Heads Or Tails Add-on for Stake Casino iGaming Platform


About Heads Or Tails Add-on

Heads Or Tails is an add-on game for the
Stake iGaming Platform.

Please note that this add-on requires the Stake iGaming Platform
to be purchased and installed first; it cannot function independently.

How to play Heads Or Tails

Heads Or Tails is a simple game that is based on chance.
This game involves predicting the result of a flip of a coin.
This means that you have a fifty – fifty chance to win.
If you win you will receive payout (which is set by the casino administrator), otherwise you will lose your bet.

Heads Or Tails Features

Game settings

A casino administrator can:

  • Set minimum and maximum bet amounts
  • Configure bet increment and decrement amounts
  • Set the default bet amount
  • Set minimum and maximum win chances
  • Set the house edge
  • Choose coin heads, tails and edge images.
  • Enable or disable autoplay
  • Add background music and customize win/loss sounds.

Demo environment

Please create your individual account on the
Stake iGaming Platform to
play Heads or Tails.

You can utilize the following credentials to access the backend functionalities.

User: [email protected], Password: admin

System requirements


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