quantities, and new product and
service creation is seamlessly managed via this module.

Proposal Module with QR Code

Think of the Proposal Module in WorkDo Dash SaaS as a tool that helps you make special offers or suggestions to
people who might want to buy things from you. It’s like creating a detailed plan that shows what you’re offering,
how much it costs, and all the important details. This tool makes it easier to organize these plans, so you can show
them to customers. It helps keep track of everything and talk to customers about what they want. Just imagine it as
a way to make deals and communicate better with your clients. And there’s even a QR code feature that adds a special
code to the proposals for easy access!

Invoice Module with QR Code

WorkDo Dash SaaS invoice module creates, manages, and tracks invoices accurately. Generate invoices from proposals, sales orders, with itemized details and payment terms. Streamline invoicing workflow, reduce errors, and provide financial analysis reports. Improve efficiency in billing process and ensure accurate record-keeping.


Projects and Project Reports: Utilize WorkDo Dash SaaS project module to start projects, assign teams, and invite collaborators and clients. Manage client access with adaptable permissions, set budgets, and milestones for clarity. Track project activities and progress in real-time via a dedicated tab and graphical representation. Update milestone progress conveniently with dropdown menus.

Create Your Custom Domain with Dash SaaS

Dash SaaS lets you effortlessly set up your custom domain, boosting your online brand presence. Configure your domain settings directly within your workspace for a seamless, branded experience. Take control of your online identity and stand out in the digital realm with Dash SaaS’s easy-to-use custom domain functionality.

Customize Currency Settings

With Dash SaaS’s Currency Settings feature, you can easily tailor Decimal Format, Default Currency, and separators to your business needs. Customize currency symbol space, position, and display according to your preferences. Adapt currency settings to regional conventions or branding requirements effortlessly. Ensure accurate and consistent currency representation across your platform with Dash SaaS.


Customers and Vendors Access: Efficiently manage your customer database by generating individualized
email addresses for each client. This enables customers to effortlessly log in and access their invoice statuses and
transaction particulars whenever necessary. In addition, maintaining comprehensive records of shipping and billing
addresses enhances trade convenience. Correspondingly, vendors can conveniently access their bills and transaction
records through their designated email addresses, ensuring a streamlined and accessible trade experience.

Create Account: Initiate account creation effortlessly and flexibly by seamlessly updating critical
details such as the account holder’s name, bank name, account number, opening balance, and contact number. This
system allows you to easily edit this essential information as needed, providing a smooth and adaptable account
management experience.

Transfer Money: Effortlessly uphold transaction records and easily facilitate fund transfers between
bank accounts using a range of convenient methods. The system empowers you to effortlessly search for specific
transfers through simplified options, enhancing clarity and accessibility in tracking transactions.

Revenue Management: Efficiently logs newly generated revenue by initiating the creation of new
revenue entries. Modify the revenue source and include relevant references for comprehensive documentation.
Additionally, streamline your revenue tracking by applying filters based on accounts, customers, and categories,
allowing for precise and organized revenue management.

Manage Bills: Managing bills becomes a streamlined process with WorkDo Dash SaaS. You can
effortlessly edit existing bills by adding payments, and with a simple click, download, print, or resend bills. The
transition from “Draft” to “Sent” status makes bills visible to vendors, triggering email notifications to keep them
in the loop. Monitoring payment statuses and updating payment summaries is hassle-free. Vendors benefit from
multiple payment methods, including convenient QR code scanning.

Payment Management: Efficiently record newly generated expenses by creating tailored payment
entries. Modify payment categories and attach relevant references to maintain a comprehensive record of
expenditures. Simplify expense tracking by applying filters based on accounts, customers, and categories, ensuring
precision in expense management.

Reports: Unlock valuable insights with a range of reports at your disposal. These encompass
transaction details, account statements, income summaries, expense summaries, analyses of income versus expenses,
tax summaries, profit and loss statements, invoice summaries, bill summaries, and product stock updates. Download
most reports in versatile formats to match your needs, and elevate analysis with exported transactions and account
statements in Excel files. Filters refine report data, and graphical representations of the Income vs. Expense chart
and comprehensive Profit and Loss calculations empower informed decision-making. Tailor views of tax summaries and
Income vs. Expense charts by selecting specific financial years, enabling strategic financial planning.


