Pickbazar- Multivendor Laravel Ecommerce with React, Next Js, GraphQL & REST API


Pickbazar Laravel Ecommerce is a feature-rich Laravel-based ecommerce solution based on our highly acclaimed React project, Pickbazar. This comprehensive platform encompasses both REST API and GraphQL API support, offering exceptional versatility to meet your specific business needs. On the frontend, we have harnessed the power of React, NextJS [TypeScript], and and the flexibility of Tailwind CSS.

This Laravel Ecommerce appplication comes with a lightning-fast performance, your customers will relish their shopping experience, resulting in increased growth for your ecommerce business. This ecommerce solution is designed to be user-friendly and adaptable, with extensive documentation to guide you. It includes Multiple payment Gateway support (11+ payment Gateways), including Stripe, paypal integration, and the flexibility to add other payment gateways effortlessly. Additionally, it provides cash-on-delivery support for added convenience.

The full source code is readily available, making installation and deployment a breeze. With lightning-fast performance, your customers will delight in using your ecommerce store. This solution is designed to expedite the growth of your business, offering a hassle-free and efficient ecommerce experience.

Our comprehensive admin support ensures that you can effortlessly manage and maintain your orders. You will receive the entire source code, both for the frontend and backend, empowering you to take full control of your ecommerce store. Additionally, Pickbazar Laravel Ecommerce offers multivendor support, opening up opportunities to boost your revenue by facilitating multiple vendors on your platform.

[Note: It'd be tough for your if you are using shared cPanel hosting, you need ssh access and you need to use node, npm, composer, etc]. We do not recommend cPanel. You can purchase any $5 - $10/mo server from amazon lightsail or digitalocean or any ubuntu server. 

react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend

Admin Login

  email: [email protected]
  password: demodemo

Vendor Login

  email: [email protected]
  password: demodemo

Customer Login

  email: [email protected]
  password: demodemo


react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend

react ecommerce application with laravel backend

react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
react ecommerce application with laravel backend
Pickbazar- Multivendor Laravel Ecommerce with React, Next Js, GraphQL & REST API - 1
Pickbazar- Multivendor Laravel Ecommerce with React, Next Js, GraphQL & REST API - 2


Admin Dashboard (GraphQL & REST)

  • Next JS
  • TypeScript
  • Tailwind CSS
  • React Hook Form
  • Apollo Client (For GraphQL API version)
  • React-Query (For REST API version)

Shop Frontend (GraphQL & REST)

  • Next JS
  • TypeScript
  • Tailwind CSS
  • React Hook Form
  • Apollo Client (For GraphQL API version)
  • React-Query (For REST API version)
  • Next SEO
  • Next PWA

Admin Features

1.Dashboard Analytics

  • Basic Summary
  • Order status widgets
  • Recent orders
  • Sale history
  • Popular products
  • Low stock products
  • Top 10 most rated products
  • Top 10 categories with most products
  • Recent withdrawal

2.Shop Management

  • As a Super Admin
  • As a Vendor
  • As a Staff

3.Product Management

  • Products
  • Product form
    • Super Admin (Product form)
    • Vendor (Product form)
  • Inventory
  • Product group
  • Product Category
  • Product Tags
  • Product Attributes
  • Product Manufacturer/Publications
  • Product Authors
  • Simple Product
  • Variable Products

4.Ecommerce Management

  • Tax Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Free Shipping
  • Cash on delivery
  • Shipping and Billing Address
  • Shipping process in general
  • Withdrawal Management
  • Refund
    • Reported Refunds
    • Refund Reason
    • Refund
    • Refund Policy

5.Layout/Page Control

  • Manage Layout Type (Grocery, Books, Bakery etc)
  • Manage FAQs
  • Manage Terms & Conditions

6.Order Management

  • For Both Super Admin and Vendors
  • Create Orders
  • Transaction

7.User Control

  • All Users
  • Admin List
  • Vendors
    • All Vendors
    • Pending Vendors
  • Staff
    • My Staffs
    • Vendor Staffs
  • Customers

