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In today’s fast-paced world, customers are constantly on-the-go and bombarded with advertising messages from multiple channels. To stand out and drive sales, you need to reach them where they are: on their phones. That’s where SMS marketing comes in.

With our SMS marketing tool, you can easily send targeted, personalized messages to your customers. Whether you’re promoting a sale, announcing new products, or sending a discount code, SMS marketing is a powerful way to increase engagement and drive sales.

Here are some key features of our SMS marketing tool:

  • Easy to use: With our user-friendly interface, you can quickly create and send SMS campaigns in just a few clicks.
  • Targeted messaging: Our tool allows you to segment your audience and send targeted messages based on their preferences and behavior..
  • Personalization: Customize your messages with your customers’ names or other personal information to make them feel valued and increase the chances of a sale.
  • Analytics: Our tool provides detailed analytics on your SMS campaigns, so you can track your ROI and optimize your future campaigns.

With our SMS marketing tool, you can get your message to your customers’ fingertips and drive sales like never before. Don’t miss out on this powerful tool to boost your business’s success.


Admin Login: https://sms.picotech.app/admin
Email: [email protected]
Password: 123456

Client Login: https://sms.picotech.app/
User Name: [email protected]
Password: 123456

For technical support or if any SMS gateway not working on your server please send an email to [email protected]

WhatsApp : +8801784396266

You will need to use SMS gateway providers like signalwire, twilio, nexmo etc. Then you have to configure your SMS API credentials on PicoSMS admin panel.

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PicoSMS - A Bulk SMS Marketing Tool - 5

PicoSMS - A Bulk SMS Marketing Tool - 6

Available Gateway
  • 1s2u
  • Africastalking
  • Bandwidth
  • BeemAfrica
  • Broadcaster Mobile
  • Bulksms
  • BulkSMSOnline
  • Cheapglobalsms
  • Clickatel
  • Easysendsms
  • ElitBuzzBD
  • Estore SMS
  • FlowRoute
  • GreenWebBD
  • HablameV2
  • Hutch
  • HutchLk
  • Infobip
  • Karix
  • MessageBird’s
  • Nexmo
  • NRS
  • Plivo Powerpack
  • Plivo
  • Route Mobile
  • Route Net
  • Signalwire
  • SMS Global
  • Solutions4mobiles
  • Teletopia
  • Telnyx
  • Text Local
  • Twilio Copilot
  • Twilio Copilot
  • Twilio
  • Tyntec
  • ThinQ
  • ZamtelCoZm

If you encounter any issues with any sms gateway feel free to contact us

Available Payment Gateways
  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Paytm
  • Mollie
  • PayStack
  • Flutterwave
  • VoguePay
  • Iyzico
  • Authorize Net

Admin Panel Features List :

Customer Management: PicoSMS presents an advanced customer management system. PicoSMS allows you to maintain your customer most efficiently.

Reseller Management: Reseller is one the user type of admin. PicoSMS allows admin to manage reseller users. A white label reseller is available to start reselling business.

Plan Management: PicoSMS gives admin the opportunity to make plan according to users type and opportunity to create multilevel plan for each type of users.

Top-Up Management: Its a significant feature. PicoSMS allows every customer to Top-Up from his panel. Basically users will purchases SMS unit according to SMS rate which is predefined by admin.

Domain Management: PicoSMS support whitelabel Reseller or Master Reseller so that they can send their own domain pointing request to admin. Using domain management feature admin can easily maintain all request.

Noticeboard: PicoSMS allows admin to create notice according to his user types. Like admin can create notice for individual users as well as for all types of users. So that system users will update about all information.

Ticket Management: Users can create ticket to admin. It will easy to give support to customer. Admin can change the ticket status so that users will know about problem status.

Verification Management :After creating account of Reseller or Master Reseller they have to verify their account. Using verification management admin can easily manage verification list.

Popular SMS Gateways: 35+ SMS gateway are available in PicoSMS. Chose your best one. There is an opportunity to add your required SMS gateway at free of cost if not available in PicoSMS.

SenderID Management: Admin can set senderID rate for his customer. Users will request for a senderID, after checking admin will enable purchases option for make payment. When payment will complete admin will approve the senderID.

WhatsApp Number: Admin can create or add whatsapp number in his panel for sale. When add whatsapp number it will available for sale.

Sending Settings: PicoSMS allow admin to configure sending settings like message send limit, time, off day etc.

Dynamic Frontend Template :Admin can configure frontend template according to his need. As a landing page reseller & reseller will get this template and they also can configure the template according their needs.

Customize Theme: Admin will able to customize the theme like theme navbar color, sidebar color, text color, dark mood etc. If anything change it will applicable for all customer’s of this system.

FAQ :PicoSMS allow admin to add frequently asked question for his customer. This FAQ will show in frontend template.

