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Worketic is a Freelance Marketplace Laravel Application with some exciting features and excellent code quality. It has been designed and developed after thorough research to cater the requirements of people interested in building freelance marketplace or other similar projects. The design is contemporary but at the same time it focuses on the usability, visual hierarchy and aesthetics to ensure easy navigation for the end users.

Freelancer and Employer Logins

In the envato iframe for preview, there could be login issue, so please use below direct URL for login

Demo URL:
[email protected]
Password : google

[email protected]
Password : google

Admin Panel
[email protected]
Password : google

Worketic - Marketplace for Freelancers - 1
Worketic - Marketplace for Freelancers - 2

Worketic - Marketplace for Freelancers - 3
Worketic - Marketplace for Freelancers - 4

Worketic - Marketplace for Freelancers - 5
Worketic - Marketplace for Freelancers - 6
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Worketic - Marketplace for Freelancers - 8
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Main Features

Detailed Dashboard

The dashboard of this theme is professionally designed to enhance the usability and user experience. It will enable users to navigate through the site easily.

Powerful search for Jobs, Freelancers and Employers

The search function is very powerful and you can see this in the demo.

Private One to One Chat

This system also has a builtin one to one message inbox system to enable users to communicate with each other if they had any questions regarding work or proposal etc.

Reviews system multi ratings

It has a built in review system that will allow employers to feedback and rate the work carried out by freelancers.

Email template settings

Extensive email template settings would allow you to modify the system emails according to your requirements.

Vue Templates/Components

Please note, this application uses Vue Components with laravel

Please note that images are just for the preview and are not included in the package.

Release 2.9 (27 February 2021)

-- Bug fixes

Release 2.8 (15 February 2021)

Note: Minimum PHP version now required is 7.3

1- Laravel framework updated to 8.0
2- Emails Fixes (on payment email was going to employer instead of admin) and (Rating variable issue on completing project)
3- Issues in services section has been fixed (Freelancer purchase issue).
4- Featured services issue on homepage has been fixed.
5- Featured services on update" issue has been fixed. 
6- Now user can see previous messages in chat popup also.  
7- Conversation module added(Admin can now see the conversations between users).
8- Credit system issues have been fixed.
9- Bugs fixes and improvements

Release 2.7 (19 November 2020)

-- Freelancer current balance update issue has been fixed.
-- "Search by Geo Location" feature has been added on job searching page .
-- Payout system issues has been fixed.   
-- CSS fixes. 
-- Bugs Fixes and Improvements

Release 2.6 (1 September 2020)

-- Page builder sidebar issue fixed.
-- Maximum limit for price range filter issue has been fixed.
-- French language blank pages issue has been fixed.
-- Tinymce editor issue has been fixed.
-- Homepage v4 styling issues has been fixed.
-- Image uploading issues in page builder slider section has been fixed.
-- Multiple same name image uploading issue has been fixed.
-- Banner issue on job detail and service detail page has been fixed.
-- Currency symbol issue in hourly rate filter on search page has been fixed.
-- Minor bugs fixes and optimizations.

Release 2.5 (22 July 2020)

-- Import Update issue has been fixed
-- Google map module has been updated
-- RTL Bugs fixes.
-- Enable/Disable loader settings has been added.
-- Page builder image uploading and image delete issues has been fixed.
-- Admin can now set maximum limit for Price range filter
-- Admin can now hide Freelancer earnings from his dashboard.
-- Currency symbol issue on invoice page has been fixed.
-- Email Verification has been added in account settings.
-- Freelancer and Employer can now verify their email after login.
-- Admin can now verify users from his dashboard.
-- Admin can now choose verification type from settings.
-- New Single step registration form added.
-- Admin can now choose registration form type (single or multiple page) from settings.
-- Minor bugs fixes.

Release 2.4 (18 June 2020)

-- Skeleton Loader has been added in page loading.
-- Blank edit page issue has been fixed.
-- Update page issue has been fixed.
-- Custom links has been added in menu settings.
-- Select custom link as parent menu in page builder option added.
-- Admin order page issue has been fixed.
-- RTL issue has been fixed.
-- Gradient Style option added in Banner V1 section of page builder.
-- Email preview added
-- Loader issue in job completed case issue has been fixed
-- Users listing issue in message center issue has been fixed
-- Bugs Fixes in page orders setting.

Release 2.3 (1 June 2020)

Please backup your files and database before update, as this update includes page builder for pages.

-- Calendar translation has been applied.
-- Price based Filter added in jobs searching. 
-- Price based Filter added in services searching. 
-- In stripe form name, email, phone and address fields has been added. 
-- Private Chat and Banner issue has been fixed in Packages 
-- Page Builder Design and UI Updated ( Real Time Preview ).
-- 9 New Sections Added in page builder named below: 
    1-New slider styles 
    2-Banner V1 
    3-Category V2
    4-Category V3
    5-Freelancer V2
    6-Package Section
    7-Jobs Section
    8- New app section style     
    9-Heading Section
-- Select Headers and Footers option added in page builder
-- Header styling section (page logo, menu colors setting) added in page builder.
-- New headers styles added 
-- New footer styles added 
-- Header Styles option added in general settings.
-- Footer Styles option added in footer setting.
-- Header styles and header styling option added in inner-page settings.
-- Add headers option in inner page settings.
-- Add header styling in inner page settings.
-- Add Page to navbar menu option added in inner page settings.
-- Two New homepages added.
-- Image field added in packages 
-- Page builder Images upload issue has been fixed.
-- Page builder Add Page to Navbar Menu issue has been fixed
-- Some UI Improvements.
-- All currencies added in payment settings
-- Menu management settings added.
-- Page Order functionality added.

