Point of Sale (POS) with Accounting System


A Complete Point Of Sale (POS) With Inventory and Integrated Double-entry Accounting System

Point of Sale (POS) with Accounting System is a PHP/jQuery-based web application that allows you to manage your sales, inventory, and double-entry accounts.

You will get a beautiful and easy-to-use POS screen which is the heart of any POS system. You can create orders from that POS screen and print the receipt. The most interesting thing is, that all your POS orders, sales, purchases, and return transactions will automatically post a double-entry accounting journal to get the financial reports from that.

By using Point of Sale (POS) with Accounting System, dive into the world of formal accounting reports with ease. Unveil the Ledger, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Bills Payable, Bills Receivable, Cash Book, Bank Book, and more.

With this application manage multiple companies seamlessly. Switch between them, manage the default Chart of Accounts (COA), and enjoy a comprehensive view of your diverse ventures.

The application can be ready to install on the local computer or any online server with an easy installation process.

View easy installation process video

  • Quality verified by Envato
  • Complete Source Code & Database
  • Easy to install
  • Free regular updates
  • Welcome customer suggestions

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you buy this product you will get all future updates for free. And we are continuously developing our product from our customer’s suggestions and experiences. If you need any more functionality just email us with your great idea and our team will start researching that idea, if we find it suitable then “congratulations!” your idea will be converted as features in future updates.

This application is suitable but not limited to small and medium businesses like,

  1. Super-shop
  2. Restaurants
  3. Office Sales Management
  4. Office Stock Management


  1. Simple POS screen.
  2. Supplier management.
  3. Customer management.
  4. Items management.
  5. Sales management.
  6. Sales return management.
  7. Purchase management.
  8. Purchase return management.
  9. Functional accounting with double-entry system.
  10. Journal management.
  11. Chart of Accounts (COA) management.
  12. Supplier due payment.
  13. Customer due receive.
  14. Employee information management.
  15. Settings for basic transactions on the accounting system.
  16. Manage new company.
  17. Manage default Chart of Accounts (COA) for the new company.
  18. User management.
  19. User role management.
  20. Various reports
    • Purchase Reports (with PDF export support)
    • Purchase Return Reports (with PDF export support)
    • Sales Reports (with PDF export support)
    • Sales Return Reports (with PDF export support)
    • Inventory Reports (with PDF export support)
    • Ledger
    • Trail Balance
    • Blanace Sheet
    • Income Statement
    • Bills Receivable
    • Bills Payable
    • Cash Book
    • Bank Book

For live demo

URL: https://livedemo.erponline.xyz/
User: [email protected]
Pass: admin123
[Credentials will be pre-filled]

For online documentation

URL: https://livedemo.erponline.xyz/docs/


For any support/feature request please mail me at, [email protected]
Please mention “Support” or “Feature requests” in the subject line.

System Required

  • A LAMP server (Linux/Unix + Apache + MySQL + PHP)
  • Enable Apache mod_rewrite
  • PHP 8.0 or later [PHP 8.1 recommended]
  • MySQL 5.6 or later [MySQL 8.0 recommended] with PHP MySQLi extension
  • Disable MySQL mode ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY

Change Log

Version – 4.0.2 – 14th May, 2024

  1. Fix: Remove Rounding Off rules in the Purchase Report
  2. Fix: Remove Rounding Off rules in the Purchase Return Report
  3. Fix: Remove Rounding Off rules in the Sales Report
  4. Fix: Remove Rounding Off rules in the Sales Return Report

Version – 4.0.1 – 30th April, 2024

  1. Fix: Minor fix on POS interface
  2. Update: Barcode composer package
  3. Update: mPDF composer package

Version – 4.0.0 – 2nd November, 2023

  1. Add: Basic POS interface
  2. Fix: Some minor code refactor

Version – 3.3.0 – 10th September, 2023

  1. Update: AdminLTE 2.4.5 to 3.2.0
  2. Update: Show statistics in the dashboard
  3. Update: Revamp user permission page
  4. Update: Change overall UI/UX
  5. Fix: Some minor code refactor

Version – 3.2.0 – 25th April, 2023

  1. Update: Barcode composer package
  2. Update: mPDF composer package
  3. Update: CodeIgniter core updated to 3.1.13
  4. Fixed: All JS has been written with the “use strict” mode
  5. Fixed: All PHP data ($_POST, $_GET) correctly escaped and sanitized
  6. Fixed: Remove all unused assets (files/libraries)

You will find out the complete change log on https://livedemo.erponline.xyz/docs/change-log.html

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