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Multix is a responsive, user-friendly and easy-to-use content management system that is built with the popular Codeigniter framework. Using this CMS, you can easily build a nice, modern and clean website that have almost all the pages like team member, about, service, portfolio, news, event, contact etc. You can build education website, lawyer website, gym and fitness website etc. what you want to do.

This CMS is developed using the popular PHP framework Codeigniter. So, it can be easily customized by other programmers. Developers will be able to understand the source code easily and can modify the database and files if needed.

This script/CMS is strong against most vulnerabilities on the web like SQL injection attack, XSS attack etc. Also admin level security is implemented whereever necessary.


This script has the following awesome features:

  1. Easy and simple interface
  2. Fully responsive
  3. Clean codes
  4. Direct access stopped for page
  5. Invalid url protected for page
  6. Data statistics in dashboard
  7. Complete Multi-language system for both static and dynamic data
  8. Unlimited Color Options
  9. Manage team members by admin
  10. Manage portfolios by admin
  11. Manage testimonials by admin
  12. Manage services by admin
  13. Manage photo gallery by admin
  14. Manage meta title, keyword and description for all pages
  15. Manage news and categories by admin
  16. Manage events by admin
  17. Manage pricing tables by admin
  18. Easy installation on server
  19. Forget password option for admin panel
  20. Email setup option by admin
  21. Secured against SQL, XSS etc. attack
  22. Preloader on/off system to control page speed
  23. RTL Support
  24. Dynamic page add option
  25. Tawk Live Chat Option


Front End:
Back End:

Admin Login

Username: [email protected]
Password: 1234

Note: Data will not saved in demo version.


Version: 3.1

- Made it compatible with php 8.2
- Fixed a minor bug in email sending using SMTP.
- Changed the config file. Added items for "permitted_uri_chars" 

Version: 3.0

- Made the script compatible for php 8+
- Fixed the flash message problem for php 8+

Version: 2.4

- Floating share api fixed
- Organized the controller codes
- Fixed the news page language bug

Version: 2.3

- Added YouTube option to ckeditor

Version: 2.2

- Added Tawk Live Chat Option

Version: 2.1

- Fixed the subject field small bug in the home page booking or quick contact form.

Version: 2.0

- Complete multilanguage integrated (you can now translate with dynamic data for table fields)
- RTL option added for language that have right direction
- Preloader on/off added in setting
- Dynamic page add option
- No need to setup the base url now. It will be picked automatically by the script.

Version: 1.8

Added captcha (with on/off settings) for the front end forms

Version: 1.7

- Social Media Admin Contoller minor bug fixed.
- Made the default language to English in database.

Version: 1.6

Front End Menu show and hide option is added to the admin panel.

Version: 1.5

- Made the language option easier. Admin can add, edit and delete language from admin panel easily.
- Modified the database structure for language. Two tables added.
- Added SMTP email configuration and added entry into database too.

Version: 1.4

- Added multi-language option using codeigniter default language system and removed the language table from the database.
- Added toastr jquery animation for success and error messages in front end. 
- Fixed minor responsive issue in front end.

Version: 1.3

- Fixed the minor front end portfolio bug - fixed showing the single portfolio page meta information.
- Edited the "view > view_header.php" and "model > Model_portfolio" files. 

Version: 1.2

- Added file section (to upload media files like pdf, doc, xls, csv and photo in the server). From here media files can be copied and used in text editor easily. 
- Removed summernote editor and added ckeditor after customization.
- Added new table for file into the database.

Version: 1.1

- Added front end controllers for terms and privacy page.
- Added front end views for terms and privacy page.
- Modified front end main css and responsive css files.

Version: 1.0

- Initial Release

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