Release 2.2 (25 February 2020)

-- Service listing in freelancer dashboard has been fixed
-- Payout issues has been fixed
-- Ongoing projects listing has been fixed in freelancer dashboard

Release 2.1 (25 January 2020)

-- Freelancer dashboard issue has been fixed
-- Latitude and longitude validation have been added
-- Job expiry field added in posted and edit job form. Now after job expire it will not display in job listing
-- Completed project show/hide option added in admin dashboard settings. If admin disable completed projects from settings then once the project is completed it will not show in search results.
-- Offline bank payment system module has been added
-- Drag and Drop Page Builder module has been added
-- You can now set home page from admin setting dashboard from page list  

Release 2.0

-- Service delete issue has been fixed
-- In freelancer profile settings videos gallery section have been added
-- Current Balance and Past Earning functionally has been improved in freelancer dashboard
-- Update service status issue has been fixed.
-- Wrong Payout amount in admin dashboard has been fixed
-- Application speed has optimized, now application is much faster then before

Release 1.9

-- Employer profile image has been fixed in listing page
-- Freelancer Upload profile image issue has been fixed
-- Freelancer projects and awards uploading issue has been fixed
-- Service reviews issue has been fixed in freelancer profile detail
-- Reviews issue has been fixed in service detail page
-- Payouts PDF download issue has been fixed
-- Duplicate payouts issue has been fixed
-- Payouts pagination issue has been improved

Release 1.8

-- Freelancer and Employer dashboard page errors have been fixed
-- Arabic language added
-- Location select parent in edit page issue has been fixed
-- Location default image fixed
-- Services Currency issue has been fixed at home page
-- Service history issue in admin dashboard has been fixed  
-- Service ongoing, completed and cancelled detail page error has been fixed

Release 1.7

-- App description issue has been fixed 
-- Freelancer profile page error has been fixed
-- Footer search menu title has been fixed.
-- Service section in homepage, styling issue has been fixed
-- PayPal issue AppJob not found issue has been fixed
-- PayPal credentials are missing issue has been fixed

Release 1.6

-- Demo import issue has been fixed
-- Gif logo upload issue has been fixed
-- ICO favicon image upload  issue has been fixed
-- Registration settings have been updated
-- Application view has been made extendable
-- Settings to enable or disable breadcrumbs from admin have been added
-- Enable or Disable packages settings have been added  
-- Enable free or paid version settings have been added  
-- Enable employer free or paid version settings have been added  
-- Primary color setting issue has been fixed
-- Email logo setting issue has been fixed
-- Services broken link issue has been fixed  
-- Real-time chat settings have been added 
-- PayPal settings have been updated
-- Disabling account issue has been fixed
-- Translation issues have been fixed
-- Payout system has been updated
-- Option for Bank transfer payout settings have been added 
-- Documentation updated and improved

Release 1.5

-- Email Setting updated
-- Admin account settings issue have been fixed
-- Send offer issue have been fixed
-- Dispute process updated
-- Admin all jobs searching added
-- Videos HTTP protocol issue have been fixed
-- Email templates search filters added 
-- Search pages banner settings added
-- Search pages meta tags option added
-- Favicon image upload added 
-- Import update option added
-- Micro Services New Feature Included
-- Urdu added in language pack
-- RTL Support have been added
-- Enable or Disable micro services and job module option have been added
-- Social share fixed
-- Custom css file include for customization stylin

Release 1.4

--  Dynamic theme color option added
-- Dashboard icons upload option added
-- Application speed optimized 
-- Login now on register form issue has been fixed
-- Home page category settings added

Release 1.3

-- Installation System Improved.
-- Auto installation
-- New homepage settings added
-- Chat can be enabled and disabled by admin 
-- Select terms and condition page field added in registration form settings
-- Registration form step 3 improved
-- Employer cannot report his/her own job fixed
-- Japanese language added
-- App responsiveness fixed
-- Job order updated

Release 1.2

--  Proposal amount negative value issue  fixed.
--  Currency symbol fixed
--  SEO Meta Tags options added
--  Fixed language cache issue
--  Broken link has fixed
--  Responsive issue fixed
--  Improved search form user Interface
--  Added SEO Meta Descripion Field in Pages
--  Added "Add Page to Navbar" Option in pages
--  Improved Freelancer & Employer Dashboards
--  User image showed after login fixed.
--  Job edit and delete by admin feature added.
--  Registration issue has fixed.
--  Reset password "Confirm New Password" field added
--  Delete multiple listing through checkbox added
--  Registration form configuration settings added
--  Email Configuration system improved
--  Documentation updated   
--  Pagination added in user listing
--  Application version added in admin dashboard

Release 1.1

-- Language options added :[  French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, German, Chinese, Bengali ]  
-- Stripe payment Method Integrated
-- Searching system improved
-- One click demo content import feature added
-- One click cache clear feature added
-- Bugs fixed
-- Broken links issue has fixed
-- User registration issue has fixed

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