Modern POS – Point of Sale with Stock Management System


Modern POS is built with core PHP, jQuery and Angular JS and Others modern technology. There are many attractive features that will help you to manage stock and sales of your shop easily.

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Main Features

  1. Easy POS Interface
  2. Customization receipt template
  3. Installment (EMI) Sales
  4. Multiple Stores Feature
  5. Multilingual Feature
  6. Complete Accounting Solution
  7. Barcode Scanner Supported
  8. POS Printer Supported (setup required)
  9. Generate Quotation
  10. Put order in Hold
  11. Add New Customer from POS Window
  12. Due Management System
  13. Discount System
  14. Indian GST
  15. Gift Card Feature
  16. Tax Option
  17. Sale Return
  18. Purchase Return
  19. Customer Profile with Lifetime Invoice History
  20. Supplier Profile with Lifetime Invoice History
  21. Import Products with .xls Sheet (one click)
  22. Invoice Printing & Email Transcript
  23. Sell Report
  24. Purchase Report
  25. Payment Report
  26. Due Report
  27. Overview Report
  28. Summary Report
  29. All Report can be Printed
  30. All Report Send Through E-mail
  31. All Report can be Downloaded as PDF
  32. Profit Report
  33. SMS Module
  34. Unlimited SMS Gateway Integration
  35. Profit Report
    • Daily Basis
    • Monthly Basis
    • Yearly Basis
    • Customized Report (i.e. January-2017 to Jun-2018)
  36. Sales Report
    • Day Basis
    • Monthly Basis
    • Yearly Basis
    • Overview Report
    • Payment Report
    • Customized Report
  37. Analysis
    • Weekly Analysis
    • Monthly Analysis
    • Top Customer with Details
  38. User Role Management
    • Admin
    • Cashier
    • Salesman
    • You can Add Unlimited User Roles
  39. Unlimited Payment Method
  40. Keyboard Shortcut in POS window
  41. Unlimited Currency Support
  42. Lock Screen Feature
  43. Offline to Online Synchronization
  44. Fully Responsive Layout
  45. Automation with Schedule Tasks/Cronjob
  46. Data Reset Feature

Admin Login Credentials

Username : [email protected]
Password : 123456

Cashier Login Credentials

Username : [email protected]
Password : 123456

Salesman Login Credentials

Username : [email protected]
Password : 123456

v3.4 – 29 Mar 2024

[Fix] PHP version update 7.4 to now 8.0 and later version (8.3.1 Recommended)
[Fix] Installation procedure improvement for easy install.
[Add] Pay supplier due amount by bulk selection
[Add] Stock import via file
[Fix] Sell return functionality improvement
[Fix] Sell payment functionality improvement
[Fix] Others minor bugs.

v3.3 – 19 Nov 2022

[Add] 01. date filter in stock transfer
[Add] 02. date time in user login history in profile
[Add] 03. user logs filter by date
[Fix] 04. user logs issue fix 
[Add] Delete sale return
[Fix] Bank account name mis-entry
[Fix] Store setting updated issue.
[Fix] Email path issue.
[Fix] Use floating number in Discount, Tax and Shipping charge.
[Fix] Customer address issue in Invoice.
[Fix] Currency decimal value improvement
[Fix] Barcode improvement.
[Fix] Sell Return issue.
[Fix] Purchase return issue.
[Fix] Product stock issue in quotation page.
[Fix] Password change issue.
[Fix] Product edit form

v3.2 – 29 May 2020

[Fix] Invoice delete issue improvement.
[Fix] Installment invoice delete issue.
[Fix] Forgot password issue.
[Fix] Stock report improvement.
[Fix] Keyboard shortcut improvement.
[Fix] Manual date entry view issue.
[Fix] PHP 7.4 compatible improvement.
[Fix] Search functionality in stock transfer.
[Fix] Product update improvement.
[Fix] RTL issue

