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This is a complete solution for jQuery fullcalendar plugin, multipurpose calendar and can be used on other calendars due to the PHP class. Most admin themes on themeforest use this plugin and they are static updated, with this solution now they can get dynamic. It’s possible due to the php class and jQuery plugin that this product contains in two demo versions. The PHP class and the js plugin retrieves all events to the calendar and the events are updated on drag and on resize without page reload or redirects and on each event click is displayed the event information that can be edited, exported or deleted. New version demo

For calendar core 2.X
For wordpress version

Integration Tutorial


  • All jQuery Fullcalendar Features
  • Responsive
  • Add, Edit, Delete, View, Export, Update Calendar Events
  • Autoembed (youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, blip, break, screenr, soundcloud, slideshare, etc…)
  • Create custom categories
  • Category filtering
  • Search events
  • Update Events on Resize
  • Update Events on Drag
  • Export calendar or events to ical format
  • Recurring Events (Day, Week, Month)
  • Recurring Events: Delete/Save changes to only current event
  • Recurring Events: Delete/Save changes to all events
  • PHP & JS Versions With PHP Class
  • jQuery plugin [with 50+ customizable options]
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Multiply Language support
  • Custom Styling
  • UTF-8 Ready
  • Demo Included
  • Documentation Included

Real examples of websites using it:
Ajax Full Featured Calendar - 1

Available Demos (Ready to use features):

  • Modal View:
    • Integration (Sample to integrate application each demo version on projects for you implementation)
    • Simple:
      • Demo 1 (Basic Public Events. Everyone manages events)
      • Demo 2 (Basic Public Events. Everyone manages events with the hability to filter events)
      • Demo 3 (Basic Public Events to show the search events feature)
    • Admin Panel:
      • Demo 3 (Private Events. Events are protected and only admin users can see and manage events)
      • Demo 4 (Public Events. Only admin users can manage events)
      • Demo 5 (Multiply user support. Private Events. Each user can see their own created event)
  • Pure PHP
  • Your Own Creation


What`s new on version 1.6.4?

  • All demos now uses same files but changes on a single loader file for easy customization and update
  • Calendar ui theme
  • Export entire calendar to ical
  • Added Recurring Events (Day, Week, Month)
  • Added auto embed for (url, photo, video, audio)
  • Added shortcode tags (bb code tag) for styling
  • Added more jquery options
  • Minor fixes and improvements

What`s new on version 1.6?

  • Bootstrap 3.X

What`s new on version 1.5.8?

  • Added search feature
  • Converted from mysql to mysqli
  • Fixed UTF-8 Issue

What`s new on version 1.5.3?

  • Improved performance by 50% on event updates
  • Some demos use 12345 for password and demouser for username on admin panel

Version 1.5.2?

As requested:

  • Added category filtering
  • Fixed icalendar file issue
  • Added 2 More Demos (Filter and One click install with admin panel)
  • Added 3 jquery options

Version 1.5?

  • Added Export to icalendar format
  • Added quicksave (add event by a click) feature options
  • Improved plugin and php class and improved performance

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