Employee: WorkDo Dash SaaS streamlines employee management by facilitating the creation and
oversight of comprehensive employee profiles. These profiles encompass personal information, company details,
essential documents, and bank account particulars. Designate employees to specific branches, departments, roles, and
designations, and efficiently manage vital documents such as joining letters, experience certificates, and NOCs.

Salary Parameters: Tailor payslips effortlessly by adding components like allowances, commissions,
overtime, and miscellaneous payments, while also accounting for deductions such as saturation and loans. This
simplified process leads to the seamless generation of monthly payslips.

Payslip: Instantly generate monthly payslips and efficiently process bulk payments with simple
clicks. Modify payslip statuses conveniently using intuitive Call-to-Action buttons. Employees gain insights into
their salary breakdowns, empowering transparency.

Leave Management: Effortlessly maintain and track leave data by creating new leave records. This
feature provides comprehensive insights into leave types, reasons, and durations. Approve or reject leave requests
with ease.

Attendance Module: Efficiently manage employee attendance, especially in large organizations,
through this module. Precisely monitor attendance for numerous employees within seconds. Filter attendance data
based on dates and months for quick insights.

Bulk Attendance Module: Simplify attendance tracking for individual employees or groups with the
Bulk Attendance Module. Seamlessly add and update clock-in and clock-out timings in bulk.

HR Admin: The HR admin module within WorkDo Dash SaaS offers a range of capabilities. The Holiday
function empowers companies to create holidays visible on the calendar and importable via Excel files. HR Admin
options, including Awards, Transfers, Resignations, Trips, Promotions, Complaints, Warnings, Terminations, and
Announcements, are all under the company’s purview. Creation and management of documents and company policies are
overseen by the company, with limited viewing access for employees.

Events and Reports: Stay prepared for upcoming events by assigning employees and departments to
event reminders. Easily create events and descriptions for seamless organization. Access detailed monthly attendance
reports sorted by branch and department, as well as branch and department-wise leave reports on both monthly and
yearly bases.

IP Restrict Features: Enhance security through IP Restrict Features, enabling the organization to
specify which IP addresses can access specific accounts. Registered IP addresses on the company’s side prevent
fraudulent entries and ensure secure access.


Leads Management: Effortlessly oversee generated leads through both Kanban and List views. Establish
pipelines and assign stages to diverse leads. Enhance lead management by incorporating Users, Items, Files, Notes,
Sources, Call Details, Emails, and Discussions. All essential lead information is presented in a well-organized
layout for easy reference.

Deal Management: Similar to Leads Management, view deals using Kanban or List views. Gain insights
into deals spanning a week, a month, and the past 30 days. Seamlessly allocate Tasks, Products, Files, and Users for
each deal. Manage discussions and notes with ease. Experience a Kanban view for comprehensive deal insight. In
essence, dealing with deals has never been more streamlined.

Reports: Access comprehensive reports that delve into lead and deal conversion for specific weeks.
These reports shed light on conversion sources and are complemented by monthly graphs that visually represent
overarching trends and patterns.

Form Builder: The Form Builder in CRM is a helpful tool that allows you to create customized forms
for collecting important information from your customers or leads. It’s like creating a digital questionnaire or
survey that you can use to gather specific details from people.


Warehouse and Sales Management: WorkDo Dash SaaS offers a streamlined approach to establishing and overseeing multiple warehouses. Furthermore, it simplifies the efficient management of products and services sourced from various vendors, thoughtfully categorized based on pre-registered categories.

POS and Sales Order Management: Experience the convenience of WorkDo Dash SaaS as it facilitates a seamless shopping experience. Effortlessly add products to the cart by selecting the relevant warehouse. This feature caters to both existing and walk-in customers, ensuring seamless sales via the Point of Sale (POS) management system.


Effective communication is a vital cornerstone of any business. WorkDo Dash SaaS offers a user-friendly Messenger
Module that ensures direct and consistent interaction with users and clients, fostering seamless and immediate

Email Templates managed by Super Admin

Simplify your communication process with the Email Templates feature in WorkDo Dash SaaS. Instead of crafting new
emails from scratch each time, users can select from pre-defined or personalized email layouts. This approach
ensures preparedness, maintains consistency in drafts, enhances accessibility, and minimizes the effort required for
repetitive email composition. These templates can be customized to suit diverse needs, improving efficiency and
professionalism in your communication.

