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PHP Numerology Calculator class, tailored for numerologists or entertainers seeking to incorporate numerology into their websites. While many numerology websites guide users through self-calculation and interpretation based on calculated numbers, our solution simplifies the process. It automatically calculates and displays users expressions based on their numbers, eliminating the need for manual calculation.

Numerology, the study of number symbolism, offers insights into personality traits, strengths, obstacles, inner needs, emotional responses, and interpersonal dynamics. Whether you’re exploring your life path, seizing untapped opportunities, validating your talents, or charting your next steps, numerology serves as a profound tool for self-discovery and understanding relationships.

By presenting a comprehensive view of your personality, numerology unveils the intricate facets that shape who you are. With this holistic perspective, you can leverage your strengths to their fullest potential.


  • Age Calculation
  • Name Calculation
  • Enable/Disable Master Numbers
  • Load Meanings based on given number
  • Free wordpress version included
  • Demo in Bootstrap 5

Name Calculator shortcode:

[widget widget_name="ctp_widget" instance="calculator=name"]

Birthday Calculator shortcode:

[widget widget_name="ctp_widget" instance="calculator=date"]

Use as Widget:
The widget name is: Numerology Calculator on the WordPress Widgets Section.

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