FoodScan – Qr Code Restaurant Menu Maker and Contactless Table Ordering System with Restaurant POS


Introducing FoodScan – a Contactless table ordering system and QR Menu Maker. Customers simply scan a QR code, browse the menu, place orders, and enjoy. A safe and seamless dining experience.

Contactless QR Menu Order and QR table ordering system

Contactless QR Menu Order and QR table ordering system

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FoodScan Features

responsive and mobile friendly website

Restaurant POS Integration

Advanced Admin Panel with POS (point of sale)

Demo Credentials

Web & App Login Credentials


email: [email protected]

password: 123456

Branch Manager

email: [email protected]

password: 123456

Pos Operator

email: [email protected]

password: 123456

User Journey

Qr Code Restaurant Menu Maker and Contactless Table Ordering System with Restaurant POS
Efficient and Easy Digital Menu Ordering and Contactless Payment System for In-House Dining.

QR Code Menu Maker

This feature allows restaurants to create digital menus in the form of QR codes. Restaurants can input menu items, descriptions, prices, and possibly images into a system. The system generates a QR code for each table or the entire restaurant.
Contactless Table Ordering System
Customers can use their smartphones to scan the QR code on their table, which directs them to the digital menu. The digital menu allows customers to browse through items, select their choices, and place orders directly from their devices. Orders are sent to the kitchen or bar, reducing the need for physical menus, paper order slips, and direct interaction with waitstaff.

Restaurant POS Integration

Integration with the restaurant’s POS system ensures that orders placed through the contactless system are seamlessly processed. The POS system may also handle payment processing, allowing customers to pay through the app or other contactless methods.

Frontend Features

  1. Home Page

    1. Language switch
    2. Search item
    3. Menu-wise item search (Category)
    4. Veg/Non-veg wise item search
    5. Newsletter subscription
    6. Footer section
  2. Menu page

    1. Menu-wise item search (gird and list view)
  3. Variation page
    1. Show variation (single and multi-variation)
    2. Add to cart
  4. Cart page

    1. Set all product lists with variation and addon also
  5. Checkout page

    1. PayPal
    2. Stripe
    3. RazorPay
    4. FlutterWave
    5. PayStack
    6. Bkash
    7. Sslcommerz
    8. PayTm
    9. MercadoPago
    10. SenangPay
    11. Cashfree Payments
    12. Mollie
    13. Telr
    14. Phonepe
    15. Skrill
    16. payfast

Backend Features

  1. Dashboard
  2. Items
    1. Item info
    2. Item variations
    3. Item extras
    4. Item addons
  3. POS
  4. Table orders
  5. Offer/Promos
  6. Users
    1. Admins
      1. Profile
    2. Customer
      1. Profile
      2. Security (change password)
      3. Location
      4. Orders
    3. Employee
      1. Profile
      2. Security (change password)
  7. Accounts

    1. Transactions
  8. Reports

    1. Sales
    2. Item (which item is a high-selling item)
    3. Credit Balance (user wallet balance)
  9. Settings

    1. Company
    2. Site
    3. Branches
    4. Mail
    5. OTP
    6. Notification
    7. Notification Alert
    8. Analytics
    9. Theme
    10. Currencies
    11. Item Categories
    12. Item Attributes
    13. Taxes
    14. Pages
    15. Role & Permissions
    16. Languages
    17. Sms Gateway
    18. Payment Gateway
    19. License

FoodScan Documentation

iNiLabs Support

iNiLabs Community

Change Log

Version 1.4 (12 Jun 2024)
- Added Iyzico payment gateway
- Added Pesapal payment gateway
- Added RTL feature
- Zip code minor bug fix
- Language minor bug fix
- Bkash payment gateway minor bug
Version 1.3 (6 May 2024)
- Added category draggable feature
- Bkash payment gateway minor bug fixed
- Razorpay payment gateway minor bug fixed
- Sales report minor bug fixed
- Made seo friendly URL
- The language minor bug fixed
Version 1.2 (08 Feb 2024)
- Site setting minor bug fixed
- Company setting minor bug fixed
- MSG91 minor bug fixed
- Telr minor bug fixed
- The dining table features a minor bug fixed
- Stripe minor bug fixed
- POS simple bug fixed
Version 1.1 (04 Jan 2024)
- Notification issue fix
- Quantity issue fix
- Country code issue fix
- Other issue fix
Version 1.0 (31 Dec 2023)
- Initial Release

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