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Stunningly Powerful Features and Maximum Customization for Best Websites

  • The WordPress “Next Generation” Theme for Marketers and Business
  • Ready to Build Converting Landing Pages for Any Campaign
  • Conversion Optimized Pages (Shop, Lead Page, Selling Page, Landing Page)
  • Tons of Pages to Customize (Pricing Tables, Testimonials, FAQ)
  • Extremaly Beautiful and Detail Oriented Design
  • Usability Optimized Design (UX Best Practices Used)
  • Easy to Run and Customize
  • Live Customization in Theme Customizer
  • The World’s Most Advanced Header/Menu System (Included Support Widgets in Responsive Mode for Better SEO)
  • The World’s Most Customizable Testimonials
  • Advanced Sticky Header Customization Options
  • Full Control Over Dropdown/Megamenu Animation
  • Useful Menus and Top Headers
  • 4 Most Useful Header Addons (Social Icons, Search, Top Menu, Place for Custom Text)
  • Super SEO Friendly ( Integration, Semantic Light HTML5 Structure, Speed Optimization)
  • 2 Exclusive Converio Sliders
  • Dedicated Events Plugin with Useful Features Included in The Price
  • Revolution Slider Included in The Price
  • Over 60 Well Organized Layered PSD Files Included in The Price
  • 10 Trendy Color Skins and Unlimited Colors
  • Boxed and Wide Layout
  • 100 Social Icons
  • Two Versions of Social Media Icons to Choose (Light and Colorized)
  • Animated Charts and Graphs, Milestones and Countdowns
  • 3 Tabs Alternatives, Toggles and Accordions
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Integrated with Popular Plugins (Contact Form 7, Newsletter, Share This, etc.)
  • Easy Favicon and Logo Creation Based on Dedicated/Extra PSD Files Included in The Theme
  • Super Light, Easy to Understand, Well Thought, Organized and Optimized, Cutting Edge Code (PHP, CSS, JS)
  • Smooth Premium Responsive Design Ready for All Devices
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • 20 Easy to Customize Abstract Patterns Included in The Price (with Possibility to Control the Opacity of Pattern and Background Color)
  • Custom Designed Elements/Shortcodes For All Common Websites Needs
  • Ready for Corporate, Shop, Blog, Landing Page, Selling Page, Lead Page and Lot of More Websites
  • Sharp Graphics on Retina (High Resolution) Ready Display
  • Working Ajax Forms on Contact Page
  • Smart Autoslides Feature (For All Sliders) with the Possibility of Custom Settings
  • Super Clean, Clear and Optimized HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript Code Made by Profesionalls
  • Ultra Fast and Speed Optimized
  • About 40 Easy to Use Shortcodes
  • Flexible and Lightweight Column System
  • Translation Ready
  • Sortable and Animated Portfolio
  • Social Sharing Buttons with Share Counts (ShareThis Plugin Integration)
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Footer Customization Options
  • 4 Modern Blog Layouts
  • 4 Modern Portfolio Layouts
  • Exclusive Custom Widgets
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Passed All “Theme Unit Tests” by
  • Automatic Updates (Support for Envato WordPress Toolkit)
  • Valid HTML5 / CSS3
  • XML File with Demo Data Included
  • Highly Customizable
  • Truly Multipurpose
  • Friendly Support
  • Free Updates
  • Great Deal to Buy
  • Continuous Improvements (New Features Based on Users Feedback)
  • and So Much More…

Note: Images used on the preview site are for demonstration purposes only and they are not included in the download file.


26 June 2020 – version: 1.0.37

-Updated Envato Market plugin to the latest version (plugins/
-Fixed schema validation for Breadcrumbs (functions/breadcrumb.php)
-Added support for wp_body_open() (header.php and functions.php)
-Fixed part of issues related to latest version of Envato Theme Check

11 July 2019 – version 1.0.36

-Updated WooCommerce files to the latest version (woocommerce directory)
-Improved styles for WooCommerce (styles/woocommerce.css)
-Updated plugin Revolution Slider to the latest version (plugins/
-Improved styles for demo slides of Revolution Slider (styles/revolution-slider.css)
-Added rel noopener for sharing links (share.php)
-Little CSS improvements related to the select field (style.css)
-Replaced depreciated Envato Market WordPress Plugin to Envato Market Plugin (plugins/
-Updated Converio Shortcodes to the (plugins/
-Changed slider of client shortcode to OWL slider.
-Little maintainance changes of Converio Shortcodes plugin and preparations for Visual Builder support (plugins/

24 May 2018 – version 1.0.35

-latest WooCommerce support
-different improvements for latest WooCommerce
-code improvements for "Theme Check"