8.Feedback Control

  • Review in Customer perspective
  • Review in Super Admin perspective
  • Question in Super Admin perspective
  • Question in Customer perspective

9.Promotional Management

  • Coupon
  • Flash Sale

10.Feature Management

  • Store Notice
  • Message

11.Site Mangements (Settings)

-> General Settings
In General settings menu you will get the settings management form there.You can modify the basic information about your E-Commerce System, such as the Change Logo, Site Title, Site Information , Special Features Enable or Disable option etc.
-> Payment Settings
This is the payment area of the super admin settings. This will allow you to choose a payment gateway such as Stripe, Rezorpay, Paypal, Mollie Paystack etc. You can also enable or disable Cash On Delivery and Select Currency settings

  • Stripe
  • Stripe Element
  • Paypal
  • Razorpay
  • Mollie
  • Paystack
  • Xendit
  • Iyzico
  • Paymongo
  • bKash
  • Flutterwave
  • Integration of New Payment Gateway
  • Multi payment gateway

-> SEO Settings
You can add Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Tags, Canonical URL, OG Title, OG Description etc for your ecommerce site.

-> Event Settings

These days, every software incorporates some form of notification or alert system. In order to enhance the customer-friendliness of Pickbazar Laravel, we have implemented such alert systems. In this Laravel ecommerce, we offer three main types of alert systems, allowing you to toggle them on and off as needed:
  • Real-time Notification Settings
  • SMS Event Settings
  • Email Event Settings

-> Shop Settings

  • Add or Remove Delivery Schedule
  • Shop Settings

-> Company Information
This ecommerce settings come with adress settings, social settings and Footer Settngs. Pickbazar offers a user-friendly experience, giving customers the option to streamline address input. When Google Maps integration is enabled, addresses are automatically fetched from the Google API. Alternatively, users can opt for manual entry, offering flexibility and convenience for all.

11.Social Login

12.OTP (Mobile Number Verification)

13.Email Configuration and Verifications

14.Wallet Management

15.Multilingual & Translation

16.Open AI Integrations


  • AWS
  • Virtual Private Server (Automated Script)
  • cPanel/Managed Server
  • Vercel
  • Virtual Private Server (Manual)



  • Location Based Shop Search
  • Complete Authentication
  • Quick add to cart
  • Async full text search
  • Category based product filtering
  • Product grid for different types of product
  • Mini cart
  • Coupons
  • Quick Checkout page
  • Flash Sale Page
  • Customer Refund Policy
  • Vendor Refund Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Offers Page
  • Multiple Payment Gateway Support
  • Cash on delivery supported
  • User Account settings
  • Guest Checkout
  • My order
  • Banner Ads
  • React, Next & Tailwind based
  • Separate GraphQL connected Frontend
  • Separate REST API connected Frontend
  • Next SEO supported
  • SEO friendly URL

Our Awesome Products


Change log

v11.10.0 13 May 2024

-Toasts issue fixed in shop update [issue fixed]
-Transferred shop request status update functionality update [feature update]
-Transferred shop status update button enable/disable functionality update [issue fixed]

v11.9.0 22nd March 2024

 -[New feature]Shop Ownership Transfer added
 -[New feature]Shop Maintenance added 
 -[New feature]Email notification to verified purchased customer when a new digital product update gets available  

v11.8.0 25th January 2024

-[New feature] Tool tips for marvel-admin area
-[New feature] New App installation terminal command via Laravel Prompt 
-[New feature] Customer review Pop-up feature after successful order.
-[New feature] New rating procedure
-[New feature] Settings save confirmation.
-[Bug fix] Total order amount calculation in analytics dashboard
-[Bug fix] Coupon grid display issue in shop end.
-[Bug fix] Type dropdown closing issue fix
-[Bug fix] Percentage base coupon validation issue in admin end
-[Bug fix] In GraphQL flash-sale create form issue.
-[Bug fix] Responsive device sidebar toogle issue.

