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All useful PLUGINS are available here!

Allow vendors/store owners to sell their products on your marketplace and charge them monthly subscription fee + commissions%(optional) + per transaction fee(optional).

Each vendor (store owner) has an individual Admin panel. A vendor can add staff users to manage their store. You can limit the number of users and also can limit the number of listing a vendor can have.

The default vendor subscription billing provider is Stripe. If you want to use Mollie or PayPal’s Braintree instead of Stripe. Please make a request for the Braintree version. A conversion charge may apply, please check this link for details or contact us directly from the support tab on the top of this page.


Indexing:: (Meaning of symbols on the left side)
‘+’ Added
‘*’ Fixed
‘-’ Removed
‘=’ Improved
‘!’ Info/Warning

Version 2.15.1 (28 April 2024)
+ Now vendors can add attribute values to any attribute
+ Now you can upload .webp images directly on dropzone
* HTML tag issue on customer message inbox
* Special character issue on state names
* Contact seller button issue on the shop page
* Price range issue on the auction page
= Pickup orders can be fulfilled directly from the order list table
= Reducing some homepage contents to boost loading
= Added 'COLLECT_VISITOR_DATA=false' in env to boost performance, google analytic can be used for similar reports
= Utilised Caching system in a more effective way to boost performance
= After 1st load the query reduced from 106 to just 6 on the homepage loading time
= Improved loading speed by 50-60%
= Improved sitemap.xml generator
= Improved cookie consent UI
= Cookie consent is now for storefront users only
Version 2.15.0 (9 April 2024)
+ Pickup orders option
+ Vendor can on/off the pickup option on his/her shop
+ Stock can now belong to multiple warehouses
+ Customer account approval system
+ API route added for getting warehouses for specific shops
= New popup UI design for Dynamic popup
= Added “GET VERIFIED“ option at vendor sidebar
= Item search filter improved
= Minor improvements on the default theme UI/UX
= Now vendors can see attributes created by the admin
= When you create multiple categories and sub-groups the parent category will be pre-selected for convenience.
* A few permission issues
* CSV upload input number increased on php.ini
* Page update issue on admin panel
* Shipping popover UI issue on product page
* Fixed inventory update issue for updating categories and tags.
* Spelling errors and typo fixes.
* Fixed API for getting product details with products with attributes.
* Fixed unwanted close button appearing on the top right side of the screen
* Stripe card number max input characters set to 16.
* The PHP’s max_input_vars issue when uploading CSV

Updated Plugins:
= Wallet (v-1.5.2)
= Dynamic Pop-up (V-1.1.0)

New Released Plugin:
+ Wholesale (v-1.0.0)
Version 2.14.0 (26 February 2024)
+ Bulk order processing
+ Admin can bulk deposit money to the customer's wallet from the admin dashboard.
+ Provide your customers with live shipping rate and time estimations
= No need to configure the wallet plugin at code level
= No need to configure the inspector plugin at the code level
* Fixed issue where digital products didn't show when catalog mode was off
* Fixed dynamic currency issue in generated coupon
* Fixed shipping rate button not being clickable in mobile view
* Appearance of additional 'c' in group and subgroup in Nova theme fixed
* Fixed dynamic currency change issue on some pages
* Top banner delete option added. (Turns off top banner)
* Fixed default theme mobile-mega-menu scroll issue

Updated Plugin:
Wallet (version-1.5.1)

New Released Plugin:
+ Shippo Shipping
+ Auction
Version 2.13.0 (24 December 2023)
+ Catalog enable/disable feature
+ Single login for seller & customer
+ Show digital products separately on merchant stock
+ Data Layer data provided for pixel
+ Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tiktok  pixel base code integrated
+ Delivery confirmation using OTP on App
+ Delivery can give feedback for orders on App
+ Option to add to cart all “Frequently Bought Together” items from product page
+ Dynamic height for the mega menu
* Admin site css file mix remove issue fix
* Stock and order database responsive issue fix
* OTP login library include issue
* Dashboard cancellations page order variable not found issue fix
* Create coupon form coupon generate issue fix
* Fix a few grammatical issues on the languages
* customer order detail page translation issue fix
* Customer order cancel item issue fix
* Refund initiate issue fix
* Feedback page issue fix
* Role update issue fix on admin panel
* price filter min and max dynamic value show issue fix
* Vendor billing page responsive issue fix
* attribute duplication issue fix
* Demo reset issue fixed
* Logo show issue fix on product details quick-view modal
= Cart feature moved to cookie from session

New Plugins:
+ Mollie Payment Gateway
+ bKash Payment Gateway

Plugins Update:
+ googleAnalytics
+ zCart Wallet
* otpLogin
* TrendingKeywords - 1.2.1
* Iyzico - 1.0.1
* Mercado 1.0.2
= Search Autocomplete
= comparison - 1.0.3
= Variant edit process
= Inventory form
Version 2.12.0 (11 October 2023)
+ Dynamic currency API added
* Cart page currency error fixed
* Added currency_id to the orders table to handle dynamic currencies
* Theme license issue
* Refund initiate issues
= Default theme box container layout
= Improved the loading time