5 February 2018 – version 1.0.34

-team member shortcode improvement for link parameter (converio-shortcodes/libs/shortcodes/team_member.php)
-updated JavaScript library for counters (js/scripts.js)
-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version (plugins/
-added support for bolder font size (font-weight: 800) (functions.php)
-support for latest WooCommerce (woocommerce directory)

23 November 2017 – version 1.0.33

-Updated Revolution Slider to the latest version (plugins/
-improved breadcrumbs for projects (functions/breadcrumbs.php)
-improvements for WooCommerce (styles/woocommerce.css, functions.php and woocommerce directory)
-updated language file (languages/converio.pot)
-different improvements in JavaScript files (js/scripts.js, js/jquery.slides.min.js)

28 September – version 1.0.32

-Updated Revolution Slider to the latest version (plugins/
-Added support for The Grid plugin (js/scripts.js)
-Little maintainance for WooCommerce (woocommerce directory)

24 July – version 1.0.31

-Updated Converio Shortcodes plugin (plugins/
-Updated Revolution Slider plugin (plugins/

8 May – version 1.0.30

-Added "container" shortcode (plugins/
-Update for latest WooCommerce (woocommerce/cart/cart.php)
-Little translation update (languages directory, functions/custom-nav-menu-walker.php)

15 April – version 1.0.29

-Added One Click Demo Import feature

13 April – version 1.0.28

-updated Font Awesome to the latest version (style.css, fonts directory)
-updated WooCommerce to the latest version (woocommerce directory)

5 April 2017 – version 1.0.27

-update for WooCommerce 3.0 (woocommerce/cart/cart.php)
-little update for Revolution Slider styles (styles/revolution-slider.css)

14 January 2017 – version 1.0.26

-Updated Revolution Slider to the latest version (plugins/
-WooCommerce files updates and minor improvements ("woocommerce" directory, styles/woocommerce.css)
-Added hero image shortcode (wp-content/plugins/converio-shortcodes/, style.css)

10 January 2017 – version 1.0.25

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version (plugins/
-minor CSS improvement for WooCommerce (style.css)

23 November 2016 – version 1.0.24

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version: (plugins/
-updated Converio Shortcodes (plugin/
-added support for category description (archive-layout-0.php, archive-layout-1.php, archive-layout-2.php, archive-layout-3.php, functions.php)
-added converio.pot for translations and updated translation files
-improved translation (single.php, search.php, post-list-standard.php, index.php)
-added little fix for WooCommerce checkboxes (styles/woocommerce.css)
-added little maintainance improvements (style.css)
-little improvement for header functions (functions/custom-nav-menu-walker.php)
-added minor improvement for breadcrumb (functions/breadcrumb.php)
-little improvement on project archive (archive-project.php)

19 July 2016 – version 1.0.23

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version: 5.2.6 (plugins/
-added feature to add Google Maps API Key in Customize (customize/maps.php, functions.php)
-updated TGM Plugin Activation to make it easier to update plugins from WP dashboard (functions/tgm-plugin-activation)
-updated and improved share button url for Facebook (share.php)
-changed name of social icons to better support different host limitations (images/social-icons.png, images/[email protected], style.css)
-little maintainance improvements for accordion, parallax and woocommerce (style.css, woocommerce.css).

9 May 2016 – version 1.0.22

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version: StarPath (plugins/
-updated TGM Plugin Activation to make it easier to update plugins from WP dashboard (functions/tgm-plugin-activation)
-added improvements for Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix (style.css, functions.php)
-added improvement to remove query strings from static resources (functions.php)
-added feature to hide WP version in source code for better security (functions.php)
-added feature to show/hide featured image on choosen single project page (single-project.php)
-maintainance improvements (footer.php, header.php, customize/header.php)

15 April 2016 – version 1.0.21

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version (plugins/
-added support for WP version 4.5 (js/scripts.js)
-added full support for structured data for single article (single.php, functions/breadcrumb.php)
-added option to show/hide title on single post (single.php)
-added feature/option do show/hide featured image per post/page or globally. (page.php, single.php, functions/metaboxes.php, customize/blog.php)

5 April 2016 – version 1.0.20

-updated Revoluton Slider to the latest version 5.2.4 (plugins/ 
-updated Font Awesome to the latest version (fonts, style.css) 
-improved circle shape feature for team member shortcode (style.css)
-improved pricing plan height to auto adjust to the content (style.css)

22 March 2016 – version 1.0.19

-updated Revoluton Slider to the latest version (plugins/
-added feature to disable title and sidebar on single portfolio (single-project.php)

14 March 2016 – version 1.0.18

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version 5.2.2 (plugins/
-improved taxonomy project categories (added taxonomy-project-categories.php)