v11.7.0 4th January 2024

-Text editor support [New Feature]
-Popup Banner [New Feature]

v11.6.0 26th December 2023

-Introduced "Enable coupons for vendors" switch to the settings. [Enhancement]
-Implemented shop-specific coupon application functionality. [Enhancement]
-Exclusive inclusion of coupon offers for Verified (Authorized) customers. [Enhancement]
-Empowered vendors to request the addition of their products to the Flash sale. [Enhancement]
-Additional product filtering for Flash sale. [Enhancement]
-Addressed and resolved the Auto Payment gateway selection issue. [Fix]

v11.5.0 8 December 2023

-App maintenance Mode [New Feature]
 ---> Product import/export with Categories, Authors, Manufacturers, tags relational data [New Feature]
-Composer packages updated [Enhancement]
-Homepage Layout enhanced [Enhancement]
-User permission issue fixed for super-admin user control area. [Enhancement]
-Digital file reuploading issue and other minor fixed [issue fix]
-Multi-lang issue fixed [issue fix]
-Terms and Conditions issue fixed [issue fix]
-Analytics memory leakage issue fixed [issue fix]
-Product card issue fixed [issue fix]
-Single Order invoice pdf currency symbol issue fixed [issue fix].
-Orders excel export currency symbol issue fixed [issue fix].

v11.0.0 4 November 2023

Major Update

- [Enhancement] & [Shop end] Two new demos.
    - [Enhancement] & [Shop end] One new product grid for flash deals.
    - [Enhancement] & [Shop end] Pickbazar shop design facelift
    - [Enhancement] & [Shop end] Pickbazar shop Menu items updated
    - [Enhancement] & [Shop end] Pickbazar shop Footer updated
    - [Enhancement] Pickbazar admin dashboard design facelift
    - [Enhancement] Pickbazar vendor & Staff dashboard design facelift
    - [Enhancement] Settings page is divided into multi parts.
    - [Enhancement] User section divided into multiple layer for better management.
    - [Enhancement] Shop section divided into multiple layer for better management.
    - [Enhancement] Products section divided into multiple layer for better management.
    - [Enhancement] Settings cache system for performance optimization.
    - [Enhancement] Documentation updated    
    - [Enhancement] Database seeder added
        - Settings seeder with Console command
        - Demo FAQS seeder
        - Demo refund reason & policy seeder
    - [New Feature] Dashboard analytics section updated along with new analytics widgets
    - [New Feature] Product Preview system added.
    - [New Feature] Flash sale builder added
    - [New Feature] Terms & Condition builder added
        - Super admin can perform CRUD operation
        - Vendor also can perform CRUD operation if and only if super admin enable this feature from settings.
    - [New Feature] FAQs builder added
        - Super admin can add FAQs for global scope
        - Vendor can add FAQs based on his each shop
    - [New Feature] Refund policy builder added
    - [New Feature] Refund reason builder added.
    - [New Feature] Product inventory route added
    - [New Feature] Order transaction route added.
    - [New Feature] Real-time notification system using Pusher
        - Order notification
        - Message notification
        - Store notice notification
    - [New Feature] New filter option added in different routes
    - [New Feature] New Dashboard topbar
        - With route searching
        - Shop redirection & creating
        - Order, Store notice & messaging dropdown bar
        - New Profile navigation 
    - [Issue fix] Variable products issue fix on digital item
    - [Issue fix] Route permission issue fix for Vendor & staff
    - [Issue fix] Analytics issue fix on Staff user
    - [Issue fix] Drafted product republish issue fix
    - [Issue fix] Vendor page profile information issue fix
    - [Issue fix] Currency cache issue fix
    - [Issue fix] Product carting count issue based on available inventory
    - [Issue fix] Messege converstation page CSS issue fix
    - [Issue fix] Vendor root page shop grid issue fix    
    - [Issue fix] Variable product inventory increment/decerement issue fix based on ordering.
    - [Issue fix] Application fresh installation issue fix.
    - [Issue fix] OpenAI chatbot suggestion issue fix.
    - [Issue fix] Order status issue fix during order from different vendor
    - [Issue fix] Customer order details payment and order status fix in case of refund    
    - [Issue fix] Toast issue fix throughout the dashboard & shop project
    - [Issue fix] User order note issue fix
    - [Issue fix] Site logo issue fix
    - [Issue fix] Minimum order amount issue fix
    - [Issue fix] Multilingual issue fix for some text strings
    - [Issue fix] CSS issue fix throughout the shop end