= Dynamic Currency 1.1.0
Version 2.11.0 (2nd October 2023)
+ Pay to feature added
+ Rewritten the front-end code for better UI/UX
+ Now you can easily change the theme color pallets
+ 3 column banner added
+ Product thumbnail animation (can be on/off)
+ Categories added to the sitemap.xml file to scrawl
* Customer message section error
* The shop page active listing show issue fix
* Demo import issue
* Product edit issue when a vendor can use own catalog only
* User role privileges vulnerability issue
* A few XSS vulnerability issues
* Product images don’t show the issue fix on the customer dashboard order details page
= Default theme container size increased
= Improved the image-loading experience
= Slider image height changes to 1440x350px
= Product image now can have max 1000 KB sized

! Wallet Plugin Update(1.4.6)
! Ajax Search Autocomplete Plugin Update(1.0.3)
! Eventy updated 
! Trending Search updated
Version 2.10.0 (26th August 2023)
+ Option to clear all demo contents
+ Digital product module
+ Popup Banner/Newsletter
+ Brand new brand profile page
+ Brand new vendor profile page
+ Brand new vendor list page
+ Vendor can add custom CSS styling for shop profile page!
+ Vendor can add banners and sliders for the profile page
+ Vendor can choose his own Deal Of The Day items.
+ Vendor can choose his own Featured items.
+ Vendor can set his own Finds Under price.
= Improved brand list page
= Shop name added to inventory slug to keep it unique
= Address title validation added to the checkout form
* On search, all variants of products show individual issue fix
* Empty state update error issue fixed on vendor shipping zone
* Attribute edit form loading with a good amount of selected categories issue fix
* Customer name shows issue to fix on shop review API
* Warehouse details issue fix
* Negative balance shows if the wallet hasn't sufficient balance for refund issue fix
* Logged in customer add to cart ID insert issue fix
* Search page null brand show issue fix
* Customer reset link API issue fix
* Order creation on admin panel issue fix
* Without importing demo data search error issue fix
* Subscription plan cost database limit increase
* Attempt to read property "subGroup" on null issue fix
* Social login pass update issue fix
* Data table mobile responsive for all contents
* Inactive shop product show on search issue fix

! Subscription plugin update(v-1.5.0) released
! OneCheckout plugin update(v-1.5.0) released
! Comparison plugin update(v-1.0.1) released
! Google Analytics plugin update(v-1.0.2) released
! Ajax Search AutoComplete plugin update(v-1.0.2) released
! Flutterwave plugin update(1.1.2) released
! Wallet plugin update(1.4.5) released
! Packaging Plugin updated (v-1.1.1)
Version 2.9.0 (14th June 2023)
+ Home page shows featured vendor
+ Sold quantity is shown on the product details page
+ Inventory store with and without variant API created
+ Flash deal added to product details page if has any offer
+ Admin can now reset license right from admin panel
+ Trending Search Keyword API added
+ Announcement API added
+ Search filter added on API
+ Frontend admin top nav bar added like WordPress
* Forgot password success notification show
* Admin order cart show issue fix
* Inactive inventories view issue
* Wallet invoice logo issue fix
* Responsive issue on mobile view of merchant panel
* Contact form and message reply mail send issue fix
* HTML tag issue on message top dropdown on admin panel
* Overflow of the category items in the mobile version issue fix
* Brand and Vendor list pagination issue on the Safari browser
* Order update status mail link issue fix
* Hide main menu item mobile issue fix
* Application credential for API doesn't show on generate form if cleared the files cache issue fix
* Out-of-stock items after attribute selection on the product page
* Attribute combination mismatch issue fix for API
* Add to cart button click event disabled issue fix when product out of stock
* Checkout page address title validation fixed set to minimum 2 words
* Remove extra hash from the mail template
= Recently viewed items shown according to the descending
= Improve middleware code for Users Verify
=  Multiple announcements on the website
= Showing senders name and email address in the message inbox section
= Scout search import improved
= 'noopener' attribute added to all tags to protect from fishing vulnerability
= Cart content feature moved to session from IP
= Action buttons UX improvement on product thumbnails