v3.1 – 1 Mar 2020

[Added] Previous Date Sale
[Added] Add New Product from POS
[Fix] Hold invoice view issue
[Fix] Password issue

v3.0 – 28 Nov 2019

[Added] Installment(EMI) module
[Added] Customizable receipt template
[Added] Product expired soon functionality
[Added] Add Product as service
[Added] Recent activities in Dashboard
[Added] All report list in sliding sidebar
[Added] Put order in hold list
[Added] Sell log
[Added] Purchase log
[Added] Purchase return with details
[Added] Sell return with details
[Added] Quotation system
[Added] Customer statement
[Added] Cashbook
[Added] Day opening balance
[Added] Many reports added like income vs expense, Expense month wise, Income month wise, cashbook
[Added] Product Brand
[Added] Product multiple image
[Added] Language managerment system
[Added] Customer birthday sms
[Added] Credit add in customer
[Added] update old version to new version functionality
[Added] Lock screen Functionality
[Added] All report in sliding sidebar
[Added] User activity log
[Added] IP banned/Restriction
[Added] Automation with cronjobs
[Added] System data reset

[Fix] Image attachment problem
[Fix] Product import
[Fix] Discount problem
[Fix] product upload via .Xls
[Fix] Barcode scanning
[Fix] Accounting system
[Fix] Datatable warnings
[Fix] Filemanager
[Fix] Product import with .xls
[Fix] Backup / Restore

[Improved] Barcode printing
[Improved] Filtering

Many more...

V2.0 – 15 Feb 2019

[Added] Stock Transfer from One Store to Another
[Added] Supplier Due Management
[Added] Sell Return
[Added] Purchase Return
[Added] Sell Transaction Listing
[Added] Purchase Transaction Listing
[Added] Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Summary Report
[Added] Gift Card with all Functionality
[Added] Offline to Online Synchronization
[Added] New Payment Modal Window with Payment method field
[Fix] Fix more product add while generating billing take long time
[Fix] Store create bug fixed
[Fix] Many others bug fixed

V1.3 – 27 Dec 2018

* [Added] Indian GST with complete report
* [Added] Money change to customer
* [Added] Loan management module
* [Added] Complete Accounting/Banking management module
* [Added] Accounting dashboard (New Dashboard)
* [Added] Invoice send thorugh SMS
* [Added] SMS alert system
* [Added] Send group SMS, i.e. Send SMS to all customer, all users
* [Added] SMS support
* [Added] Product unit i.e. gram,kg,littre,pieces etc
* [Added] Invoice view i).Standard, ii). Tax Invoice, iii). Indian GST
* [Added] Buy/Purchase Tax Report
* [Added] Sell Tax Reportlly
* [Added] Product specific alert quantity
* [Added] Change item price while billing
* [Added] Spanish Language
* [Added] Germany Language
* [Fix] Pagination in POS product list display view
* [Fix] Add new product button text overflow in POS screen
* [Fix] Vat reg number and zip code error in store edit form
* [Fix] Permission in buying price and profit amount showing
* [Fix] Permission in buying price and profit amount showing in print preview

V1.1 – 07 Nov 2018

* [Fix] Database server down during installation
* [Fix] Installation process not gointg next step  
* [Fix] Remove XML & Doctype declaration from combined SVG icon file
* [Fix] Filemanager without FTP
* [Fix] Product image upload and view
* [Fix] Report filtering
* [Fix] Product list in POS
* [Fix] Drop down language list while adding new language 
* [Fix] Calculation while displaying reports
* [Fix] Invalid time format while purchasing the product
* [Fix] Analysis graph data
* [Fix] Issue while Adding a new store
* [Fix] Overview report calculation
* [Fix] Best customer total purchase amount
* [Fix] Tax percentage value in Invoice edit view
* [Fix] Document attachment while purchasing the product

V1.0 – 23 Oct 2018

* Initial Release

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