Page Builder: Page builder features is available for admin. Admin can build page according to his need as well as he can set the page position like page will show header or footer.

Newsletter: If any user or guest user subscribe for newsletter then admin get that users information like email. So that in future admin can make promotion of his product by sending email to those users.

Chatting System :Third party chatting system is integrated in PicoSMS. By fill up the required filled you can use this chatting features.

Site Recaptcha: Google site recaptcha is available in PicoSMS to ensure security. Just have to fill necessary field and it will ready for use.

SMTP Settings: SMTP is one of the important feature if you want to get email from your customers. Without configuring SMTP settings admin will never get any email like verification, plan approved or reject etc.

Popular Payment Gateway: 9+ popular payment gateway available. If you want you can use multiple gateway at a time. Also you assign payment gateway in Reseller or Master Reseller plan.

Email Template: Couple of email template is available in PicoSMS like verification, forgot password, plan request, plan accept etc. To get mail from customer its must to configure email template.

Support Multi Language: PicoSMS support multi language so that admin will able to use the system with his own language.

Currency Settings: Configure your own currency settings like currency symbol and currency code. This configuration will applicable for all of system users.

Dynamic Translation: You have to create new local key from translation settings then have to set your required key in empty field.

Custom SMS Rate: Normally SMS rate comes from plan whenever any user purchases. But if admin wishes he can edit the SMS rate on specific users.

Add/Subtract Wallet Credit: Admin can add/subtract SMS credit from his customer List.

Total SMS, Total Contact & Total Amount Counter on Compose & Campaign

OTP Feature

Topup, Plan, Message Reports

Customer/Reseller Features List:

Quick Message: Customers can send instant message using quick message feature. There are some options like schedule message or draft.

Message Overview: There are list of message in message overview section. Also an advance filtering system available there so that you can easily find your required message.

Multiple SMS Sending Option: Using phone number, senderID & whatsApp number customer can send instant SMS or BulkSMS.

SMS Credit Top-Up: Spending SMS credit customer send bulk SMS. So there is an feature “Top-UP”. Using this feature customer can easily purchases SMS unit at any time.
Wallet System: When a customer purchases SMS credit it will store in the wallet and SMS unit will spend from wallet.

Groups: Create a group using your contact list or you can create a group by importing a file.

Create Dynamic Campaign: Campaign is one of the most important feature of bulk SMS software. Send bulkSMS to your customer using contact group, resources, content and set SMS sending rate. PicoSMS will automatically delivered SMS one by one.

SMS Template: Without creating SMS Template you can not create a campaign so it is must before create campaign.

List Builder: PicoSMS introduce most advance list builder using your group list and filter by necessary fields.

Labels: Create label with title and color. This label will used in list builder for labeling the list.

Chat System: Chat System is available in PicoSMS. So Customers can make chat with their contacts.

Chat Response: Create custom chat response for your contacts because its not possible to active online 24/7.

Reseller/Master Reseller: If any customer promoted himself as a reseller or master reseller he will get access some features as like admin. They can create plan for sale, can sale SMS unit etc. It’s a white label reseller/master reseller based system.

IP Pointing: IP pointing is an important part for reseller user. To connect your own domain you have point IP in your server and then send request for approval.

API Documentation: PicoSMS provide API’s so that using these API you can easily integrate with others software.

Send Schedule Message: Customer can send SMS on a scheduled time

Two way SMS: You can send or receive text SMS to your contacts/clients using PicoSMS. Two way SMS is where you can both send and receive a text message to let you have a conversation with the recipient.

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PicoSMS - A Bulk SMS Marketing Tool - 8


PHP >= 8.1

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Change Logs

Version 5.6- 23rd May, 2024

Fixed: Issues on the message report filter 
Fixed: Design issues 
Fixed: Some other minor issues

Version 5.5- 3rd May, 2024

Added: drag and drop autoresponder
Added: URL shortener and statistics
Added: login as user info at the top
Added: send using number, group, or CSV file on the campaign
Added: duplicate and invalid checks on the campaign
Added: keyword group ( you can now create a keyword group using comma(,) separator with multiple keywords and use it in autoresponder)
Added: number blacklist
Added: staff feature
Added: chat archive feature
Added: filter by unread, campaign on chatbox
Fixed: minor issues
Fixed: minor design issues

Version 5.4- 18th Nov, 2023

Added: New Front Layout
Fixed: Contact Add Issues
Fixed: Some design and minor issues

Version 5.2- 14th Aug, 2023

Added: Plivo SMS Gateway
Fixed: Keyword issue
Fixed: Schedule process issue
Fixed: Contact delete issue

