Lucky Wheel Add-on for Stake Casino iGaming Platform


About Lucky Wheel Add-on

Lucky Wheel (Wheel of Fortune) is an add-on game for the
Stake iGaming Platform.

Please note that this add-on requires the Stake iGaming Platform
to be purchased and installed first; it cannot function independently.

How to play Lucky Wheel

Make a bet and spin the wheel. You will win or lose depending on which section the pointer will land after the wheel stops.

Lucky Wheel Features

Game settings

A casino administrator can:

  • Create unlimited number of lucky wheel game variations with different sections and payout profiles.
  • Set minimum and maximum bet amounts
  • Configure bet increment and decrement amounts
  • Set the default bet amount
  • Enable or disable autoplay
  • Add background music and customize win/loss sounds.

Demo environment

Please create your individual account on the
Stake iGaming Platform to
play Lucky Wheel.

You can utilize the following credentials to access the backend functionalities.

User: [email protected], Password: admin

System requirements


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