v10.6.0 28 August 2023

- Added currency in the exported Order Excel sheet [Enhancement]
- Modified Order details in both shop and admin panel [Enhancement]
- Partial Wallet Payment [Issue Fix]
- Customer product review [Issue fix].
- Send notification when order status changes [Issue fix]
- Sorting and filtering issue fix for both Rest and Graphql [Issue Fix]

v10.5.0 17 August 2023

- Shop Address autocomplete using Google map [New Feature]
- External Product feature enhancements [Enhancements]
- International slug support added [Enhancements]
- Import Export issue fixed [Issue Fix]
- Refund issue fixed [Issue Fix]
- Coupon date picker bug fixed [Bug Fix]

v10.4.0 24 July 2023

- Google Maps find or Search Nearby shops[New Feature]
- Development mode build issue fixed[Issue Fix]
- Graphql playground issue fixed[Issue Fix]
- International Slug Generate Issue Fixed[Issue Fix]

v10.3.0 12 July 2023

- Stripe Element support added [New Feature]
- Making sku unique  [New Feature]
- Admin place order GraphQL[Issue Fix]
- FullWallet payment [Issue Fix]
- Change Payment Gateway as Guest user [Issue Fix]
- Admin File validation [Issue Fix]
- Wishlist Issue Graphql  [Issue Fix]
- Full Order Details based on User Role [Issue Fix]
- Store notice [Bug Fix]

v10.2.0 13 June 2023

- Added Flutterwave Payment Gateway
- Added Flutterwave Configure Documentation.
- User Documentation added(Question,Review,Withdrawals,Coupon,Tax & Shipping)

v10.1.0 30 May 2023

- Added Paymongo Payment Gateway
- Added bKash Payment Gateway

v10.0.0 27 May 2023.

-Set SMS Events from settings for Admin, Vendor & Customer. [New Feature]
- Set Email Event from settings for Admin, Vendor & Customer. [New Feature]
- Email Event Setting option [New Feature]
- SMS Settings for both Graphql and REST [New Feature]
- Added Setting Seeder [New Feature]
- New Console Command marvel:settings_seed [New Feature]
- Added Settings Dummy data seeder command [New Feature]
- Added OpenAI support in every possible description like Create Shop → Description, Create Manufacturer/Publication → Description, Create New Category → Details,Add Tag → Details, Create Author → Bio, Create Author → Quote, Create New Coupon → Bio, Create New Coupon → Description, Settings → Meta Description, Settings → OG Description [New Feature]
- Added Video attribute for a product. [Enhancement]
- Order cancel Recalculate [Enhancement]
- Order Note attribute added for Order [Enhancement]
- Guest Checkout Enable/Disable option on setting. [Enhancement]
-. Video Preview in Single Product view page.[Enhancement]
- Handled Unused Order Creation and other minor [Issue Fix]
- Fixed Settings issue [Issue Fix].
- Search Page redirection issue fixed.[Issue Fix].
- Next router URL issue fixed on search component[Issue Fix].
- Homepage control issue fixed[Issue Fix].

v9.1.0 15 May 2023.

-OpenAI integration added.
-Generate product description with AI.
-Generate store notice with AI.
-Predefined prompt suggestions with appropriate tone for both product description and store notice.
-Added Country wise currency formation  support

v9.0.0 2 May 2023.

-Multiple payment gateway management [new feature]
-Product publish management control [new feature]
-Best selling product [new feature]
-product sale price [issue fix]
-multi-language auto translation [issue fix]
-related product [issue fix]
-product out-of-stock quantity [issue fix]
-Backend order status GraphQL [issue fix]
-Unpublished/hidden product add-to-cart [issue fix]
-New color scheme for order status [enhancement]
-Payment modal steps modified [enhancement]

v8.2.0 3 April 2023.