Version 5.1 – 1st Aug, 2023

-Added: Live status check on campaign and group create
-Fixed: Issues on Dynamic Campaign
-Fixed: Issues on SMPP
-Fixed: Issues on Keyword
-Fixed: Phone number capability issues
-Improved: Contact import and create
-Improved: Upgraded to Laravel version 10
-Improved: Plan expiry and number renew
-Improved: Ticket reply

Version 5.0 – 22th June, 2023

-Added: Changed full system UI
-Added: Personalized Dynamic Message System
-Added: Coverage System ( you can now bill country-wise)
-Added: Added Single Wallet system
-Added: New Flexible Campaign
-Fixed: Minor issues
-Improved: MMS, Voice and WhatsApp Feature

Version 4.3 – 6th March, 2023

-Added: New Design
-Improved: Chat UI design
-Added: Cache feature to balance the load
-Fixed: Issues on Payment gateway, Reports
-Added: Payment Gateway addon Included here

Version 4.2 – 14th Nov, 2022

-Added: Add/Subtract wallet credit 
-Added: Admin can assign number, Sender ID from admin panel without payment process 
-Added: Total SMS, total contact & total amount counter on Compose & Campaign 
-Added: OTP feature 
-Added: Topup, Plan, Message reports 
-Fixed: Signalwire, Twilio sending issues 
-Fixed: Minor issues

Version 4.1 – 7th Nov, 2022

-Added: Report feature
-Added: OTP feature
-Added: Assign phone number, and SenderID from the admin panel
-Added: Add or Subtract wallet balance
-Fixed: Some Minor issues

Version 4.0 – 6th Aug, 2022

- Added: Plan Recurring type ( weekly, monthly, yearly, custom)
- Added: Reseller & Master Reseller feature
- Added: Admin can set plan for Master Reseller, reseller, customer
- Added: Master Reseller can set plan for Reseller and customer
- Added: Reseller can set plan for Customer
- Added: Seller Verification Form
- Added: SMS rate in plan, user wise sms rate
- Added: Wallet Feature
- Added: Landing page option on plan
- Added: WhatsApp Number purchase
- Added: Single Database Multi-Tenancy
- Added: Number Renew Feature
- Fixed: Some minor issues

Version 3.4 – 19th April, 2022

Added: SMS gateway (ThinQ)
Added: Dynamic landing page
Added: Dynamic translations
Added: Local Settings
Fixed: Plivo inbound issue

Version 3.3 – 22nd Mar, 2022

Added: API Feature(customer now can generate token and call API endpoints)
Added: New SMS Gateways
Fixed: Responsive Issues
Fixed: Quick Reply issue on chat list

Version 3.2 – 8th Feb, 2022

Added: Webhook Feature
Added: Push Data To CRM
Added: New Chat Interface
Added: Label Color Feature
Added: WhatsApp Feature
Added: Campaign Statistics
Added: Campaign Report
Added: Keyword Opt In/Out
Added: Landing page enable/disable
Added: Sending Rate and OffDay
Fixed: Minor issues on campaign

Version 3.1 – 3rd Jan, 2022

Added: Ticket Support System
Added: Landing Page
Added: From Number Grouping
Added: Crips live chat
Added: Google Recaptcha
Added: Can create custom page
Added: SenderID (now you can send SMS using sender id
Added: Chat Interface
Added: Newsletter
Fixed: Organized sidebar
Fixed: Some minor issues

Version 3.0 – 16th Nov, 2021

Added: SMS Template
Added: Campaign Builder
Added: SMS Gateways( MessageBird, Twilio Copilot, Clickatel, Route Mobile, easysendsms.com, Plivo Powerpack,  cheapglobalsms.com,  Bulk SMS, 1s2u)
Fixed: Minor issues

Version 2.5 – 5th Oct, 2021

Added: Keyword Feature
Added: Registration enable/disable option

Version 2.4 – 16th Sept, 2021

Fixed: Schedule SMS (sending sms won't be overflow on sms gateway)
Added: send mail to contact number's email (if any)
Fixed: some minor issues

Version 2.3 – 3rd March, 2021

Upgrade Nexmo to Vonage API
Fixed inbound issue with Tenlyx
Fixed some minor issues

Version 2.2 – 4th February, 2021

Added forward to feature
Introduced addon feature
Fixed signalwire issue

Version 2.1 – 7th Nov, 2020

Fixed customer login issue when customer is registered by admin
Scheduled issue fixed
Upgraded telnyx API v2
Fixed favicon issue
Minor issue fixed on compose sms
Updated documentation missing information

Version 2.0 – 14th Sept, 2020

Added telnyx, plivo sms gateway
Added groups and contact features for customers
Added customer email verification
Fixed small notification settings issue on customer panel
Fixed minor issue in plan assign
Fixed minor schedule sms issue
Fixed update issue on smtp setting

Version 1.0 – 2nd Jun, 2020

- Initial Release

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