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Simple Forms – Contact Form Script (HTML + JS + PHP)

Simple Forms is more than a contact form script. The most flexible, responsive and secure contact forms you could find!

Installation is quick and intuitive without any technical knowledge. Create modals, call request forms, booking forms, login/register forms and more. A premium quality contact form script which you can easily embed into any html or php page. Automate workflows and save time

Check the Youtube Video Tutorial for quick start.

IMPORTANT: The form is not tested on Windows server.

Simple Forms Presentation

php 8 compatible

What’s new in version 3 ?

  • New – Dependency free (no jQuery or bootstrap required).
  • New – Drag & drop files uploading (multiple folders supported).
  • New – Configuration generator. To get you started really quick.
  • New – Modal form.
  • New – 3 new email templates.
  • New – Custom validation rules for more flexibility.
  • New – Fresh Design (40 Variations).
  • New – Google reCaptcha v3 and Mathematical captcha antispam options.
  • New – Extended documentation (15+ live examples) with Configuration guide.

Key Features

Highly Customizable

Light, Dark, Transparent and Gradiend backrounds in 5 different styles.
Check Design Variations.

Quick Configuration

To get started with Simple Forms a minimum configuration is required.
See Basic Configuration Guide.

Config Generator

Configure your form in less than a minute with Simple Forms online config generator. Check Simple Forms – Config Generator

Extreme Flexibility

Simple Forms now has settings for everything!
Check Advanced Configuration Options.

Adaptive Forms

You can adapt Simple Forms to be a modal form, callback form, quote form, survey form, registration form, booking form and more. You have the freedom to add /remove any number of field types (input, select, textarea, checkboxes, file upload, etc.)

There is also option for autoreply message and customizable email/autoresponder templates.
Check Examples.

Drag & Drop Files

Simple Forms come with a brand new solution for files uploading. Now you can drag and drop files (multiple folders supported). You can configure allowed files by extension and size limit. Drop some Files.

Modal Form

Increase lead generation – Maximize your conversion rate with minimal and user-friendly modal forms. Collect accurate data and protect your inbox from spam.
Open Modal Form.

Accessibility Options

Enable ESCAPE Reset and TAB Highlight options to make your forms even more accessible. Check accessibility options.

Fresh Design & Clean Code

Ready to be embeded into your next project!

Ajax & PHPMailer Powered

Using AJAX and PHPMailer the formm submissions is extremely fast.

Simple Forms comes in 8 different color themes.

  • White
  • Dark
  • Faded Light
  • Faded Dark
  • Fancy Purple (Gradient)
  • Fresh Green (Gradient)
  • Water Blue (Gradient)
  • Shiny Red (Gradient)

and 5 styles:

  • None (will inherit your website styles)
  • Underline
  • Classic
  • Classic rounded
  • Modern
  • Modern rounded

Smart Errors Handling

If there are some errors, you’ll get an human readable description where exactly is the issue.

Responsive Design

Fully responsive layout that adapts perfectly for all devices. Mobile First.

Bootstrap 3+ Compatible

Fully responsive and can be used with or without bootstrap framework.

Retina Ready

Optimized to shine on the high resolution retina screens.


Take advantage of modern technologies. Simple Forms are HTML5 valid and use modern css syntax.

Cross Browser Compatible

Working fine in all modern browsers and devices!

Consent Checkbox

With this feature form submit button will be enabled when users agree with Terms and Conditions.

Store or Delete Uploaded Files

Choose to store or delete uploaded files by the users after form submits.

Redirect to Success Page

The next great feature is redirect after submit. You can set your custom succes page.

Server Side Fields & Files Validation

You can customize server side validation rules for fields and attachments.

User IP Localization

Shows you the info about the user by IP Localization.

Server JSON String Response

Get nice formatted JSON response from the server.

Strings Translation

2 languages already set. Thanslate front-end/back-end strings to make Simple Forms speak your language!

Extended Documentation

15+ live examples to help and inspire you! Step by step guide to make it really easy to get started.

Helpful Support

Suprior and prompt support to assist you right now.

Free Updates

Simple Forms will be improved and regularly updated so you get the chance to have all the great future updates!

Customer feedback

Form is good. Docs are pretty good too, just required a bit of help to clarify a few things. Support was quick, honest and worked a treat. Overall super impressed and great value.


The script is just great, what I was looking for. Clean, Modern, Beautiful looking.

And I have no words to describe the awesome support, which Lucas provided. He helped me in making changes, which were difficult for me to do myself. He even proactively suggested measures, which I had to do later and I am pretty sure, I was going to stuck in them too.

Kudos to you, Lucas. I am definitely going to look forward to your future scripts. Thanks a ton !!


Excellent work, fast and efficient support.


one of the best services in over 20 years working on the web!


Amazing contact form, very fast and no bugs. very much recommended.


Clean-code, good documentation, awesome user localization feature, great design, and reCaptcha v3 is integrated very well. Thank you for a great product!


I had an ajax error (my fault), and they replied with the reason and sent over adjusted files all within 15 minutes.


Great product for static websites that have faulty send form without captcha and validation, Simple AJAX Contact Form has it all and mostly excellent support by it’s author.





v.3.0.7 July 16, 2021

* important bug fixes and improvements

v.3.0.6 July 16, 2021

* Help page config generator broken link updated
* Minor bug fixes and improvements
* Improved docs

v.3.0 March 19, 2020

* Total files limit bug fixed.
* Third parties plugins removed
* Drag & Drop Files Upload added
* Files upload handler added
* New Form Styles added
* New email templates
* Translations added
* Improved docs

v.2.0.2 June 29, 2020

* Total files limit bug fixed.

v.2.0.1 May 29, 2020

* Form sent date and userr IP included in email template
* General fixes and improvements

v.2.0 April 19, 2020

* Second Release
* Updated design
* New form components added (custom select, date picker, multiple attachments)
* Improoved Client and Server side validation
* Switch to PHPMailer Handler instead of php mail() function
* Email template added
* Autoresponder template added
* Modal form
* Dynamic form validation/ajax submit
* Smart Errors Handling
* Phone Field Masking
* reCaptcha v3 by Google
* User Friendly Success/Error States
* Bootstrap 3+ Compatible
* 14 Live Demos
* Retina Ready
* Cross Browser Compatible
* Agree Before Submit feature
* Server JSON String Response
* Errors/Succes Strings Translation
* Extended Documentation

v1.0.0 December 3, 2019

* Initial Release


Simple Forms – Just Feel Like Yours!

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