5 March 2016 – version 1.0.17

-updated Revolution Slider to the latest version 5.2.1 (plugins/
-added support for Contact Form 7 on landing page (style.css, dummy-data/shortcodes-pages/landing-page-cf7.html, dummy-data/shortcodes-pages/landing-page-contact-form-7.txt)
-improved landing page form sending (multipurpose-sliders-templates/slider11/landing-page-form.php)
-added new page template "Blank page" (blank-page.php)
-improved date translations on events pages (archive-events.php, single-events.php)
-improved pagination on portfolio pages (portfolio3.php, portfolio4.php, portfolio3-masonry.php, portfolio4-masonry.php)
-improved taxonomy project categories (added taxonomy-project-categories.php)

5 February 2016 – version 1.0.16

Updated Events plugin (version 1.4.2) with:
-Fixed the issue with empty timestamp if hour field is disabled.
-Fixed a problem with menu.
-Fixed wrong taxonomy select in archive taxonomy selector. 

1 February 2016 – version 1.0.15

-added feature to make it possible to easily change title of post/page/project/product easily to h1 or h2 (Customize -> General)
-added feature to make it possible to easily display post title inside title breadcrumb (instead of "Blog") on each post (Customize -> Blog)
-added page template to add contact page without form and with map
-removed ShareThis plugin from required/recommended plugins
-updated styles to better support Revolution Slider version 5+

Updated files:

26 January 2016 – version 1.0.14

-Updated Revolution Slider to the latest version 5.1.6
-Added support for language switcher in menu for WPML plugin (functions.php)
-improved loading for Google Fonts (functions.php)
-improved recent posts shortcode for better WPML support (recent_posts.php)
-removed link from single image from WP gallery (image.php)
-added smooth scrolling feature (js/scripts.js)
-added transition effect for all buttons (style.css)
-added support for list inside accordion/toggle (style.css)

1 January 2016 – version 1.0.13

-Revolution Slider plugin updated to the latest version 
-little fix for Skype social media icon
-little SEO improvement related to Google Plus on single.php

18 November 2015 – version 1.0.12

-Revolution Slider plugin updated to the latest version 
-little improvement of translation support for contact page and blog masonry (blog-masonry.php , blog-masonry-sidebar.php) 
-little improvement for "share this" box (js/scripts.js) 
-improved on single article to make it more SEO friendly (single.php) 
-little fix for latest version of wocommerce - dropdown boxes on checkout page (styles/woocommerce.css)

13 September 2015 – version 1.0.11

-improved support for comments on pages
-Revolution Slider plugin updated to the latest version
-Envato WordPress Toolkit plugin updated to the latest version
-Motive Events plugin updated to the latest version (fixed little issues and added few improvements)

30 April 2015 – version 1.0.10

-updated Revolution Slider (4.6.92)
-fixed columns on Safari for Windows

24 April 2015 – version 1.0.9

-updated Revolution Slider (4.6.9)
-updated TGM Plugin Activation (2.4.1) - fix a potential XSS vulnerability
-Improved cart for WooCommerce
-Improved escaping for URLs and attributes.

20 February 2015 – version 1.0.8

WooCommerce 2.3 integration

18 February 2014 – version 1.0.7

-improved menu usability for iPad and Android tablets
-added Header 1 boxed and Header 1 boxed rounded header options
-added default social sharing icons (for example if ShareThis plugin is disabled)
-added header opacity option
-social icons opens in new window by default
-updated Font Awesome icons
-added new slider (Premium Slider)
-added new homepage (Business)

2015 January 15 – version 1.0.6

-improved Converio Shortcodes (recent_works, button, team_member)
-fixed custom background color change for breadcrumb
-fixes and improvements for dropdown menu
-improvement for iPad concerning dropdown menu
-translation improvement for Portfolio
-removed "Comments are currently closed." when comment are closed on single post.
-little improvement for color skins
-improvement for custom CSS in header

2014 December 16 – version 1.0.5

-added link parameter for box shortcode
-added open_in_new_window parameter for clients shortcode
-improved team_slider shortcode usage
-fixed custom color for footer feature
-added fix for mobile menu collapsing
-improved documentation

2014 December 5 – version 1.0.4

-added features to use contact form 7 and map widget in the megamenu
-added extra styles for widgets in megamenu
-improved the loading of map widget
-added possibility to use secondary font for headings, navigation, etc.
-improved menu options in child theme
-fixed background color change on footer
-improved custom fonts/color feature
-divided checkout page into two columns
-changed translation file names to en_US.po and
-added new shortcode recent_posts (shortcodes plugin update)
-added latest version of Revolution Slider
-added latest version of Envato WordPress Toolkit
-updated dummy data files
-improved documentation

2014 November 21 – version 1.0.3

-added fix for Converio Shortcodes plugin for WP 4.0.1

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