Update Plugins:
! Announcement plugin update(v-2.0.0) released
! Eventy plugin update(v-1.0.1) released
! Flutterwave plugin update(v-1.1.1) released
! Wallet plugin update(v-1.4.4) released
! Ajax Search Autocomplete plugin update(v-1.0.1) released
! Google Analytics plugin update(v-1.0.1) released
Version 2.8.2 (6 April 2023)
= Google Analytics 4 (GA4) ready
* Paypal checkout when vendor get paid issue fix
* Paypal code mismatch API issue fix
Version 2.8.1 (2 April 2023)
* Encryption issue on middleware
* API version issue
* Random items picker issue
Version 2.8.0 (30 March 2022)
+ MercadoPago payment method plugin released
+ Iyzico payment method plugin released
+ After adding the wishlist total number shown on the icon
* Fix mobile responsiveness issues with the web interface.
* Fix schema issues
* Category Group img shows API issue fixed
* Coupon language issue solve on the customer dashboard
* Customer info shown in order page on off issue fixed
* Coupon option show on customer dashboard without plugin activate issue fixed
* FB login without email issue fixed
* User create from admin panel issue fixed
* Out-of-stock product purchase issue fixed
* Customer dashboard total coupon show issue fixed
* Unsupported shipping zone to supported shipping zone not deliverable issue fixed
* zCart wallet name shows 2 times in checkout page issue fixed
* able to order less than minimum purchase quantity issue fix
* add to cart button design issue on product listview
* min price and max price set issue fix on inventory add and update
* RTL header design issue fix
= Improved SEO facts and issues
= Lazy load of all images
= Serve all images in the next-gen formats (WebP)
= Category sidebar filter improved
= Language strings updated

Package logs

! Inspector 1.2.0 released
! M-Pesa 1.2.0 released

Plugin Merged (Worth $250+)

! Guest Checkout (Worth $59)
! Wishlist (Worth $49)
! Coupon (Worth $49)
! Google Login (Worth $29)
! Fb Login (Worth $29)
! Flash Deal (Worth $39)
Version 2.7.0 (17 December 2022)
+ Seller app APIs added
+ Product attributes hover now highlights all available items
+ Attributes like color sizes are now searchable
+ Admin can set rules for out-of-stock items. 
+ Option to show/hide technical specifications on the product page
+ Show/Hide items from the main navigation menu
+ Show categories in the main navigation menu
+ OTP login from vendor and customer (Addon)
+ Slug is editable on products and manufacturers
+ Minimum 3 characters restriction for search
* Pagination button access issues on mac OS
* Order cancellation issue in limited-time feature
* Shop order issue fix on the backend site
* Model name string issue fixed for logo and icon
* Stripe card update issue fixed
* Fixed vendor landing page logo issue
* Trending category load issue fixed
* Order status issue when created from the admin panel
* Vendor avatar image show issue fixed
* Disabled submit button issue on the inventory form
* Canceled items quality adjustment issues for a partially canceled order
= Email validation add on customer profile
= Address zip_code now allows non-numeric data
= Category loading time optimized on the admin side
= Card view on the billing page
= Login and registration form
= Admin sidebar level changes 'general settings' to 'shop settings'

New Plugins:
+ OTP login
+ Comparison
+ MPesa Payment
Version 2.6.6 (30 September 2022)
* Deleted user ticket issue solve
* Merchant catalog product add issues solve
* Wallet approve issue fixed
* Account, wishlist, and cart icon show on mobile
* Paypal Marketplace Checkout issue fixed
* Paystack checkout issue solved on the API
* Order permanent delete issue fixed
* Stripe create config issue fixed
* Customer avatar issue fixed
Version 2.6.5 (1 September 2022)
* Merchant avatar issue
* Wallet checkout issue with Insufficient balance
* Image issue fixed on order create from backend panel
* Customer address Google map issue
= Improved the search bar design on the default theme
Version 2.6.4 (12 August 2022)
* Packaging plugin issue solve for web and API
* Logo and trust badge image caching issue
= Improvements in code and functionalities
Version 2.6.3 (05 August 2022)
* Account delete option on API
* Wallet double deposit issue 
* Inventory CSV upload issue 
* Header name issue 
= Enabled all major add-ons on the DEMO for testing
Version 2.6.2 (06 July 2022)
* Minor bug fixes
Version 2.6.1 (01 July 2022)
* Minor bug fixes
Version 2.6.0 (30 June 2022)
+ Role-based permission added for plugins Live Chat, Inspector, Wallet, Flash Deal, and Dynamic Commission
+ Trending Keywords for search (plugin)
+ Jamaican states are added 
+ Recaptcha add on the merchant registration form
+ Business area states mass select and deletes option
* Permission issue for admin on the promotion page
* Selling theme view not found issue
* Customer wallet deposit issue with PayPal, Paystack, and Razorpay
* Image delate issues on a few models like carrier, attributes, etc
* Category table sorting issue on parent column
* Algolia search data format issue
* Shop's staff info edit issue from admin
* Razorpay wallet deposit 
* Location auto-select issue for Philippine 
* Email Template access issue
- Business area state's iso code unique validation removed
= SKUs are now unique for the same vendor only. Different vendors can have the same SKU 
= Allows decimal value on the Dynamic Commissions plugin

+ Eventy (To create and manage events)
+ Authorize.net Payment Gateway 
+ Instamojo Payment Gateway 
+ Paystack Payment Gateway 
+ Live chat
+ Announcement 
+ Gift wrap or packaging
+ Google Analytics

See the complete changelog here

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