Academy LMS Offline Payment Addon



This addon provides offline,cash or local payment gateway facility to Academy Lms students during purchasing a new course.
During making payment of course cart, this addon gives payment document upload option.
Admin can verify the payment evidence and approve the purchase from backend.
This will bypass forcefully used online payment gateways in areas where they are not available.
Using this convenient payment addon, you can sell courses to your students by any and almost every medium.

How it works

  • Academy lms should be pre-installed in your server
  • Purchase offline payment addon for academy lms from codecanyon
  • Download and install the addon to your academy lms portal
  • During course purchase payment, student now get option for selecting offline payment gateway
  • As a proof of payment, students need to submit payment document in format of jpg, png, pdf, txt or docx
  • Student’s submitted courses will remain as “pending” state in his account’s “purchase history” page
  • While a student submits offline payment request, admin will be notified in his backend panel
  • Admin can download the payment evidence document, approve or suspend it upon review
  • Once admin approve the payment, the course purchase is completed and student get access to that course and start learning
  • If the purchase course is made by any public instructor, then the commission of instructor will be generated as per system’s ongoing procedure.

Academy LMS Offline Payment Addon - 1

Student side : During course purchasing, student can upload proof of payment document.

Academy LMS Offline Payment Addon - 2

Student side : Purchased course by offline gateway remains “pending” until admin approves it.

Academy LMS Offline Payment Addon - 3

Admin side : Admin needs to download and verify payment document. On approval, course purchase is completed and on suspension, course purchase is cancelled.


Watch this addon demo by navigating to the link below:

Login as student, add a course to cart and attempt to make payment by offline payment gateway

Requirements :

Update Log

Version 1.4 – 21 November, 2023

- Offline payment is now available with all addons
- Minor issue fixes

Version 1.3 – 31 July, 2023

- New structure to availability in all addons

Version 1.2 – 12 August, 2022

- Bootstrap 5 has beed updated
- User experience has been improved

Version 1.1 – 6 July, 2020

- Valid User details have been shown in the admin panel.
- File uploading from android app now possible.
- Offline payment form issue has been fixed.


Send us a ticket for presale questions and getting after sales developer support via zendesk.

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