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Introducing New Google Drive Proxy Player Script 2021! With this script, you can play Google drive videos with JW Player. You can embed this player to your website. Also, you can provide a direct download link to them.

Google Drive Video Player Multi-Resolution is available because many of you just want to use Google Drive, Google Photos only because of budget constraints. This tool is open source without being encrypted with ionCube and the like so you can easily modify it to suit your needs.

Some Advantages:

  1. The existence of its own download feature, to download video files directly without having to be directed to the video hosting;
  2. Google Sharer anti-limit features;
  3. Features load balancers;
  4. Proxy support;
  5. Support multi resolution/quality video;
  6. Support anti AdBlocker;
  7. Support subtitles;
  8. VAST ad support;
  9. Popup ad support;
  10. Support Cross Origin Policy (CORS), so that not just any web can access the video player;
  11. There is an admin panel for adding videos to the database;
  12. Using a MySQL/MariaDB database, SQLite;
  13. Support lifetime as long as you’re still using


Terms & conditions of use of this tool:

  1. Make sure you have a Linux/Windows VPS/Shared hosting (Recommended shared hosting is Namecheap)
  2. Make sure you have Apache/Nginx installed;
  3. Make sure you have PHP 7.2+ installed;
  4. It is recommended to use a VPS with 2GB ram or at least 1GB RAM.


F.A.Q ****************************


Q : Can Google Drive Bypass Limit?

A : Yes, special settings are required.

Q : Is There a Support Update?

A : Yes, as long as you use this tool you will get the latest updates forever.

Q : What If the Script Is Problematic?

A : Please chat via p-store message if there is a problem. As long as you use this tool, we are ready to suppoert if there is a problem

Q : What is the Difference with Similar Tools in P-Store?

A : Our source code is homemade, not recycled by others.

Q : Is the Movie Player Restricted?

A : No, please use as much as you want.

Q : Can Be Installed by Seller?

A : Monggo

Q : Is There a Guide?

A : Yes, can be helped if still confused.

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