ImageTools – Image Manipulation Class


Update features added and fixed

  • Image Sharpness (added)
  • Resize with high quality (fixed / enhanced)
  • Alpha Transparency Preserve (fixed / enhanced)

Class for manipulating with image that offers these operations on image

  • Blur Image
  • Add two types of watermarking image, text and image
  • Crop image
  • Grayscale image
  • Reflect shadow of the image
  • 5 types for resizing an image
  • Rotating images
  • Brightning image
  • Contrasting image

Usage is easy, that also enables programmers to easily understand and use syntax provides an appropriate interface for the programmer.

Nowadays many websites require that the way of presentation of images to be as flexible and dynamic and this is the class that is needed for all these operations with 4-5 lines of code which enables the needed transformations.

Also the installation and its practical implementation is very simple and requires no such good knowledge on implementation.

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