-Added Xendit (Southeast Asia) payment gateway
-Added Iyzico (turkish) Payment Gateway
-Added Email verification for all user and 
-Added Must verify email switch in the setting
-Re-organized Exception handling for proper Rest status code

v8.1.0 21 March 2023.

- Added Paystack Payment Gateway
- Added SSLCOMMERZ Payment Gateway
- Fixed Default Card Issue

v8.0.0 15 March 2023.

- Upgraded Pickbazar API to Laravel 10 & all other packages
- Upgraded Pickbazar Admin to Next JS 13 & all other packages
- Upgraded Pickbazar Shop to Next JS 13 & updated all other packages
- Fixed permission issue
- Fixed Slug issue

v7.0.0 6 February 2023.

Add Admin dashboard store notice CRUD  for specific vendor/ All 
VendorAdd Vendor profile store notice list with read unread feature
Add Staff profile store notice list with read unread feature
Add Vendor Shop dashboard store notice CRUD
Add Store notice in shop for customer.
Add google map autocomplete address form
Add useGoogleMap switch in settings
Add Dashboard Menu message for admin , store owner and staff.

v6.3.1 9 January 2023.

- Minimum order amount calculation issue fix shop & admin
- Razorpay Documentation added.

v6.3.0 22 December 2022 .

- Added Mollie payment gateway
- Added percentage, free-shipping coupon option
- Added automatic free-shipping coupon option
- Added option to set minimum amount for coupon
- Display customer name for guest checkout

v6.2.0 12 December 2022 .

- Added RazorPay (India) payment gateway
- Added name input options for guest checkout
- Fixed single-order issue
- Fixed maximum question limit issue    

v6.1.0 8 December 2022 .

- Added RazorPay (India) payment gateway
- Added name input options for guest checkout
- Fixed single-order issue
- Fixed maximum question limit issue    

v6.0.0 16 November 2022 .

[Caution! Breaking Changes!]
- Upgrade API to laravel 9
- Restructure the entire payment gateway system
- Added Stripe (Intent Based) and PayPal payment gateway
- Added card management feature
- Removed omnipay packages
- Added support for status-based inventory management option
- Added balance dispatch option based on status
- Added option to disable cash on delivery system
- Added product slug edit feature
- Fixed docker zip extension issue
- Fixed wallet points order issue
- Fixed order fail issue
- Fixed excel package cache issue
- Fixed user block and vendor inactive issue
- Fixed blank order created issue
- Fixed repeated new user wallet add issue for OTP login
- Fixed negative subtotal for coupon

v5.0.1 16 August 2022 .

- Fixed dashboard recent withdraw issue
- Fixed vendor item edit path issue
- Fixed translation text issue
- Fixed add new address issue at backend booking
- Fixed admin profile image update issue
- Fixed composer v2 package installation issue
- Fixed category filter issue
- Fixed backend order address responsive issue

v5.0.0 7th July 2022 .

Caution! Breaking Changes!
- Multilingual support added
- Added toast notification after payment confirmation
- Fixed invoice issue for Unicode language
- Fixed wallet issue for social login
- Fixed file upload security issue
- Fixed book demo search page broken issue
- Fixed few minor bugs

v4.6.0 18th April 2022

- Introduced order export support
- Introduced my question page
- Introduced my report page
- Added variation support for review
- Added question rate limit option
- Added email notification for questions
- Added support for auto remove review after refund
- Added support for fixed report limit
- Fixed review bugs
- Fixed zip upload placeholder issue
- Fixed logout issue for mobile device
- Fixed export-import issue

v4.5.1 1st April 2022

- Fixed category create issue
- Fixed OTP form issue
- Fixed feedback issue
- Fixed route issue

v4.5.0 21st March 2022

- Introduced Review support for products
- Introduced Report abusive review
- Introduced Review Feedback
- Introduced Question and Answer support for products
- Introduced Q&A Feedback
- Introduced Wishlist support
- Introduced My wishlist page
- Fixed withdraw form balance issue
- Order Page selection issue fixed
- Packages version is locked to a fixed version
- Out of stock notice
- Safari and Firefox scroll issue fixed

v4.4.2 17th February 2022

- Upgrade shop component to tailwind 3
- Upgrade shop packages
- Fixed a few minor bugs 

v4.4.1 17th January 2022

- Guest checkout support provided
- Enable/Disable OTP in checkout option in admin settings
- Restructured order details page.