Integration of Cloud Data Storage like Local, AWS, and Wasabi

Protection of your is indeed mandatory. This feature of Cloud Data Storage helps the user with the same.
It facilitates both the internal and external data storage space for backup and archiving, disaster recovery, cloud
data processing, and storage tiering based on a range of costs, availability, performance, recovery, and migration
requirements. AWS and Wasabi are third-party authenticated Cloud Data Storage providers that safeguard the data from
hacking and are cost-efficient.

AI Module

The AI module is a transformative feature that integrates artificial intelligence capabilities across various
modules, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness throughout the platform. By harnessing the power of AI’s predictive
analytics, automation, and intelligent insights, this module elevates user experiences and outcomes across functions
like employee management, CRM, financial management, project management, HRM, POS, inventory management, data analytics, and reporting. With AI, businesses can make data-driven decisions, automate processes, and adapt to
changing scenarios with greater accuracy and agility, making it an invaluable asset across our suite of products.

Userlogged Details Module

The userlogged module is used to track and manage user login activities. The basic functionality of a userlogged
module would be to keep track of each user’s login activity, including the time and date of each login, the user’s
IP address, and any other relevant information. That can be used to monitor user activity and ensure that only
authorized users are accessing the system. Overall, a userlogged module can be a useful tool for maintaining the
security and integrity of a software system by ensuring that user logins are properly tracked and monitored.

Our Complimentary Add-ons

Product Service
Effortlessly manage your products and services with our intuitive Add-on

Simplify content management with our versatile CMS Add-on

Streamline Project Management and Collaboration: Assign tasks, milestones, and bugs, track progress, and enhance
team productivity effortlessly

Simplify Accounting, Inventory, and Billing with Ease: Streamline financial management, control inventory
effortlessly, and automate billing for your business

Effortlessly Manage Your HR Needs: Simplify employee management, streamline recruitment, and handle payroll with
ease using this comprehensive HRM system

Simplify Sales Management: Boost your business efficiency with an all-in-one POS solution that streamlines sales, tracks inventory and barcodes, and simplifies your day-to-day operations

Efficiently Manage Leads and Deals: Streamline lead and deal management, convert prospects into customers, and make informed decisions with this CRM system

We have complimentary Add-ons for Stripe and Paypal

Our Premium Add-ons







Hotel&Room Management


E-Invoice for European


Financial Goal




WordPress (WooCommerce)

Shopify Sync

Project Template











Team Workload















WhatsApp (Twilio)

WhatsApp API




Google Authentication



Zoom Meeting

Video Hub

Google Meet

Google Sheet


Call Hub

Innovation Center

Internal Knowledge (KB)

Fix Equipment

Double Entry



Sales Agent

Side Menu Builder

EMail Box

Google Drive























Mercado Pago




Garage/Workshop Management

Visitor Management

Pabbly Connect


Hospital Management

Parking Management

Backup Store

Property Management

Courier Management

Vehicle Booking Management

Legal Case Management

Beauty Spa Management

School/Institute Management

GYM Management

Beverages Production System

Music Institute

Tour & Travel Management

Agriculture Management


Newspaper Distribution Management


Laundry Management

Waste Management

Consignment Management System

Machine Repair Management

Childcare Management

Business Process Mapping

Vehicle Inspection Management


Catering Management

Repair Management System

Medical Lab Management

Freight Management System

Pharmacy Management

Car Dealership

Rental Management


Mobile Service Management

To Do

Meeting Hub



Paiement Pro



Document Template

Find Google Leads


Driving School




Restaurant Menu

Budget Planner

Biometric Attendance

Movie & TV Studio



In conclusion, WorkDo Dash SaaS emerges as a comprehensive and versatile solution designed to elevate organizational
efficiency and streamline various facets of business operations. With its array of functionalities spanning
multi-workspace capabilities, customizable add-ons, and a user-friendly interface, the platform empowers users to
tailor their experiences to specific needs. From efficient collaboration through seamless communication tools to
robust project, financial, and HR management, WorkDo Dash SaaS offers a unified ecosystem for optimizing
productivity and operational effectiveness. Its intuitive features, including email templates and comprehensive
reporting, ensure that businesses can easily adapt, communicate, and make informed decisions. Ultimately, WorkDo
Dash SaaS stands as an essential tool for modern enterprises seeking to enhance collaboration, streamline processes,
and achieve remarkable efficiency in their day-to-day operations.


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questions or suggestions. To save time and get quick feedback, please don’t ask for support in the comments section.

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