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InfyNews is a fully Dynamic and Complete News & Magazines CMS portal to start your online news and magazine portal.

Here are some Key Features and Concepts that InfyNews provides.

InfyNews – Laravel News and Magazines & Blog / Articles PHP script


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Key Features

Key Features

Key Features

Feature Description:

Here are some Key Features and Concepts that InfyVCards-Saas provides.

Landing Page

Beautiful landing page from where users can get related post of information about the article post, gallery post and sort list post.

Top Stories

Here we are listing the top news that is viewed most by users, so users can easily read latest and top news.

We provide albums for galleries, So there will be multiple images within one album. You can use this to show some images for specific category, we are using attractive gallery UI.

Admin can mark some posts as features that will be highlighted into landing page with separate badges, so users can view directly it.

Contact Us

Users can submit their enquiries regarding the site and other informations they want. Admin can see the enquiries and then reach back to the users.

Admin Panel

We have created beautiful and user attractive admin panel to manage the contents for landing page. User can create new
stuff’s and update the contents from there.


Dashboard contains the powerful information of whole project from where you can get short and quick overview what is going on your application. Here you can see the latest registered users lists and the page analytics views that your site receiving.


Here admin can manage the staff of the system. He can add / update / delete staff.

Also he can change staff status to in-active if something bad activity is reported. In-active users can no longer access to login to system so by this way we can prevent the security.


We are giving 3 kinds of post creation as of now. Article, Gallery and Sorted List posts are supported right now.

You can create post with SEO settings and other additional features like auto publish feature that will automatically change post status to publish on given time.

Other major features are also supported here that, you can mark post to show it on headline on home page, or show it on slider on home page, or you can manage the visibility of posts from here.


In Albums you can define set of images.

You have to create the album category first then you can assign that category to album.

While uploading images you can select the album so that particular images will be linked to that album.

In Home page there is Gallery menu where we are showing all the images per albums with attractive UI.


Here admin can create customize pages and update / delete pages and front side he can handle the pages.


If you want to add your custom menu with any custom name to the front website then yes its possible via this interface. You have to create new menu and link it to the navigation menu.


Navigations menus are so important for any CMS sites, so we have take care of it and providing easiest interface to manage the navigation menu.

You can also manage the ordering of the menus by dragging it to up or down. There are two/ three & static menus which orders will be never changes. e.g Home / Gallery.


Sometimes its will be good idea to gather data of our site and other informations from the users via taking feedback from them.

For this we have to create the questions lists we are calling it polls. And you can add related answers for it.

Polls will be visible to users in website there they can add their feedbacks and submit it, we are also showing the results per answers there.


Categories are most important when we have bulk data in sites, so we can filter data by categories.

While creating posts we can assign categories to it, we are also supporting the sub categories of category.

Sub Category

You can create sub category when needed and assign it to posts. Posts will be filtered by the category and sub categories. By this way we can find the more accurate posts, and it will also help users to find related posts of related categories or subcategories.

SEO Tools

In this tech world its more difficult to ranked up our site and get in top. as we have lots of competitors.

The only way is the SEO, we are supporting the SEO management of pages, so you can configure the keywords as per your need and add / edit keywords as per your need.

We are using that keywords to front websites that will help your site to rank up in search engine.


Languages are most important as each user don’t want same language, so here we are with Language Management tool.

You can add your language and also add your translations keys as per your language.

News Letter

We have subscription options into front website from where users who are interested in our site is going to subscribe to our application.

Admin can see the lists of subscribers in the admin panel, when admin create any newsletters it will be sent to all the subscribers, so they will get notified by latest updates.


By using this module you can manage all type of mail and give permission to visitor send mail or not and much more.

You can add your mail settings from here like the mail driver, mail from name, mail from address, username and the password settings.

Role & Permission

We are supporting the roles and permission features. So, you can create a different kind of roles as per your need. you can create role by selecting different permissions whatever you want to select for given role.


As we have the posts listing its important to have the comments on it.

Users can do comments on the posts and all users can see it default. if admin found that comment is kind of vulgar then he can hide that comment from the admin panel.

Also admin can decide that default added comments should be auto approved or be in pending state.


Here admin see all contact information and manage all contact information.


Admin can manage all the system setting from this menu.

There are lots of basic setting there like Application settings which contains the logo, favicon, emails and other information settings.

There are CMS settings from where you can add text of the privacy and terms and conditions text.

There are contacts, cookies settings and social media links settings too.


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