v4.4.0 10th January 2022

- Digital Product support for both simple and variable product
- New Book Demo introduced for digital download
- Digital checkout page introduced
- New search page introduced
- Email newsletter subscription
- Digital file download option
- Backend order support
- Variation specific image support
- External product support
- Author and Manufacturer support for products
- Author and Manufacturer Archive page
- Author and Manufacturer details page
- Rest vendor permission issue fixed
- Super admin role user creation issue fixed

v4.3.0 25th October 2021

- Fixed rest home page query issue
- Fixed admin product edit issue
- Fixed iOS issue

v4.2.0 18th October 2021

- Wallet points
- Refunds using wallet points
- Signup wallet points

v4.1.0 4th October 2021

- Introduced new Layout(Daily Needs)
- Moved sorting to table column in admin
- Added few missing translation

v4.0.0 26th August 2021

- Delivery time selection bug fixed
- Rest order creation bug fixed
- Folder structure changed(Breaking changes!)
- api namespaces and prefix changed
- Changed console command prefix to "marvel" 
- Updated doc

v3.0.0 22 August 2021

- Restructured shop code
- Added layout changing option in admin
- Added group based layout system
- Dynamic promotional slider
- Type based promotional slider
- Single checkout page
- Added dynamic homepage selection settings 
- added contact details for admin in settings
- Fixed cart update check availability issue
- Fixed color picker issue in order status form
- Fixed staff delete issue
- Fixed Inactive shop orders page issue
- Updated necessary packages to latest version
- Order details rest variable product title issue fixed
- Missing translation updated
- Minor css fix

v2.3.1 3rd August 2021

- mobile navigation issue in admin
- cart update checkout data
- analytics data issue

v2.3.0 2nd August 2021

- product import export
- minimum order amount 
- env issue foxed for API 
- rest draft product issue 
- group delete issue fixed 

v2.2.0 18th July 2021

- OTP Login
- OTP verification in profile contact 
- OTP verification in checkout customer contact
- Stripe latest API version support with token
- Vendor email notification
- Restructured checkout procedure
- Added group banner adding an option in the admin dashboard
- Dynamic delivery time added in settings. 
- Minor design improvement

v2.1.0 8th July 2021

- Added Sorting for dashboard listing pages
- Added Filtering for product and category in the admin dashboard
- Fixed SSR issue in the shop
- Fixed shop single page not found issue
- Added shop location and settings
- Added google places autocomplete
- Minor design improvement

v2.0.1 3rd July Friday 2021

- Fixed "Invalid Version: 2.0" issue

v2.0.0 1st July Wednesday 2021

Caution! Breaking Changes!
- Multivendor support
    - Single owner multiple shop
    - Withdraws
    - Order Management
    - Shop Management
    - Staff Management
    - Product Management
    - Attribute Management
    - Shop Archives
    - Shop details
- Internationalization support with RTL
- Product Tags support

v1.3.0 16th June Wednesday 2021

- Product adding fix for rest api
- cart item delete fix for rest api

v1.2.0, 9th June, 2021

- Added social authentication [ facebook & google ]
- Fixed password mismatched issue
- Fixed GraphQL admin product display issue
- Fixed GraphQL env issue
- Fixed few minor bugs 

v1.1.0 10th May Monday 2021

- Variable Product support added
- invoice download option added
- SEO settings added
- New modal layout design
- New product single page layout design

v1.0.1 Thursday 22 April 2021

- Fixed rest admin child product select issue

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